Being Gay Is Not Natural

Here is another video of Theodore Shoebat further vindicating my case to ban the sodomite agenda, showing that being gay is not natural.

Christians in America have been too mild in regards to the sodomite agenda. We must realize that sodomitism is just as dangerous as the jihadist movement. If it rises to a certain position of dominance, expect violence to be done by the sodomites; it is important to mention that there is a high number of serial killers, both past and present, who were and are homosexual.

There is a direct correlation between violence and sodomitism, just read in the Bible in which the violence of the sodomites in Sodom is depraved that they try to rape the two angels in Lot’s home:

St. Paul names some of the behavioral traits of the sodomites as “murder … inventors of evil things … without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful” (Romans 1:29-30).

Russia, justifiably, is opposing the sodomite agenda, and here is an interesting quote explaining the law:

The Russian law calls for protecting children (minors) from the indoctrination of adults who would use them for their own ends. It states that fines will be imposed on any who propagandize non-traditional sexual relations among minors through dissemination of information that encourages such relations. Additionally, acts of encouraging a distorted perception of equivalence between traditional and non-traditional sexual behavior is banned. The anti-God types, of course, are screaming “discrimination” and “anti-gay,” their clarion call to gin up support and sympathy, but the Russians are having none of it. Thank God.

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  • sumsrent

    Shoebat Ministries… speaking the truth! Presenting good arguments from a Biblical & logical perspective.

    Let me also add… in this story about Lot and Sodom…

    Lot actually offered up his two virgin daughters who had not known any man… and these sick minded men of Sodom weren’t interested.

    Think about that… outside of the fact that a father offered up his children… these sodomite men of Sodom still wanted Lot’s male guests.

    Now think about what Christ Jesus told us in the Gospel of Luke…
    “And as it was in the days of Noe…” & “Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot…”

    I can’t imagine people beating down my front door demanding that I turn out my guests so they could have their way with them…

    Folks… this world is getting sicker by the day… and I believe it’s gonna get a whole lot worse…

  • tikvah

    They have HIJACKED the rainbow….G-d’s promise to “not destroy us for this evil”…with Water.

    • sumsrent

      You got that right!

    • dahcargo

      The sin that we see today is no different that what’s already been seen in biblical history. The Apostle Paul spells out such sins and those who practice them. He also goes on to say that those who PRACTICE those sins will NOT enter the kingdom of God, but he also says to the church that “such WERE some of you, but you were washed, you were sanctified (set apart)”. Point being that these sins are old news. There were adulterers, whorers/harlots/ effeminate/ homosexuals, drunkards, murderers, deceivers et al for time immemorial. The difference is that there used to be somewhat of a stigma associated with those sins, but now they are affirmed, glorified, accepted and enthusiastically encouraged. Yes Tikvah, the sodomites have gained ground in terms of being accepted by fools who deny God, but God will not strive with men forever. Remember, “The fool has said in heart that there is no God”.

      The world will NEVER be flooded again by water hence God put “His BOW in the sky”, but the earth Will next be burned up! Take that you environmentalists, how’s that for one BIG carbon footprint? Also remember that it is GOD who does it. He created it and then He cursed it. He formed it and He flooded it. He made it and he WILL destroy it!

      2 Peter 3:10
      But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up.

      Let’s get back to the bible folks.


  • Charles Nick

    The Queebees are very dangerous in rest stops. The cannibals remind me of the the weird people, even youth in our country piercing themselves with big ear rings and nose rings and stuff. They sit around and talk about out of the norm things like it’s nothing just these savages do talking about eating another human being. To me there is always a violent vibe underneath all these sub-cultures in America. Sometimes it does reveal itself. Especially when Jesus is mentioned. Or the Bible. After witnessing to a young couple in their 20’s, the girl was enraged at me and said something about Mary being her only savior,help or something. It was weird, and I know plenty of Catholics that would of thought so too.. Jesus and The Bible are like incoming bullets and bombs to these sub-people. They turn red like a demon. Peeeeaaaace out, -Charles

    • rich

      Yeah, the rainbow, the pro-choice (I’ll kill my bay if I want) and the occupy people can all get pretty nasty. And they preach tolerance?

  • Ted


    Catholics are not “sub-people”, Catholics were actually responsible for outlawing cannibalism in Mexico and numerous other nations.


  • Charles Nick

    Ted, you misunderstood me. I said that she was bizarre when she shunned Jesus and the Bible, and said something weird about Mary as saviour or something. I can’t remember exactly. I never said Catholics were “sub people” ,but that even they would’ve thought what that girl said was bizarre ;in agreement with me. Re-read my post. The sub- culture I spoke of are surely anti- Catholic. Again, re-read what I wrote. I never said what you said I said. If you notice, I said Catholics would’ve thought so too. The sub-culture was my initial subject; as in pagan types etc.Not Catholics. A Catholic would’ve been happy to hear about Jesus and the Bible. At least the Catholics I know. I don’t know about you. – Peace out, -Charles

    • Ted


      my mistake, I misread. Good that we got everything cleared. God bless,


      • tywayne1976


        This is off topic, but I wanted your reaction to what Glenn Beck said a couple of days ago about the Obama clown mask story. Did you catch how he elevated the prophet Mohammed to equal reverence as God?????

        “Glenn Beck responded to those in “positions of power” who expressed outrage over an Obama mask at a Missouri rodeo over the weekend, saying President Obama is not God or the prophet Mohammed, and the people have a right to mock him.”

        I had hoped to see something about it on but couldnt find anything mentioning it.

        Here is the link to the story on theblaze:

  • Charles Nick

    Yes brother. Your defense of the truth and wanting to set the record straight is why we love you and your father. My words could’ve been clearer, and as I like being able to vent here, I must be clear, and more precise. My heart is happy now. – Charles

  • dahcargo

    I woke up this morning and checked this site to inform myself about the news, mainly about what’s happening in the Middle East and here at home with respect to the political news. As I read through posts both current and relatively recent, a sense of sadness fell upon me. It hurt me yet again, to see how most people in this world don’t know God. I mean, we want the world to know the truth that saves, but it will NOT receive it. We know why in our spiritual mind, but can’t understand why others don’t receive it based on logic, reason or common sense? Even a blind pig finds an acorn once in a while. Truth is however, and as one man said, “No one has ever slipped and fell into the kingdom of God, you have to be looking for it”. There are a plethora of verses which explain this truth, one being John 14:17 “ the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you”.

    Anyway, I was at that time prompted by the Holy Spirit to revisit the words of the apostle John (the one whom Jesus loved) in Revelation chapter 10. There’s a bittersweet component to all of what God has yet to do. I understand in a small way what John felt.

    Anyway, one verse led to another and then to another and I came across this quote:

    Warren Wiersbe writes, “God will not thrust His Word into our mouths and force us to receive it. He hands it to us and we must take it. Nor can He change the effects the Word will have in our lives: there will be both sorrow and joy, bitterness and sweetness. God’s Word contains sweet promises and assurances, but it also contains bitter warnings and prophecies of judgment. The Christian bears witness of both life and death (2 Cor. 2:14–17). The faithful minister will declare all of God’s counsel (Acts 20:27). He will not dilute the message of God simply to please his listeners (2 Tim. 4:1–5)”

    I hope this blesses someone out there as it did me!


    • rich

      Thanks for that very good post! We always need to try to follow a feeling of sadness with some kind of inspiration.

  • Clare

    Now the Canadian government is also boasting in “The Sodomite’s Pride and Envy Party”.

    “Prime Minister Vladimir Putin defended the bill, saying that while it is “necessary to defend the rights of sexual minorities,” Russian public opinion must also be respected. A state-sponsored poll found that 88 percent of Russians agree with the homosexual propaganda ban.”

  • Clare

    This is a US poll that asks good questions, but are they the essential ones?

    Russia seems to have addressed two issues by law (copied from the above text, thank you) that, had the US done the same, asked the right questions years ago, same sex “marriage” would never have gotten a foothold, nor would sodomite pride parades, nor would the homolobby be seeping into schools, nor would the family be undermined, and all the rest of it. These two things seem to be pre-emptive strikes. The Russian laws don’t prevent consenting adults from sinning but both laws preserve their culture.

    1. The Russian law calls for protecting children (minors) from the indoctrination of adults who would use them for their own ends. It states that fines will be imposed on any who propagandize non-traditional sexual relations among minors through dissemination of information that encourages such relations.

    2. Additionally, acts of encouraging a distorted perception of equivalence between traditional and non-traditional sexual behavior is banned.

    Well, we missed the boat. What now?

    P.S. Shame on Canada and the United States governments and their lackeys for drinking the poison of cultural relativism. And shame on them for deigning to criticize Russia for protecting their way of life.

  • cjk

    While a lot of animal behavior appears as homosexuality, it isn’t. You won’t find ANY cases of animals using another’s anus like sodomites do.
    Don’t be deceived by their lies

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  • Dumbass