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Mexican Drug Cartel Puts Human Beings Into Cages With Lions And Feeds Them Alive In Roman Empire Style Cruelty, Tens Of Thousands Of Christians In Mexico Are Rising Up To Fight Against The Cartel

By Theodore Shoebat The Mexican drug cartel has been feeding human beings alive to lions, and to this cruelty thousands of Mexicans have carried arms and have been fighting the cartel tyranny. Heriberto Lazcano Lazcano “El Lazca” or “The Executioner”, a major leader for the Las Zetas cartel in Mexico was notorious for feeding Mexican […]

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Black Racist Assaults White Liberal For Having Dreadlocks, Says His Crime Is “Cultural Appropriation”

Talk about poetic justice. I don’t know any of the people in this video personally. Thankfully the woman in question, Bonita Tindle, is now “under investigation.” From what I have looked into, the man with the dreadlocks is a liberal. Now, he is correct to say that he has a right to wear his hair as […]

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British Police “Aggressively Investgating” Man Who Put Up Anti-Muslim Rapefugees Poster, Continue To Let Muslims Spew And Commit Real Acts of Hate With Impunity

  The French Philosopher Voltaire once noted that you could always tell which group or groups of people control a society by identifying which group(s) you are not allowed to criticize. If this observation is true, which it has been proven to be so repeatedly, then we can conclude that England is no longer controlled […]

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“We Want Chicken And Chips, Not Pasta!” Shameless “Refugees” Whine About Getting Free Food And Start A Riot Over It At The Shelter The Italian Government Is Housing Them In

Literally, these people were rioting because they did not get “chicken and chips.” If I was a child and made demands like what these “refugees” are making, I would be very lucky if I got anything that night to eat. VERY lucky. I knew better because I learned the potential consequences very quickly, and thankfully I […]

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