Catholic Thinker E. Michael Jones Metaphorically Burns Tarl “Styxhexenhammer666” Warwick At The Stake In Online Debate

The Catholic thinker E. Michael Jones, who has spoken for many years candidly about important issues pertaining to the Catholic Faith, debated against Tarl Warwick, a self-professed occultist and practitioner of all types of strange, evil, and demonic things with a popular Youtube channels about pornography on the Ralph Retort. The 67-minute long debate was for the most part watching Jones take Warwick and burn him at the stake as Warwick refused to answer basic questions with a “yes” or “no” answer and persistently failed to use a barrage of theoretical statements, mostly employing the formula “what about [insert statement here]”, in what is best described as an attempt to distort the meaning and spirit of the question by way of the letter in the same tactic employed by Talmudic rhetoricians using the concept of “pilpul”.

The debate is worth the entire watch, and while there are many debates such as this which take place on the Internet, it will be interesting to see how the public responds to this and the possible effects is may have in the future. Warwick clearly was the loser and presented the image of a man who did not know what he was talking about, could not answer questions, and restored to crude language and outright anti-Christian diatribe as an attempt to substitute for his complete intellectual vacuity.

The essence of the debate, as Jones noted, was about a simple question that is either a “yes” or a “no”, with the question being “Is pornography addictive?”. A significant part of the debate was focused just on this issue, with Jones providing his answer and Warwick refusing.

While it is an uncomfortable topic, pornography is incredibly important to discussion because it is a modern extension of an observation made by many people throughout history, which is that cultures rise and fall based upon the embrace and application or the rejection and refusal to apply morality. This is particularly important when it comes to women because as the woman is the vessel through which the next generation of society is to come into existence, her actions can play a major role in shaping the life of children and thus future generations. One may generally observe that the more immoral the women of any society are, the more prone that society is to destabilization and collapse, and the reverse speaks likewise for itself.

Pornography is a major issue today because it is a crucial vehicle of social policy, and many changes in society that happen begin with the pornography industry. This involves everything from technology to social ideas, to concepts of behavior, and it is because the desire to love and be loved, even in a perverse way, is universal and something that people seek out such as food and drink, and while sexual activity is certainly not necessary for bodily sustenance, it is a major driving factor in many human decisions be they for good (such as looking to find a husband for a woman or a wife for a man, to get married, to have a family, and to help children find suitable partners for marriage), or bad. As such, one can look at changes in the “adult industry” and get a sense of what people are thinking about in a most intimate way and what this may mean for the future.

Pornography can be used as a strategy of tension and has been throughout history. However, I am less concerned in this particular context about it being employed for this end, and to the contrary I would prefer to note how the effects of pornography have been cumulative to a point in the US that some significant changes are close to happening that could have major social consequences.

It has been noted, and I have discussed how the rise in perversions has resulted in a generation of young men who, like drug addicts seeking harder drugs, are turning to harder forms of pornography in the same way. Given the promotion of all things of sodom, what has happened is that many young men are now embracing the idea that massive sexual perversions are normal, such as experimenting with homosexual actions or having relations with people who are under the age of eighteen. Certainly it is true, and I have noted that the age of eighteen is an aribtrary number, it is a compromise meant to represent the age at which a person become an adult and so is an important boundary for determining the social acceptability of one’s actions.

To use the analogy of a soccer game, one does not “move the goalposts” in the middle of game, but waits to question moving them before a game starts, because the posts are standards of determining one’s actions. If they are moved in the middle of a game, it changes the meaning of what constitutes a “goal”, and allows a person to cheat or manipulate the system to his benefit and at the loss of another. Yet this is what is happening today, for being driven by the sodomite agenda and many who support them because of their own inclinations (remember that while sodomite behavior is generally referred to as homosexual behavior, it can include behaviors practices by non-homosexuals, as it covers many forms of sexual perversion), there are efforts being made to redefine what is socially acceptable, and it is coming at a time as Christian practice continues to wane.

Debates such as these, and the attempts to stop or curb the rising influence of “adult” content, while they can be used for political manipulation and have been in the past, and this certainly should be noted, the fact also is that the perversions of society today have brought the US to a crossroads, for one can either choose something better, or to continue on the current path that will lead to embracing a path that inevitably leads to the sexual abuse of children with the same justifications provided by which pornography was legalized and promoted in the US following the Roth case (Roth v. United States) in 1957.

One must be constantly aware of debates such as these being used for promoting evil ideologies and beliefs under the cover of good. Nevertheless, it is good to see that at some level, there is a discussion being made about a long-term trend with serious consequences that is a threat to the public health, safety, and stability of society finally receiving treatments, and it will be for Christians to monitor and attempt to ensure that the social discussion is oriented towards not hijacking or seizing this topic to advance concepts of nationalism, racism, or militarism, but towards the moral end of promoting what is right for the sake of doing right to help bring about social stability and peace.

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