WASHINGTON STATE SCHOOL DISTRICT bans all pork products from school menu after Muslims threaten lawsuit if they don’t

By BI: This is not the first public school in America that has become ‘sharia-compliant’ by removing pork products from its food service, in order to accommodate Muslim supremacist religious demands.


 actforamerica.org An angry parent, Dave Brabo, spoke with the school’s Director of Nutritional Services, Tom Ogg, who informed him that “he was well aware of the issues (and the slippery slope) with the changes to menu options due to Muslim religious beliefs, but he said lots of Muslims had complained and threatened the school by reporting them to the U.S. Department of Education.”

Mr. Brabo was told that if the school system doesn’t “accommodate the Muslim dietary needs that their federal and state funding would be cut or pulled.” He was told that the school system may be doing this in order to better accommodate incoming illegal alien Muslim refugees.


The administration also told Mr. Brabo that they were obligated under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to “reasonably accommodate” this religious group’s needs. He was told that it’s for documented disabilities (physical or cognitive) and not for religious exceptions. (Yet religious exceptions are exactly what you are promoting, that is, unless you want to declare that all followers of Islam have a mental disorder?)

This school district is removing pork products from their menu, and labeling all food, so Muslims can know if any food item has pork in it. This modification affects no other religious affiliation.

Mr. Brabo was also told by Mr. Ogg, the school principal, and two nutritional service employees to “drop it and they were fearful of reprisal from the School District Administration and that funding would be cut if we didn’t fall in line.”

With Muslims, first come demands for pork to be banned in public places. Then come the rest:


This is unacceptable.  If there is enough backlash to this ridiculous new policy, the school system will listen.  But you must speak up!

We strongly urge you to call the Kent, Washington School District and voice your strong opposition to their new food policy. Express to them that the food choices for all students should not be dictated by one particular religion or group.

This type of ridiculousness will continue to occur in school districts all across this country unless we speak up now and do something about it.

Pertinent contact information is noted below:

Kent School District
12033 SE 256th St
Kent, WA 98030-6503
Phone (253) 373-7000
Dr. Calvin J. Watts, Superintendent
Tom Ogg, Director of Nutritional Services

Click here to voice your opposition

Many Jews don't eat pork but they don't try to stop others from eating it

Many observant Jews don’t eat pork but they don’t try to stop everyone else from eating it

  • susan

    They should be sued if they DO remove pork. This is just another reason why I hate islam. They can’t live and let live. They live their “faith” and our way of life dies.

  • Grandmere

    Next it will be halal. Just wait and see.

  • Flame blue

    Of course, pork shouid be on the menue but so should other meats such as chicken, beef, lamb, so that Muslims or anyone else who doesn’t like pork can have choice.

    I am assuming that pork has been completely removed so that people who like pork cannot have it. This is wrong! Muslims shouid have been told they had other meats to choose from so pork would continue to be available.

    This leads me to speculate that there was only one meat choice on particular days, leaving Muslims for example without meat to eat on the day pork was served.

    We used to have one choice in a non-Catholic school, a state school, of having only fish to eat on Friday as that is usually what RC Christians eat on Fridays, l don’t know why, but fish still takes prominence on the menue on Fridays, in restaurants, and special bargain prices are put in place to entice the diner. I always go for it as l like fish, but if l fancied a steak, and there was no other choice, l would feel let down.

    • mikifenn

      It’s my understanding that Muslims are not supposed to even be around someone who has recently eaten pork.

      • Flame blue

        That cannot be right, because if that was right by their religious understanding why are they coming to the West?

        Where does that lead, and what next, are they meant to be around non- Muslims? Because, we should not be required to alter our diets because of mu-slims, and we cannot be required to get on a space ship to Jupiter, in order to get off the planet in honor of their beliefs.

        • mikifenn

          As they increase in number they increase their demands. There are places in London where only Muslims are allowed to go. A nursing home in England run by Muslims will not allow the residents to eat bacon in a sandwich. A town in Minnesota has become a majority Muslim town with a Muslim mayor and city council. They will not issue building permits for any business that serves alcohol.

          Welcome to Shiria (or however you spell it) Law.

          • Flame blue

            Yes, l know that they take over areas, driving out non muzz as they subsume the neighbourhoods. But in a general sense they should not be allowed to dictate to non muzz people.

            I understand that if l go into a neighbourhood where all the people are muzz, then l am not going to be able to find a restaurant that serves pork or alcohol or a school that doesn’t have all of its pupils Muslims. Such a school will remove pork from the dinner menue because it wouldn’t be eaten.

            When an area is half and half, 50% muzz, pork shouid still be on the menue in the school, but variety should be offered. It is not acceptable for an area where muzz are in a minority to be offending non muzz, by following dictats from Muslims. It is not acceptable for muzz to bully non muzz, by compromising them and intimidating them to act as if they are Muslims. We know they do it, but if some muzz come into a school and are in the minority, the school shouid not offend non muzz to please Muslims. Parents and teachers should not go along with prejudice against non Muslims in favour of Muslims.

            Muslims have come to our countries, they need to be informed that if they don’t like to go into a canteen or cafe where people are eating pork, lamb or beef, and having wine, beer, orange juice, they should stay out or go away back to a Muslim country.

            The restaurant, cafe owner, school etc, should not be altering their menue. If a restaurant does that in my area, l will not eat there.

            In a 70% non Muslim area, the pubs are being attacked repeatedly, by the muzz. Eventually, the owners need to close the business and move out. Then the local people who are non muzz, see the writing on the wall, and the better off move out. More muzz take the houses cheaply, and the poor are left to suffer. Old people terrorised, young girls prostituted and sexually abused. That’s what happens! And the Muslims wonder why they are not liked!

      • georgia

        Don’t stop them from selling pork, cigarettes and liquor, such hypocrites.

  • Flame blue

    Yes sir, l agree. I eat pork on occasions. I agree that Muslims have no right to have pork removed from menues.

    When l was at school, we always had fish for our meals only on a Friday, no other choice was available, even though l didn’t attend a Roman Catholic school.

    When we asked why we had no choice but fish, we were told Roman Catholics eat fish on a Friday and they don’t eat meat. We privately and secretely whispered to each other, but the Catholics go to their own school.

    But we were at a State school, and it seems that it was assumed one or two Roman Catholics were at our school, so, we Protestants had to have our rights violated in order to please a minority group who may have been amongst us, although l doubt they were. Now we are getting the State schools doing exactly the same for Muslims, making non Muslims sacrifice their food choice.

    What l say is fish, beef and pork shouid be offered or fish and pork or pork and beef. To give choice to Muslims. Yes, they should not be forced to eat salad or nothing if they don’t want pork!

    However, some of our forum posters are suggesting that the muslims are demanding the complete removal of pork from the menue, because they think that they should not be in the same canteen room where pork is being served and in order to cope with their demands, the schools or restaurants are willing to remove pork and offend non Muslims who enjoy this meat.

    If Muslims are really demanding the removal of pork from the diets of non Muslims, then that is diabolical and they should be rebuked and firmly told no! Because without doubt they are just imposing what they think is their superiority over us to show that they are our masters, that is why they are doing it, to demand that they are respected and we are disrespected.

  • BigD

    Time to change schools then!

  • Sheri

    What ever happened with looking at the menu and if you didn’t like what was being served you packed a lunch from left-overs or made a sandwich? Spoiled bunch of cry babies.