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bible in blood 2

The Mass Crucifixions Of Christians: The Holy Bible Reveals The Most Fascinating Hidden Prophecy Predicting Muslims Becoming Evolutionists Will Genocide Christians Worldwide

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special) They stood at the foot of the cross mocking Christ saying: “We came into being by chance” (Wisdom 2:2). For thousands of years the Bible predicted the rise of eugenics, but how could Bible scholars miss this? They missed it because it did not make sense, that during the time of Christ there […]

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Front cover of biography of Father Zakaria Botross, "Defying Death" (2008) by Stuart Robinson and Peter Botross

Father Zakaria Botross-Enemy of Islam. Warrior for Christ.

Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving in the mail, this biography of Father Zakaria Botross, a Coptic Orthodox priest that has a bounty of  US$60,000,000 placed on his head by Muslim terrorist groups and their sympathisers throughout the whole of the Middle East. The simple reason for this bounty: being successful in leading many […]

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