The King Of Jordan Leaked A Secret Memo Turkey Will Spark World War III. Europe Will Be Invaded As Bible Prophecy Reveals.

By Walid Shoebat (A Shoebat Sunday Special)

A leaked memo indicates the US lawmakers were personally briefed by King Abdullah in January about plans for Jordan’s special forces to operate in the country alongside the British.

What are these forces doing in Libya? It is all about World War III. According to the leaked notes of the meeting in the week of 11 January, seen by the Guardian, King Abdullah confirmed his country’s own special forces “will be imbedded [sic] with British SAS” in Libya. He told those present:

“The problem is bigger than Isil [Islamic State], this is a third world war, this is Christians, Jews working with Muslims against outlaws.”

The memo indicates that Abdullah also told US lawmakers: The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, “believes in a radical Islamic solution to the problems in the region” and the “fact that terrorists are going to Europe is part of Turkish policy, and Turkey keeps getting a slap on the hand, but they get off the hook”.

King Abdullah at a joint military training centre in Zarqa, north-east Jordan

King Abdullah speaks to military personnel at a joint training centre in Zarqa, north-east Jordan. Photograph: Khalil Mazraawi/AFP/Getty Images

Besides King Abdallah, even Newsweek recognizes what we have been saying all along, Erdogan is the “aspiring Caliph”:

There is a broad sense, election results notwithstanding, that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is out of control. He is imprisoning opponents, seizing newspapers left and right and building palaces at the rate of a mad sultan or aspiring caliph. In recent weeks, he has once again threatened to dissolve the constitutional court. [underlines theirs].

Erdogan is building “tabernacles” (mosques) galore “between [two] seas” from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Daniel 11:45 has many facets. He is changing set times and laws while King Abdullah is warning us of World War III.

Are we nearing an Armageddon in Europe, why Europe, and how long will it be before Jesus comes?

The terrorism we have seen in Belgium and France was predicted by John of Vatiguerro during 13th century “Spoliation, pillaging, and devastation of that most famous city which is the capital and mistress of France will take place when the church and the world are grievously troubled.”

France is the focus of so many predictions. Who would have ever dreamt that the most powerful nation on earth would be ruled by a Muslim like Obama well disguised as Christian. The repeat of the Obama trick is not far-fetched these days. An Old Saxon prediction talks of an Obama-like figure who claims Christianity, yet is a Turk and will rule Germany while France will refine to combat these evil forces:

“The seven-headed city, now more admirable than Jerusalem, shall be a place more desolate than Jerusalem. The Dog shall enter Germany but shall afterwards forsake his master and choose for himself a new man, whereby Scripture shall be fulfilled. This Dog shall signify the Turk which shall forsake his Mohammed and choose unto him the name Christian, which is a sign the day of doom is at hand, when all the earth is subject unto God, or that all people acknowledge one only God. The Fleur-de-Lys (lily) and France shall live long at variance, but at last agree. Then shall the clear Word spring forth and flourish throughout the world.”

France has so many predict about it will rise to shine. Although all private prophecy must be approached with great caution, but biblically, most look at the signs of the times from the perspective of what goes on in Jerusalem while ignoring the church built by Christ. Who pays attention to single verses that are  extremely powerful:

For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. For wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together.”

I had spent two decades explaining to the sleepy about the rise of Islam. Today few question after reading our findings covering the ” lightning comes from the east”. Now I must spend another two decades explaining “flashes to the west”the European front of this coming Armageddon.

“For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be, Christ lands in the east (Jerusalem) and like “lightening” moves towards the West “where the carcass is there the eagles will be gathered“. We do have the birds of prey consume the flesh of warriors:

“At my table you will eat your fill of horses and riders, mighty men and soldiers of every kind,’ declares the Sovereign LORD” (Ezekiel 39:20).

However, in Matthew 24 it is a different issues which I will explain later.

This is the Marriage Supper of God with His bride (the saints) “the marriage feast of the Lamb are fortunate!” (Revelation 19:9) where “multitudes and multitudes in the Valley of Vision”; Christ with His saints will destroy Islam’s army where Islam demands “great and small,” “young and old,” “multitudes and multitudes in the Valley of Vision”.

Christ’s yoke is easy, as easy as it is to put His puzzle together. As Christ’s message went to defeat the works of the devil, and so it shall be with the coming of the Son of Man; so that if St. Mark travelled, preached and defeated the works of the devil in Judea, Lebanon, Syria, Antioch, Cyprus, Paphos, Pamphylia, Rome, Colossi, Venice and Aquila and Egypt, and so it shall be with Christ’s coming where we find Him during His Second Coming in these very regions warring with the Antichrist defeating the works of the devil.

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. (1 John 3:8)

And if Paul journeyed to Arabia, Turkey, Rome and throughout Europe where the strength of Christendom once was, and so Christ will come to fight the unitarian heretic Muslims including all schisms and refine His bride.

And so Christ will track where He went (represented by His ambassadors) to defend the Church and defeat God’s enemies and re-establish His church “I will build my church and the gates of hell will not stand against it“. Christ was not exclusively Jerusalem-centric, but church-centric, and this will be the time where the saints can shine. If the refined only knew, never before in history the Christian had such an opportunity as now, for Noah, when the entire earth fell-away, he shined. God even declares this, who participates in “the marriage feast of the Lamb are fortunate!” (Revelation 19:9).


Paul’s journey from East to West

And if in doubt that Christ’s expeditions into warfare during Armageddon matches the journeys of His disciples, one should wonder why we find prophecies in scripture where Christ comes to fight in the same path as His disciples, where St.Mark evangelized Egypt, in Isaiah 19, we find Christ coming to defend Egypt’s saints: “Behold, the Lord comes riding on the clouds and is coming into Egypt. The idols of Egypt will totter before Him …”

And if St. Mark went to Lebanon, we also find Christ fighting in Lebanon (Isaiah 10:34) “Lebanon shall fall by the Mighty One [Messiah]”.

And when Paul went to Asia Minor, we also find Christ going to and fighting in Turkey (Zechariah 9:13) “He goes with the whirlwinds of the south [going north]” to “Yavan” (Ionia).

And if Paul went to Arabia, there we also find Christ fighting in Arabia (Habakkuk 3) where Paul spent some time: “God came from Teman” from battle “rays flashed from his hand”.

He comes as “lightening from east to west”.

1 John 3:8 packs a major punch to crush the head of the serpent. I learned long ago never to read a verse haphazardly as the lazy servants do.

He also goes westwards and the “Isles” (Mediterranean western coast) when Antichrist “turn his face unto the isles, and shall take many” (Daniel 11:18). And in Ezekiel:

“Shall not the isles shake at the sound of thy fall [Antichrist’s fall], when the wounded cry, when the slaughter is made in the midst of thee?” (Ezekiel 26:15)

So few who read and ponder all these little verses that pack everything. In Arabia, where Paul travelled and warned about that desert in Galatians 4, Christ makes His case and proclaims the Trinity in a single solid verse:

“From the time that it was [from the beginning was The Word], I [God the Son] was there; and now the Lord God [The Father] and His Spirit [The Holy Spirit] Have sent Me [The Son].” (Isaiah 48:16).

Amazingly, Christ even addresses there the heresies of Mecca:

“All ye, assemble yourselves, and hear; which among them hath declared these things? The LORD hath loved him [the Messiah]: he will do his pleasure on Babylon [Arabia], and his arm [Messiah, God’s Arm] shall be on the Chaldeans [Iraq and Arabia].” (Isaiah 48:14, see Isaiah 28, Babylon is Arabia “Babylon is fallen is fallen, see Rev 14, 18)

This is some huge expedition which scriptures give us only hints, while most think that Christ only lands on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Such one hint, as “the seed of the woman” bruised by the serpent, entails the whole New Testament. Just imagine, when her seed (Messiah) crushes the serpent’s head. One should ponder, this half-verse entails another newer Testament, which we are about to review … live.

While many cry out ‘Jesus is coming next year’ they have been saying this since the Jews started saying “next year in Jerusalem”. Try at least next couple decades and even then I might be underestimating.


What is to come, is what we see happening in Europe, which is quite the shift, we have several reasons why the end is not yet. What is emerging prophetically during the falling-away is the Refinement Phase as “refinement is by fire” where God’s people will go through the process to being separated as Sheep are separated from Goats.

A verse or two in the Bible is all it takes. And it takes a while to accomplish. Few consider, this divide (sheep vs. goats) is not simply between pagan and Christian, but within what is considered Christendom since it is the judgment of the Church on the basis of defending the faith when serious persecution comes. (Matthew 25)

Such refinement will include the Iberian peninsula (Spain and Portugal), the Italian peninsulasouthern France and Greece is about to see some serious refinement. Also included are the Visegrad group of countries (Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic); Serbia, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovania, Romania, Belgium, Bulgaria to later encompass England.

The strongest critics of the E.U and NATO (which Turkey is under NATO) will be with the league of the righteous, while Germany and other splits in the North will be with the league of the unrighteous.

How else can the sheep vs. the goats be accomplished, especially if one views the text, it is clearly a national division:

All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats” (Matthew 25:32).

This is a national division. How else will this be fulfilled:

In Istanbul (Constantinople), the cross will replace the half-moon of Islamism, and Jerusalem will be the seat of a King.  The southern Slavs will form a great Catholic Empire and drive out of Europe the Turks (Mohammedans), who will withdraw to North Africa and subsequently embrace the Catholic Faith.  [Brother Louis Rocco, 19th century]


These would be the main population of the Central and Southern European countries of Bulgaria Croatia, Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia.

When I first wrote on Bible Prophecy, many believed that my proposal was a regional war in the Middle East, where so many objected, complained and slandered ridiculing me falsely of being “Muslim centric”.

This is not true. It takes two decades to explain one half of the puzzle and another two decades to explain the other half.

I focus none on the fool, the slanderer, the lazy and the tare, for my soul is a sacrifice for the wheat as required of me by the Lord in Matthew 25.

The Battles of Armageddon are global. My focus since two decades ago was on the epicenter: the Middle East. How else can the Christian understand where the threat is stemming from if I focused only on Europe?

Europe will be the receiving end of this Muslim invasion where European  ‘Judases‘ will stand with Islam while other European ‘Arimatheans’ and even from the Muslims world; there would be ‘Cyreneans’ who will carry their cross and walk with Christ while He suffers hunger, imprisonment and nakedness, just as there were Palestinians who saved Jews from massacres in Hebron. The killing of righteous people who are even Muslim should be recognized as King Abdallah stated that secular Muslim states will also stand with Christians. Such nations will also see the light of Christ in the end.
gm copy

The war in Europe has begun. A sign in Madrid Spain questioned “Today Brussels, tomorrow Madrid?” It was planted by Hogar Social Madrid, (Madrid Social Home) in front of a mosque while demonstrating with fire flares and banners that say “MOSQUES OUT OF EUROPE” in response to the terrorist attacks in Brussels.

“The first images of actions taken a moment ago against Islamic terrorism at the M-30 mosque in Madrid, which finances the Islamic State: MOSQUES OUT OF EUROPE,” states the post in Spanish.

To give you an idea how active is Hogar Social Madrid is, here, check this out:

The reaction in Europe shows a clear divide. The left-wing party Ahora Madrid, took to social media to denounce the actions taken against the mosque: “Do not go and criminalize the Muslim community,” the official party account wrote. “We are fighting together against terrorism. Coexistence = safe cities.”

Sounds familiar? But the claim that Syria’s crisis is the reason for this mass immigration has become a farce in the mind of Europeans and the right sees that the Muslim refugee crisis is some Abaddon and Apollyon the Destroyer;  a kingdom of an army of invading locusts that shot out of the mouth of the devil- dragon (Rev 12).

Refugees of war do not usually have mass sex-attacks in Cologne and a “French  9/11” which was one of the largest tragedy in all of French history, and the Paris attack was one of the biggest attacks in Paris since WWII.

This is a mass invasion of unprecedented proportion. These charts don’t lie, from Syria to Senegal, this is a massive invasions from some 20 Muslim nations. migrant-crisis-to-europe-map-immigration-eu-blockade-immobilizer-ramp-62029210  

Muslim writers like Catherine Shakdam tries to paint European groups objecting to Muslim invasion as “a historical flashback like the 1930’s Germany, when the Third Reich was getting momentum”.

But Europeans are waking up to the leftist and Muslim propaganda. The collapse of the Soviet Union, when leftist forces had achieved such a level of legitimacy, has now transferred their alliances with Muslims.

Today in Europe there are many who are drawing a line in the sand to fight the epidemic: The National Front in France, Golden Dawn in Greece, Lega Nord in Italy, the Freedom Party of Austria and PEGIDA in Germany.

For example, one can easily see below how fast the right is growing in France’s elections. In 2011 the pink  color (just think sissy color) was the left  and in 2015 the right (blue) is overwhelming. Prophecies even speak of regions like Wallonia which comprise 55% of Belgium and prophecies of civil struggles between Northern and Southern Europe!

This would mean Belgium could split, north Italy from southern Italy, Spain could also have a split and Europe will fracture further.

Ever notice today in Europe Separatism and Regionalism is also another recent growing phenomenon.

And we are not only talking of separating from the European Union. What we are seeing, to say it bluntly, includes a Catholic-Protestant divide.

Europe is an artificial construct. The French aren’t so keen on Germans telling them it’s time to lose their sovereignty. Many European states see that Europe is under the control of Germany and its Baltic and European sidekicks. Nationalism is God made. He planed it right after the Tower of Babel and He will keep it that way. There will be no One World Order and all the conspiracy theories will soon vanish.

The Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese and even the English are feeling enormous closeness to Tsipras of Greece where northern Europe is polarized against southern Europe.

The French sociologist and political scientist at the National Institute of Demographic Studies in Paris, Emmanuel Todd, probably one of the highest authorities on the subject states:

“The political strongholds of the German Social Democrats are in the Protestant regions of Germany. They are even further to the north, even more antagonistic toward the “merry-go-round Catholics” of the continent’s southIn the end, what it comes down to is not at all a left-right conflict, it is a cultural conflict as ancient as Europe itself … On the other side there is the Europe that is more inclined toward the Lutheran world; which is the world of two-thirds of Germany, most of the Baltic and Scandinavian countries, and you might add to it the Polish sidekick; even though Poland is Catholic, it never belonged to the Roman Empire. Really, what is surfacing is something extraordinarily deep.” 

There will be splits within states. Today we have Catalonia, which is fighting for its sovereignty from Spain. This is no longer theory but is already in process. In September of 2015, the coalition of regional separatists won in the elections to the regional parliament. (62 places out of 135). In November, the parliament of Catalonia accepted the resolution of independence of Catalonia from Spain (according to the resolution, within 18 months Catalonia will secede from Spain, during this 18 months the necessary government structures of a new state will be created in Catalonia and a new constitution will be written).


In Italy the “Lega Nord” party, since 1994, are anti-American pro-Russia which has been fighting for the independence of the north regions from the south.

The United States push for nations to be under NATO has a backlash in nations like Serbia which fears American and Turkish influence from NATO.

The pro-American prime-minister of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovich, who is well known by his relationship with the international criminal community, especially with the Italian mafia is causing many to re-consider American hegemony.

Europe will first weaken as result of a major civil-unrest unlike anything we have seen which will be sparked as result of biological terrorism and mass terror attacks that would dwarf what we have seen between 2015-2016.


Then we have the Christianization of Kievan Rus’ led Russians’ ancestors to the Orthodoxy and the Eastern Christianity.

After the Fall of Constantinople, the Principality of Moscow took a mission to be a stronghold of the Eastern Christianity. This is the Third Rome which comes against Turkey to end the Antichrist once and for all. The glimpse of this we have seen live when Erdogan caused havoc in Syria quickly got “bad news from the north” (Russia, Daniel 11:44) where Erdogan also desired to rule Iraq (ancient Babylon) setting up encampments there. He is getting ready to qualify as “King of Babylon” (Isaiah 14:4, a title given to Antichrist).

Today we find in Europe grudging admiration for Russia’s Vladimir Putin because he publicly rejects the moral relativism of the West and observes traditional Christian concepts of right and wrong. Putin is the anti-Obama, moving to occupy the cultural-moral vacuum left by America and if someone like Donald Trump wins, America and Russia will unite. While currently, we celebrate multiculturalism, LGBT rights, and abortion on demand, Putin repudiates such values and the conservatives are unaffected by the typical social arm-twisting techniques. When Western politicians and media rail against Putin’s annexation of Crimea as a violation of American hegemony, Putin invokes patriotism and says Crimea belonged to Russia  from time immemorial and that most of its people are Russians who want to return to Mother Russia.

Europe is now known for secessionism where Scots, Catalans and Venetians want independence and become the countries they once were. They too are not paying any attention to social pressure or the epithets used by the left being racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, fascist. The overuse of such slogans has now lose their toxicity and affect and we are seeing the media ineffective in forming people’s minds.

Just this week, a fresh blow to the EU showed that 53 per cent of the French voted in favour of holding a UK-style referendum on the country’s membership.


We must not also forget the Greeks who found themselves under the Ottoman Empire, thus, only Russia remained the carrier of true Orthodoxy not only as the religion, but also as the Empire.

It is here where Christ through refinement will finally fix the Great Schism as several attempts to unite the Churches failed. Even the Protestant Schism, for England, it will be corrected:

|f 17. St. Edward (11th century). “The extreme corruption and wickedness of the English nation has provoked the just anger of God. When malice has reached the fullness of its measure, God will, in His wrath, send to the English people evil spirits [protestant reformers, Luther, Zwingli, Calvin] who will punish and afflict them with severity by separating the green tree from its parent stem [Catholic] the length of three furlongs. But at last this same tree, through the compassionate mercy of God and without any national assistance, shall return to its original root, reflourish, and bear abundant fruit. ” (St. Edwards. Catholic prophecies collected by Yves Dupont)

Although all private prophecy must be approached with great caution, this prediction by St. Edwards, King of the Anglo-Saxons, was etched in the 11th century speaking of the Anglican schism as predicted centuries before its actual occurrence.

While some though St. Edward, the King of the Anglo-Saxons, was off the mark concerning the duration of the schism thinking a “furlong” meant to be a century, the separation of the Church of England (or Anglican Church) from Rome under Henry VIII, began in 1529 and if a furlong was around 200 rods, this would put us at around six centuries later. I would not recommend we use this as date setting. However, it tells us of a message. Regardless, there are ample predictions that set the 20-21 centuries as the time of the end.

The powers at play are NATO, Russia and the E.U which will break up to form north and south. Much has to happen before we get to a split between progressive socialists and conservatives in Europe and a reunification between Catholic and Orthodox. Vladimir Sergeyevich Solovyov (1853 – 1900) was sympathetic to the Roman Catholic Church. He favored the healing of the schism – (ecumenism, sobornost) between the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches. One church in Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) is Hagia Sophia (Holy Wisdom) in the early fourth century CE which united all Orthodox to aspire to regain it from the Turks. In Byzantium, Wisdom was most commonly portrayed as Christ Logos and in the Council of Ephesus in 431 the church officially proclaimed Mary to be Theotokos.

It was Tolstoy who taught a passive love and the social gospel which Solovyov refuted and revealed that in the ends of days the church is obsessed with openness and love for dialogue and where Christ’s name is always invoked to instantly be ignored and a completely foreign theology is taught.

All this has to first be defeated. But this will be quickened with war since  death toll and disaster is the best refiner. In the meanwhile, what we see has been predicted as far back as 430 AD:

After the year 1900, toward the middle of the 20th century, the people of that time will become unrecognisable. When the time for the Advent of the Antichrist approaches, peoples minds will grow cloudy from carnal passions, and dishonour and lawlessness will grow stronger. Then the world will become unrecognisable. Peoples appearances will change, and it will be impossible to distinguish men from women due to there shamelessness in dress and style of hair. These people will be cruel and will be like wild animals because of the temptations of the Antichrist. There will be no respect for parents or elders, love will disappear, and Christian pastors, bishops, and priests will become vain men, completely failing to distinguish the right hand way from the left. At that time the morals and traditions of Christians and the Church will change. People will abandon modesty, and dissipation will reign. Falsehood and greed will attain great proportions, and woe to those who pile up treasures. Lust, adultery, homosexuality, secret deeds and murder will rule in society. (St. Nilus, 430 AD)

All you date setters, stop, Nilus never said that the Antichrist would come in the 20th century “when the time for the advent of the Antichrist approaches” is ‘as we get closer to’.

St. Cyril of Jerusalem, 386 AD says that Antichrist “shall seize the power of the Roman Empire“. In other words, he takes Europe by force. He invades Europe from without.

This is why I differ with so many who apply quick-and-dirty interpretations of prophecy, where allegory in Revelations is central focus, while literals are pretty much ignored.

The Roman Empire was seized by the Ottoman when Constantinople fell in 1453 AD. This is the Muslim prophecy when they say “first Constantinople” (in Muslim view on their version of prophecy). Now comes “then Rome”, this the second seize of Europe itself.

Many await a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, yet St. Hippolytus, 236 AD, says that “Christ showed His flesh as a Temple, and raised it up on the third day; and he, too, will raise up again the Temple of stone in Jerusalem.”

It is Christ who will build a temple in Jerusalem and not Tribulation Jews. It is the body that is the temple which Antichrist desecrates by imposing a mark on the “wing of the temple” (body) which is the right shoulder.

St. Hippolytus’ grandfather who was old enough to remember the Apostle John wrote of the Antichrist “The Great Gaulish Monarch, who shall subject all the East, shall come around the end of the world.”  He first subjects “all the east”. Many when they see “Gaulish” focus on central Europe (“Noric”) but the Gaulish also includes the Balkans, and Asia Minor (“Galatian”) in Turkey.

It matters not what people think. What the devil does; what socialist; Islamists; and the God hating spiritual plagues do to Christ’s Christendom;  Christ will ensure it is all put to good use; it will ensure the sweetness of the fruit. He will choose form the nations as He has planed, separating them sheep from goats through fire. If in doubt just look at Russia and France. Where the liberal and socialist is, there you will find the Muslim killing them and by that God allows the devil his way to refine the remnants. The faster they repent the less suffering they will endure, the slower they repent, the more suffering they will endure.

  • Trevor

    Good stuff here. I am beginning to see what you are saying. The Great Schism appears to be closing as we have seen high level meetings taking place between the head of the Russia Orthodox Church, Anglican, Catholic, and even with a evangelical leader as Franklin Graham. Those gives me the impression that whatever pieces Satan is moving, God already has His countermove.

    Quite a way to go.

    I agree Europe is going to be refined.

    • Eric

      I do too, Trevor. We’re seeing the chess game slowly play out. We must be patient as always. I suspect America will be refined too, and given how history repeats itself, we will probably get involved late if the first two World Wars are any indication. We’re simply too weak right now domestically and militarily to get involved, and it is probably best for us to adapt isolationist policy for a time.

      • Trevor

        I agree wholeheartedly.

        • Eric

          And, given what Trump has said, he wants to adopt an isolationist policy until we can rebuild ourselves. That will pacify the anti-war crowed, and also the people who are tired of the US getting involved in everything. We have spread ourselves too thin, and need to restructure and heal our nation from the inside before we go out and do anything else.

          • Trevor

            That is common sense approach. Nation building is a foolish and wasteful enterprise.

          • Eric

            Yep. Also, it will get other nations used to not relying on us as much as they used to. We seem to be helping everyone but ourselves. That will change with Trump and his America-first policy, and I believe Americans are hungry for such a policy.

          • theophorus

            Right now considering who many of the US allies are isolationism would be an improvement. Saudi Arabia could use less US nut cupping.

          • Eric


      • susan

        Can you imagine the “refinement” we’ll have to endure under a Hillary presidency? I sure hope we repent sooner rather than later.

        • Eric

          I don’t think she’ll become president, Susan.

        • mspip

          she would be a nightmare.

      • Kamau41

        Exactly Eric. Patience is the key. As we have been saying all along, America will come into play later, but we will go thru a period of refinement.

        • Eric

          Indeed. I could be wrong, but we may be seeing some of it now.

    • Kamau41

      Yes indeed. You also made a very important point, these recent high level meetings seems indicative that unity is beginning to take place and gives us good reason to be encouraged!

  • Kkdgrace

    Wow Walid! That was some “Sunday Special”. You expanded mightily on prophecy and I greatly appreciate it. I do hope Trump wins and gets us out of NATO, as he mentioned. And since I’ve decided to convert to Orthodoxy, as a result of my years worth of intense reading and study, I pray to be better prepared spiritually for what is coming… Living for my Lord and engaged in obtaining theosis. Once again, thank you for all that you do. May God bless you and your family.

  • “Christ was not exclusively Jerusalem-centric, but church-centric, and this will be the time where the saints can shine. If the refined only knew, never before in history the Christian had such an opportunity as now.” – Fine statement and well written article. I enjoyed it and it gave me much to ponder for this night!

  • Jennifer

    Walid, do you have any in-depth updates on the US role in all of this? Are there any catholic orthodox prophecies about the US returning to the Lord?

  • S L G A

    Great article I am actually in the midst of reading DuPont ever since you wrote an article about a week or two ago, very informative and intuitive. Thank you for this article, for although I don’t have the brain power to understand scripture or discern the times of the end I’m thankful for you and your son to help me with it. As I always say if you don’t know it find someone who does. Thanks again Mr. Shoebat, I’m looking forward to many more of these articles specifically.

  • Flame blue

    Very interesting, many points to consider in this article.

    I agree that Europe will suffer, it’s logical to conclude that if those countries take in masses of backward people, made so by the bad primitive culture they come from which was shaped by the Quran and its prophet who said he ruled by terror, then they will bring terror to Europe.

    Some Muslims will change and become Jesus conscious, in due course because they have the choice to become Christians and Jesus will be there helping them. We pray that is the case because if it doesn’t happen, then the third world war will be led by Germany.

    Germany, their ancestors going back beyond two thousand years, maybe 2-3 thousand years was probably Turkish. The Turks have always headed to Germany. There are blondes in Turkey, white skins. It is likely that they worshipped Bel Baal, or its idol attributes, female godess. They used the crescent moon and the star sign in Bel Baal worship.

    What happened to that devout muslim in Glasgow, Scotland, who was stabbed to death by a fellow muslim because he said that Scotland was his beloved Christian Nation and he wished the Christians a happy Easter? Something happened to him, something stirred him to feel love for Christians. I hope it was completed and l think it was, Jesus got him, and stirred him to love, although he died for it, he lives, because l think Jesus got him prior to his death! Let’s pray this Easter that Jesus stirs them up, and puts love in their hearts, and even though some kill the others, Jesus takes the ones who he selected for mercy.

    There are many signs, more to come. Jesus is fighting for Christians now. Yes, he is, because we are in trouble, and we need him to come to rescue us, we are being invaded by wicked, hateful, dangerous people, we need Jesus to fight against them.

    • Nan

      Here’s what the Catechism says about it:

      1258 The Church has always held the firm conviction that those who suffer death for the sake of the faith without having received Baptism are baptized by their death for and with Christ. This Baptism of blood, like the desire for Baptism, brings about the fruits of Baptism without being a sacrament.

      • Flame blue

        I agree with the Catechism. The muslim died because he supported Christians. He was killed because he wished a Happy Easter to those who know that Jesus Christ was crucified and rose again from the grave, so in that deed, he was not condemning the Christian people for believing in Jesus and the Cross and resurrection, and the Quran says he is supposed to condemn them and hate them in his heart, and await the day when he is in a position to kill them. It appears that a lone wolf muslim stuck him down, but in reality, there was likely a commitee who informally and quickly made the decision that he should be killed for supporting shirk -blasphemy against the Quran.

        We can see that the vipers nest is in the background, awaiting their time as they say. These vipers have told me that this is their time and soon “you will become muslim if you survive the slaughter.” It’s as if they have viewed entry into Europe as a victory in a battle with their enemy, like they fought against us and entered because we were conquered by them, instead of we took them in because our leaders said that they were charity cases.

        l intend to leave my country of origin and the origins of my ancestors for thousands of years. But if l mistime my departure, l will accept death of my body. I will never accept Islam and Muhammad. If l mistime my departure, then l will not leave them booty. I will burn down my house. That’s what we do Muhammad said, because Allah renders us insane, so insane we burn down our own houses. Muhammad had a lot of experience with people burning down their own houses, rather than hand them over to muslims.

        • Nan

          They do view entrance as victory. This is not a bunch of refugees but a conquering army. Welfare is jizya and they feel entitled to take what they will from the infidel.

          The US first battles overseas were due to Muslim pirates. When Thomas Jefferson was in France, he talked to a muslim Ambassador, asking him what their problem was and the muslim told him that anything belonging to infidels was fair game. People keep saying their aggression is a result of out foreign policy but the First Barbary Wars had nothing to do with our foreign policy, nor do any of the other muslim aggressions.

          Good for you for taking a stand. I think of the Christians of Kosovo who were Baptized a few years ago, when it was safe; 500 years ago their ancestors were forced to convert or die. They were outwardly Muslim but were Christians at heart. Once Kosovo had its freedom, they asked for priests to baptize them.

    • NCHokie02

      Don’t mean to criticize but I hope you are not inferring that we wait for Christs help directly. I believe Christ wants us to fight back and not be lazy servants just waiting for him to swoop out of heaven to the rescue. He wants us to defend Christendom and His kingdom and stand up for Him. If you mean that he works and fights through us then I understand.

      • Flame blue

        Our Governments are not allowing us to fight back, they have decided that there are innocents amongst the fascists and they cannot touch the fascists because it would harm the innocents. Of course, there are some innocents, that’s true. Fighting back would be stop them getting into the country in the first place, but our Governments don’t want to exclude innocents so they are willing to take in and accommodate Isis for example. If this strategy had been used by Winston Churchill, Britain would have lost the war to Hitler and the German Reich.

        I believe in a just war! What l am saying is that we are in bad circumstances now, and Jesus is spiritually defending us, now, in this time. Lots of muslims are being converted to Christianity, and that’s on the whole down to Jesus spiritually.

        Many of our brethren are in Heaven under God’s alter, awaiting the rest of us to join them, and asking God to give them justice against those who murdered them. The middle eastern Christians are up there awaiting us to join them.

        Many Christians are being deceived to believe that those who attempted to fight against the Anti-Christ religionists because their people were being slaughtered, enslaved, burned alive in their beds at night, deserve 40 years in prison for genocide of Anti-Christs. Seems like everyone who attempts to fight against Anti-Christs are going to find themselves being persecuted by their own Governments. So, they certainly need a miracle to destroy their enemies because even their Governments are their enemies. I pray that Jesus gives us miracles. We need miracles!

        • Brenda

          Have faith people will be used, even the seemingly lost will be used for good purposes in the end.

          • Flame blue

            I pray so, thanks.

      • Brenda

        Feel the same, I am afraid some of the churches have brainwashed into people heads this idea that it is better to be only “submissive” or that feeling any kind of anger is somehow evil itself? So now we have this huge population that seems to think constant feelings of mourning or sadness and helplessness are the only acceptable feelings one should have. It’s OKAY to feel anger at the obvious sickness of greed and perversions, It’s wrong to be submissive to it, and that is to me is another form of evil right there, “Doing nothing and saying nothing is the same thing as acceptance of it, Big reason we are where we are now. “

        • NCHokie02

          Brenda I agree completely. Although Christ is love and teaches us to love one another I don’t think he meant for us to do it at the expense of the Church. Too many church’s teach milk toast concepts. That Jesus would have just sat there and taken everything that is going on now like some hippie love fest and just say oh well. The forget the times when Jesus was angry in the bible. When he threw the money changers out of the temple he wasn’t just like “hey guys you shouldn’t do this. C’mon get out.” He was pissed and literally threw them out. Cracking whips the whole way.

  • bubba

    thank you walid for helping me see the light about the Catholic church. I am kinda disappointed that I will probably not be around for the very end times. from what I read in your article we are a couple of decades away. cant say I welcome refinement. the fires already feel pretty hot and its just getting started. so much slag in my smidgeon of gold.
    God bless you and your family and keep you safe.

    • racarrera

      We pray you will be here.

  • racarrera

    Daunting, heavy, but sublimely beautiful stuff, as always.

  • susan

    Another tasty article Walid. And we get another feast tomorrow I hope? 🙂

    • Nan

      Depends on whether he’s feeling Catholic, in which case perhaps; Orthodox, in which case the feast is May 1 or Jewish in which the feast is just before Orthodox Easter.

  • Kamau41

    Very deep, heavy, beautiful and powerful Easter Sunday Special. As always, you have carefully uncovered much here and what you said in the conclusion of the article, sums everything up well and is quite impactful. “It matters not what people think. What the devil does; what socialist; Islamists; and the God hating spiritual plagues do to Christ’s Christendom; Christ will ensure it is all put to good use; it will ensure the sweetness of the fruit. He will choose form the nations as He has planed, separating them sheep from goats through fire.”

  • Michelle Therese

    “If the refined only knew, never before in history the Christian had such an opportunity as now, for Noah, when the entire earth fell-away, he shined. God even declares this, who participates in “the marriage feast of the Lamb are fortunate!” (Revelation 19:9)”

    Wow… that is an amazing statement!

  • Craig A. Mouldey

    This is becoming more difficult for me but I press on. I’ve never expected a long, drawn out set of events. Well of course, some things take time. The judgement of the sheep and goats for example, I saw as occurring after Armageddon involving those of the nations who remain. They were not believers but had somehow refused the mark of the beast. They would now be judged as to how they treated Christ’s brothers.
    In some ways what Walid outlines is more difficult. I’m expecting economic disaster to strike soon. This will be wide spread. There will be an increasing amount of uprisings (ethnos against ethnos). Here is what has been making me feel excessively perturbed over the past 6 months or so: In my circles the constant chatter about the illuminati and how they are controlling the world, leading to a one world government. I’m sure there are evil men manipulating events. But they are just evil men. They can’t escape judgement. I don’t want to hear any more about what I call the illumi naughty. Our Lord has always ruled and always will. I would want to be here for the grand climax but now not sure I will be. I have other pressing matters first. Like somehow connecting with a real church. I don’t see one in sight and have little money to travel far often.
    As usual, another article that makes me think and study. My old brain needs this.

    • If you drop the word “illuminati” from your life, perhaps like the ant, it could come out of it crack, look at the world and wonder

  • So Christ cannot make his Church whole and one again because Christ will obey you. Got it.

  • Screw Allah and screw Ali

    • Kkdgrace

      WHY do they come here, just looking for this? I will never understand.

      • susan

        Maybe because darkness sees the light but fails to comprehend it.

        • Kkdgrace


      • Just minor demons that try to enter any way shape or form. If you ever see two scorpions fight, they try to stick their stinger under the shields of the other until the first scorpion finds an entry to posit its venom and consume the other and so it is in the real world.

    • ali

      you are scam and fraud you and your friends who claim to be ex muslims who have been exposed and humiliated

      • Can you a) provide us with clear evidence showing why we are fraud and scam?

        But if you are interested in proof b) I will gladly show it to you.

        Lets see which will you choose, A or B.

        • Ray Kemper

          ali you are so clouded that you can’t see what is right in front of you. I pray that Jesus Christ himself will come to you and lift the spiritual cloud from you so that you my be saved. By the way don’t waste your time because I guarantee you you will be proven wrong.

  • Flame blue

    Donald Trump is told that he needs to bring in Muslims to America to help fight against Islamic terrorism and protect America. Cair obviously came up with that deception!

    If you keep fascist, supremacist religionists out of America in the first place, you won’t get terrorism caused by their creed and cult, so you won’t need to beg for their help in destroying terrorism.

    As for the errors made in the past bringing fascists in, root them out, don’t allow them to add to their numbers by being replenished from recent immigration.

    Bring in policies that don’t reward people who have more than 3 children, through benefits. Don’t allow polygamy.

    Don’t allow long term out of work allowances unless the person is genuinely ill or is badly disabled. Meaning a man with one leg can find some type of work! A person with diabetes can work using medication. A man dieing of cancer should be supported in benifits and not be forced to work. Badly brain damaged people cannot work.

    Monitor what is preached in mosques, and when they complain about persecution and inequality, tell them that you also monitor that hatred is not preached in churches and that Christians are not allowed to use the Gospels to encourage mayhem and murder.

    Deport people who have no birth right to be in the country if their religion is opposed to the humane values of the country. Don’t allow women to be treated as under dogs. Don’t allow Halloween costumes outwith the period of Halloween.

    Do not allow privileges in the work place such as time off doing prayers, when complaints are made about it, take down the names of the ring leaders, and deport them if they don’t have birth rights to be in the country. Deport them for inciting anarchy. Do not create worship rooms, tell them that it is not practical to create worship rooms for every religion in the Land, and tell them that they must go to their temple for worship. If they claim this is hateful and disrespectful, take down the names of the ring leaders and deport them or jail them for anarchy.

    If l was the President of America, l would sort out the terrorists and their cult.

  • richinnameonly

    It’s better, of course, to be prepared for Christ’s return at any time, like a thief in the night. We have Erdogan’s target date for a plan completion of 2023. He is now 62 years old. If he is the anti-Christ, anywhere from 7 to 20 years seems the most likely time for the stage to be completely set for the triumph of righteousness, but we don’t know. Satan is behind the problems, but one of his forces in the West making things particularly difficult is leftism/progressivism/socialism. We are awash in people that have been indoctrinated by these things through their educations, upbringing, entertainment, and the media. Sadly, without individual divine intervention, the only way many will wake up is through extreme discomfort of war, civil war, and having their lives turned upside down. Still, they need to accurately recognize what has really gone wrong. We could be on the cusp of at least political turnarounds in the West, but then again, we may have a little way to go yet. It would be discouraging, but there’s the possibility of having to put up with the likes of Hillary, Merkel, the UN, Trudeau and others for a few years yet. Pray.

  • Thank you sister Lisa. Happy Easter.

  • theophorus

    The Catholic church recognizes protestant baptisms, as they are done in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. When I converted I didn’t need to be baptized as I had been baptized in a pentecostal church

    • mspip

      that is good information.

  • Jeff

    If only the Bible was written so clearly as this article, (Forgive me if Article isn’t the right word) people like me would have a clue to what it is saying!!!
    Well Done, and Thank you Once Again Brother Walid!!!
    As I have said before, you truly are a Modern day Prophet!!!
    GOD Bless!!!

  • AnthonyM

    Great article, Walid! Hope you have also found time to enjoy your Easter Sunday.

    • AnthonyM

      Interesting the quote “The Fleur-de-Lys (lily) and France shall live long at variance, but at last agree. Then shall the clear Word spring forth and flourish throughout the world.” I could not understand that, but from a discussion of herald and history the following:
      – The Roman Catholic Church ascribed the lily as the special emblem of the Virgin Mary.
      – Due to its three “petals,” the fleur-de-lis has also been used to represent the Holy Trinity.

  • Eric

    I pray I am right also, Richard. I have a pretty good feeling that she will not win. Something is changing. . .Americans appear to be waking up from their coma.

    • mspip

      it’s about time to do that!!

      • Eric

        I have a feeling we’re coming out of it. . .took this darn long!

  • Trevor
    • AnthonyM

      Yes, interesting. They are preparing for military action.
      Also, a big setback reported for ISIS in Syria. The Syrian army general command said that its forces took over Palmyra on Sunday, with support from Russian and Syrian air strikes, opening up the huge expanse of desert leading east to the Islamic State strongholds of Raqqa and Deir al-Zor.

      • Trevor

        Yeah, read about it. This pretty much showed how ineffective the so-called allied airstrikes were against ISIS.

  • AnthonyM

    Your understanding of Allah is incorrect, and is corrupted by the false writings of Mohammed. God reveals his nature to us in the inspired Christian bible. God is love and mercy and has said “Is it my will that a sinner should die, saith the Lord God, and not that he should be converted from his ways, and live? But you use the name of Allah to justify your evil deeds.

  • Rjk

    Why don’t you ask yourself why did the koran come after the Bible and why are the stories in the koran very close to the Bible and changed a little bit. You will realize that your Koran is fake. If you don’t believe it then like Walid said screw you and your allah.

  • Everyone and their cousin saw CNN’s video. You need to present your case against me by doing some homework and presenting it yourself. No lazies are allowed in here. Do you homework and research both sides. Yet I am surprised you asked for no evidence from my side when it was offered to you. It shows that you are not interested in the facts, but you are the typical Muslim migrant who is simply interested in spitting like a camel. Get lost.

  • Michelle Therese

    There is nearly endless paganism in Africa, rape is as common as breathing, it is not an innocent place.

  • “Blasphemy. How could you be so blind?”

    Residues from what I learned as a Protestant. I have been pondering this all 20 hours since you commented and will write a retraction. I have failed to follow my own instruction in seeing how packed this verse is.

    • Daniel Braun

      I apologize. Been battered to long by the modernists in the church. 40 years of this I go off on a tirade on a person who has taken a much longer journey to the truth than I could even contemplate.

  • Flame blue

    Thank you. I wish we could deal with it the natural way, but our leaders think we are all too modern now and savagery is a thing of the past and modern Muslims are civilised and will ignore 7th century barbarism in dealing with people of different religions. If they pay attention they will heed what the Islamics are saying they will do to us because it’s Allah’s words in the Quran and he/it has directed how us kufrs are to be treated. In fact, if they really pay attention they will see what Isis, All Qaeda , Hamas, Boko Harem, Muslim Brotherhood, and all the physical jihadists do, while the sofa Muslims just keep on lieing about it not being anything to do with Islam.

    The Medina scriptures are full of hatred and directives to kill all people and control the survivors, in slavery etc, and conquer all countries in the World and turn them satanic.

    Already, we see our leaders ignoring brutality, rapes, and theft carried out on our people, and they are unmoved by the violence, so for certain our craven leaders know that it’s going to get worse, and they are not intending to fight against it. They will ignore it all the way and allow Europe and the West to fall to Islam.

    It’s unbelievable that they have welcomed savages into our nations to rule over our people and oppress and murder them, and they are facilitating them to do so, by turning the police on any groups that rise up to fight against these dark forces. They are calling these groups Nazis, Fascists, and Anarchists, while they support the formation of real Fascists, Supremists, and Barabarians to take over our countries.