Muslims Attack College Students And Slaughter Them “like sheep”

By Theodore Shoebat

Muslims in Nigeria attacked a college and mercilessly slaughtered dozens of students. They burned them alive, shot them dead, and when some tried to escape through the windows, they seized them and slit their throats.

It has been estimated that 40 students were murdered in the attack on the Federal Government College Buni Yadi, but soldiers are still counting the corpses.

The jihadists at first set fire to the college administrative block, they then attacked the college dorms, wherein they locked the students in and began firebombing them. One professor said:

students were trying to climb out of the windows and they were slaughtered like sheep by the terrorists who slit their throats. Others who ran were gunned down.

This is the reality of Islam; it is a road that springs from the depths of the hell, whose end is only perdition, tyranny, and destruction.



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  • Rexlion

    Unfortunately, too many people in the USA have bought into the lie that Islam is a peaceful religion and that these atrocities are just the acts of fringe wackos. Hopefully they won’t believe the lie right up to the moment before Muslims slaughter them. Hopefully they will wake up and see the truth.

    • Walt M K

      That Islam, isn’t approached, exposed and resisted as a political construct hostile to America’s republic tells me just how little they understand about it.

      IMHO, it’s time to start referring to Islam as a political regime, rather than a religion.

      • P00dy

        ITs a cult with a political bend.

    • Obama Zombie Killer

      Obama told us that Islam was beautiful and peaceful…!

  • Walt M K

    Whenever I hear reports of how Muslims are inflicting the severest kinds of persecution upon those they believe to be Christians, I think of how the saints are reacting:

    Rev. 6:10 And they cried with a loud voice, saying, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth?” 11 Then a white robe was given to each of them; and it was said to them that they should rest a little while longer, until both the number of their fellow servants and their brethren, who would be killed as they were, was completed.

  • Islam is not a religion. Islam is an oppressive form of Government and Legal system used to control people and countries. Yes, Muslims do pray, but not to a God. Muslim pray to Mecca, their center of Government.

    • Al Hart are partially right. but, they do worship a god…It’s name is “bel”…the moon god from the ottoman empire…thus the crescent moon and star above their mosques….

      • UEG MEAT

        No Muslims worship Allah, which is the Arabic name for God. he is believed by Muslims to be the Jewish and Christian God we all know and love.

        • sumsrent

          You’re so silly… allah isn’t the same god of Judaism & Christianity.
          Go get your friends… I’ll prove it to y’all together…

          • beegeegirl

            hey … the POOP said that the Bible and the k o r a n are the same … and if the POOP says it is true, then it HAS to be true, right ?????

        • mourningdemocracy

          It doesn’t matter to whom they pray. Going down that rabbit hole is a distraction. Even if a religion prays to YHWH and commits these atrocities as decreed by their doctrine, they are false, not a religion and should be shunned. The guiding principle is to check their behavior with their published doctrine, which is the Quran. Their doctrine mandates this behavior and should, therefore, be thrown out based on proven, published precepts of their behavior. There is no such thing as a radical Muslim who holds to the Quran.
          Look at the atrocities of the Roman Catholic Church in the medieval times, acting totally in contradiction to the Christian published doctrine. Theocracies are held in check today by modern-day civil constitutions and sovereign parliaments that brought that violent period to an end. Not forever, it appears.
          The elephant in the room is the inability of nations to engage their constitutions and laws to legally banish the reintroduction of theocracies, which will have the same bloody consequences as before.
          While the Roman Catholic Church acquired the ability to right their ship by accepting the separation of church and state, Muslims has never tried to engage that thinking and have been very vocal, violent, and successful wherever people caved on their civil duties.
          Courage and a strong hand — all absent qualities in most western governments, including the U.S. — would be needed to prevent large scale bloodshed all over the world. Bloodshed that would occur if we act now; bloodshed that would be overwhelming when we act too late. In the former we have the law behind us. In the latter we would have to fight against our own police and military.
          It will never be business as usual again.

        • Al Hart

          Your Wrong on all accounts….you need to do some research…

        • Cutenu2

          Yes, the arabic word of God is allah. Muslim say that allah is their god´s name. mohamed stole everything from everywhere and put it all together with his gang of thugs to create this monstrosity called islam.

      • UEG MEAT

        But you are correct the Star and Crescent are taken from the Ottomans.

        • sumsrent

          It is also in the Hadiths…

          • sumsrent

            The Bible calls Satan (Lucifer) Heilel Ben Sahar in Isaiah 14:12 which means “morning star & crescent moon”.

      • sumsrent

        Baal = Hubal = allah

        • Al Hart

          “baal”, “bel” allah. mohammed…all the same that they are all demonic..come from the same source….’the spirit of the anti-Christ” as spoke by Christ Himself….”..and there shall follow after Me many false prophets (gods)….”

          • sumsrent

            allah is no more a god than the steam rising off a pile of dung in a cow pasture.
            Thus… Rex was every bit correct.

  • abqblondie2

    Islam is evil. It’s a political theocracy, not a religion. It should be banned, its totally contrary to the Constitution.

  • Rowdy

    Do you have a little clearer understanding of why osatan wants to take our guns? If they tried that here in the U.S. they would get exterminated and they know it.

  • yahshua love’s you

    What a bunch of cowards to murder a group of young students just like that its unbelievable and how here in the west people would see this on TV and say oh these radicals again and switch it of and continue living their normal life’s like there’s nothing wrong while these Islamic thugs are doing what their prophet ordered them to do like for instance to lie to us ambush us plunder us and to slaughter us and rape our women I say to people today keep on being tolerant and see what will happen

  • deemilio

    By the end of this administration’s term, this crap will be happening here. As mosques spring up all over this Christian nation, they will begin their method of conversion as soon as they think they can get away with it. In a small scale, it has started, but the news media is not quite there yet, so just a little more time.

    • richinnameonly

      It will take a long, long time for our media to ever get there. They are way too liberal, giving this administration and Islam cover and free passes.

  • bowie1

    I believe this may have been the same incident that was reported on last nights CTV National News in Canada although no religion was mentioned. The attackers were described as members of Boko Haram.

    • richinnameonly

      Boko Haram is synonymous with Islamic murder and mayhem in Africa.

    • Barbara Wall

      just the left media not telling the truth…european media call the muslims Asians…..give me a break…..

  • astrowolf0077

    IST EIN GUTER ((D)) ++ AMEN<<< Gefällt mir · ·



  • sayzero0

    Let’s let some more come into our country, shall we? Ugh. I’m sick of these lib-retards opening our borders to these sadistic murderers.


    You’re all so stupid. Islam is a religion, a religion of devotion to God, the Christian God, and of doing good in the world. Then you have idiot radicals like those lunatics who take the name Islam and spit on it by killing others for their own gains, with Islam as a banner. Too many of these extremist groups foul the name of God with their unacceptable actions, and they WILL burn in Hell for their sins, but saying that Islam is “from the depths of Hell” is like saying all African Americans are in gangs and killing people because of the Bloods running around, who are predominately black. You forget, or perhaps you never bothered to learn, that Muslims make the second largest religion on Earth, and 90% of them are peaceful and law-abiding citizens. Even if we were all terrorists, almost all IRT (Islamic Radical Terrorism) occurs on a Muslim-Muslim basis, meaning that they attack each other more than anyone else. And while its wrong, it proves that Islam is not the real reason behind these attacks.
    “Let there arise out of you a group of people inviting all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong. And it is they who are the successful.” [Qur’an 3:104]
    That’s one of many verses that prove these atrocities are not a result of Islam being a cult of evil. How could you be so rude and hurtful, using the 1% evil doers to describe the whole religion? As if Christianity or the US didn’t have their share of radicals who gunned down movie theaters or public schools. Open your eyes people, become culturally relevant, or learn to control your ignorant thoughts.

    • sumsrent

      Glad you commented… we need more muslims to come here and learn.

      • UEG MEAT

        Learn what? Your sick propaganda and discrimination? No my friend, YOU need to learn about what something means before you slander it. Sit in at just one Islamic prayer, actually learn WHAT we do, not the terrorists, the REAL Muslims. Believe me, I hate those guys as much as you, maybe more. They do terrible things and force people to think a certain way about a religion which strictly prohibits violent interaction, except in defense of your life. Why don’t you all grow up and accept the reality of the situation, or are you all so childish you have to harbor hate against people? I have to live with the fact that those monsters are over there using MY God to justify THEIR violence. And now you have pre-judged me, and you don’t even know me. You don’t know what I do to help my community, to be a good US citizen, without compensation. So before you judge, just learn a little more.

        • sumsrent

          Awww meat…

          I stated that I’m glad you commented so your comments remain and we can teach you how satanic your totalitarian government is.

          Don’t you know? A devout to the Quran muslim… emulates muhammad… dwells in caves… enslaves… rapes… mutilates… maims… bombs… terrorizes… beheads and murders non-innocents!

          Don’t you know your Quran?

          And you claim this is radical? Not done by “REAL muslims”? Shame on you! Your allah will not be happy with you.

          You say… “[I] have pre-judged [you]”

          How… by telling you it was glad to have you commenting?

          meat… I’m here to help you. I already see how many mistakes you;ve made in your comments here. Besides… no telling how many muslims I’ve awakened over the years.
          And… I’m glad you’re here… do me a favor too… go tell your friends to follow along in our conversation. I find it easier to convert several of y’all at one time.

          Tell me… are you a NOI member? You do realize then… that you’re nothing but tools for the Master Class of Arab muslims… don’t you? Just like the fake Palestinians… aye?

          Are you a Sunni? Shiite? Immigrant? Natural born citizen?
          So you set me straight first… I’m not gonna pre-judge you until you tell me more about yourself. Why? It makes it easier. If I know who and what you believe… I can tell you all about everything then.

          And you & your friends will know the truth then…

          • UEG MEAT

            You’re funny, but not really worth the effort, so ill give a short version. It doesn’t matter what I tell you I am, and I have nothing to hide (im a proud American Sunni), because you don’t know anything about it. Let me reiterate YOU. DONT. KNOW. ANYTHING. ABOUT. IT. SO stop trying, friend. Convert me?? Where do you think I came from. I was Christian too! I full-heartedly believed in the teachings of Jesus, which btw I haven’t renounced either. you don’t realize just how similar we are, you lack the information required to make a proper assessment of Islam. you wanna talk about hating the Taliban, hell yeah im all into that! they deserve to be puished!! but not all of us, not all. Think a little, use your noggin. You are smart, I can tell, but I can also see you are a walking contradiction. Stop trying to teach, so you can learn a little. Cause believe me, nothing you have to say is something I don’t know. Believe it,

    • John Hunkler

      Unfortunately, islam is not a religion. It is a false religion spoke of in the Bible.

    • Barbara Wall

      get the fuck out and go back to camelville…you sick fuck…


      LMMFAO!!!!!! I’ve seen your brothers in action….then shot them…..

  • dstudie

    Islam is a Cult of Death and Murder. It is NOT a religion.

  • dilligaf421

    it’s time to give ALL muslims 2 weeks to get their affairs in order and GET THE HELL OUT!!! after that,it’s open season with no bag limit!

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  • Barbara Wall

    thinking humans hate muslim scum…darren…liar…your name is mohammud…fuck off and die…

  • Barbara Wall

    haa haa…a good one…dearbornastan liberals will be the first…

  • Vance

    You’re the moron, go read a quran and dare to say it’s not contrary to the Constitution. It’s a death cult

  • Cutenu2

    actually, he wasn´t. mohamed is a liar and so are his followers.

  • sumsrent

    Actually; Ishmael continued to serve the God of his father… even visiting Abraham & Isaac many times throughout his lifetime, including attending funerals.

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    You are idiots. I hate those monsters just as much as you do, in fact I hate them more. They make people think this way with their lies. Seeing all your hate reminds me of the affect they have on you, my American brothers. I don’t blame you, but I wont acknowledge your rambling as having any sense. But, I have to say that I agree with you: Islamic terrorists can burn in Hell, and Shi’ara Law as it stands today is a gross misinterpretation of a single point in history. But I see our country hasn’t gone far from the ignorance before the civil rights movement. I’ve lost hope that one day you all will understand. I don’t really care anymore, I don’t care what you think. But I am with you on this: The Taliban and their sick little friends need to be stopped, and I don’t care what we have to do to get it done, short of nuking the middle east. Just don’t hurt the innocent Muslims who live their whole lives without a single violent thought, They’re people too, nimrods, just remember that. You keep grouping all of us non-violent Muslims with the terrorists, and you’ll end up killing a bunch of innocents, kinda like those Taliban fools. Its a slippery slope people, be careful with your hate. Oh, and one more thing before I ignore you guys: Not all terrorism in the world is Muslim in nature. You might know that if you bothered to read a newspaper, and not just the tabloid bullshit. I swear, you all crack me up with this stupidity.

  • If you had the choice of living between Rome and Mecca you would choose Rome. But if I was Pope, I will send your ugly looking face to Mecca where they will cover your ugly face with a Hijab.