ISIS Declares A New Set Of Rules For Christians: If You Say The Name Of Christ, And We Hear It, You Will Be Butchered

By Theodore Shoebat

ISIS has recently declared a new set of rules for Christians: if you say the name of Christ out loud, you will be killed. The set of rules also outlaws the displaying of Crosses and the building of churches. According to the report:

The Islamic State has issued a “safety contract” for Christians living in Qaryatian, Syria comprised of 11 specific commandments, including one which prohibits praying out loud to Jesus Christ under penalty of death. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, Christians in the captured town will have to pay the jizyah or jizya tax imposed on non-Muslims, in addition to the other commandments issued by the extremist group’s leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

The watchdog group listed the 11 stipulations, which prohibit: the establishment of churches, the displaying of crosses, making Muslims hear Christian prayers or rituals of worship, the hiding of spies, offending Islamic religious beliefs, the carrying of weapons, the sale of pork or wine to Muslims, and failing to dress modestly. The list of rules concluded, “If they comply with these conditions, so they have are safe in their lands, money and souls, and they are not going to pay one-tenth except they bring money to trade from outside the IS territories not oppressor nor oppressed. None of them is going to be punished under a sin committed by another else of them. In case they violate the conditions of this writ, then ‘Islamic State’ is going to deal with them as they deal with people of war (warriors).”

By Theodore Shoebat And Andrew Bieszad

Islam is simply a continuation of the heretical controversies that have been taking place since our holy Faith’s commencement.

Islam is a heresy, and not only that, it is an apostate church. In its founding it harloted itself with some of the most major heretical beliefs the Church has ever faced. It is Arianism, for it denies the divinity of Christ; it is Nestorianism, for it denies the Incarnation and rejects that the Word became flesh; it is Pelagianism, for it rejects original sin; and it has a trace of gnosticism, in that it affirms that there was no crucifixion of Jesus, but that people only imagined or thought they saw him crucified. In other words, it is the ultimate whore of a religion.

Now, in regards to the story of the Muslim youths desecrating the statue of the Virgin Mary, we must focus on two heresies that are within Islam’s theological foundation: Nestorianism and Iconoclasm.

Mary is called by both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches theotokos- Mother of God. She was given this title in 451 at the Council of Chalcedon as a response against the Nestorian heresy, founded by the vile Nestorios. Nestorianism in summary falsely said that Jesus was a man who became God upon his conception, and so they claimed that Mary was Christotokos- Mother of Christ.

Nestorianism held that the Baby Jesus could not have been God, since it was, to their heretical minds, impossible that God could ever become a baby.

Nestorius’ most fanatic follower, Anastasius, viciously said that Mary cannot be called Theotokos, or the Mother of God, because there was no way God could be born of a woman:

Let no one call Mary Theotokos: for Mary was but a woman; and it is impossible that God should be born of a woman. (In Socrates, 7.32)

While it is objectively true that Mary is Jesus’ Mother, Chrsitians did not want to emphasize Jesus’ humanity to the detriment of His divinity. Hence, Mary has since been called Mother of God so that His divinity is never forgotten or underemphasized.

Muslims reject the Incarnation, or the idea that God became man. This rejection is the foundation of all their other heretical beliefs, and it would inevitably lead them to utterly refuse to call Mary the Mother of God, because God (in their minds) would never deign to become human and be born of a woman.

Islam’s rejection of Marian veneration is found in the Koran, where Jesus (called Isa) tells Allah that he never told His followers to worship His mother:

And when Allah will say: O Isa son of Mary! did you say to men, Take me and my mother for two gods besides Allah (?) (Koran 5:116)

The verse is accusing Christians of worshiping Christ and His mother, Mary. This is the same accusation many Protestants make against Catholics, that they somehow make Mary a deity after Christ.

This is why we affirm that Muslims must be included in the list of so-called “pre-Reformation Protestants.” These are protestants who existed prior to the Reformation, and who, like Luther and his associates, protested against Catholic doctrines.

Today, these pre-Reformation protestants are frequently listed as: the Donatists, the Hussites, the Cathars, Bogomils, the Waldensians, the Lombards, John Wycliffe (for the heresies of Wycliffe, click here) and a plethora of other groups.

While we agree that these sects were most definitely protestant, we believe that there is one group missing in the list: the Muslims.

The Muslims are emphatically pre-Reformation protestants, and Muhammad most definitely was a pre-Reformation reformer, whose goal was to reform Christianity and restore what he believed was the true religion of Christ.

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Islam came to omit several doctrines of the Catholic Church: the Crucifixion, the Resurrection, the Eucharist, the divinity of Christ, the sonship of Christ, Christian iconography, and the veneration to saints, including the Virgin Mary. All of these doctrines the Catholic Church defended and proclaimed, and it was Muhammad who wanted to make a reformation in order to do away with these beliefs and rites.

The hatred for the Eucharist by Muslims was illustrated by the massacre done in the Middle Ages by the Egytpian and the Kwarizimian Muslims. In 1244 the Khwarizmians and the Egyptians vanquished a Christian army in Gaza, massacring five thousand, including the Master of the Templars and the Archbishop of Tyre. They seized priests and as they stabbed them to death around the altars, they screamed with demonic madness and blasphemy, “let us pour their blood on the place where they poured out wine in commemoration of their crucified God.”

Why such mockery for the sacrament of the wine? This could have only stemmed from a hatred of the Eucharist.

If Protestants today are willing to consider the Cathars, who rejected the Crucifixion, and John Wyclife, who believed that God could obey the devil, as pre-Reformation protestants, regardless of how heretical they were, then they must also consider the Muslims, who are just as heretical, and just as spiteful of the Catholic Church, to be pre-Reformation protestants.

Both Protestantism and Islam wish to see the destruction of the Vatican, and both Muslims and many Protestants are iconoclasts.

Protestants in Zurich destroying icons. 1524

Protestants in Zurich destroying icons. 1524

Muslims do not talk of destroying Calvary Chapel, or Salt Lake City, or Forsquare Church: the only Church they universally ever speak of collectively destroying is the Vatican, or the Roman Catholic Church.

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The desire to invade Rome is still throbbing like a beating heart; it is alive and remains vibrant like a torrent within the very soul of the Muslim world. Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the most influential Sunni scholar today, made the prediction in 2002 that the Muslims will soon rise and invade Rome, making references to the declaration of Muhammad himself:

He [Muhammad] answered: “The city of Hirqil [Emperor Heraclius, that is, Constantinople] will be conquered first” … Romiyya is the city called today Rome, the capital of Italy. The city of Hirquil was conquered by the young 23-year old Ottoman [sultan] Muhammad bin Morad, known in history as Mohammad the Conquerer, in 1453 [CE]. The other city, Romiyya, remains, and we hope and believe [that it too will be conquered]. This means that Islam will return to Europe as a conquerer and victor, after being expelled from its twice-once from the South, from Adalusia, and a second time from the East, when it knocked several times on the door of Athens.

Anti-Catholic violence, just as in Islam, was quite intense within Reformation history. The Huguenots, who were French Calvinists, like the Muslims, destroyed churches and private houses. The Huguenots, everywhere they overran, murdered any priest they found. In the province of Dauphiny alone, they slaughtered two hundred and fifty-six priests. (See Belloc, How the Reformation Happened, ch. iv, pp. 164-5; ch. v, p. 187; ch. vi, p. 228)

Now, let us delve into the history of Iconoclasm to fully understand the heresy that fuels Islam to have such violent hatred against Christian images and icons.


Iconoclasm was greatly propagated by the 9th century monk, Sabbatios. He maliciously hated the emperor, Leo V (who was surnamed “the Armenian) for his reverence to Christian icons. Sabbatios, with vitriol, said that the emperor was “addicted to idols”, and expressed his spite at how Leo V piously obeyed the patriarch of Constantinople, Tarasios, and viciously called him “taraxios” or “trouble maker.”

Leo V being proclaimed emperor

Leo V being proclaimed emperor

After Tarasios passed away, he was replaced by one Nikephoros who began to warn that soon Leo V would begin to enforce iconoclasm and persecute the Church. The quarrelsome monk also had nothing but hatred for the emperor’s wife, Eirene, and scoffingly named her, “panther” and “folly.” He even threatened that the emperor would lose his life if he did not abide by his heresy and throw away all of the Christian icons.

Patriarch of Tarasios, the upholder of the holy icons.

Patriarch of Tarasios, the upholder of the holy icons.

Sabbatios soon had a meeting with one Theodotus Melissenos, a fanatic proponent of iconoclasm, who for a long time kept his heretical sentiments to himself, and was always waiting for the opportunity to vomit them out in public. He told the monk to affirm to the emperor that he must adopt the iconoclasm of the past emperor, Leo the Isaurian — who enforced iconoclasm and persecuted the Orthodox–and destroy all of the icons of the Church:

Tomorrow night the emperor will come to you in ordinary clothing, to ask about the faith and other pressing matters. For your part, you are to remember to threaten him with the imminent loss of his life and his fall from the throne, unless he choose of his own free will to embrace the dogma of the emperor Leo the Isaurian and to cast out the idols… from the the churches of God. Nor must you forget to promise him that, if he adopts the way of life you suggest, he will enjoy a long life and a fortunate reign for many years. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 2.2, trans. Wortley)

When Sabbatios, the iconoclast monk, approached the emperor (who was wearing civilian clothing) he told him, as though it was revealed to him by divine inspiration,

What you are doing is not sensible, O emperor, deceiving us with private citizens’ clothes and concealing the emperor hidden within them. Do what you will, the grace of the divine Spirit has not allowed us to be outsmarted by you any longer. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 2.2)

When the emperor heard this he was baffled at how the monk could easily identify him regardless of his humble clothing, and thought that he was some sort of holy man, and at that point, the iconoclast obtained their influence, and thus gained the power they were seeking. Leo V made himself ready to obey whatever the monk commanded of him, and so decreed that the sacred icons would be taken down.

The emperor then presented a document, that explained the doctrine of iconoclasm, to the leading citizens of Constantinople, and urged them to sign it. Many signed it willingly, while those who refused were forced to write their names on it. The patriarch Nikephoros, who forewarned of this tyranny beforehand, was now presented with the document, and he, like a good soldier, refused to sign it and utterly reject it’s teachings. He was seized and exiled to Prokonnesos.

Nikephoros I of Constantinople, holding up an icon of Christ and trampling upon the iconoclast John VII of Constantinople

Nikephoros I of Constantinople, holding up an icon of Christ and trampling upon the iconoclast John VII of Constantinople

A monastic named Theophanes the Confessor, of the monastery of Agros, accompanied Nikephoros with incense and candlelights, alongside many others who did not bow the knee before the idol of iconoclasm, and in his banishment he died as a martyr.

While the patriarch Nikephoros was in exile, he was replaced by Theodotus Melissenos, who took the seat illegitimately and proclaimed the heresy of iconoclasm out in the open. Not only this, but he used his position to execute harsh violence on those who opposed iconoclasm, having people’s feet and hands amputated, and even their private parts cut off, and then the severed parts were to be hung along the main thoroughfare for all to see. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 2.2-3) This is the same sort of violence Muslims have been imposing on Christians, who they consider idolaters, for centuries. For in the Koran it reads:

The punishment of anyone who fights against Allah and His apostle and do mischief in the land is to be killed or crucified or to have their hands and feet [amputated] from opposite ends or be banished from the land. (Quran: The table spread)

A man was then chosen to be the iconoclast agent, who would further influence the emperor to advance iconoclasm. In one particular mass there was a reading from the Book of Isaiah when the prophet said:

To whom will ye liken the Lord? Or with what will ye compass him? Was it not the carpenter who made the image, the goldsmith who melted gold and gilded it, and made a likeness of himself

The iconoclast agent then used this verse to justify iconoclasm, and whispered into the ear of the emperor these words:

Give understanding to what is said [here], oh emperor, and do not let the truth elude you. Embrace the pattern of devotion which the prophet proposes to you. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 2.4)

With this pernicious influence, which flowed like a sweet potion tainted with venom, the emperor intensified the persecution over those who revered the icons. The people who accepted iconoclasm, lived quiet and peaceful lives and were not bothered, but those who combated the doctrine, and struggled with Satan and his deception, were received with threats and afflictions. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 2.4)


The Emperor Theophilos, tyrant who enforced iconoclasm

The Emperor Theophilos, tyrant who enforced iconoclasm

What is interesting is that the emperor Michael II was both an iconoclast and a judaizer, and his son, Theophilos, following his father, fanatically subscribed to iconoclasm. Throughout his reign, Theophilos would afflict and persecute Orthodox Christians who revered the icons, never permitting them a moment of peace, or in the words of Skylitzes,

“he relentlessly afflicted the pious and all holy people, allowing them not a moment of calm throughout his reign.” (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.3)

Continuing the persecution of his judaizing father, Theophilos decreed that no paintings of saints could be allowed to have the words “saint” or “holy” on them, since to the tyrant, only God deserved such titles.

With such a measure it was evident that Theophilus did not follow Orthodox theology, for if a Christian who was used by God for many noble and meritorious works could not be called holy, then he should have been angry at God for calling His priests “gods” in the Old Testament:

Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High (Psalm 82:6)

If calling Mary or one of the prophets or apostles “holy” is blasphemy because the title only belongs to God and hence it is idolatry, then by this logic God Himself is an idolater because He called human beings “gods,” (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.10) not in the sense that they were actually divine, but that they were God’s representatives on earth.

Concordantly, saints who are given the title of “holy,” are done so in accordance with the definition of holy, in that they are used by God for a specific purpose.

Theophilos would soon utterly abolish icons and the painting of icons, and all of the Christian images were subsequently, and forcefully, removed, and disturbingly replaced with depictions of animals, wild beasts and birds.

This only was a reflection of the beastly and, really, pagan mindset of the tyrant. Where did the icons go? They were thrown into the local market places where they were defaced and scoffingly, and abominably, desecrated and abused by the godless mobs. These mobs were of the same diabolical spirit as those very Muslim teenagers who desecrated the statue of the Virgin Mary in Italy.

After the forceful removal of the icons, came the forceful removal of the Orthodox. The prisons, instead of being filled with just criminals, were now being flooded with monks, bishops, and laymen who resisted the heretical devils and chose not to reject the holy icons.

The Orthodox were violently seized and banished to the desolate wilderness, left to the cruel dictates of nature, where hunger and thirst reigned. Full of the bodies of martyrs were the mountains and caves, of those holy Christians who chose death rather then compliance with the tyrant.

The emperor Theophilos decreed that the cities block any monks from entering into their premises, and ordered that they be kept at a distance by any means. But these holy men, living the arduous lives of monastics, following their predecessor Elijah, who was driven into the desert by Jezebel, preferred death than apostasy. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.10)

A group of very zealous monks, some of whom were a part of a monastic order called the Abramites, came before the emperor and, with zeal and blazing strength and dedication, exclaimed that monasticism was no recent invention, but was supported by the sayings of the holy fathers, Irenaeus, Dionysus the Great, and Hierotheos, and that their spiritual lives were there from the time of the ancient days of the Church.

The pious monks declared that Luke, the apostle, carved out an image of the Virgin Mary, and that Christ Himself left us an image of His face imprinted on a piece of linen “without the intervention of hands.” (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.10)

After hearing such a speech, the emperor Theophilos had all of the monks tortured and beaten, and so severe were the blows that they teared extremely deep wounds into their flesh, and their bodies became as the Body of Christ when He was scourged.

The monks were then sent off into the wilderness, bearing their inflictions with all endurance, and exemplifying the greatest form of long-suffering. They kept on walking through the grueling land, until they reached the Church of the Forerunner (John the Baptist). They entered the sacred edifice, and from the suffering of their wounds, they died. (John Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.10)

Another monk, whose heart was fortified by tenacious conviction, went right to the emperor’s face and withstood him with chastisement, and quoted to the tyrant the words of St. Paul:

If any man preach unto you any other gospel than that which you received, let him be anathema. (Galatians 1:9)

Theophilos was ignited by rage at this man’s holy recitation, and so he had the monk brutally flogged. But he noticed that this monk’s zeal only increased when he was persecuted, and so he decided that he would beat his intellect.

The emperor chose one of his best theologians, Jannes, to debate the monk. This Jannes, while hating the sacred icons, was addicted to witchcraft, in particular a fashion of sorcery called lecanomancy in which the sorcerer throws precious stone or pieces of gold and silver into a basin filled with water, and then observes the patterns formed once the objects reach the bottom.

The monk broke through the bastion of Jannes’ sophisms and subtle arguments, not only with his own words, but with those of Scripture, and revealed how empty the cunning deceptions of the iconoclasts were. After the debate, the steadfast monk was given another beating, and banished into exile.

He would later take refuge with Iganatios the Great, and after giving several prophecies of future emperors, for it was said that he was blessed with the gift of prophecy, he died. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.10; 5.3, see footnote 19 by Jean-Claude Chaynet on Lecanomancy)

Painting of a Byzantine iconoclast destroying an image of Christ

Painting of a Byzantine iconoclast destroying an image of Christ

The emperor Theophilos ordered that all of those who made paintings of Christ, under pain of death, were to spit on the very holy icons they painted.

Amongst the many painters who were arrested was a monk named Lazaros, and he was not planning on acquiescing to the demands of a heretic, and nor was it in his mind to spit upon an image of the One Who died for him. At first the tyrant tried to convince him to obey the order through flattery, but when that did not impact the mind of this monastic warrior, Theophilos, like a Muslim and a true heretic, resorted to violence.

Lazarus defying the tyrant Theophilos

Lazarus defying the tyrant Theophilos

So brutal and severe was the torture afficlted on this man’s body, that it was thought that he was not going to survive. They sent him out, thinking that with such a broken body he would never try to paint an icon of Christ. But soon his wealth recovered, and immediately he began to make a holy icon.

The emperor had him arrested, and the torturer placed burning hot coals on his hands, and so excruciating was the pain, that this poor saint of God lost consciousness and dropped to the floor half-dead. He was near his last breath, but the wife of the emperor took pity on him, and demanded her husband to have the holy monk spared. He was released from prison and placed in the Church of the Forerunner (John the Baptist). (John Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.10)

The endurable athlete Lazaros painted an immaculate image of St. John the Baptist in the Church of the Forerunner, and it remained there for a long time, and those who were stricken with infirmities came to touch it and were healed.

The monk Lazaros was a likeness to John the Baptist: he confronted the tyrant, as the pious warrior confronted Herod; he lived in the state of hermitage, and John cried out from the wilderness, attired himself with the humblest clothing of goatskin; he suffered persecution and endured until the end, as the Baptist was thrown into prison for exposing the wickedness of the despot.

We must ask ourselves the question: how different were the iconoclasts from the Muslims who have been destroying Christian icons, and still continue to desecrate the icons till this day? There is no different: the antichrist spirit is the same, and the vehement malice against the icons is identical to the jihadis of today.


Icon of Theophanes, a man who affronted the iconoclasts and became a martyr

Icon of Theophanes, a man who affronted the iconoclasts and became a martyr

There were brothers very learned in the Scriptures, their names were Theophanes and Theodore, and their eruditeness in the holy Scriptures and the Faith manifested itself as light to the darkness of iconoclasm. The emperor Theophilos was stricken by this light, and he, uttering the vitriol of darkness, said to the the two brothers,

Come on then, you accursed ones, by what sayings of scripture are you persuaded to worship the idols, and to persuade the innocent common people to do likewise? (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.10)

But the two brothers did not fall in fear, or quiver in terror — no — instead they turned to the tyrant, and proclaimed,

Let the mouth be dumb which speaks iniquity against God.

After much struggle and debate, the emperor’s wrath could no longer be concealed, but compelled to be revealed by the light of truth that shined forth from the two saints. In his anger, the tyrant said:

An emperor ought not to be subject to the insults of men like you

He had the two brothers arrested and brought to the inner garden of the Lausiakos where they were heavily beaten with two hundred blows with the heftiest of rods. And then, to further the humiliation of the punishment, he had their foreheads tattooed with these mocking and scolding words:

When all the world went running to that town where the all-holy feet of God the Word once stood t’ensure the safety of the world, in that most pious place these did appear who are an evil vessel of superstitious error.

Which superstitious men, achieving there with impious mind the deeds of unbelief most horrid, were expelled as apostates and exiles.

Thence they fled, sad refugees, unto the capital and seat of government — but did not leave aside their foolishness hence, indicted and condemned, an evil perpetrator of the image, they are banished once again.” (John Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.10)

Does this remind us of the mocking which Christ endured? What scoffing, what deriding, and yet, it is the suffering of Christ, seen before our eyes in the person of His children who, being as innocent as doves, piously declare the words of truth without guile, and being as wise as serpents, strike, in the zeal of the Spirit, with the words of Orthodoxy at the vipers.

And after the holy brothers were marked with the lines of the scoffers, they were both executed, and crowned with a martyrs embellishment.

Not so long after, the emperor Theophilos arrested one Michael, a synkellos or episcopal vicar of the Church of the Holy City, and many other hermits and ascetics, and shut them up in prison, with the pernicious hope that by depriving them of their freedoms they would eventually acquiesce to the tyrant’s wicked demands. And for the rest of his life did this despotic sovereign ceaselessly subject them to irremediable afflictions. (John Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.10)


St. Theodora holding up an icon of Christ

St. Theodora holding up an icon of Christ

When the tyrant Theophilos died, his son, Michael III, and his wife, Theodora, reigned. By the suggestion of some Orthodox holy men, she began to closely examine the heresy of iconoclasm that her husband so fanatically subscribed to. So many people within the government followed it, and even most of the senate, and the Church synod (including the patriarch) were iconoclasts. Soon a terrible illness struck the empress’ scholastic, Manuel, and as he lay bed-ridden, surrounded by monks, he said,

And how can this be for me, godly fathers? My mental forces are all gone, my body is wasted away and emaciated. Here I lie, devoid of flesh, a mere skeleton; there is no difference between me and a corpse, except that I am breathing. What hope is there, what reason believe in my recovery and return to my former health?

The monks took up his argument and responded:

With God, all things are possible and there is nothing that is impossible. We proclaim the good news that you will live, provided that you endeavor to extinguish the conflagration the enemies of the icons have ignited when you recover your strength, and that you restore the sacred icons to the status they enjoyed in the time of our forefathers. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 5.2)

Manuel told the empress Theodora that she must overthrow iconoclasm and restore Orthodoxy, but she resisted, for she feared the multitude of iconoclasts and their reign of terror. But when Manuel insisted with ardency, she exclaimed:

O magister, my late husband, the emperor, a stickler for precision, never did a thing in all his life without careful examination of the matter. If this practice [of revering icons] were not forbidden in sacred laws, and the holy scriptures, he would not have have expelled it from the church. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 5.2)

Manuel wasted no time, he had to restore Orthodoxy and would not allow the fears of a woman to prevent that. He declared to her that if she did not drive out iconoclasm, that both her and her son would die. The threat enabled the empress to commit to her own desires, and that was that the blade of Orthodoxy be unleashed and vanquish the wiles and bastions of heresy that so plagued the empire.

She provided her full support in the ousting of iconoclasm, and summoned a meeting with the fathers of the synod and members of the senate, so that the iconoclasts and those who revered the icons could debate. After much fierce and zealous arguing, it was obvious as to who took the victory: the Orthodox.

After the debate, many of the monks, bishops, and senators who subscribed to iconoclasm threw away their heresy and adopted Orthodoxy, while those who remained within the heretical movement, were exiled. The wicked patriarch, who was responsible for the persecutions against the Orthodox, was ousted out of his seat and banished.

Once he was gone, he was replaced by the godly Methodios, on whose body one could still see the marks from the beatings he received from the iconoclasts.

The triumph of Orthodoxy against Iconoclasm. ethodius is depicted in the upper register, to the right of the icon, with Theodora and her son Michael to the left.

The triumph of Orthodoxy against Iconoclasm. ethodius is depicted in the upper register, to the right of the icon, with Theodora and her son Michael to the left.

As for Jannes, the theologian chosen by Theophilos to debate with sophisms against the Orthodox, he was shut up in a monastery, and in the monastery were icons of Jesus Christ, Mary His mother, and Michael the Archangel.

Jannes said that such icons are devoid of sight, and so he ordered his personal deacon to tear out the eyes of the sacred images. The empress Theodora heard of this, she was ignited by godly zeal and ordered that his eyes be removed. But a number of Orthodox holy men interceded for him, and begged the empress to show mercy, and so instead he was punished with 200 lashes. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 5.2-3)

Orthodoxy was restored, Lazaros painted a beautiful image of Christ. He was invited by the very empress, Theodora, who rescued him, and she asked him to pardon her husband, and to intercede for him. To this Lazaros replied:

O empress, God is not so unjust as to forget our love and our labour on his behalf, while holding in higher honour the hatred and the presumptuous folly of that man. (John Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 4.10)

But the iconoclast, led by their leader Jannes, never ceased in their onslaught against the Orthodox. They still raged against the icons, and devised all sorts of slanders and false accusations to frame the Orthodox patriarch Methodios with the attempt to reestablish iconoclasm.


Michael III on the throne

Michael III on the throne

The emperor Michael III hated with great intensity the noble life of monasticism, and did not allow the monks to conduct their assemblies where men gathered together to conquer the passionate flames of violent desires.

They took a woman and payed her with much gold to denounce Methodios before the empress, and say that he had licentious relations with her. This accusation brought much fear to the Orthodox, seeing that they could become but a laughing stock before the heretical mobs.

Methodios was brought before a tribunal, amidst a crowd of iconoclasts who laughed and mocked him with scathing insults. Methodios ignored the mob, and in the presence of everyone, took off his garments and exposed his private parts to all, and he revealed that his genitals were atrophied by some infirmity that made him utterly incapable of copulating. The mob of heretics shut their mouths, and the Orthodox rejoiced. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 5.4)

The false accusers were about to be arrested and punished for false testimony, but Methodios, emulating Christ, expressed mercy for his enemies, and affirmed that their only punishment should be that every year they come to the Church of the All-pure Mother of God at Blachernae, and hear the anathemas against iconoclasm. This was done by the slanderers for the rest of their lives. (Skylitzes, Byzantine History, 5.4)


Constantine V

Constantine V

While many go against Constantine the Great, nobody reveals the evils of Constantine V. He shared beliefs akin to Nestorianism, an influence to Muhammad. He also was an iconoclast, or somebody who disdained the monastic life and despised any icons or paintings of Christ or Mary — since they saw this as idolatry. Islam embraces this doctrine whole heartedly. Like Muhammad, Constantine V “was deceived by wizardry, licentiousness,” and “summoning demons”. He would also be involved in making sacrifices of urine and dung, (Chron. Theophan. Annus Mundi 6232) a form of divination which Muhammad partook in, as we read in one Hadith.

One woman consumed some of Muhammad’s urine and he told her, “You will never complain of a stomach ache.” He did not order any of them to wash their mouths out nor did he forbid them to do it again. One woman consumed some of Muhammad’s urine and he told her, “You will never complain of a stomach ache.” He did not order any of them to wash their mouths out nor did he forbid them to do it again. (See Walid and Theodore Shoebat, For God or For Tyranny)

Like Muslims, Constantine V would kill those who went against his heretical doctrine. (See Chron. Theophan. Annus Mundi 6256) Those who criticized the emperor’s apostasy would suffer the same fate as those who question Muhammad’s creed in Sharia code: death. The monk Andrew was whipped to death in the arena for accusing Constantine V of impiety. (Chron. Theophan. Annus Mundi 6253)

There was also the situation with the monk Stephen who, for praising the monastic life over the evils of politics, was bounded at his feet with a cord, and dragged to death on the street; his body was then torn to pieces and thrown into a pit. (Theophan. Chron. Annus Mundi 6257) Such a method of killing for the sake of heresy closely resembles what is done in the Muslims world today against Christians.

Constantine V ordered that one patriarch, also named Constantine, be beaten until he could no longer walk. He was made to sit down within a church–now a heretical sancturary–where he was told all of his “crimes”, he was then condemned and called “Skotipsis”, which means “Of darkened vision.” On the following day there was a horse race, and the persecuted patriarch was to be a part of the savage spectacle. He was spat on, his beard, head, and eyebrows were shaven, and he was made to put on silk and a sleeveless garment.

He was forced to mount on a donkey backwards and ride to the arena where he was beheaded. (Chron. Theophan. Annus Mundi 6259) The impious emperor savagely and sadistically killed many others. He had one Peter seized, dragged through the streets and then buried alive. He bound others in bags from which they could not escape, and thrown into the sea to drown. Anyone who was found to be living as a monk or with zealous orthodoxy was killed in such ways. (Chron. Theophan. Annus Mundi 6259)

Both Muhammad and Constantine V affirmed with fervent conviction that Mary was not the mother of God, and Protestants today would agree with them, saying that we should simply call her the mother of Christ. Now, while there is nothing wrong with calling her the mother of Christ, there is a danger in affirming that we must never address her as the Mother of God. To affirm this implies that Christ is somehow different, or even less significant, than the Father, or that Christ was not divine when He was born.

We do not agree that the source of God was Mary, but we do certainly believe that she brought forth Christ, God in the flesh, and that in this regard she indeed is the Mother of God. Christ said “I and my Father are one.” (John 10:30) This means that Jesus is God, and Mary is the Mother of God. Protestants have no problem in calling God the Father of Christ, and we know that they are not referring to Christ as not eternal or as being created. So then where is the issue if we call Mary the Mother of God? It was not adopted by paganism, as the subscribers to Hislop say, but to combat Arianism and Nestorianism.

There is a story which reveals the reason why the ancient church addressed Mary as so. One day the emperor Constantine V asked the patriarch of Rome, “But why would it harm us if we were to call the Mother of God ‘the mother of Christ’?” The patriarch embraced his question and replied, “Have mercy, lord, that title should not have crossed your mind. Do you not see that Nestorios was declared infamous and was anathematized by the entire church?” (Chron. Theophan. Annus Mundi 6255) To call Mary the mother of God, thus, is to prevent the sheep from going astray to the wolf of unitarianism. Not only was it a response against Nestorius, but the heretic Arias as well.


Leo III, iconoclast tyrant

Leo III, iconoclast tyrant

Another iconoclast king, Leo III, ordered for all the statues of martyrs to be effaced, and when the Pope of Rome heard of this, he ordered the Christians to refuse to pay taxes to the empire. (Theophilus of Edessa’s Chronicle, section 2, p.225)

Iconoclasm was, and still is, exemplified by Muslims. The Muslims, under the Ottoman empire, were famous for stabbing church icons. One Italian poet wrote with sadness on “the outrage done to God … the crucifixes and the images of the saints, of God, of the Madonna and the Holy Sacrament,” by the Muslims, who took joy in stabbing, burning, and firing arrows upon Christian icons. (See Moczar, Islam at the Gates, ch. vii, p. 147)


Mary has always been regarded by the Catholics and Orthodox as a spiritual mother who directs nothing towards herself, but all towards her Son, Jesus. To attack a statue of Mary is, in this sense, no different than as Pope Francis said, attacking another person’s mother to his face.

If anybody — Muslim or non-Muslim — makes even an indirect statement criticizing Muhammad, there are worldwide, violent protests and demands for apologies.

The Muslims just smashed an urinated on an image of the Spiritual mother of over a billion Christians, and there is deafening silence.

We are less concerned about what the Muslims did, because that behavior should be expected of them. What bothers me is the silence from the Christians. If we cannot defend the honor of our own mother, will we even defend ourselves when the Muslims begin attacking us?

Iconoclasm was adopted by Islam. Look into the mirror, and make sure that you yourself have not adopted it as well.


TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE CHURCH’S BATTLE AGAINST ISLAM, CLICK HERE TO GET BOOK, Lions of the Faith: Saints, Blesseds, and Heroes of the Catholic Faith in the Struggle with Islam

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Thank you for this article AGAIN showing the central importance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Christianity, and to Her eventual plan in the conversion of the Muslims.

    I’m almost finished trying to convince Protestant sects who see Catholics (and Orthodox Christians, whom many see as exotic Catholics) as “not Christian” and worshipers of Mary.

    “Christians” who cannot see the Blessed Virgin Mary as the Mother of God, as the Bearer of God (God the Son, NOT God the Father), and as being the SINLESS mother of the human AND divine Jesus, are the ones who reject the teachings of the early Church Fathers.

    Even Luther and the early Reformers originally accepted the Blessed Virgin as sinless and a perpetual Virgin but the continual “innovations” has seriously led to such a mockery of Christianity by the Protestant sects so prevalent in “New World” of North America and Australia. The megachurches have become so disconnected to the teachings of the early Church, and yet have the nerve to claim they are “not following the doctrines of men” which they accuse the Universal Apostolic Catholic and Orthodox Churches of doing. We do follow non-Biblical sources, because the Bible was never meant to be read alone as the Protestant sects do, the Apostolic Churches do follow an oral tradition as well.

    These Protestant sects have gone beyond Luther’s rejection of extra-Biblical authority and his rejection of 7 books of the Bible and his belittling of the Sacraments.

    In short, those “Christians” who cannot see the Virgin Mary as sinless and having given birth to Christ – as the Second Person of the Trinity (Jesus as both human and divine) are rejecting the Trinity. These are the Protestant sects that have gone beyond the mainline Protestant denominations (which have themselves sadly become so wildly liberal as to become apostate by not only having female clergy but even accepting homosexuality as not being sinful and even going as far as “blessing” the evil of “gay weddings”).

    The Holy Trinity is a HUGE Mystery and the most intelligent theologians have struggled with conveying it, which is why the laity tend not to intellectualize this and prefer to live by faith and the teachings of the Church. You will not find the Trinity in the Bible for those “Bible only Christians”.

    In short, whether or not they claim to be Trinitarian Christians, any Trinitarian Christian who rejects the Second Person of the Triune God – of Jesus as both fully human and fully divine – is essentially re-introducing the heresy of Arianism… and this happens when rejecting the Blessed Virgin Mary as any ordinary woman, as having no plan in the salvation of mankind. The Blessed Virgin, being so Full of Grace AGREED to be the Handmaiden of the Lord during the Annunciation of Our Lady. It is beyond me how any Christian can think or rationalize that a Sinner, ANY WOMAN could GIVE BIRTH to GOD IN THE FLESH!!

    May God forgive these most serious of blasphemers of the Blessed Virgin Mary – the Mother of God.

    Although the Great Schism has not been healed, the presence of the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople at the Inauguration of Pope Francis in 2013 was truly prophetic – the first time in over a 1,000 years that an Orthodox Patriarch was present at the Inauguration of a Bishop of Rome.

    The Apostolic Catholic and Orthodox Churches all follow and give respect to the Pentarchy – the five major Episcopal Sees of the Church, of Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria and Jerusalem.

    Unfortunately all the Protestant sects are offshoots from the Roman Church and by rejecting the Blessed Virgin Mary as sinless and as a perpetual Virgin, indeed these sects will have a hard time reconciling with the Apostolic Churches.

    However, nothing is impossible with God. I pray, along with all the Saints in Heaven and the Blessed Virgin Mary, that the Church May be united as One as it was in the times of the Early Church, in these perilous times… particularly in the West, where atheist Marxists and Muslims are intent on eradicating Christianity.

    • Steve Smith

      big bart…. is a big nobody, it is the church of russia that world orthodoxy looks up to.

      • OrthodoxKGC2015

        Yeah he’s put up as a big deal based solely on the old heritage of his See.

        • Steve Smith

          the cia deposed the rightful patriarch in the 40s and put the free mason atenogoras on the throne. it has been in the cia’s back pocket.

          • OrthodoxKGC2015

            I seem to recall something of that in some related researches of that sort (the deposing of clerics and kings and PM’s by the CIA) I did a few years back. Thanks!

  • OrthodoxKGC2015

    Thank you Ted for reminding me of the fury of the heretical Iconoclasts, and the glory of those Orthodox Saints who stood up to them!

  • Delta Rain

    Mary is the Mother of God and to those who carry a WWJD in their pockets, should also ask what would Jesus say to those who disrespect His Mother? I know what I would do if you dared to disrespect my mother…. I’m not a very ‘smart’ person and I know this before anyone can tell me, but I don’t understand why people try to explain away this simple reasoning of who Mary is in their doctrine?

    • Julie

      A former pastor shared this story. An American pilot’s plane went down in Austria during WWII. He knew Austria was a Catholic country. The natives came to arrest him. The pilot showed them his crucifix around his neck and they ignored it. Then he began to recite altar boy prayers in Latin, and they again ignored him. Then when he showed them the Miraculous Medal of Mary, they then stopped, and took him in as family.

      Mary is Christ’s greatest gift to the Universal Church. It is Mary who makes us brothers and sisters because we now have a heavenly Mother.

  • Brother J.

    All those names of churches… I don’t belong to neither one of them. Does the CC view me as a Protestant now? “I am of Paul, and I am of Apollos…” But I am of Christ.

  • Trevor

    Psalm 97:

    The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice;
    Let the many islands be glad.
    2 Clouds and thick darkness surround Him;
    Righteousness and justice are the foundation of His throne.
    3 Fire goes before Him
    And burns up His adversaries round about.
    4 His lightnings lit up the world;
    The earth saw and trembled.
    5 The mountains melted like wax at the presence of the Lord,
    At the presence of the Lord of the whole earth.
    6 The heavens declare His righteousness,
    And all the peoples have seen His glory.

    7 Let all those be ashamed who serve graven images,
    Who boast themselves of idols;
    Worship Him, all you gods.
    8 Zion heard this and was glad,
    And the daughters of Judah have rejoiced
    Because of Your judgments, O Lord.
    9 For You are the Lord Most High over all the earth;
    You are exalted far above all gods.

    10 Hate evil, you who love the Lord,
    Who preserves the souls of His godly ones;
    He delivers them from the hand of the wicked.
    11 Light is sown like seed for the righteous
    And gladness for the upright in heart.
    12 Be glad in the Lord, you righteous ones,
    And give thanks to His holy name.

    God is ALIVE! Jesus is ALIVE!

    Isaiah 44:

    6 “Thus says the Lord, the King of Israel and his Redeemer, the Lord of hosts:

    ‘I am the first and I am the last,
    And there is no God besides Me.
    7 ‘Who is like Me? Let him proclaim and declare it;
    Yes, let him recount it to Me in order,
    From the time that I established the ancient nation.
    And let them declare to them the things that are coming
    And the events that are going to take place.
    8 ‘Do not tremble and do not be afraid;
    Have I not long since announced it to you and declared it?
    And you are My witnesses.
    Is there any God besides Me,
    Or is there any other Rock?
    I know of none.’”

    Recommend folks read Isaiah 44 in its entirety. God mocked those who created an image and worships it, going so far to say, “Deliver me, for you are my god!” (Isaiah 44:17). The Lord who created the heavens and the earth, who formed every elements in the periodical table, and who created man in His own image will have the last laugh.

    Let those iconoclasts blaspheme. Let those heretics invent lies. In the end, God’s truth will speak, it will not lie, and will judge those who rose against the Lord.

  • Dave Knapp

    The Muslims are emphatically pre-Reformation protestants, and Muhammad most definitely was a pre-Reformation reformer, whose goal was to reform Christianity and restore what he believed was the true religion of Christ.

    • Dave Knapp

      This is is about the stupidest thing ive heard

      • OrthodoxKGC2015

        Muhammad tried to convince people that Jesus pointed to him, so he could gain Christian loyalty to him, but that the things said by Christians about Jesus was wrong. I think that qualifies the statement as pretty accurate pretty well.

  • Trevor

    Not surprised you would see that. Actually, no.

    The Psalm is talking about statues and images dedicated to false gods, such as Zeus and so forth.

  • Julie

    A priest who taught the 12 steps said that sin is insanity. Another said that scruples is the beginning of insanity.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Since the supreme court has found implied right hidden a form of gn

  • Trevor

    Language issues seem to have caused a lot of misunderstanding and rift between the ancient churches didn’t it?

  • Trevor

    I would not just stop at 1 John 2:22.

    A few verses back up:

    “Now by this we know that we know Him, if we keep His commandments. He who says, ‘I know Him,’ and does not keep His commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him. But whoever keeps His word, truly the love of God is perfected in him. By this we know that we are in Him. He who says he abides in Him out himself also to walk just as He walked. Brethren, I write no new commandment to you, but an old commandment which you have had from the beginning. The old commandment is the word which you heard from the beginning. Again, a new commandment I write to you, which thing is true in Him and i n you, because the darkness is passing away, and the true light is already shinning. He who says he is in the light, and hates his brother, is in darkness until now. He who loves his brother abides in the light, and there is no cause for stumbling in him. But he who hates his brother is in darkness and walks in darkness, and does not know where he is going, because the darkness has blinded his eyes,” 1 John 2:3-11.

    It is not just one who denies that Jesus is the Christ, it is also one who do not keep His commandments, and hates his brothers. That’s 3 things that makes one a liar based on reading from 1 John.

  • Julie

    You are not obviously part of the Church. We are a communion of believers and we share the faith along with the saints in heaven whose prayers and intercession for us are most powerful.


    Christianity since its beginning has always held Mary as Perpetual Virgin and turned to her for her prayers and example. I think your position is more modern American perspective.

  • Trevor

    The trouble is…in the context of 1 John, he was addressing the believers within the Church, and gave us a way to test the authenticity of the believers, if you will.

    Let me use Arius, as an example. Arius was originally a Christian who taught that Jesus was not divine at all, and his preaching caused some believers to follow him instead of the apostolic teachings of the day. His teaching caused quite a stir which eventually led to the formation of the Nicene council to debate the issue of Jesus’ divinity, and then led to have Arius’ teaching to be condemned as heresy.

    In short, by denying that Christ is the Son of God who is God in the flesh, Arius made himself into a liar, failing the test spelled out in the epistle. Some of the heresies that have sprung up in the ancient churches came from within their ranks. The apostle Paul spoke of some who have abandoned him for the love of the world. Some of them have physically harmed him. John made it clear that some of the followers of Christ left them.

    The debate between a Christian and atheist are often philosophical. One of my favorite writers on the subject is Dr. William Lane Craig and he has debated Hitchens, I believe, on numerous occasions. In my observation with atheists, they often turn sour on the idea of a loving God because they observe the evil in the world, and cannot fathom there would be an all-knowing, an all-powerful, and loving God that we worship. I guess it’s easier to excuse that there is no God in the face of overwhelming evil, yet I often find my mind turning back to the Psalms and see written there the same vexing question the ancient believers had – why does God allow evil to reign? Yet, within the same Psalms, they muse that evil will run its course and then payday is coming from God above. The trouble, I think, lies with our flawed thinking. I could easily have become atheistic at any point in my life because of my disillusionment with seeing corruption within the Church, whether it is Catholic, Orthodoxy, or Protestant. I could have walked away and said, like the Psalmist wrote, “There is no God,” but I could not. God’s Word have become an integrated part of who I am, and I cannot separate myself from His love. I have interacted with some atheists, and they know I am a Christian, and found to be the most nicest people to be around. I enjoy their company on occasions. They do rightfully point out that some of the most corrupted people are within the Church, and that is to our greatest shame, and should cause all of us to examine ourselves and to repent.

    Debate between two religious are the most serious, in my judgement, because it concerns the idea of eternal salvation. Christians believe that Jesus is God, the Son of God, and came down to be born in the likeliness of man so that God, through Jesus being the Last Adam, would condemn sins in Christ’s death at the Cross. The issue is deep as it is going back to the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden. For Christians, Jesus is our hope for salvation, and for Muslims, for example, believe doing work for Allah would ensure passage to paradise. Muslims deny that Jesus is the Son of God, thus borrowing from Arius’ heresy as part of their theology. Also, Muslims claim that Allah and the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the Father of Jesus, is the one and the same.

  • Trevor

    Now I understand. The Scriptures primary audiences were initially the Jews and then the Christians. The Pauline epistles, Johnnies epistles, and so forth were instructions left for the Church before it became part of the canon.

    If you want to understand where Muslims get their claim, I recommend reading St. John of Damascus’ critique of Islam, it is very illuminating.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    This is what happens when one is ignorant of the ‘Jewishness’ of the Bible. The first child was always the ‘first born’, and was titled as such regardless of whether other children were born. God was indeed Mary’s savior – He saved her at her conception rather than later.

    Here are the parents of the so-called ‘brothers’ of Christ:
    JAMES – Mother is Mary, wife of Clopas, aka Alphaeus (Matt 27:56, Luke 24:10, Mark 15:40, Mark 16:1, John 19:25), Father is Clopas, aka Alphaeus (Mark 3:18, Luke 6:15, Matt 10:3).
    JOSES– Mother is Mary (Matt 27:56, Mark 15:40), the wife of Clopas (John 19:25)
    JUDE – brother is James (Luke 6:16, Jude 1:1), hence, Mary the wife of Clopas is his Mother, and Clopas, aka Alphaeus, is Father.
    SIMON- “After the martyrdom of James…they all discussed together whom they should choose as a fit person to succeed James, and voted unanimously that SYMEON, SON OF CLOPAS mentioned in the gospel narrative, was a fit person to occupy the throne of the Jerusalem see. He was, so it is said, a COUSIN OF THE SAVIOUR, for Hegesippus tells us that CLOPAS was JOSEPH’S BROTHER.” (This is why Mary, wife of Clopas, is referred to (John
    19:25) as the Virgin Mary’s sister) “When James the Righteous had suffered martyrdom like the Lord and for the same reason, SYMEON the son of his (Jesus’) UNCLE CLOPAS was appointed Bishop. He being a COUSIN OF THE LORD, it was the universal
    demand that he should be the second.” Eusebius, 4:22:4, 3:11:1

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Why did your Church change the creed from ‘CATHOLIC’ to Christian?

  • Steve Smith

    only in your eyes. our saints showed gods grace across russia ,brighter than the sun.

  • Steve Smith

    the ignorance is yours, you suffer from greek nationalism.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You are quite wrong – there were only 3 Mary’s mentioned at the Cross. Who is this 3rd James? Eusebius is 1700 yrs closer to the fact than you are.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Stay on point – why was it changed?

  • Julie

    It is stated in Scriptures that the just man sins 7 times a day. Likewse you can transfer it over to a just woman. A just woman can likewise sin 7 times a day.

    Mary was first born child and a consecrated virgin.

    Her response to the angel was, “how can this be? I do not know man.’

    It is through the Holy Spirit that Mary conceived Christ…and it is Mary’s body and blood Christ inherited from her…He was formed in her womb, nourished by Him….she knew she was carrying God within her….and to think…she would then turn on the Lord and go about sinning through the day…as well as have Him nourished in a sinful vessel…is not demonstrating a deep sense of sin nor reason.

    The Angel said, ‘All things are possible for God.’

    God made Mary especially formed to be Christ’s Mother. She was immaculately conceived, a concept debated for over 1,000 years, no lame brain, mary worship projection.

    Mary’s parents Joachim and Anna had Original Sin and the inclination to sin. Mary was conceived full of grace, ‘yes’ to God….her entire being fully directed to the Lord. The Lord protected her from inheriting Original Sin. Her full of grace in her creation allowed her to be fully oriented towards God at her beginning.

    So Mary was not going around 7 times a day in front of Our Lord…defying Him. She knew He was God…she continually cared for Him, nurtured Him, adored Him…and did not sin.

    The Mass is all based on Adoration of Our Lord on the Altar, atonement for sin and our nourishment both in Word and in His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

    Big difference.

  • Julie

    Catholics worship the Lamb of God….that is what our Mass is all about.

    Don’t know what kind of false church in Rome you are talking about. Sorry to see people like you fall into such.

  • Julie

    I went to a Lutheran Church and saw the word, Christian…what happened to apostolic…He Ekklesia Katolika…107 AD, St. Ignatius of Antioch.

    First calling of Catholic is to enter into the communion of the Holy Trinity, Word and Eucharist.

    We worship the Lamb of God at Mass.

    Don’t know where you are getting your info…anybody can walk down any street in the USA and see many churches all in division…certainly not sigh of being Katolika….

  • Julie

    Then why bother to pray man made prayers…church is man made..why bother.

    you have your bible, you can read it and believe what it says for you and you can make up your own sort of rules and beliefs…just so long as they are not man made…?….

  • Julie

    He cleaned it out…and he also said the temple would be brought down and raised up on the third day….

  • Julie

    Thanks…but Christianity in USA is most fragmented in the world…individualistic perspectives, misconceptions to the point they are hurtful and totally false on the topic of Catholicism.

    Sad is when Muslims have some problem…they all unite. In America..Christians spend most of their time debating and competing…and not standing up for each other…see it with white people too.

  • Julie

    We are nourished by His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity at the Daily Sacrifice of the Lamb.

    don’t want to get into arguments…our faith tradition has been such for 2000 years and I am not leaving just for words and symbolism…can you say that such is another form of relativism?…

    Anyway…good read is, Dr Scot Hahn’s. ‘The Lamb’s Supper’…a former anti Catholic Protestant minister, highly educated….and how he entered a Catholic Mass and observed…and so much began to open up.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    As unimportant as Protestants ripping out 7 books of the Bible?

  • Julie

    Totally in different orbit….totally…this is the same old American based fundamentalism around for 150 years?….

    I would even say with the part on superstition….this sounds like your preacher man was into anti Catholic tracts…

    I would take a quick exit out of there…because he has little to go on about Christianity and the Church and so has to spend the rest of his God given time trying to denounce Christ’s Church and 2000 years of history.

    We are a communion of believers…not individuals with bible books.

    Christ did not pass out bibles….

    Check out here…the ‘bombshell… on the Septuagint’ at…very informative.

    I do not care to go to churches that are empty of anything holy….bare walls, people with bible books on their laps…but not understanding what Sacred Scriptures are truly trying to tell them…and spend their time away from the Lord denouncing our faith which is truly far different.

    If you want to be a fair minded Christian…why not get a copy of former anti Catholic Dr Scot Hahn. He has a great book out…easy, fast read, ‘The Lamb’s Supper’.

    I am a cradle Catholic and when I am approached by such as matter what I say…it just ends up in abuse and malediction and I am no longer engaging in such.

    Keep you in prayer

  • Julie

    I would also add that because of the Church’s age and that it was founded by the apostles…the Church already knows all that.

    Context context context….very old and all kinds of people…1.5 billion.

  • Julie

    Also…are you a former Catholic? I am just looking at your name and know the Protestant evangelicals are targeting them….sheep stealers so to speak…a very nice Hispanic lady works in building with me…last Christmas I asked her if she had good Christmas..dumb question..thinking about it now and she said she followed the bible….

    Protestant evangelism started in 1890…..there are alot of anti Catholic sects out there in the American hinterlands….

  • Julie

    There has been only one Church….He Ekklesia Katholika, so named by St. Ignatius of Antioch.

    The only records showing up were that by 100 AD the books of Sacred Scripture, the foundation of liturgy…its parts, tone, and spirit same today as then 2000 years ago, uniformed worship throughout the ancient Chrisitan world at that time and no bibles in hand….only letters at Mass….the hierarchical form of the episcopacy…after trying out the conciliar model…and the foundation of the Creed were all completed.

    We only know of gnostics out there.

    So you sound like you are part of the Christian Church like us…unless yo can show us your documentation that there were separatists out there who did not conform to the apostles and their appointed bishops, and did not partake of the Breaking of the Bread.

    You are referring to other things that sound like preacher man indoctrination. Sorry….you are not being directed to the fullness of turth in the Gospel…but the anti gospel, anti church so prevalent in America that spends alot of time on making condemning, and arrogant statements with nothing to back up.

    Good bye.

  • Julie

    You are immersed in self righteousness and faulty reasoning….you are drawn to such….

    You need to stop being so prejudice and start praying to the Lord to lead you to the truth….and humility…as it is said in the Psalms what the Lord prefers is that we are on trembling knees….

    You don’t know our faith so don’t even try to explain or describe it.

    don’t waste your time knocking down that which you cannot understand…you are into cult and not realizing it.

  • Julie

    Good….she had never converted until she was in great need…but don’t condemn those who are experiencing the Lord…and know the fullness as well of His humanity..

    Your family has been very blessed by this healing…but then a healing doesn’t necessarily lead you to another contrary position either, especially that which you think people worship. You are already into american cult christianity…your accusations are on par with Chick and other anti catholic sects here in the USA who go about spreading all sorts of false judgments.

    Our worship is on the Living Word of God, Christ…and He does not lead us to go around knocking other Christians thinking we are so much better or that you are this or that.

    The bottom line is that you are a cultural Catholic, but never experiencing the grace of faith in the Church…and so you look at the peripheries but not at the center of our faith, Jesus Christ…True God and True Man, Christ Who raises all up to HImself…

    The fact you point out pictures and so on…this is cult…and conceit…and false judgment…

    Presumption…best you and family stay with Scripture and prayer and ask the Lord to deliver you from false cults…full of pride and sin.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Of course I have, they are in my Bible. Which denominations Bible includes the Deuterocanon? The 1611 KJV had them along with the Feast Days of the Saints, later Prots removed them.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    You are digging, just because you want to believe something that is not true. Mary is the Ark of the New Covenant, and no man could touch the Ark. Joseph never would have touched her, he was a good Jew and knew what happened to Uzziah.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Really Fernando? It is straight from God’s word – and Mary wasn’t a ‘receptacle’, how insulting – do you describe your mother as a receptacle? To where did the OT Ark go? To the Hill country of Judah? How long did the Ark reside in the House of Obededom? 3 months. How long did Mary reside in the House of Zechariah? 3 months? Could man touch or even look inside the OT Ark, on pain of death if they did? Mary stated ” I know NOT man.” What 3 things were in the OT Ark? The Word of God in stone, the rod of the High Priest, and an urn of the Bread from heaven? What 3 things were in Mary’s womb? The Word of God in flesh, the High Priest, the Bread from Heaven. Psalm 132:8 prophesies that the Lord AND His Ark would arise to their place of rest. Rev 11:19 states that the Ark is in Heaven, and is described in Rev 12 as a WOMAN who gave birth the man-child who would rule with an iron rod.

    • Grandmere

      SNAP goes the trap!

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Not a biological brother.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    Scripture provides the names of the parents of these so-called brothers of Christ. Mary had no other biological children – if she did, why did she have to go live with John?

  • Delta Rain

    A pregnant woman and her baby share one big circulatory system with baby’s blood coming from Mom and circulating in reverse through his system and out to Mom’s system again until Baby is born and then his system is independent and must begin circulating, no longer in a reversed direction. This is why many babies are born with genetic heart problems as their valves must adjust to the new direction Most self adjust on their own without needing surgery. Baby and Mom share everything. When did the blood of Jesus become holy? After He was born? Then why would God go to so much trouble to choose the right mother? A mom’s body is part of her baby and her body is changed, chemically and physically forever, in more ways than an outward sag here and there. Just something to think about as this p#ss#ng contest between Catholics and Protestants continue. Pardon my French.

  • You surely are not referring to the so-called “lost gospels?”

  • Nope. The Church Council rejected those “lost gospels.” They were written by Gnostics who sefd presenting distorted views that contradicted the Gospels.

    I will trust the wisdom of the early church council than the 21st experts.

  • Can you tell us from reliable sources what is wrong with Jesuits?

  • Paul222, you are laden with conspiracy theories. The problem is that if I took every little aspect and asked you to prove them, and then had you research carefully, it would take time and you would still reject instruction because it is not fact or truth that is making you say what you say, it is rather (believe it or not) your act of rebellion against the Bible. Putting the Pope aside (I don’t like the Pope), is he the deciding factor on who is and who is not Christian? You are your own Pope. Yet you are a walking and living slanderer because much of what you say is simply false.

  • You would probably go bonkers if someone destroyed the statue of liberty and could care less if someone destroyed a statue in honor of Mary.

    Would that be an accurate assessment?

    Mary after all is simply an incubator for God, right? But the statue of liberty symbolizes your freedom to say all sorts of nonsense. Right?

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Oh really?? Then why don’t you, for the sake of your soul, make the time to watch this short 10 minute video that shows the Scriptural view of Mary. It’s been on YouTube without any of the usual insults so typical of those who object to 2,000 years of Christian teaching. And then start your refuting. It will blow your mind. God bless you in Christ our Lord and Savior. And may Christ forgive you for demeaning His Mother and may you find it within you to open your heart to the love of Christ and His Mother.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Please watch this video about Mary and Scripture, about 10 mins long and it’s been on YouTube without any of the usual slurs made against the Blessed Mother by those like you who have lost their Catholic roots and are following a faith started in the 1500s, and then refute.
    May Christ forgive you for blaspheming His Mother, and may you open your heart to the love of Christ and His Mother.

  • Willing to die for Jesus
  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Please watch and find out the truth.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    You are so unfortunately indoctrinated. Watch this short 10 minute video, which has been on YouTube without the usual indoctrinated anti-Catholic remarks, and find out that you are practising a version of the “faith” that has only existed since the 1500s, and not the faith of 2,000 years of Christian teaching.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    You are also not following the commandment to Honor BOTH your Father (God) and Mother. Mary is the Mother of all Christians.

    Also get a Catholic/Orthodox Bible with the Full 73 books.

    And see this article, just released this Christmas, about the importance and blessings of Honoring our Heavenly Father and Mother:

    • Grandmere

      Great video. Thanks, Willing.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    You are so unfortunately indoctrinated. Watch this short 10 minute video, which has been on YouTube without the usual indoctrinated anti-Catholic remarks, and find out that you are practising a version of the “faith” that has only existed since the 1500s, and not the faith of 2,000 years of Christian teaching.

    You are also not following the commandment to Honor BOTH your Father (God) and Mother. Mary is the Mother of all Christians.
    Also get a Catholic/Orthodox Bible with the Full 73 books.
    And see this article, just released this Christmas, about the importance and blessings of Honoring our Heavenly Father and Mother:

  • Grandmere

    Careful! There are no “lost” gospels.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Florin you are caught up in such self-righteousness you have elevated yourself as a better “Christian” than all others, totally ignorant that the Catholics and Orthodox are the followers of the early Church that Christ left behind after His Ascension.

    You therefore attack that which you do not know; if not, you are in wilful defiance of Christ by attacking the very Church left behind by Him. And you cling onto the very Bible that the Church you attack composed for you and which Luther later mutilated, removing 7 books and rejecting the very Septuagint that Christ Our Lord Himself quoted.

    Sorry to say, it is you who is wilfullly ignorant or brainwashed and following the “traditions of man.” As opposed to being a part of the authorized Tradition of the Church, that is the Apostolic Succession church – the Catholic Church and Her sister Orthodox Churches.

    And you have clearly not followed the Catholic Church which has long apologized for its past treatment of others, notably during the papacy of St Pope John Paul II.

    Catholicism was made illegal in post-Reformation England and Scotland for decades as well as by the anti-Catholic Puritans of the USA and colonies such as Virginia. Has there been any repentance by the USA or England for its anti-Catholicism? The Catholic Church has apologized to basically all those it has harmed, not to mention the anti-Catholic English have admitted in BBC documentaries and other media that it lied about the extent of the Spanish Inquisition which was a reconquest of the Islamic takeover of what it called Andalusia.

    Look to the history of the Church instead of anti-Catholic sources and preacher-men. If it wasn’t for the Catholic Church and Crusaders, you would be Muslim right now. Ingrate. May Christ forgive you.

  • Willing to die for Jesus

    Chris, do you seriously expect to ingratiate yourself as a Maltese among the Hebrew Roots Cult members you have joined?

    I can immediately tell you have joined this Cult by your use of “Yeshua” for Jesus as though you are Jewish. I imagine you also deny the Trinity like 80% of Hebrew roots cultists. Do you realize this Messianic Jewish movement only started in the 1970s? Who has brainwashed you and how long have you been part of this cult with its roots in the USA?

    If you had any real knowledge of the Hebrew roots cult, you would realize you are part of an anti-Christ cult that denies 2,000 years of orthodox Christian teaching in the vain attempt to “return” to a mythical “early Church”.

    Hello?! The Catholic Church never lost its status as the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church left behind by Christ to St Peter and his successors. The fact you are in active and defiant rebellion to the Church is evidence that you are part of an anti-Trinitarian cult. All those with their origins in 1800s USA… from the Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Oneness Pentecostals, and the Hebrew roots cult.

    Thomas King just wrote a fascinating summary of these cults of which you certainly exhibit with your giveaway language (“Yeshua”, etc):

    And good luck trying to convince all those Anglo-Americans who think Allah = Satan. Those in your cult are not race sensitive, unlike the Universal Church with its Middle Eastern Christians who are all part of Christ’s Church in the Catholic or Orthodox Churches. While your cult blasphemously idolizes modern-day Israel above Jesus Christ Himself. And you should realize the Woman in Rev 12 is the Blessed Virgin Mary and/or The Church and Her Children, NOT Israel:

    You are so unfortunately brainwashed you share more in common theologically with Muslims than Christians.

    What a shame to abandon your legacy, which involved Maltese and Europeans successfully vanquishing the Ottoman Muslims through the whole of Europe invoking the intercession of the Blessed Virgin through the faithful praying the Rosary during the Battle of Malta (as well as Lepanto and Vienna)… for a faith that is very similar to that practised by Muslims and bears no resemblance to that of the followers of Christ.

    May you return home to Christ and His Church in repentance, Who is waiting for You along with His Mother.

    And may God and the Blessed Virgin pray for your transgressions and slander against Him and all He stands for.

    With sincere prayers for your salvation.
    God bless you.

  • “Sir, I have no problem with you being a Catholic!”

    Not true. You do. Almost every time I see this pre-qualifier, I watch out. Can you show me a single verse in Scripture where God had pre-qualifiers?

    “I am aware of the benefits the Catholic and Orthodox Church brought to the world, by missionary and pastoral efforts and by preserving the Scriptures.”

    This would make it the true church established by Christ, don’t you think? The one that canonized the scriptures would make it the true church and the one that took out seven books would be the fake.

    “My reference above was only to the dark side, devilish side of the Church, which Jesus warned about …”

    Getting rid of Arianism, Catharism, Albaginianism, and every other demonic schism was “dark”?

    When someone says “dark” they need to point out the darkness in comparison to their own affiliation’s darkness.

    Want to examine the darkness of Luther?

    “in His parables and which prophets Daniel and John the Revelator prophesied. Catholic Church (I include its Eastern, ”Orthodox” community) has the same divine origin as Israel, but unfortunately she took her own path, in love with world politics, some Jewish and pagan heritage, and she became a totalitarian, sadly world power, while pretending ”spiritual” goals.”

    Now if I take what you wrote here and applied it to Jew, lets see how you sound:

    “The Jews (I include Sephardic community and the Ashkenazi Jews) has the same divine origin: Israel, but unfortunately they took their own path, in love with world politics, some Jewish and mostly pagan heritage, and the Jews became a totalitarian, sadly world power, while pretending ”spiritual” goals. The Jews as you know want to control the world”.

    Lets see how fast everyone will label you a bigot. But the Catholics? You feel free to piss in the wind and could care less where it lands even in your own face.

    And then you write such arrogant statements like this:

    “Now, if one puts the history of the Church (that has functioned according to the Code of Justinian, for more than 1200 years) in parallel to the historical and modern Islamic states, is there any way to escape from the reality that it is very difficult to conclude which one was the best.”

    So the Catholic Church is no different from Islam. You beard growing mustache trimming looking Muslim yourself. You are no different than these devils who knows they would rather live in Rome over Mecca any day. Go join the Meccan rebels you filthy maggot. You come in here to my website to tell me that Catholics=Muslims? Shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.

    “Yes, it is true that many Protestant countries in the past forbade Catholicism for a time. But this fact is not comparable to the systematic atrocities committed by the Mother Church or in her name, or at her inspiration.”

    You puritanical heretic. What atrocities? Pope Pius XII alone saved more Jews than your whole denomination and the world combined. Hypocrite, you would focus on David sinning against Uriah and forget Canaan and the Philistines.

    “Actually the Protestant countries have been Catholic countries that were fed up by their mother’s ”love”, and legitimately get rid of what they perceived as an imposture.”

    And where are your “Protestant” countries today? Schism within more schism that brought birth to liberalism and are getting consumed by other Protestants who look just like you: the Muslims. Go join them and fight the Catholics at Lepanto and sink beneath the sea you heretic.

    “You may peruse your Catholic sources. Understandably, they try to minimize the sins of the past, or sometimes put the guilt on other entities, nevertheless, they are relevant for such a research.”

    So the Catholic historian is a liar? Let me take your statement and apply it and mirror it:

    “”You may peruse your Jewish sources. Understandably, they try to minimize the sins of the past, or sometimes put the guilt on other entities, nevertheless, they are relevant for such a research.”

    Would you dare call Jewish historians liars you filthy scum?

    Or lets see this one:

    “Some of the Jewish sources, even today, try to justify the monstruous facts of the past, with the same old charges: gentiles must not have any right in an ideal polity; gentiles became dangerous to the public order; etc, etc.”

    “Regarding your final request, you may read in your own Bible that God hates puting human traditions above God’s Word (Isaiah 29:11-13; Matthew 15:3, 7-9; Mark 7:6-7,9; Collossians 2:8).”

    Lying hypocrite. Have you not heard that God’s tradition is also from God? Yet you accuse the Catholic of having man’s traditions, when man’s traditions are right the next line of what you wrote:

    “Sola Scriptura does not mean that ….”

    If that is not a man-made tradition I do not know what else is. Have not thou heard it and read it that “the church of the living God is the pillar and foundation of the truth”? (1 Tim 3:15)

    The CHURCH and not Scripture alone is the pillar. It was the CHURCH that wrote the Bible you fool, through the inspiration of God.

    “the Bible is the only (certain and binding) rule of of faith (to know and practice the truth), the supreme authority in knowing and obeying God.”

    What you are trying to say is this:

    MY INTERPRETATION of the Bible is the only (certain and binding) rule of of faith (to know and practice the truth), the supreme authority in knowing and obeying YOU as God.

    You filthy devils.

    “I apologize for writing so lengthy and probably not so nice with our historical Church, but I hope my comment will help you better understand the Biblical Truth. Omnia ad majorem Dei gloriam.”

    O stop it with the piety talk, your of the devil. See a priest, REPENT, be BAPTIZED and be SAVED.

  • But Tito tried to monopolize the gospel of Christ thinking that he owned the gospel and when God raised up men with knowledge of Bible truth leading the people to freedom of worship, Tito pursued in rather than listen to them as they brought the true knowledge of God’s Word.