Atheist Man In Australia Walks Into Christian Bookstore, Grabs A Christian Girl, Rapes Her, And As She Is Screaming, He Cries Out: “Where Is Your Jesus Now?”

Sean Price, atheist who raped a Christian girl

By Theodore Shoebat

An atheist man in Australia named Sean Price walked into a Christian bookstore, grabbed a Christian girl, and raped her. As she was screaming, this atheist begins scream: “Where is your Jesus now?” I did a video on this diabolical event:

According to one report:

A troubled 33-year-old serial rapist and career criminal targeted an unsuspecting woman inside a Christian bookstore and taunted her, “Where’s Jesus right now?” while he was choking and raping her.

Sean Price, who was convicted of the murder of a 17-year-old schoolgirl in Australia back in 2015, has a history of mental illness such as schizophrenia and psychosis, according to ABC Australia. When he was 31, he killed Doncaster schoolgirl Masa Vukotic at random while she was walking at a park, stabbing her 49 times.

Price walked into a Christian bookshop, which is located in Melbourne’s western suburbs, reported The Herald Sun. He asked the woman in charge if the shop sold Bibles, and she directed him to their Bible selection. Unsatisfied, he asked her again to show him books that contained scientific evidence of God’s existence.

The woman directed him at the back of the bookstore, where he attacked her. “Where’s Jesus? Where’s Jesus right now?” he screamed at her as she bit, pinched, and poked him.

Price even told police how the woman looked like while he was choking her: “I just realised like she was fussing up too much and she was starting to change colours. And I was like f—, not another one.”

He was eventually chased off, and pleaded guilty to the rape. The victim told police that the crime committed against her changed her life forever, and that she still suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder because of it. The unnamed woman said she constantly has panic attacks, and that her marriage has been adversely affected.

Price was only 18 when he committed his first violent crime against women. Over the next few months, he launched a series of sexual attacks in Melbourne. He assaulted seven women and raped two of them. One of his rape victims was a mother who was at home with her two children, while his other victim was just 13 years old, reports said.


  • Linda

    Don’t they have the frigging death penalty in Australia?

    All rapists should be executed within 14 days of conviction.

    • JamieAllen

      the problem with that is the wrongly accused / convicted don’t deserve it; life/without is better for that reason; or even a limited amount of time to appeal; not 14 days.

      • Linda

        With modern DNA techniques, it is pretty much impossible to wrongly convict someone today.

        The death penalty has always been upheld by the Catholic Church–the Catechism of Trent declared that NOT enacting execution was an INJUSTICE. Back then the Church allowed for sodomite priests who molested boys to be turned over to civil authorities for execution.

    • Brian Wiard

      24 hours

  • Marcos Filipe Guerra

    “A troubled 33-year-old serial rapist and career criminal”

    This is the world where “serial rapist” is a mental disease and “criminal” is a career. I still think rapists should be dealt with as in Brazil’s 19th century. I read a real story that a man that was found guilty of ATTEMPTED RAPE, caught on spot by 2 witnesses, who saved the girl by roughing the rapist up, the judge then proceeded as to condemn the rapist to being castrated with a macete, which is a small hammer.

    • mspip

      that might stop this one but there are likely others out there with similar intentions.

  • Raph Sebastian

    What were the men doing? No one cut his gonads off and asked him where is your doodahs now?

  • Paul Doyle

    Australia – break every bone in his limbs. Beat his balls. Anally rape him with a thick, dull club. Skin him alive. Do it all publicly. Problem solved.

    • mspip

      it would probably take just one of these shows to fix the problem.

      • Paul Doyle

        True. But just to make sure. 🙂

        • mspip


  • richinnameonly

    Ha! Good one.

  • Tom_mcewen

    Prison island? Ahhh, England?

  • Grandmere

    The whole country started out as a penal colony. People were “transported” for stealing a slice of bread. Read The Fatal Shore: The Epic of Australia’s Founding. It reads like a novel.

  • Bruce Mercer

    why is he free to do this? oh they took the guns in australia

  • Brian Wiard

    Shot him

  • Nestor Mijares

    unsound mind and rapist must be wipe out in the face of the earth

  • Haribert Päffgen

    LOL! At least atheists learn how to make their beds! 😀 😀