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Muslims Take Victims, Cut Off Their legs And Arms, And Then Chop Their Bodies Into Pieces

By Theodore Shoebat There is a horrifying story that took place in Syria, in which men were completely mutilated by Muslims. Joseph-Marie Chanaa of the Sisters of Charity, had this to say: what is happening here is inhuman. Young people are abducted. Dead bodies are chopped up, the arms and legs are cut off and […]

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Joscelyn: gave Senate testimony about jailed Benghazi suspect.

Senate Committee briefed on Jailed Benghazi Suspect

Halfway through five pages of written testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, terrorism expert Thomas Joscelyn presented Congress with something that has been getting very short shrift in the media. The terrorist who founded a network involved in the Benghazi attacks last year is in custody but U.S. Intelligence still does not have access […]

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