Benghazi: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood implicated

As promised, below you will find what we believe to be a Benghazi bombshell, published at Pajamas Media. There are no hyperlinks in the Executive Summary; they can all be found in the full report.

Benghazi Bombshell: Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood implicated

Benghazi Bombshell: Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood implicated

Executive Summary
When it comes to the Benghazi attacks, there is clearly an effort underway to avoid implicating Ansar Al-Sharia Egypt, Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, or ousted Egyptian president and Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Mursi in those attacks. As of yet, we can’t fully answer the question as to why but we can actually refute those who refuse to entertain such notions – with what such individuals are already willing to concede.

In the now infamous July 10th House Joint Subcommittee hearing, expert Daveed Gartenstein-Ross said he knew “of absolutely no information suggesting” Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood was involved in the Benghazi attack on 9/11/12. He also dismissed the idea of Egypt’s Ansar Al-Sharia branch being involved and instead pointed to the “Jamal network”, headed by Muhammad Jamal Abdo Al-Kashif.

The implication was clear. Those demanding answers were to believe that while the Benghazi attacks included Egyptians, any of those attackers must have been part of a rag-tag group of terrorist freelancers and that no evidence suggested they were tied to Ansar Al-Sharia Egypt or sanctioned by a larger group.

As for Al-Kashif’s ties to Mursi, Arabic sources reveal that among the charges filed against the ousted president of Egypt, at least one involves the latter’s release of Al-Kashif. Other sources reveal that Mursi also pardoned Al-Kashif’s leader, Tariq Taha Abu Al-Azm.

Consider that this news about Mursi releasing Al-Kashif comes on the heels of other evidence implicating the former president and Muslim Brotherhood leader. The Libyan Intelligence document, dated September 15, 2012, speaks of six Egyptians who were arrested for their roles in the Benghazi attacks; they mentioned Mursi’s involvement. In a cell phone video, shot from the scene during the attack, one gunman can be heard telling others not to shoot and that “we were sent by Dr. Mursi”. On July 21st of this year, Libya’s Intelligence Chief flew to Cairo, reportedly with documents that implicated Mursi in the Benghazi attacks; it was backed up by multiple Arabic sources.

As for Egypt’s Ansar Al-Sharia branch being involved in the attacks, consider the testimony of Thomas Joscelyn, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD). Joscelyn was scheduled to testify at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on July 18th; that hearing was canceled for reasons we cannot fully determine.

However, Joscelyn’s written testimony was posted online and is at variance with the oral testimony of Gartenstein-Ross in one critical aspect. Coupled with his previous articles, Joscelyn’s written testimony essentially made the case that Al-Kashif is a central figure within Egypt’s Ansar Al-Sharia branch by making the following assertions:

  1. Al-Kashif signed a document expressing solidarity with Ansar Al-Sharia founder Ahmed ‘Ashoush and Mohammed Al-Zawahiri.
  2. It’s believed that Al-Zawahiri put Al-Kashif in touch with his older brother, Ayman Al-Zawahiri.
  3. Al-Kashif was a top commander in Egyptian Islamic Jihad (EIJ).
  4. Ansar Al-Sharia Egypt is led by EIJ leaders who’ve remained loyal to Ayman Al-Zawahiri.
  5. Al-Kashif communicated with Ayman Al-Zawahiri throughout 2011 – 2012.

The connection between Al-Kashif and Egypt’s Ansar Al-Sharia is one Gartenstein-Ross seemed to dismiss in his oral testimony on July 10th.

Though not yet provably reciprocal, Egypt’s Ansar Al-Sharia branch is unabashedly loyal to Mohammed Mursi, according to Arabic sources; the group is reportedly comprised of Mursi loyalists who threatened to assassinate for Mursi’s sake.

Another individual mentioned by the six arrested Egyptians identified in the Libyan Intelligence document was Marjan Salem, a head of Egypt’s Ansar Al-Sharia branch. In addition to Salem being caught on video admitting to killing “many” Americans, the Wall Street Journal reported on sources who claimed Salem was directing terrorists to Al-Kashif’s Jamal network.

The connection between the “Jamal network” and Egypt’s Ansar Al-Sharia branch warrants further investigation, not dismissal.

To read the entire report which will introduced as Addendum E to our original report, CLICK HERE.

In the context of this new information, the testimony of three witnesses – one of whom was Gartenstein-Ross – on July 10th is worth a look if you haven’t seen it and worth another look if you have.


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  • dapreach.1

    How in blazes can our elected representatives be so extremely and woefully IGNORANT of those who want to KILL us–not to mention, this Rep. Rohrabacher makes a carte blanche statement that he cannot personally verify whether or not Walid Shoebat is, in fact, who he says he is.

    I mean what exactly do these fat cats do in their time off??? Eat caviar and drink Jack Daniels??? Yes, I truly think so! I mean, shouldn’t our congressmen have a clue as to who’s our enemy and who’s our ally?

    This interview is disgraceful for quite a few reasons! I mean, even a two-year-old ankle biter can figure out that these terrorist cells in Lybia, and Egypt, and Syria, and Iran–ad infinitum…are ALL CONNECTED and in cahoots with each other! But these brainiac pundits go parading around spouting out gibberish that they can’t see any connection from one al-quaeda cell to another!!!!! Talk about “if it was a snake it woulda bit ya”!!!

    • rich

      Does Rohrabacher own a Ferrari? He has a hard time pronouncing names and seems to want to end all the names with rari.

      This administration looks to have a real desire to cozy up to the Muslim Brotherhood, either to keep the enemy close or because they don’t consider the MB to be the enemy. The engine driving it has to be Obama, who looks to be more aligned with muslims than with Christians. Oh yeah, I forgot he promised “change”.

      People in congress and other government positions are split like the general population, but should have more correct knowledge and be more focused than the average person on the street.
      Some are woefully ignorant and don’t care.
      Some are woefully ignorant, care, but not enough, so remain ignorant.
      Some are suspicious and want truth, but either give up too easily or are too easily fooled.
      Some are suspicious and tenacious enough to get at the truth, if at all possible.

      I wish we had more of the last type, especially in our government. But appreciating where we are in the flow of time and history, maybe it’s something that just won’t happen.

      • sumsrent

        If I may add to your list of “some”…

        Some are eager to assist anyway they can to promote satans New World Islamic Economic System.

        Including past Presidents & our current muslim POTUS and Congress…

    • Shirley Anne

      dapreach.1 They are NOT Ignorant… We have become their enemy… It IS US, they want to take out… The people need to WAKE UP… The government need to be TAKEN OUT, lock stock and barrel !!! It is going DOWNHILL Rapidly…

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  • sumsrent


    There won’t be any real clear leadership in these satanic worshipping Islamic nations. These uprisings, revolts, revolutions, etc… call them whatever… are simply designed to cleanse these Islamic nations of Infidels… namely Christians and set in place democracies with voting power.

    All In preparation for the coming antichrist Caliphate/Mahdi.

    In the mean time… real leadership won’t exist… that way…

    When the satanic Islamic antichrist comes on the scene… the Islamic world will be that more willing to accept it with it’s leadership and guidance to achieve Islamic unity and world domination.

    The question is… will this antichrist leader be a Shiite Mahdi or a Sunni Caliphate? Will the Sunni lower themselves just enough to let the Shiite set up a Mahdi? The stats and odds say “no”… but who knows as of yet?

    See… this way… the Islamic world unity would be fully accomplished… temporarily. The Shiite & the Sunni aligned together against all of us Christians…. for a season.

    Otherwise… the Sunni are going to force the Shiite into accepting the Sunni Caliphate… in the name of allah and Islam.

    But remember this… regardless… don’t ever take sides with either of these Islamic sects. They both want all us Infidels subjugated and eventually killed off.

    And… this could put a whole new spin on the Battle of Armageddon… just saying.

    In the mean time… watch how the Vatican and its new Pope Francis spreads the deception of Islam being an extension of Christianity. And “a” Pope eventually becoming the sidekick of this satanic antichrist Islamic Leader.

    • Shirley Anne

      sumsrest , you’re right.. The dragon (satan) will give the beast ( Islam / Mahdi ) ) his power, and his seat, and great authority. The false prophet, I believe, Is The Vatican who will usher in the Beast Power …. All the players are starting to line up ! On Aug. 2nd , Obummer, The PA and the UN shared an Iftar dinner in the W.H. This is when they made covenant with satan, breaking bread !!!! PEACE TREATY… More like PIECES, is how they plan to Shatter, the infidel ( Which is what they call us. ) )

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  • dahcargo

    This is why Christ Himself must come back for ultimate justice! Men ALWAYS fall short of doing the right thing, the way only God can. The old testament is replete with incidents where God commanded men to exact definitive and complete judgment on a people who violated God’s law, but men in their feeble and perverted sense of wanting to be more “loving” than God, stopped short of wiping his enemies out, and I mean COMPLETELY OUT! We see it today. Our politicians (mainly liberal) want to do everything but make the hard decisions which need to be made. They always stop short of completing the work they’ve been entrusted to do even if they rightly understand the issue once in a blue moon.

    Walid is right, WE, as a nation, are afraid of Islam. We don’t have the determination to act according to what’s right. We don’t want to upset our seemingly powerful position on the world’s landscape. Mainly however, we, as Americans, have finally fallen to the depths of sin, which has caused God to “give us over” to a reprobate mind, which is no mind at all.

    While we’re trying to do everything we can to make sure that the prisoners at Guantanamo are receiving all of their comforts, the appeasement of their Religious rights, including the roasted lamb and dates et al, for dinner, they’re plotting to kill us. We need to ask ourselves, what’s the difference between World War One and now? The answer is simple, if we approached our war against terror like we approached our enemies in WW1, we wouldn’t have ANY prisoners, if you get my drift.

    It’s hard enough for man to get close to doing what’s right even when he acknowledges God, but it’s impossible for him to get it right when God is NOT with him or directing his paths.

    God is NOT slow concerning His judgment as we count “slow”. He is storing up wrath against wrath. God does not operate according to our time clock. His timing is perfect and He will exact complete judgment with perfect holiness.


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