The Leader Of The Resurrected Beast With Two Horns Will Soon Be Sitting In The White House

By Walid Shoebat

Erdoğan’s victory to cement his autocratic rule over Turkey had received calls of approval from only Qatar, Djibouti, Guinea, the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas and the U.S. President Donald Trump. And now to cement his support for Erdogan, Trump just announced that he will host president Erdoğan on May 16-17 at the White House, in the first meeting between the two leaders.

Yes, at the White House.

Having said that, my ‘conservative’ readers of this article are likely not to hit the share button and immediately click out.

But had it been Obama that congratulated Erdogan and we posted on it, we would get a few thousand shares. Yet we get accused all the time for being ‘click baiters’.

After so many of these experiences, I came to the conclusion that the bulk majority of so-called ‘conservatives’ are not driven by fact but are driven by pure prejudice.

Mr Trump was the only Western leader to congratulate Erdogan on his victory to soon become Sultan and Caliph and now he invites him to the White House.

Erdoğan is an Islamist dictator who vanquished all of his opposition in media and government and redrew the judicial system to reflect the image of this resurrected Ottoman beast. Indeed, it was all ‘rigged’ and Trump had always complained about how evil it was when he endured a ‘rigged election’?

All this despite that an independent monitor of the referendum vote in Turkey, the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), said in a report that “fundamental freedoms essential to a genuinely democratic process were curtailed”.

Well … its not exactly ‘worship’

“I give great credit to him [Erdogan] for being able to turn that around,” Mr. Trump once said of the coup attempt on July 16th praising Erdogan. “Some people say that it was staged, you know that … I don’t think so” Trump added.

And I have heard all the excuses that Trump is ‘careful because we have nuclear bombs in Incirlik’ or that ‘Trump keeps his friends close and his enemies closer’ or that ‘Trump has buildings in Turkey’ and that he was such a genius that he is ‘a hundred moves ahead of his opponents in the chess game’.

But had Obama done this, none of these comments will arise and it would be the typical ‘what do you expect from a pro-Muslim President?’

But what then is the difference between the pro-Muslim Obama and the Presbyterian Trump when it comes to foreign policy?

Answer: not much, especially when it comes to U.S. relations or Protestant relations with the Ottomans.

The entire history of persecuting the saints by Islam from when Muhammad gave that speech to initiate the persecution of the church in 629 A.D, all the way throughout the rule of the Seven Caliphates (seven heads) to when in 1871 A.D, the seventh Muslim Empire, the Ottoman, was finally struck with one of history’s worst famines and then followed by one of the world’s greatest locust invasions three years later in 1874 A.D; this would have been 1260 lunar years.

For centuries prophecy scholars argued over counting literal days, or a day for a year, when dealing with these prophecies in the Apocalypse. But as it turns out, both have a point because prophecy repeats and like birth pangs in the end the persecution literally shrivels to 1260 days only lest the whole earth is consumed by war.

It was 1260 lunar years from when Islam did its first occupation of a Christian country invading Syria at 633 A.D in the Siege of Damascus. And today, we expect a catastrophe for the Apostolic succession church in Syria by the invading Turks. And then the locusts hit the Ottomans again in 1915 blocking the sun in Jerusalem, but strangely, when the U.S. gave support to the Ottomans, it too was hit with massive locust invasions in the United States right after when it declared U.S. neutrality in World War I in 1914 refusing to condemn the Muslim Ottomans.

Perhaps its the ‘KGB’ in me, but during these times and before Communism, the U.S. did nothing while Russia was fighting Japan and the Muslim Ottomans. This is exactly the case today where the U.S. is still anti-Russia despite it abandoning Communism and adapting Orthodoxy, yet the U.S., still intervenes in the secular governments in the Middle East attempting to thwart Russia’s influence by aiding Islamists. As a result, today, Libya, Syria and Iraq are in shambles with quarter of a million people dead.

So will we be hit with famine anytime soon?

Well, not yet. If history repeats itself and as prophecy teaches, the famines will hit at the tail end and after that the U.S. will finally get it.

But the U.S. as we see today, cozied up with the Ottomans, their “lover”. Nothing have changed since the days of the reformation. It was only way later that the U.S. declared war on the German Empire and its Muslim ally on April 6, 1917 and it was only then that the Ottoman Empire was abandoned by her “mighty lovers” through the providence of God.

In the coming Armageddon they will turn their backs on Russia (of course after all it is Gog and Magog) including supporting the Antichrist against Russia and only turn around at the tail end.

If anyone disagrees with anything I have written so far, will they be able to debunk the history which Solomon the wise promised that ‘history repeats’?

We have said it over and over. Trump will provide milk and honey to his people who will praise him, but as for the people of God, they will taste the most bitter of herbs in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and throughout the earth.

And the bitterness is arising, alongside a beast with two horns with all the blessings of Trump. wrote before the referendum in Turkey:

Today, we are seeing the rapid revival of the Ottoman Empire and it is happening so quickly that by this coming Easter, Resurrection day next week, April 16th, 2017, Turkey will likely make a decision of no return where Erdogan is granted supreme status. This whole historic scenario of Ottoman revival will repeat since Solomon promised that “History merely repeats itself. It has all been done before. Nothing under the sun is truly new” (Ecclesiastes 1:9).

And on December 9th, 2016, predicted and wrote:

We predict that Trump will befriend the man whom he never mentioned once during his campaign: Erdogan.

And as far back in July 21, 2016 we predicted Trump will cozy up to Erdogan adding:

Nothing ever changes and history will repeat itself, Believe Me!

But instead of heeding our advice, you believed him:

And this is why we correctly predicted that the U.S., even under your great King Cyrus Donald Trump, that he too will roll the red carpet for Erdogan.

On May 16th, you will behold, the Caliph, on your White House lawn and your king will praise him while the Turks kill us.


  • Yeah. History repeat and Trump is bringing in someone who has used the laws to trample down the founding principles of democracy, Erdogan.

    The anti-Russia crowd will side with Erdogan, since they have been invested with Russia being erroneously called Gog/Magog. Anti-Vatican crowd will side with Islam because of the hatred for Catholics.

    So in the end, there will be big mea cupla.

  • Doc

    Come on….I’ve got to give you a hard time for your article title. You make it sound like Erdogan will actually be seated in the White House in a position of authority and not just as a guest.

    Still, it does look like Trump cannot see the Beast for who he is yet. A lot of people suffer from that malady. I hope and pray more and more people will visit this website and be educated.

    One is definitely tempted to think Mr. Trump has been replaced by an extraterrestrial clone built by the Deep State or something. He certainly is not talking like he did before the election.

    So what is going on? I have long suspected t hat there is an evil spirit in control of the US government, and any who attain high office eventually become a servant of it. The fact that Trump was such a maverick before the election makes me believe this even more.

    • “Come on….I’ve got to give you a hard time for your article title. You make it sound like Erdogan will actually be seated in the White House in a position of authority and not just as a guest.”

      No. Many Americans are so patriotic that they consider the White House as a holy place and the Constitution as if it was from God.

      And for someone like Erdogan to sit in the White House would be sacrilege.

      Or perhaps I am a ‘click bait’ to a certain extent, but only in the titles.

      Should I take the matter to my confessor?

  • Jeff Benton

    Yep… I figure we have 7 years or so to stock up… I’ll be fully ready sometime in 2018 God willing… Still gotta figure out the water thing though… I dont have near enough filtration or sources for years of it…

    For the life of me I cant figure out why Trump didn’t blow the doors open on the smuggling of Chem weapons through Turkey to the “Moderate Rebels” Otherwise known as isis, AQ and about a hundred other names… Those folks change allegiances like westerners change undies…

    Anyone with a brain can see our ambassador was murdered when he refused to arm em with the Libyan stockpiles of Chems we had secured there, even after arming them with all other forms of weaponry… Heck, the Turks came, asked him for the chems, he said no, the Turks left, that same night he was murdered…
    It’s in your face simple…
    The vids of the terrorists hitting their own peeps with chem weaps are still up on live leak I bet ya…
    Haven’t looked in a while, but I bet they are still there…

    Trump is playing with fire…
    The eternal kind…
    Just doesn’t make sense…
    Yet nothing the U.S. has done has made sense since before 1913…
    So thats not unusual…

    God has a good sense of humor though… If they choose wickedness, that same wickedness just may be what gets em LOL…

    I’ll continue to wait, and support Trump, until I see if he has joined the wicked ones or not… One meeting, where we dont know what is actually said behind closed doors, does not mean much…
    One meeting, and then our full onboard support of his regime however… That’s a different story…
    But I bet Trump just may be positioning himself for the best position for our bases and Troops and Nukes that are in Turkey…
    Time will tell…

    • Indian Christian Crusader

      How about a tube well to tap into underground water source/table? A pipe that goes deep into the ground ?

      • Jeff Benton

        Good idea for sure, but also — Kind of need to have some that is at least somewhat mobile… Doubt really seriously if anyone who is Truly following Jesus Christ will be allowed to own Property where they can self sustain their families and friends…

        • Grandmere

          Berkey Lite and some Life straws. One life straw will filter 264 gallons.

        • BC

          Bro –AJ’s store has a really nice water filtration unit (perfect for potability & what u probably want in any SHTF scenario since it’s quite small)….I haven’t been there in awhile, but i think they should still have it.

      • Jeff Benton

        Maybe having the means to dig new wells and filtrate corrupt water in different places… that may be part of the answer…

        • Jeff,

          What I do is just what my grand parents did in Bethlehem. Be agrarian, plant, plant, plant and have fruit trees. Store legumes and wheat and rice that last for 30 years. Use them and use them and replenish as you use.

          Don’t make it a big deal.

          Other than that, sit under a tree, pray, relax and spend some time here at the Falafel stand and chat till the sun goes down.

          Today we picked raspberries and the other day I stuffed chard into dough pockets. It all cost me $0.00

          I love it.

          • Jeff Benton

            Will do Walid…

          • Walid is a prepper like the old timers who knew it was wise to grow your own food and store dried goods so you always have food on hand. I really like chard. I know I can get that to grow here.

          • mspip

            is chard something like turnip greens or spinach?

          • Yes, and there are different types and colours.

          • BC

            Gardening my 2nd favorite hobby after fishing. I live in Vegas (hot/dry/Mohave desert—& gets pretty cold for a month or 2 as well)…..”get a blueberry bush.”
            They produce like crazy in California type climates, but can succeed/survive almost anywhere in the Country (simply bought a small plant at Walmart for $10–had blueberries 3mos. later).

            Yellow mangos (preferably from Philippines–sweetest by far, but Mexican mangos also ok/cheaper…i planted several trees from the store bought fruit (2 yrs. usually till’ u get anything, but a fun & good looking plant…suckers can get up to 80ft!)….”not that WE’LL be worrying about trimming such a beast in this lifetime ya.”

            Potatoes also grow anywhere! “Dang good plant to have when SHTF.” (No mashed potato during End Times?? could qualify as an abomination of desolation yessir).

            Youtube the mango seed extraction process if interested (“part of the fun”).

      • jami

        Hey crusader which part of Hindustan you come from?? If I may ask.?

        • Indian Christian Crusader

          North India, Delhi, but my background is Rajput that can trace their roots all the way back to the Eastern Pakistan area/Western Rajasthan (Clans covering both the areas) before partition. They fought Arab invaders long ago. They are a warrior class of people. I am 2nd generation Christian, belonging to the Church of north India (Anglican).

          • Grandmere

            St. Thomas used our facilities a few years ago when their Bishop was retiring. The service went for about three hours. Clouds of incense and so many beautiful saris. The food was very good also. We have Indian families at Holy Cross. God bless, you Indie!

          • jami

            I’m inviting you for some Chai and chicken tadka .Grandmere

          • Grandmere

            Yum!!!! I’ll be there in my dreams.

          • jami

            Grandmere love you loads. When can I see you??

          • jami

            Wow how interesting. I know nothing what where how and have no big history. I was just freakin born. What’s exactly Anglican and how does it differ from Catholics or Christians?

          • Grandmere

            Bibi, did you get my e-mail. I need your phone number.

          • jami

            Grandmere, cud you delete the above message. Please.Thanks

    • “But I bet Trump just may be positioning himself for the best position for our bases and Troops and Nukes that are in Turkey…”

      Was Obama also “positioning himself for the best position for our bases and Troops and Nukes that are in Turkey…”?????

      • Jeff Benton

        I doubt it since he (Obama) openly supported not only the Muslim Brotherhood, but all islam when he famously said that he would stand with islam…

        But you know this… What I know is that if Trump is going to drain the swamp, it will take time…
        More than likely though the swamp will drain Trump and we will see a continuance of the bureaucratic nightmare that folks now call “The Deep State” but was just called Bureaucracy back in the 70’s and 80’s… And it was hated then for the same reason peeps hate it today… UnAccountability…

        We get no say so when they -The Bureaucracy – want to back muslims and kill Christians with our Sons, Taxes, and Blood…
        We get no say when they make us murderers of Infants by using the funds we willfully give em to pay planned parenthood to murder more babies in baalful like glee…
        Etc. etc. etc. and on and on and on the list goes…
        This isnt new…

        They have been doing it for as long as I can remember…

        It is a slavery that peeps everywhere accept as “Normal” and continue to slave away day after day…
        I have no doubt that many are called, yet few are chosen…

        Again, as at the beginning… I doubt Obama did anything for the good of our troops and nukes and bases…
        I have a hunch that Trump will… Even if he is decieved by the “Deep State” and Erdogan at first… He will soon learn or know the truth and either choose right, or choose wrong…
        It remains to be seen which way he will go though 🙂 🙂 🙂
        I will support Trump till I see him balk at overturning Roe vs Wade, or at least sending it back to the States like it should be… And also Obamacare… If he balks at unmaking slaves of us all, which is what O-Care did for sure with that slavery mandate…
        If he falls or balks at those two things… you can be sure he will choose to fight for the anti-christ too…
        Til then… I will support him…
        Hope that wasnt to much detail….
        But there it is…
        And here it is too —>: Thank God in heaven above we have Trump… With the Witch Killary we would have already been at war with Russia…

        • Jeff Benton

          Also Walid… To show you just a tiny bit of the evil Trump is up against, here is far more than a days worth of links to get you started…
          Anyone who has ever had any battles or interaction with true darkness, knows this merely touches the surface… No way any one can fight these horrid entities on their own and win… Ya gotta have Jesus Christ for this one Walid… No other name will work… Not Jeff… Not Walid… Not Trump…. Not Mossad… Not KGB… Not CIA…
          Ya gotta have Jesus Christ to win this one…

          • Okay Jeff. I hear you. Pray for President Trump. Look, I like the guy, but I hope he wakes up to when it matters the most: Turkey and the Saints who will die.

          • Jeff Benton

            I doubt he will… but one can hope… The Bureaucrats have sided against the Christians for as long as I can remember… And Trumps Tweets changed dramatically a while back… I cant honestly tell you the last time I saw a real tweet from him now… been a while thats for sure…
            And then the Assange deal…
            And Syria…
            And the list goes on and on…
            But he is kickin hiney in the saving kids dept…
            And that says a lot…
            Pretty confusing right now…
            But looks like he is playin both sides towards the middle…
            Which never bodes well for Christians in other countries…
            (Or here at home for that matter)
            It’s his eternity to spend as he chooses…
            I’ll keep praying too my friend…

            Excellent in depth article BTW… Thanks for putting the hard core time you do into all of this… I grow by leaps and bounds with your wisdom 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Filip

      Rely on the Lord. He will provide!

    • LJW

      Jeff, check out the “life straw” on for filtration.

  • filomena seiffert

    1+1 = 2 beasts

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    When they both meet, Erdogan will say,

    “Trump, I have something to say, there is a man in your country and in his ministry website he exposes………………………………………….So in the best interest of US-turkey relations……can you do something about this man? ”

    = I hope such a conversation won’t take place this may.

    • Grandmere

      One thing is certain. Erdogon is going to ask for the head of Fethulla Gulen on a silver platter. You can take that to the bank.

      • AnthonyM

        Was thinking the same thing.

      • How much would Gulen be willing to be a sacrificial lamb like Davutoglu was?

        Remember his comment about the AKP when he resigned? “This is Holy movement.”


        • Grandmere

          Gulen is here because he doesn’t want to be a sacrificial lamb. Davutoglu said what he had to say to stay out of prison. Even the loyalists are not safe.

  • Well show us your math? How did you add it up?

  • Kamau41

    This comes to me as no surprise. Long before Trump was elected as president, you have accurately nailed the fact that he would cozy up to the devil.

    Despite what the doubting Thomas may say, all of the evidences points to the fact that history is surely repeating itself.

    • “you have accurately nailed the fact that he would cozy up to the devil.”

      Yes, but lets count our blessings for we have ‘milk and honey’ on the ship.

      • Kamau41

        That’s right! Indeed we will.

  • susan

    Lord have mercy. Please tell me that this is not true.

    “…the Turks kill us”. Meaning your and your family.

    • “us” are the “christians” we think in a “corporate” fashion.

      • susan

        Thank goodness! I worry about your safety. Our enemy has a thin skin.

  • Shane Bass

    You called it, and are still calling it. Thank the Lord for someone who can explain prophecy as well as you do. Thanks again Mr. Shoebat

  • Kamau41

    Review this article that Walid wrote over a year ago, which should help to bring clarity. He beautiful explains and lays it all out.

  • DeusLoVult

    “Erdoğan’s victory to cement his autocratic rule over Turkey had received calls of approval from only Qatar, Djibouti, Guinea, the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas and the U.S. President Donald Trump.”

    Not so. Putin also congratulated him.

    You say we abandoned Russia. I am not aware of any US commitments to Russia at the time. Could you specify, please?

    Also, we declared neutrality because US policy had always been to avoid European political entanglements and military endeavors. We supported the Entente from the beginning, even as we did not cease trade with Germany immediately. (of course, the British blockade made trade nearly impossible anyhow) Didn’t take long before the Central Powers were blacklisted entirely.

    Moving on to Trump, it does appear like he will continue amicable (as much as can be considering they hate us) relations with Turkey. It seems one of our worst flaws is to adopt rigid, narrow-minded, and laughably unrealistic foreign policies.

    • Jeff Benton

      Hey DL And Congratulations!!!! Saw ya posting good news earlier… Wanted to give ya a shout out 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • DeusLoVult

        Thanks Jeff! 🙂

    • “You say we abandoned Russia. I am not aware of any US commitments to Russia at the time. Could you specify, please?”

      Its best to show my quote:

      “during these times and before Communism, the U.S. abandoned Russia which was fighting Japan and the Muslim Ottomans. This is exactly the case today where the U.S. is still anti-Russia despite it abandoning Communism and adapting Orthodoxy, yet the U.S., still intervenes in the secular governments in the Middle East attempting to thwart Russia’s influence by aiding Islamists. As a result, today, Libya, Syria and Iraq are in shambles with quarter of a million people dead.”

      Okay, you prefer a different word than “abandoned”? How about “they did NOTHING while Orthodox Russia was fighting the greatest enemy of Christendom throughout history”

      Would that be better?

      “Putin also congratulated him.”

      Yes he did. My info came from the Independent:

      “The only other leaders who made official calls to Mr Erdogan were those of Qatar, Djibouti, Guinea and the Palestinian militant movement Hamas.”

      I did report on Russia congratulating Turkey in my last article but perhaps I should have used a different source than the Independent.

      “Also, we declared neutrality because US policy had always been to avoid European political entanglements and military endeavors.”

      True. But the fact remains that after the Czar was removed and the Provisional Government replaced him, the United States were in utter glee at the fall of the Czar. Moreover, the United States was ecstatic about Japan butchering 90,000 Russians in the Russo-Japanese War from 1904-1905, and helped Japan take over Korea by removing all of its troops, and getting Europe to remove all of theirs, from Korea, thus enabling the take over. The US believed that it could use Japan to control Russia and China.

      • DeusLoVult

        “Okay, you prefer a different word than “abandoned”? How about “they did NOTHING while Orthodox Russia was fighting the greatest enemy of Christendom throughout history”

        Okay, I’m assuming here you refer to the First World War. We had actually been supplying Russia since the war broke out. Along with the rest of the Allies. Short of direct military intervention, I’d say that’s the most you can do.

        “True. But the fact remains that after the Czar was removed and the Provisional Government replaced him, the United States were in utter glee at the fall of the Czar. Moreover, the United States was ecstatic about Japan butchering 90,000 Russians in the Russo-Japanese War from 1904-1905, and helped Japan take over Korea by removing all of its troops, and getting Europe to remove all of theirs, from Korea, thus enabling the take over. The US believed that it could use Japan to control Russia and China.”

        The US was plenty willing to work with the Czar to my knowledge. (Above point demonstrates that) Why wouldn’t they be? Maintaining a two front war weakened Germany considerably. I assume this happiness was derived from the assumption that Russia would become a democratic state. And that the Provisional Government was willing to uphold the prosecution of the war. The Russian Empire’s economic and domestic condition was deplorable. Nicholas, while not malevolent, was a poor leader at best. He believed that the First World War would restore the Empire’s status in the world. But under his watch, Russian troops were slaughtered. 5 million killed, captured, or wounded. Add that to the unrest of starving citizens and an indifferent government, (the Czar completely ignored their plight) and revolt was inevitable. Especially with a lower class that found their daily existence to be miserable and hopeless. I’ve gone off on a tangent here, and I could write thousands of words on the Russian Revolution and the First World War, but, I shall move on.

        The Russo-Japanese War was, to put it succinctly, a war of territorial ambitions. The two nations were battling against encroachment on each respective sphere of influence. As to US involvement in Korea, while I know very little about that, I reckon I can agree with you on that. Like all other powers of the day, we also wanted to expand. I might add that our mediation at the end of the war was not at all unfavorable to the Czar. We did pressure Japan to accept only half of Sakhalin Island and were against forcing Russia to pay reparations or cede territory.

        • “How about “they did NOTHING while Orthodox Russia was fighting the greatest enemy of Christendom throughout history”

          Done. Changed. We have terms.

          • DeusLoVult

            Ah, I’m disappointed, sir. I was hoping for a long debate. No need to get feisty. My goal is not arbitrary contradiction. To learn is what I seek. Discourse with you generally proves profitable to the mind. Whether is affirms my belief or causes me to alter it.

          • What would you like to ‘debate’ Deus?

            “No need to get feisty.”

            Never was ‘fiesty’ brother Deus.

            I agree with your history. But when it comes to history, I always look for who did more for the best interest of God’s people.

            Currently I see Russia doing better than the U.S. for God’s people.

            Perhaps you would disagree and we can debate. But the U.S. was joyful at the downfall of the Tzar. You critique the Tzar as a causer of poverty, yet the Communist were utter poverty.

            But its not ‘poverty’ that interests me. Its spiritual poverty.

            Under the Tzar spiritual poverty was not as bad.

          • DeusLoVult

            “What would you like to ‘debate’ Deus?”

            I think actually you may have just answered me satisfactorily. That is a good way to look at history. I don’t know. I try to do the same, but I often feel as if that causes me to simplify history, and therefore misjudge people and nations of the past. I guess that is my chief cause of dissent.

            “Currently I see Russia doing better than the U.S. for God’s people.”

            Well, for the most part, I reckon that to be true.

            “You critique the Tzar as a causer of poverty, yet the Communist were utter poverty.”

            True, they did not replace him with someone better. Quite the opposite. Desperate people are easily manipulated, as we see with the rise of fascism in Europe once more.

            “But its not ‘poverty’ that interests me. Its spiritual poverty.

            Under the Tzar spiritual poverty was not as bad.”

            Perhaps not. Certainly, they had an official faith that played a large role (whether nominal or not) in daily life, as opposed to the atheistic worship of the state that followed under Communism.

            And, I apologize for misinterpreting your comment.

          • No need to apologize brother Deus. Your history is impeccable. Perhaps you want to consider posting articles on this website. Ever consider it?

          • Kamau41

            He knows his history amazingly well for his age. His knowledge definitely adds so much value to this site.

          • His age?

          • Kamau41

            18yrs old. He also has my vote already along with others and is seriously thinking about joining up.

          • DeusLoVult

            Well, sir, I have thought about it…as long as you understand that presenting historical events in a comprehensive format is about all I can do, with perhaps some analysis on my part, when able….if you think that ties in with the work of, then I reckon I might could write something.

          • ,Go for it Deus. No Rush. Whenever you are ‘inspired’.

          • DeusLoVult

            Alright, sir. Will do. 🙂

          • DeusLoVult

            Alright, sir, I’ll let you know when I have something.

          • Tom_mcewen

            At the outbreak of war under the czar the GDP of Russia was close to France, at the fall of the USSR Russia GDP was close to France, except that Russia had more people in 1913 then in 1991, strange that.

  • AnthonyM

    Erdogan coming to the White House, that’s a surprise.

    I think Trump is getting the measure of the man, which is helps to meet the man in person.
    To me, this is similar to when the Pope met a Rabbi and an Imam for prayers in a corner garden in Rome. People were tearing the vestments claiming this act as proof the Pope is a heretic and supports Islam. But the meeting is required due to leadership. There is so little leadership demonstrated today.

    So I hope you are wrong in your estimation. But let’s see what comes out of the meeting.

    • In time we shall see, but will you remember brother Anthony to come to this comment and remind to show if I am wrong or right?

      Will you do that?

      • AnthonyM

        OK, I’ll put a 6 month reminder in my calender. Come to think of it, I have another reminder that will go off soon.

  • Jeff Benton

    Saw a well respected “Pastor” preaching the same crud a couple of weeks back… It was shocking to say the least…
    That- was the shocking part LOL…
    Well respected pukes saying this too… Not yer MM and BH types who are obviously charlatans and money grubbers…
    It’s almost like… It’s almost like their 501C3’s (or whatever the irs has em locked down under) are in the way of truth…

    • Grandmere

      You should have done a selfie. I would have paid good money to see that, Bro.

      • Jeff Benton

        hehehe… now that right there is funny 🙂

  • “God’s Word is going to come true no matter what.”

    Indeed, Christ came and left and He will be back, but what counts is what we do in between.

  • Good one Art.

    So in your view Trump is just as bad as Putin, right?

    Say “Yes” and you are in a checkmate
    Say “No” you are still in a checkmate.

    I’ll wait for your answer to explain which of your chips you lose.


    • Dominus

      Check mate, chess master guru Shoebat. 🙂

  • “how you all think”?

    Which one of us believes that Gog and Magog is Russia? Is it someone who dips from the same bowl?

    • Still waiting for him to answer that one. I’m still scratching my head on that one.

      • He won’t answer. You have the crawling …. The chewing …. And the flying …. This one is a flying kind.

        • Damn locusts. What shall we do? Wait for the Almighty to intervene and silence the locusts?

        • Kamau41

          He’s definitely the flying kind.

      • Kamau41

        Me too.

  • Jeff Benton

    Pray and listen 🙂 🙂 🙂 Oh yeah…. Fight… Fight the good fight with everything in ya!!! 😉

  • filomena seiffert

    I still not understand how the people in this site could not see what trump true identity is. He is psychopath, no compassion or sense of justice, he is a traitor. He could not fool me.

  • Dominus

    Yes, you were right with pretty much all of it, Walid. It is astonishing, amazing how almost all, if not all of what you have predicted since 2 decades ago or so, is coming to fruition, and it just shows and proves that the Bible, the scripture is God’s work, and is the truth, since by using it you deciphered the end time prophecy to the “T” in most cases and it didn’t fail you, since we can see today, by our own eyes it is all happening just as you warned for all this time. Amazing stuff.

    Trump is nothing more than your average patriotic rouser, ear tickler and screamer, he ain’t humble or righteous to stand and fight for the truth, or the persecuted Church and its children(us). He is a big letdown for me and most of us here I suppose, but we can’t say, me included we haven’t been warned about him here as you noted in this article too.

    For past 2 years, and even more so for past year I share your articles to people I know and don’t know, I warn them about this reality and what awaits us all, and yet most of the time I was being ridiculed or ignored by ignorants around me, even mocked by some and lost some friendships, which I don’t care about anymore as it shows they weren’t worth it. I’ll probably get myself in physical danger and trouble as time goes on, since things will only get worse and more dangerous as we know. I just hope I won’t falter and get scared by the evil till my end comes. Here at my place even though we aren’t as nearly as infested by islam, I can sense trouble is just behing the corner, or amasing just behind the hill as saying goes here at my place. Hard times are coming, you can also feel it in the air.

    Godspeed all of you.

    • Brenda

      The problem was the people, I see a lot of Pro American / Pro Trump people on Facebook who have said things like they are not religious and don’t believe in a God and think religion caused all of the worlds problems and so forth. There’s just as many of those people who voted Trump as there were people who said they are Christians who were praying who voted for him. So someone that would have been too Christian would never even had a chance, America is currently too secular and or pagan for someone completely true to even have a chance. “We did the best we could with what was on the plate, no matter who won we would been let down.” Yes hard times are coming, Be safe.

      • Dominus

        Thank you , Brenda, and same for you. Godbless and protect you.

        P.S. You have the cutest avatar here, pssst, among few other kitten themed ones. 🙂

        • Don’t you love that cat?

          • Dominus

            Very much, not out of courtesy, but I really like it, and I know I’m not the only one who does. ^^

    • Bless your heart Dominus,

      You should get together with Filip. He shares the same sentiments. I talked to him the other day by telephone. He is like you a true Christian full of energy.

      • Dominus

        Thanks for kind words, brother Walid. Godbless you and your son, always.

        Yeah, I read his posts a few times and he seems like a good guy who gets it. He seems to be from around my area too, judging by his slavic version of Philip nickname.

    • jami

      I had the same feeling when I shared this site with others. I seem like an extremist to them Tell them the Truth and how they react cold .

  • Dominus

    At face value, you are right, but there is one big difference between the 2. Putin supports militarily and with what not, the good guys, Bashar al Assad and regular Syrian Army, unlike Trump who has just bombed Bashar on behalf of demonic beheaders, which I call goathumpers(God forgive me), and he is unfolding the red carpet for most dangerous man on earth at the moment Sultan, Caliph in the making Erdogan, the most probable antichrist candidate. How does that sound? Ugly, eh?

  • Grandmere

    He’s talking lunar calendar.

    • I knew I will have people come over with a calculator.

  • Grandmere


  • Grandmere

    Bill, I don’t think he knows very much about Calvinism. He grew up listening to sermons about The Power of Positive Thinking.

  • Dan

    No. Many Americans are so patriotic that they consider the White House as a holy place and the Constitution as if it was from God.

    Seriously Walid do you really believe many Americans feel this way because I’ve never meet one?

    Here’s some truth. The majority of Americans detest Washington and what it’s become and is part of the reason you see Trump in there.

    Americans love the constitution not because they think it’s from God but for what it represents and the fact that it is profound enough to be ageless.
    That document helped create the greatest country the world has ever known and that’s fact.
    It also is a mark of American exceptionalism which is something I’m starting to believe just bugs you all to pieces brother.

    Are you seriously saying conservatives are being hypocritical because they’re not up in arms over Trump’s invitation to Erdogan because they would be if it were Ovomit?

    I had to live through 8yrs of watching Ovomit coddle muslims and he did it unabashedly to the point of contempt towards Christians.

    Trump invites Erdogan to Washington Big difference as opposed to Ovomit doing it.

    Ovomit is a liar and he’s openly proud of it. What’s more upsetting is BHO couldn’t of been more of a poor example for the first Black president and I’m sorry I voted for him the first time but even worse he may be the reason there’s a reluctance to vote for another black president and that my friend is a shame.

    • susan

      Prickly pear. :D.

      Perhaps it comes down to what we place first, in between and what we put last, Dan. Constitution? God and His commands?White House? Nation? State? Foreign policy? Family? Immigration? Respect for all beliefs no matter how depraved? As if this in itself would contain evil?

      And Happy belated Easter Dan! 😀

  • Doc

    I agree that Walid has sources for information like no other. That’s why I love this website and will continue to read what is posted here.

    • I wonder Doc what will you do the day we disappoint you. One day the falafel isn’t golden crisp and the coffee too muddy …

      • Doc

        “We see through a glass darkly.” I will forgive any honest error, as every reader should. Who I do NOT forgive is someone who claims to hear directly from God within his spirit and then turns out to be wrong. Didn’t they used to stone people who did that? At least everything you post is backed up by evidence and you don’t claim to prophesy, only to analyze.

      • Dan

        Ahh, Walid but that would only be because you know everything and you don’t so don’t worry because there are some of us that consider you a friend ; but will test your words by finding out for ourselves to see if we agree with what you are saying.

        Not all of us are bobble heads Walid, so don’t let it get you down when some of us tell you the falafel is stale and the coffee is questionable because the subject is far too important.

        • I keep forgetting. The American fast food chains have what is called ‘Customer complaints’. The Palestinians however have what is called ‘horse whip’. Actually it is a donkey whip. We don’t listen. We strike at anything and anyone who belittles our falafel. If you get in an accident in America the customary thing is to exchange insurance carriers. We however, roll our sleeves and instantly get into a bloody fight while we think we are the most civilized of all people.

          • Grandmere

            Does it ever get this bad?

          • Dan

            Trust me Americans not only get into fights over an accident we kill each other for cutting us off in traffic.

            We don’t listen. We strike at anything and anyone who belittles our falafel.

            Oh well I’m sure you’re going to be quite fond of me then and bring the whip because you’re gonna need it. : )

  • Very nice. It gives me hope to see the youth still singing wonderful melody in perfect harmony. Thank you for that.

  • No. You don’t take “brass trading” and conclude Russia. Meshech is Mushki and Tubal is Tabalani in Asia Minor Turkey. Look it up:

  • Every time I write an article on Trump someone has to bring up the Pope.

    Even if I write an article on how to make eggs Benedict, someone will bring up the Pope.

  • Ever think in balanced fashion? We always said that Trump will do well for his people, but not for the persecuted people.

    Why is everyone so imbalanced? Whats up with that?

  • And if you can please interpret what you posted here:

    “”And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him, and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed.””

    Explain all this for us since you are a ‘scholar’?

  • Grandmere

    Sorry. No banana.

  • Grandmere

    Coolidge doesn’t get the respect he deserves.

  • Grandmere

    I don’t give a rat’s behind what you are “looking for”.

  • Kamau41

    What’s up with what? What’s wrong with criticizing those when they do wrong and give compliments when they do right? Besides, we ALWAYS had said we were NOT voting for a Pastor, Priest or a Saint.

    • Did you not know 41 that most worship men while they accuse you of praying for dead men?

      • Kamau41

        Yea, such people never change their tune. Truly sad!

      • Paul

        Happened to notice one of the problems with, the “earth” being a place where beast from the “sea” is buried as though “deadly wound” = “death”, is Rev 12:12 seems to indicate that both “earth” & “sea” are inhabitable. (It is not stated whether the inhabitants are humans and/or angels/demons.)

        Rev 12:12 “…rejoice, O heavens, and those living in them. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and in the sea! For the Devil came down to you, having great wrath, knowing that he has but a little time.”

  • Cuzick


  • [ First of all, you made assertions the Syrian Church has Apostolic succession.]

    First time I have heard someone accusing Walid of saying this. Can you show me the actual quote?

    [As you know, the first mention (law of first mention Hermaneutical principle) ties 666 with gold as does the second mention.]

    The only thing I recall is Solomon having 666 talents of gold to be used in the construction of the 2nd Temple. The point being…?

    [Just because Erdogan has 666 in his name in the gematria does not make him the Anti-Type we are looking for.]

    Erdogan has 666 in his name? That’s news to me. I cannot recall anybody on this site using the so-called “Bible Code” and complicated math operations that takes a Ph.D. to understand. Here on this site, the “Shoebatizers” look at the Greek letters that forms the 666 and we can see it clearly in the writing of the Islamic Creed.

    [ Per Ecclesiastes 1: 9 he must be only considered another Type…until his “shadow” status is no longer evident.]

    That’s true. That’s why we say, “He may be the one or he may not.” So far, he has fulfilled all the criteria save one, actually declaring himself to be a god, yet he already has received worship as a god.

    [I have watched your teachings for some time and you are very close to what I see, except I believe your book sales for profit (gold 666) is clouding your ability to receive revelation from the Holy Ghost to “rightly divide the word of truth.” You join yourself to all of these T.V. money grubbing false prophets who are hirelings. Jack Van Imp has been doing the same thing for over thirty years regurgitating the same pablum and applying it to current events to keep his cash cow going.]

    Ah, I finally find what you are truly after, you are leveling an accusation that the Shoebat must be bilking the folks of money while peddling prophecy.

    • Tom_mcewen

      I have seen Ted’s bedroom, definitely a rich capitalist pigs bedroom, gold plated bedroom fittings, the Mona Lisa on the wall, a butler in his morning suit pushing a trolley of tea and cucumber sandwiches with the crust cut off.

      • Theo’s bedroom is that neat?

        • Tom_mcewen

          Yes if you are a college student. No offense look at his videos, you know those rich people they wear old clothes, Don’t cut their hair, part of the old aristocracy, I painted a duke’s son once at their new house, new as built in 1683. The son worked in America where his accent and possible title got him alot of money, good guys both him and the Duke and I even didn’t have to go around to the tradesman entrance.

          • Well…I’m a full time employee and taking online college course to get a 4 years degree in electronics engineering, so it doesn’t quite apply as I have a wife and 17-years old daughter.


          • Tom_mcewen

            I enjoyed engineering it is like candy. You can make money if you want, there is 24 hours a day to work if you are an engineer. Christmas is good.

          • Engineering is not too bad. It’s the programming aspect that is giving me fits.

          • DeusLoVult

            Job prospects for engineering are pitiful of late.

        • He needs a worthy wife to help him in his shortcomings.

          • I was making a tongue-in-cheek remark. 😉

            Perhaps he would be better off without a wife. He reminds me of St. Paul, always on the go, doesn’t have time to deal with foolishness.

          • Tom_mcewen

            Every ship needs a rudder.

      • The bed was built by his brother (my other son) to ‘save money’. But it weighs a ton and is made out of real maple. His food comes mostly from the garden he plants with his own hands. He feeds us all. Both literally and spiritually.

        His brother is a master carpenter. He just got done building a beautiful piece of furniture for the church worth thousands but only paid a few hundred dollars for the maple wood. It has inlays of two Crusader crucifixes made of Walnut. The priest and some of the congregants nearly fell backwards when he presented it to the poor church which had poor quality carpentry.

        He told them that when it comes to the things of God, we better offer Him our best.

        Now the priest okayed him to build him a pulpit and the other Church articles from pure solid Walnut.

        In all we do for God, we are always to present out finest.

        • Tom_mcewen

          Thanks, I wanted to show this guy that you do not live on the cash of others but are just folks, simple folks who live a modest life. But myths fairytales and slanderous talk is some folks life. It is like a barrel of crabs, you don’t need to put a lid on the barrel the crabs will drag any crab trying to escape down.

        • I would love to see photos of the furniture your carpenter son made.

          • Brenda

            Me too Trevor, Really interesting.

        • Brenda

          Working with ones hands is so rewarding, How cool Walid, Love it!

        • susan

          I’d love to see it too! 😀

      • koolmom21

        Why shouldn’t they be compensated for the HARD work they do on their web site???

        • Tom_mcewen

          I think Jesus would agree. The workman is worth his hire.

          • koolmom21

            I am sorry Tom; I meant to leave that comment to Steven Masone.
            God’s blessings and have a nice day! 😉

      • susan

        lol. 😀

  • AnthonyM

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. None of the other Repub candidates would have won against Hillary, the Globalist open borders war monger.

  • “The Syrian Church as well as the Catholic church do infant baptism…how can an infant repent? How can you follow preachers who preach another gospel? They are accursed!”

    You see I have dealt with Islam for decades. But what is worse than Islam is grasshoppers like yourself because at least the Muslim kills by using the Quran. However, you by using verses of scripture, you twist them that you may curse the Syrian Christians so that you praise the Muslim when the Muslim curse them.

    Begone heretic.

  • Man, you didn’t even answer my question and changed the subject.

    I don’t have time to deal with these foolishness.

  • You mean the guy who refused to pass a bill for the Armenian Genocide as he compromised it for the sake of the Turks?

    Stop following men and putting your hopes in men and start following Christ. Repent.

  • Chet,

    At times I am not sure who or what you worship.

  • Jeff Benton

    Im not sure… But it Looks like the fix may be in folks… Aint no way podeyboy would tweet this without knowing that the fix is in… Aint no way…

    No-one… And I mean no-one would stir up this blankstorm after 3000 arrests since Trump took office unless they AND all their buds knew they wouldn’t be arrested for their horrific crimes…

    Trump may indeed be compromised… Time will tell…
    April 20th tweet from podeyboy…

  • racarrera

    Crap sources, crap knowledge of history.

    • And he says that he is a ‘historian’.

      • Tom_mcewen

        And Icarus said he could fly.

      • racarrera

        Apparently anyone who opens a book, usually one full of half-truths and outright lies (see pretty much all that passes for Evangelical ‘history ‘), is now qualified to claim that title. The field is hopeless is this is the best they can come up with.

  • Jeff Benton

    That remains to be seen…. His daughter and her crowd? For sure… she is a huge liberal and globalist… Donald Trump??? The Jury is still out on that one…
    I mean really…. Did you see the damage from the Syrian Strike? yeah… Me neither… (That was sarc)… I bet Trump called the Russians and Assad and told em where not to be standing before that strike lol… Just so the empty missiles wouldnt hurt em if they landed on em lol…
    Lil bitty tiny pockmarks in runways from 1000lb warheads my hiney…

    Add to that the more than 3000 arrests going down just exactly as FBIAnon said they would… Starting with low level pukes, ratcheting up to mid level Pukes, and finally to the high level guys… The low level pukes are in jail… your starting to see mid level pukes like Judges and Generals go down… Next it’s going to be the big boys… maybe weeks or months… but the big boys are on the list…
    Ol Jason is already runnin scared… Just plain ol gettin out of the way…
    Is ol Jason involved? Doubt it but maybe… Probably just doesn’t want to be in town when a bunch of old men and old women, who are ALL friends of his, go down for hurtin kids…

    I mean for reals… have you ever taken a close look at the likes of Frank, Pelosi, Graham, and about a hundred other of those self righteous pukes??? Those folks just aint right… Even the innocent ones have spent a lifetime pattin the evil ones on the back sayin “Job Well Done Oh Honorable One”

    Im still banking on Trump to bring a gun to this knife fight and clean house… No matter how much it hurts his Daughters feelings…

    And if he doesn’t, we the people will… 2018 is right around the corner… Just sayin… Lots of times up cards ready to be handed out enmass…

    Trump didn’t make all those promises to his daughter… he made em to us… We the people…
    She can get over her lib self and take a hike with her Planned Parenthood – Goldman Sachs friends…

    But then again… Blood is thicker than water… so time will tell…

    The End… Hope you enjoyed my soapbox rant 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Grandmere

      He is obsessed with his daughter. Just sayin’.

      • Jeff Benton

        LOL! You crack me up every time!!!

        Like I said… Time will tell 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • “You must be aware of something regarding the VP that I am not.”

    Now that is a wise statement. Glad that you did not get angry at me as others do.

    Listen Chet. When it comes to politicians and governments, I only think of the interest of the saints of Jesus Christ.

    Pence, when it came to passing bills for recognition and promotion of the Armenian Genocide, not only did he vacillate, but he even had the audacity to use the Bible to twist the Word of God to aid his vacillation:

    Now if you fail to see the utter hypocrisy and the support for Antichrist then I do not know what else I can do.

    • filomena seiffert

      Some people never learn, they always trust politicians no matter their deeds.

  • Wise words.

  • Two big names I can think of using that connection would be John Hagee and Dr. Jack van Impe.

    They used a grammar sounding construct where they rigged the Scriptures to make “Mesch” to eventually become Moscow.

    Joel Richardson has a survey on the theory of Gog as the Antichrist.

    I know Shoebat has written at great length about the error in trying to making a grammar instead of historical connection of Magog.

    As for your question about the Chinese Evangelicals, I cannot answer as I’m not sure what you are referring to.

    • Van Impe was the first person who came to mind for me. Rosh he says is Russia, and Tubal is another Russian town. Total madness but very exciting for those who won’t research more carefully.

      • Again, van Impe used the “bloodline-lineage-migration” method to jimmy-rig the Scriptures to justify the faulty interpretation of the end time empire coming.

        It is the same flawed method the British-Israelism crowd use to explain how the British and eventually America are direct descendants of the “lost tribes” of Israel.

  • Reminds me of Abraham Lincoln.

  • koolmom21

    Why shouldn’t they be compensated for the HARD work they do on their web site???

  • Cuzick

    ” You join yourself to all of these T.V. money grubbing false prophets who are hirelings. ”

    No, you are wrong about the Shoebat family. If you had been truly knowledgeable about Mr. Shoebat’s work , you would know he does not set dates and all of his interpretations of Bible prophecy are falling in place exactly as he has stated to date.

    Tell us which T. V. station he is currently on money grubbing ?
    you have no answer.

    How many persecuted Christians have those you want to lump Mr. Shoebat in with helped save instead of building ” their ministry “.

    You are the typical drive by, agent of Satan attempting to slander a true man of God and sow confusion amongst the brethren.

    Go find a different site to dump your trash.

  • Tzione

    I was thinking the same thing…

  • jami

    Striker struck. Thumbs up

  • LJW

    I was hoping President Trumps Jewish son-in-law would be the warning whispering in his ear concerning the dangers of Turkey and what they are really up to. All in God’s timing I am thinking at this point.

  • You have never heard of Hagee or van Impe? I’m impressed.

    [Hmm, I guess it is probably for the best that many of us don’t really know how in the world did Mesch becomes Mascow.]

    It’s part of the Cold War mentality a great number of people seem to be stuck in. They cannot (or will not) see that Russia of today is not the same as the Soviet Union that is dead. They also have a problem with Putin following the Russia Orthodox Church in their moral code that is rooted in the Scripture.

  • Walid says he is KGB now? No, no. I am Russian KGB and you are Mossad! Remember? Anyway, yes this is a good review of history. It is amazing how much betrayal has been displayed by the U.S. almost from the start of the country. I read one guys articles mostly out of habit (a bad habit by now) and one of his occasional themes is ‘bad Russia. Good U.S.A. ‘ Now he thinks Trump pulled off the art of the deal by getting China to be an ally against North Korea, thereby putting Russia into a corner, afraid, isolated and alone! You better think again Dave Hodges. What makes you think China trusts the U.S.A.? And others like A Jones who says Trump is playing 4D chess! Lol, I kid you not. I prefer to see the all to obvious that Trump has become a giant festering boil on the backside of the U.S. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
    There is one threat to the U.S. and perhaps the world which appears to be imminent. If anyone lives in the central valley of California, you seriously need to leave. Odds are the huge Oreville dam is going to break soon and it is going to be epic. Besides a vast amount of fruit and nuts grown in this area, it is the second largest rice grower on earth. The loss of life, property damage, destruction of food production etc could bring the country to it’s knees.

  • BC

    On TV “to learn how to play a roll?” C’mon…that’s nuts. The President has been under CONSTANT/NON-STOP attack, false allegations, smearing, & worse, “bad advisement.”

    Some is ill-advised bad judgement…but regardless, between the leftist-rat media, Hellywood, faggot late nite TV hosts, & ALL the imbecile/unqualified/sell-out shmux in gov., in the intel community, & in the courts, the guy is being smeared in the hopes of some speckle of ‘evidence’ that could lead to the impeachment process…that’s it.
    The NWO Leftists (DemocRats & RINOS), will never cease this until either they somehow succeed in inpeaching (doubt that), or until the 4 or 8 years is done….it’ll never stop. They’re already attacking his “golf outings” to the worst POTUS in US history, Barack…saying Trump’s golfed more in 1st 100 days…lol!! Ya, he’s also gotten a helluva lot more done also (whether in good judgement or bad, a LOT more done).
    I think if he were allowed the chance to govern without the HYPOCRITICAL attacks of the Leftist-rats, i think his move on Syria would’ve been much different…& i think PUTIN would be the guy visiting the WH before the “islamic extremist.” (Trump needs better council…Walid should {must imo}, get access to this man. Most citizens WORLDWIDE don’t even know about erdogan…not ones i engage with anyway.

    Yo, he’s got Rick the cloaked Leftist Perry as Energy head…that also auto-merits him National Security Council access…ridiculous. Perry, imo, one of the more dangerous RINOS since he’s got the whole Texas thing goin’ on (the open border Tx)…& a former democRat. And Tillerson?? Perhaps the most dangerous on his team…a self-proclaimed CFR “believer/supporter”…not to mention pro-NATO, pro-Erdogan guy as well.

  • Wilma Mills

    Trump doesn’t know who this guy is. We’re among the very few who do.

  • BC

    I dunno man, if u agree to everything except Trump isn’t the main perp., then perhaps turn the TV/Internet to practically ANY channel just about.
    And if u agree on all the lazy bums in Congress/Other Gov. entities (& especially the Fugazzi Republicans–who are worse than the Left–even tho they ARE the Left…but ‘sneaky’ about it) that believe in the NWO/Agenda21/Agenda2030/whatever, then it’s almost crystal clear that the guy is being ‘puposefully/strategically sidetracked’ so that he NEVER has the chance to actually MAGA (take a gander at this bro-if u haven’t seen already)…the man knows how to get this Country’s engines going again (but it’s not just Gen-X, Y, or Z….we’re all basically Gen-ET’s ya…and it may not be in the Creator’s Plan for a Recovery/Return to the better days of past, we’ll see).

    “Generation End Times”

  • “Meshech ( Moscow), named with Tubal.”

    This is not true: