The Mass Crucifixions Of Christians: The Holy Bible Reveals The Most Fascinating Hidden Prophecy Predicting Muslims Becoming Evolutionists Will Genocide Christians Worldwide

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Sunday Special)

They stood at the foot of the cross mocking Christ saying: “We came into being by chance” (Wisdom 2:2).

For thousands of years the Bible predicted the rise of eugenics, but how could Bible scholars miss this?

They missed it because it did not make sense, that during the time of Christ there would be eugenists roaming roundabout at the foot of the cross.

In other words, this prophecy catapults from the foot of the cross when Christ was crucified to another event when countless foots of other crosses—way into the future, in our time—revealing the type of insults being hailed at us. Why many miss the full context is because the phrases make no sense in a first century setting and this is why they only focus on the part where the pharisaic crowds mock Jesus saying:

“He boasts that he hath the knowledge of God, and calls Himself the son of God” (Wisdom 2:13).

In the Book of Wisdom, when we read Wisdom 2, we puzzle at the verses since to us they describe religious leaders, the pharisaic scholars and the Jewish crowd mocking at the foot of the Cross hailing some bizarre insults that hardly match a first century setting in Jerusalem. Why would religious pharisees ever say: “We came into being by chance”?

Only atheists and evolutionists believe that “we came into being by chance”. So was the text describing pharisees in the first century or evolutionists in the 21st century?

And what are all these phrases where the mockers say: “breath in our nostrils is smoke” and “spark moving our heart” and that spirits are “driven away by the beams of the sun”?

These are no Pharisees mocking Christ, these are the crowds of Antichrist mocking during the great genocide of Christians.

This prophecy packs some amazing predictions never carefully examined by scholars before. “We came into being by chance” defines atheistic and theistic evolutionists, not creationist Pharisees during Jesus’ First Coming.

But what about the other things they say? Why do these phrases sound like eugenists yelling some diabolical reasons for mass murder saying “for which is feeble [weak], is found to be nothing worth”? Is this not the language of the genocidal eugenists?

And aren’t these accusations in bold above also directed specifically at the Christian for he too calls himself “the son of God”?

The eugenist excuses for his genocidal belief has always been this idea that we should select ‘strength over weakness’ and the text in Wisdom 2 explicitly states it:

But let our strength be our norm of righteousness; for weakness proves itself useless.

Is not their motto ‘the survival of the fittest’ and ‘natural selection’?

And what do we always hear from the evolutionists and the eugenists? They always say regarding the Christian:

“he is annoying to us; he opposes our actions, Reproaches us for transgressions of the law and charges us with violations of our training.”

“Violations of our training”? “Transgressions of the law”? What “training”? What “law”?

The Christian always insists that the eugenists methodology violates both; civil law as well as the laws of science. The Christian complains that the eugenist so-called science is nothing more than pseudoscience.

In other words, the persecutor of the Christian, the eugenist, quotes the Christian as saying that “[he, the Christian] charges us with violations of our training” and “transgressions of the law,” so that what the eugenist teaches goes contrary to their vocation as scientists and moralists.

Who else besides the Christian insist that scientists must adhere to science rather than fiction? Do they not always advance by proclaiming their works as ‘scientific‘ when in our view it is all pseudoscientific? 

And who had stopped them during the dark parts of their history? Was it not the Christians who are the main “obstacle in their way”?

Amazing how this prophecy weaves in the Church as active in Christ’s Passion and also includes how Christ and His seed are viewed by the eugenist:

“to us he [Christ as well as the Christian] is the censure of our thoughts; merely to see him is a hardship for us, Because his life is not like that of others, and different are his ways. He judges us debased; he holds aloof from our paths as from things impure. He calls blest the destiny of the righteous and boasts that God is his Father.”

And it is not as if all this ‘final solution’ was not somewhat fulfilled. The Young Turks who in the name of Eugenics massacred the Christian Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks with supervision from the Germans who later on massacred Polish Christians and Jews. The Armenians said ‘God is our Father’ just as Christ Who also said that God is His Father.

So how can anyone explain all this?

Luther’s followers who reject Wisdom as ‘non-canonical’ argue that the author obtained his information from Isaiah. But this presents a major dilemma: nowhere do we find in Isaiah anything like this, where it describes such belief system which exactly matches what we see today. No one can argue that such a prediction was by mere chance. No one can argue or say that the mockers belief system can be found as far back as the ancient Greeks. They would probably claim that an ancient Israelite was simply jotting down what the pagans believed in. But Antiochus did not massacre the Jews because they declared “the Son of God” or because Jews rejected Antiochus’ belief in atheism and the evolutionary process. And neither did the Jews kill Christ for any of the other reasons expressed in Wisdom 2, besides Him declaring that He is the “Son of God”. Even the Romans did not massacre Jews for any of these reasons and in fact they wanted to give Jesus a pass.

But even worse, once we put the rest of the puzzle together, examining the other statements as we shall see from what these mockers say; it becomes utterly impossible to refute, Wisdom 2 is probably the most amazing prophecy for our time.

Wisdom 2 is Absolutely phenomenal. And that is only after studying one chapter. Here, enter an amazing research:

Many are the hidden prophecies that are missed. Prophecies are usually unpacked by a few and only become popular after the fact and never before. Also, many do not read scripture to understand what is on God’s mind. Most read scripture to see how it applies to them personally. Perhaps the most crucial issue is this: interpreting prophecy’s dual purpose is impossible unless one comprehends that scripture does not usually speak to us on an individual level but in a corporate level.

Indeed, this ‘corporate level’ is crucial to understand. Prophecy that refers to Christ’s suffering also refers to the corporate body of God’s people so that whatever Christ suffers, God’s people also suffer. Isaiah provides the perfect verse from Christ’s Passion which proves this point:

“in all their affliction [God’s people’s afflictions] He [God] was afflicted” (Isaiah 63:9).

Many miss this very crucial verse. Many read the “suffering servant” in Isaiah 53 but miss reading all the way to Isaiah 63. Many read Ezekiel 38 but fails to connect Ezekiel 28 all the way to Ezekiel 40. The Jews missed their Messiah because they only chose the corporate level in Isaiah 53 claiming that the prophecy about the ‘suffering servant’ is about the Jewish people.

The corporate level includes both, the Messiah and His people, intertwined together.

Such verses like Isaiah 63:9 are usually the adhesive that knits and weaves tying everything together.

Isaiah 63:9 is not strictly concerning Christ’s suffering for the sins of mankind, but is also regarding His suffering honoring the righteous works of the saints. They too suffer the results of slander and torture from the world during their lifetime. Christ humbled Himself as the “suffering servant” and so that He also suffered just “as they suffered”.

By understanding this, we will discover that Wisdom 2 (as well as all scripture which is prophetic) packs some serious messages most biblical scholars overlook.

So while the background setting of Wisdom 2 is definitely Christ’s Crucifixion just as we find in Psalm 22, yet both catapult way forward to the final solution of God’s people “let us condemn him to a shameful death” when they suffer mass liquidation.

Ever wonder why when we read Psalms 22 we find verses like this:

Many bulls have surrounded me [Christ as in His Church]; Strong bulls of Bashan have encircled me (Psalm 22:12)

Ever wonder why in this Psalm, the story of Jesus’ Crucifixion pin-points “the bulls of Bashan” as the main persecutors?

This “Bashan” in ancient Syria are also the invading armies of Ezekiel 38-39 (see Ezekiel 39:18) who are Turks. These are not Jewish Pharisees. Therefore, Psalm 22, just like Wisdom 2 has a twofold fulfillment; one in the first century and another in the 21st century or beyond.

 Who else besides the Christian “professes to have knowledge of God and styles himself a child of the LORD“?

So who is doing the mocking here condemning Christians for believing they are the sons of God? But it is because that in Islam saying you are “the son of God” constitutes blasphemy.

It is the Muslim who rejects us for saying we are “the sons of God”.

But you might counter that Turkic Muslims, like Jews, are also creationists and not evolutionists. So how could Turks and Syrians be saying things like “We came into being by chance”?

But this is what is so amazing about Wisdom 2. What most do not consider is that Wisdom 2, when tied to Isaiah 53-63 and Psalm 22, what becomes crystal clear is that this prophecy predicted the perfect timing that when Muslims will convert to theistic evolution is when all this is fulfilled. 

Thats right. In fact, “Most Muslims around the world believe ‘humans and other living things have evolved over time'”.

Today the Muslims already mock the biblical account of creation. Wisdom 2 even pin-points with impeccable accuracy how Muslims will define creation, life, the spirit, where it comes and where it goes:

“For by mere chance were we born, and hereafter we shall be as though we had not been; Because the breath in our nostrils is smoke, and reason a spark from the beating of our hearts…our life shall pass away as the trace of a cloud, and shall be dispersed as a mist, which [the soul] is driven away by the beams of the sun” (Wisdom 2)

Only someone who understands Islam can unravel this. Just this alone rouses up much of what we learned during our life as Muslims. Pay close attention to the “smoke” “spark” “the breath” “heart” and “the sun”. Wisdom predicted how this enemy views creation; “The breath” is life and the Muslim scorns the Christian claiming that “life’s” origin initially stems from “smoke” and that “reason” which emanates from life, is but “a spark from the beating of our hearts” which dies and goes back to “the sun”.

This is also spreading in the West in movements that prohibit eating meat as predicted in 1 Timothy 4:3

This is not the language of Pharisees.

It is Islam (not Christianity) which teaches that everything in the cosmos started from “smoke”:

“. . .[Allah] turned to the sky, and it had been (as) smoke. He said to it and to the earth: ‘Come together, willingly or unwillingly.’ They said: ‘We come (together) in willing obedience’ Quran 41:11.”

Muslims today by large are moving towards the Big Bang:

“when describing the creation of the “heavens and the earth,” the Quran does not discount the theory of a ‘Big Bang’ explosion at the start of it all. In fact, the Quran says that: “. . . the heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit, before We clove them asunder” (Quran 21:30).

And so from “smoke” Muslims believe is the origin of the earth which man was made via the evolutionary process and not the biblical account of creation. This is crucial.

But Wisdom 2 was ahead of their game. It predicted the rise of theistic evolutionists who say “the breath in our nostrils is smoke”.

Again, Islam teaches that the cosmos was “(as) smoke. He [Allah] said to it and to the earth: ‘Come together” (Q41:11) to the very dirt from which Allah created man, but not in God’s image.

And so from the Quran’s narrative, Muslims, to prove the Quran is miraculous in matters of science, they extracted and stretched the meaning of their Quran to sound scientific and in order to be up to date they hopped on the evolution bandwagon. This is why they avoid the Christian’s account on creation since Christians are taunted by scoffers as passé and is why Wisdom 2 says:

“Let us therefore lie in wait for the just, because he is not for our turn [he is passé]”

Now understanding what Wisdom 2 is all about becomes easy. “He is not for our turn [he is passé]” would mean that the scoffers arguments came way later and now they claim it is their “turn” to give an explanation about the origin of life, but that to promote their belief, they first must “lie in wait for the just” to execute him and kill his belief. 

This type of mocking was not the same type of mocking at the foot of the cross by pharisees. The religious Jews at the time of Christ definitely did not believe in this for in these times it was their “turn” to explain life’s origin.

So in Wisdom 2, the Muslim and the evolutionist rebuts the Christian by claiming that ‘smoke’ must be the gasses which later cooled down, and then the earth was split asunder from it. And from there the earth through a gradual evolutionary process man was made which is revealed from the following Quranic verses:

And He [Allah] has created you in different stages and different forms … And Allah has caused you to develop as a good growth from the earth.— Qur’an 71:14,17

Muslims today even stretch the original meaning of their Quran. These Quranic verses were speaking of the ancient Greek understanding that  menstrual blood coagulated then formed an embryo.  So they claim that the Quran is describing the various stages of human embryonic and fetal development to even claim it is about “guided evolution” as being part of the progressive design of God. As such they do not deny natural selection, but that Allah began it all from ‘smoke’ (gas) where later on, life on Earth started from one single point of species (bacteria) with a mixture of water and a viscous slimy clay-like substance which according to them Allah ordained the process and kicked off life as we know it.

Now that we connect the dots we will grasp the rest of the prophecy which makes it impossible to argue this prophecy was written by mere accident from someone who just borrowed verses here and there from other parts of scripture. Wisdom 2 exposes the enemy’s belief system “Because the breath in our nostrils is smoke, and reason a spark from the beating of our hearts … our life shall pass away as the trace of a cloud, and shall be dispersed as a mist, which [the soul] is driven away by the beams of the sun” (Wisdom 2)

First of all, does this seem like the language of Judaic Pharisees? The “smoke” the “spark” the “breath” the “heart” and “the sun” sums up the whole Muslim Sufi mystic theology which is also evolving into much of today’s other modern beliefs that are spreading globally like wildfire.

The “divine spark” is the idea that each human being contains within himself a portion of God’s “divine spark” which attempts to explain the purpose of life is to enable the Divine Spark to be released from its captivity in matter and reestablish its connection with or simply return to God (“the Sun”) who is perceived as being the source of the Divine Light.

This theology is most common to Gnosticism but also present in most Western Mystical Traditions, Jewish Kabbalah and Sufism.

In the Gnostic Christian tradition (e.g. the Valentinian Church and the Cathars who are viewed by Protestants as “the Martyrs of Jesus Christ”) and the modern Lectorium Rosicrucianum where Christ is seen as an Avatar of the Light which has taken human form in order to lead humanity back to the Light. The Cathars in particular saw this idea by corrupting the meaning in the Gospel of St John. Such ideas love to finagle scripture and the Church fathers by claiming Augustine, Jerome, Bonaventura and Bernard of Clairvaux taught their twisted theology.

This “spark from the beating of our heart” mentioned by Wisdom 2 describes the essence of Sufism founded by Jalāl ad-Dīn Rumi.

Rumi uses satan’s first deception with Eve. He lures women as creators of life and incites sexual pleasures by combining it with spirituality. He explains the plight of the lost souls through reasoning which stems from the divine spark in the heart just as Wisdom 2 explained “reason a spark from the beating of our hearts” and searching for God and Self, seeking in the outer world for what really lies within as Wisdom 2 exposed “from the beating of our hearts” which stems from “the sun” and is later is consumed by the sun “driven away by the beams of the sun” just as Wisdom 2 exposed.

Excerpt from The Triumphal Sun: A Study of the Works of Jalaloddin Rumi

Rings a bell? Wisdom 2 exposed the scoffers saying: “our life shall pass away as the trace of a cloud, and shall be dispersed as a mist, which [the soul] is driven away by the beams of the sun”

Shams-i-Tabrīzī (1185–1248), the master and mentor of Jalāl ad-Dīn Rumi, the most influential Muslim Sufi theologian and sage in all of Islam’s history, taught that the sun is where the spirit come from and evaporates to. Rumi’s influence transcends national borders and ethnic divisions: Sunni Turks, Shiite Syrians, Shiites Iranians, Sufi Egyptians, Sufi Tajiks, Sufi Pashtuns and other Central Asian Muslims including the Muslims of South Asia. Even Japan’s government is pushing to re-institute the worship of the sun goddess Amaterasu as their state religion.

This is why Psalm 22 pinpoints “Bashan” while Christ in Revelation 2 pinpoints “Pergamum” in Asia Minor as the “seat of satan” (Antichrist) and Ezekiel pin-points Gog as “chief prince” of Mushki “Meshech” and Tabalani “Tubal” which are in the heart of Asia Minor.

Therefore, to split Wisdom 2 from Psalm 22 and the rest of the prophetic scriptures misses a major clue not just as to who the enemy is, but the origin and nature of his belief system. It helps us understand who else is incorporated into this sphere of evil which we will examine later on.

There are literally libraries of examples confirming what Sufi Islam teaches which matches the basis of what Wisdom 2 revealed. For example, the founder of the Sufi Order in the West (U.S, Europe), teacher of Universal Sufism, Inayat Khan (1882 – 1927) reflects on this major Sufi teaching that the soul (just as Wisdom 2 exposed) is like a ray of the sun. Even the angels, who do not have physical bodies, in Sufi Islam are made of nūr (light), that comes from the divine Sun which is the Spirit of Allah. Sufism teaches that all souls are made of light, or contain some part of that essence “a spark” or the “divine spark”, which is the essence of the whole manifestation. (see Khan, Hazrat Inayat, 2013-07-02 The Heart of Sufism: Essential Writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan. P. 80)

Wisdom 2 describes with pin-point accuracy that the haters of Christians falsely believe that from gaseous smoke of an explosion, like the sun, we come, and that the soul returns to the sun. This is definitely Sufism extracted and refined from Hindu sources with its Western extensions from Theosophy to Jewish Kabbalah.

Rumi explains what parallels Wisdom 2’s definition:

The divine spark then ensouls the body through the breath [just as Wisdom 2 exposed], spreading life and vitality from the heart and lungs.  Human consciousness is due to such a metaphysical process, which brings the light of consciousness and the life principle into the heart.  The divine spark exists always at the centre of our being [the heart] at zero point levels, and through the breath and blood, consciousness and life are infused into a living, breathing human being. Remembrance is recalling and living in this inner experience, which had strangely been forgotten, as the light has been so veiled. (Robert Frager/Sheikh Ragip, psychologist and Sufi Master in conversation with Jonathan Cott, On the Sea of Memory: A Journey from Forgetting to Remembering  (Random House, N. Y., 2005)

The Sufi Muslim Sheikh Ragip, provides lucid descriptions of essential Sufi practices and teachings:

“The secret of secrets is the divine spark within each of us … It is to get in touch with that divine spark that God has placed within each human being. In the Koran it says that God breathed from the divine soul into Adam; another way of translating that would be that God placed a divine spark into  every human being.  And that divine spark is the secret of secrets. My master put it this way: That spark in us could set the whole universe on fire. Its greater than the universe itself because its a spark of what is infinite. And its within every one of us. Who we are is far more than who we think we are. “To practice rememberence,” you’ve said, “is to unveil the knowledge and power and beauty of this spark of God within us.

Even Madam Blavatsky who described life’s origin as:

“material points without extension’ as the basis upon which the God’s and other invisible powers [in reality demons] clothe themselves in bodies. The divine spark then ensouls the body through the breath, spreading life and vitality from the heart and lungs.  Human consciousness is due to such a metaphysical process, which brings the light of consciousness and the life principle into the heart.  The divine spark exists always at the centre of our being at zero point levels, and through the breath and blood, consciousness and life are infused into a living, breathing human being. Remembrance is recalling and living in this inner experience, which had strangely been forgotten, as the light has been so veiled.”

Sufism focuses on connecting spirituality with sensuality.

No wonder why Wisdom 2 revealed the scoffers focus on pleasure:

Come therefore, and let us enjoy the good things that are present, and let us speedily use the creatures as in youth. Let us fill ourselves with costly wine, and ointments: and let not the flower of the time pass by us. Let us crown ourselves with roses, before they be withered: let no meadow escape our riot. Let none of us go without his part in luxury: let us everywhere leave tokens of joy: for this is our portion, and this our lot. (Wisdom 2:7-9)

Such ideas are no divine spark  from the heart, but from below, from the bowl movements excreted by a wizard named Jalāl ad-Dīn Rumi, a Muslim who believed as Muhammad believed; that camel urine was medicine, yet the starving lost seek to feed on anything even scraping meager seeds from dung.

So the Book of Wisdom describes two camps, both stating to have wisdom but one is a faulty claim saying ‘I am God’ and the other, the true wisdom of God that says we are “the sons of God” with the true “knowledge of God”. This “I am God” is precisely from the devil described in Isaiah 14 when Lucifer dwells into the man of sin, the Antichrist:

“They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms” (Isaiah 14:16).

And with Wisdom 2, we can tie everything. The persecution stems from the enemies of the Cross. Rumi sums up his theology as an enemy of the Cross:

Cross and Christians, end to end, I examined.  He [God] was not on the Cross [its all about condemning the Crucifixion].  I went to the Hindu temple, to the ancient pagoda.  In none of them was there any sign. To the uplands of Herat I went, and to Kandahar, I looked.  He was not on the heights or in the lowlands. … I went to the Kaaba of Mecca.  He was not there …  I asked about him from Avicenna ….  (finally) I looked into my own heart.  In that, his place [the heart], I saw him.  He was in no other place.   (Rumi. In Shah, 1968, p. 105)

This is truly the battle between the sons of God “he boasts that he hath the knowledge of God, and calls Himself the son of God” (Wisdom 2:13) and the sons of Lucifer:

And they knew not the secrets of God, nor hoped for the wages of justice, nor esteemed the honour of holy souls [saints]. For God created man incorruptible, and to the image of his own likeness he made him. But by the envy of the devil, death came into the world: And they follow him that are of his side. (Wisdom 2:22-25)

The faulty wisdom is of the devil “And they follow him that are of his side” for they did not “esteemed the honour of holy souls [saints]”.

Therefore, there is no “divine spark” from within, the divine love comes from without, for Christ clearly instructed:

“He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him” (John 6:53–56).

This is true Wisdom.

All who reject this, or treat this as metaphor, as without substance, while claiming to harbor the Holy Sprit are therefore ousted from the Kingdom of God for they too do not honor the saints as “living” but say they are ‘dead’ for they did not “esteemed the honour of holy souls [saints]” and rejected how we approach the heavenly mount Zion:

“But you have come to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, to an innumerable company of angels, to the general assembly and church of the firstborn who are registered in heaven, to God the Judge of all, to the spirits of just men made perfect, to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than that of Abel.” (Hebrews 12:22-24)

This is the whole goal and process of salvation, that is, to transform us striving to become “the righteous” who are “made perfect”. This is the communion between the Church Militant on earth and the Church Triumphant in heavenly Mount Zion, where the living saints, angels and The Trinity reside.

This is the strive of the Christian.

Christ clearly stated that He will only abide in the one who partakes of His Body while the instruction on how to “come to Mount Zion” is clearly explained and is done in a corporate level. One cannot have the Holy Spirit or claim to have a “divine spark” while ignoring such essentials and is why the Bible exposes all who claim to have the Holy Spirit yet reject the consumption of the Eucharist for they also reject that the departed saints who are alive as living. This is why they are considered outside the temple of God and is why they are given to the gentiles (pagans) to unite with them (Revelation 11:1-2).

In Revelation 11, John was told to “measure [to test through persecution] the temple of God [the Church], and the altar and them that adore therein”. These are the ones who will be tested and tortured while the others (outside the Altar) will unite with the Antichrist. It was the apostolic-succession Christian who suffered genocides (Armenians, Assyrians, Greeks, Polish) including the physical sons of Abraham (the Jews).

Without an altar of sacrifice you are outside the temple. We shall explain later, it was from this specific camp, who refused to believe in the perpetual sacrifice of Christ that evolution sparked in the first place. These were the ones who reject the Book of Wisdom as from God.

Rumi explains Sufi Islam’s theology as if God resides in the hearts of men as a “divine spark” but Wisdom 2 exposes this as the faulty wisdom of the devil.

So Wisdom says that there are only two sides. Therefore, we all must choose wisely.

This is the bottom line.

Wisdom advises not to attempt to unlock “the secrets of God”. Creation, the Resurrection, the Eucharist, the corporate relationship to saints (holy souls) … these are all “mystery” which no man can fathom and is how you will always find their folly for they focus on solving the mystery while they completely ignore that true faith is “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” (Hebrews 11:1).

The spiritual battle is ultimately about the Wisdom of man versus the Wisdom of God. After all, even the term Sufism itself, according to the Theosophical Glossary means ‘wisdom’:

“Suffism (Gr.). From the root of Sophia, “Wisdom ”. A mystical sect in Persia something like the Vedantins; though very strong in numbers, none but very intelligent men join it. They claim, and very justly, the possession of the esoteric philosophy and doctrine of true Mohammedanism [Islam]. The Suffi (or Sofi) doctrine is a good deal in touch with Theosophy, inasmuch as it preaches one universal creed, and outward respect and tolerance for every popular exoteric faith. It is also in touch with Masonry. The Suffis have four degrees and four stages of initiation:1st, probationary, with a strict outward observance of Mussulman rites [Islam], the hidden meaning of each ceremony and dogma being explained to the candidate; 2nd, metaphysical training; 3rd, the “Wisdom” degree, when the candidate is initiated into the innermost nature of things; and 4th final Truth, when the Adept attains divine powers, and complete union with the One Universal Deity in ecstacy or Samâdhi.” (Theosophical Glossary, p. 311)

This Universal Deity (Samâdhi) stems from Buddhism. If one examines the Jewish creed, the Shema,  it is “Hear O Israel the Lord our God our Lord is One” but in Islam it is:

“say Allah is one Allah is Samâd. He did not beget nor was he begotten [as a Son of God” (Quran 112:1-4).

Such common use and common belief in Samâdhi and the “divine spark” is bringing these religions (Buddhism, Sufi Islam and the anti-apostolic succession fallen Christians including evolutionist fallen Catholics and Orthodox) together to unite Japanese, Muslims, Hindus and all theistic evolutionists together which sums up the milieu of what constitutes Antichrist. Remember, not all who say “Lord Lord”? These in Matthew 25 collaborate with tormenting the remnant true church which Matthew 25 clearly reveals it is about our tribulation and the tribulation of Israel to be redeemed.

And so the spiritual battle will continue beginning with the mocking of the biblical creation account and it will end with the slaughter of Christians. The turning point starts as we examine Daniel; Antichrist proclaims himself as the wisdom of God so that he as the unholy wisdom, claiming to be God, sits in the Temple of God at Hagia Sophia which literally means “Holy Wisdom”.

This has another meaning as well, that the fallen church will exchange the Holy Wisdom with the unholy wisdom. Such unholy wisdom then sits in the temples of people, that is their bodies, rejecting the Holy Spirit in exchange for the unholy spirit (Lucifer).

God foreknew that modern Muslims and fallen Christians will end up accepting in principle the process of theistic evolution. This is quite amazing. This is part of this great falling away (2 Thessalonians 2). Wisdom 2 pinpoints the eugenists arguments who would call for the mass genocide in the ends of days:

Let us oppress the poor just man, and not spare the widow, nor honour the ancient grey hairs of the aged. But let our strength be the law of justice: for that which is feeble, is found to be nothing worth. Let us therefore lie in wait for the just, because he is not for our turn [he is passé], and he is contrary to our doings, and upbraideth us with transgressions of the law, and divulgeth against us the sins of our way of life. He boasteth that he hath the knowledge of God, and calleth himself the son of God. He is become a censurer of our thoughts. He is grievous unto us, even to behold: for his life is not like other men’s, and his ways are very different. (Wisdom 2:11-15)

“He is not for our turn [he is passé]” would mean that their arguments came way later and now it is their “turn” to give an explanation about the origin of life. This type of mocking was not the same type of mocking at the foot of the cross by pharisees. The religious Jews at the time of Christ definitely did not believe in this for in these times it was their “turn”.

Therefore, this prophecy catapults way into the future, reflecting the type of language said by Herbert Spencer, the Evolutionist, who coined the slogan “survival of the fittest” which sums up these verses when he declared that the ‘widow’ and the ‘poor’ and ‘weak’ should be left to die without the aid of Christian charity:

It seems hard that a labourer incapacitated by sickness from competing with his stronger fellows, should have to bear the resulting privations. It seems hard that widows and orphans should be left to struggle for life or death. Nevertheless, when regarded not separately, but in connection with the interests of universal humanity, these harsh fatalities are seen to be full of the highest beneficence—the same beneficence which brings to early graves the children of diseased parents, and singles out the low-spirited, the intemperate, and the debilitated as the victims of an epidemic. (Hebert Spencer’s Theory of Social Justice, P. 389)

Therefore, the whole purpose of Eugenics is not to explain the origins of species as they claim, but to predominately cut off Christian charity “not spare the widow” and to promote euthanasia “nor honour the ancient grey hairs of the aged”. This means that Euthanasia will become rampant as we approach the end.

The typical bla bla bla

But continuing in the prophecy one should ask: isn’t this the ultimate goal of the eugenist:

Therefore, cursed whoever says this is ‘apocrypha’. Can anyone deny the parallel; the mocking of Christ at the foot of the cross mimics the eugenists mocking during the final genocide of Christians!?

Amazingly, Wisdom ties the Christian with Christ in a corporate way and in a beautiful and perfect reflection to Christ’s suffering when He was mocked at the foot of the Cross “With violence and torture let us put him to the test” “Let us condemn him to a shameful death”. While this specific mocking has parallels with the mocking of Christ, Wisdom 2 reveals a different caveat but with similar consequences. This is the greater genocide in the days to come.

And as to why we attribute Wisdom 2 to the ends of days is simple: the context is the Crucifixion and the Tribulation during Christ’s passion, His death and His resurrection on the third day is itself the greatest prophecy for it pertains to our ‘crucifixion’, but what comes right after our death during the tribulation is our resurrection shortly after three years. Even the beginning and even the ending of Christ’s ministry is prophecy for it too parallels in many ways the church’s ministry, its persecution, the death of the saints and then the resurrection and our eternal existence with Christ.

It reflects how it was just prior to the fall of the Ottomans, when it received its mortal wound when the Young Turks (and then later) the Nazis committed genocide against the Christians first (which receives no recognition by the world) and then the Jews and the Poles later on during Nazism. The world does not esteem the Christians for it found no comeliness in him, he will be despised and rejected just as the Jew and the Polish and Serbian Christians (two million Catholics and a million Orthodox which the world does not talk of them). These too died in prison, hungry, naked, shot and thrown into pits because of eugenics just as Christ was also naked, hungry and in prison for He suffered as they suffered “in All their afflictions, He [Christ] was afflicted” (Isaiah 63:9). Is it no wonder why Christ says “I was hungry … in prison … naked …” in Matthew 25? Every word in scripture has a purpose.

And later on Wisdom 2 reveals the nature of the Antichrist and how the Church’s enemies adhere to such thought. And its not only in Wisdom 2 which reflects this story. The story of Wisdom 2 is also the story of Psalm 22 where God calls the warriors “the fatlings of Bashan”. This is exactly what the nations of Gog and Magog from Asia Minor are called. Both prophecies (Wisdom 2, Psalm 22) are about the Crucifixion of Christ and both parallel when the Muslim and other armies surround God’s people: “Many bulls have surrounded Me; Strong bulls of Bashan have encircled Me” (Psalm 22:12). Therefore, all this gives us a glimpse to the type of belief system the Ottomans will adhere to which is exactly as it was for the Young Turks committing the great genocide of the Armenians.

Bashan points to either Syria or Bashan in the Caucasus in the southern regions of Russia, or even both, but never Russia proper. These are Syria, Turkey and the C.I.S. region (see Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38) Shiites and Sufis who adhere and follow Rumi’s theology. In Isaiah 17 we find the destruction of Damascus not Moscow. And since the setting of Psalm 22 is the Crucifixion just as it is in Wisdom 2, we must then conclude the obvious: these are the return of a renewed form of Nazism uniting both with theistic evolutionists (Muslim) and atheistic eugenist evolutionists.

We already see the world getting absorbed into all this.

Modern Islam believes in theistic realism. The stance of modernist Islamic scholars adopt a scientific cosmological approach to explaining the formation of the universe initiated from the Big Bang. Therefore, the prophecy reveals the unity and the syncretism within the Antichrist belief system and this is how he is able to unite devils against saints.

Who has ever imagined that over two millennia later, that Muslims would teach theistic evolution claiming that it all came from “smoke” “divine spark” “the heart” “the sun” just as Wisdom 2 predicted they would say?

Muslims argue all this mockery as their miracle from Allah since the Quran is more compatible with science than Christianity’s version of creation. They claim that since these Quranic verses were written over 1400 years ago – long before mankind had reached any level of scientific insight to later on discover evolution. Thus, according to them, modern science has recently uncovered proofs about the universe which contend with these verses. So this, according to them, is an indication that the verses were revealed from the God that created the universe.

So in essence, we have the story of Pharaoh’s magicians combating Moses which also has prophetic revelations pointing towards the future when these attempt to explain the mysteries of God. The Muslim scholars in pride conclude they have the answer that the creation of the human race was the culmination of a gradual evolutionary process kicked off by Allah and so today they mock the Christian as they mocked the Israelites claiming that it would be incorrect to suggest that God formed the human being in an instant and in the Image of God as Wisdom 2 predicted.

But here comes the truly amazing prediction, not from the Quran or the so-called Theory of Evolution, but from Wisdom 2, which accurately prophesied, way ahead of Darwin and Islam’s Muhammad, the Cathar and the Kabbalah to even predicting the coming of modern Eugenics explaining that mankind will devise such faulty understanding. As Wisdom 2 exposes: “this is the false argument they use” (Wisdom 2:1) while they mock the Christian, at the foot of their cross devising final solutions.

Ever notice why Evolutionists rarely if ever target Islam? Therefore, their main focus is not on religion per se, but converting the Church to accept their narrative by arm-twisting. The language of the evolutionist is always coercive. The Islamic system is well equipped for setting up both stages; that after Islam carrying out much bloodshed, here comes the ointment, Sufism, and after all the ‘peace’ of Sufism is pumped into the souls of many, then here comes the bloodbaths, all over again. This is Islam’s cycle of violence and is why scripture says “by peace he deceives many”.

It really takes someone who understands both scripture, Islam and the devil to be able to withstand satan’s onslaught and is why Christ warned to “be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves” and is why scriptures warn that “he deceives the elect, if he can”.

And so it is today, after all the bloodbaths by ISIS, soon will come Turkey’s Sufism with “peace” to fulfill Wisdom 2, explaining that true Mohammedanism [Islam], through the Sufi doctrine, which is a good deal in touch with Theosophy, inasmuch as it supposedly preaches one universal creed, and outward respect and tolerance for every popular exoteric faith (except Christianity of course). It is also in touch with Masonry. And by this Antichrist will use “peace” to “deceive many”.

All this, of course, will be welcomed by the eugenists with open arms. And just as it was then, even at the time of Christ, it was the Pharisees that killed Christ, so it is now; Nazism was not labeled “left-wing” but “conservative right wing”. The German Workers’ Party, which became the National Socialist German Worker’s (Nazi) was the creation of the Thule Society, considered to be a right (not left), Aryan-theosophical organization, and Sufi orientalist in their revamped occult practices .

All this will again test the spirit, defining wheat from tares, to prove that in evil, there is no such thing as strange bedfellows. It is after all devil copulating with devil.

Charles Johnson, one of the teachers for the occult Theosophical Society in the early twentieth century, said in a lecture in 1928:

“We are immensely indebted to the great teaching of evolution, which Darwin and Alfred Russel Wallace put forward tentatively in 1859. We could hardly have hoped for the success of the Theosophical Movement had not the teaching of evolution preceded by sixteen years the founding of The Theosophical Society in 1875, because we teach — or, to put the matter in its true order, because we first learned, and then tried to convey, the teaching of spiritual evolution, with a far greater scope and larger potency than anything of which Darwin ever dreamed.” (From Theosophy, lecture 9, Theosophical Quarterly, July, 1928)

Clockwise from top left: Vera Johnston, Charles Johnston, Henry Olcott, Vera Zhelihovsky, and Helen Blavatsky, all of whom were leaders of the occult, Theosophical Society

The Protestant world misses the Book of Wisdom. It is no wonder why the forces of darkness and the principalities had the Book of Wisdom removed from the scripture by Martin Luther who considered it ‘apocrypha’ for without it, the poor soul misses these crucial keys. Evolutionism simply strengthened occultism, and Protestantism merely led to evolutionism. Lets not forget, it was Thomas Malthus, a Protestant minister, who inspired Alfred Russel Wallace, and it was also this same minister who influenced Darwin on natural selection. As Darwin wrote in his autobiography:

“In October 1838, that is, fifteen months after I had begun my systematic inquiry, I happened to read for amusement Malthus on Population, and being well prepared to appreciate the struggle for existence which everywhere goes on from long-continued observation of the habits of animals and plants, it at once struck me that under these circumstances favourable variations would tend to be preserved, and unfavourable ones to be destroyed. The results of this would be the formation of a new species. Here, then I had at last got a theory by which to work”.

From Protestantism to evolutionism, from one form of anarchy to another, while Darwinism sprung from England, it greatly thrived in Germany, the heartland of Protestantism, and a link between Luther and Darwin was being hailed as the triumph of the Northern European over the Catholic Church of Southern Europe. This was being done by Darwin’s German colleague, Ernst Haeckel.

Few pay close attention to how Wisdom 2 is multifaceted and goes beyond a single dimension of time where it does not exclusively speak of the Jews who condemned Christ at the foot of the cross, but ultimately, it catapults way further in time, to the Muslim who is already taken by the flood and to the evolutionist mocking the Christian for believing in creation and in “the Son of God” during their greatest time of tribulation and persecution by these miserable evolutionists and Muslims.

Protestants historically were the first to abandon the faith when they evolved from the 1500s and then the Enlightenment, 1600s, they began to form the earliest forms of evolutionary theory and once Darwinism came, many Protestants swallowed up Theistic Evolution more than any other people on earth. Therefore, cursed is the man, Luther, who took away from the words of Scripture calling it ‘Apocrypha’.

It is no wonder why the predestination of Luther as well as Muhammad’s predestination (Al-Qada wal-Qadar) is taught with theological words, while the predestination of Darwin is taught under scientific terminology. Predestination is a prelude that says to the weak, they are predestined to destruction and that sin is predestined for since God puts it to good use.

Darwin and Luther, once their doctrines are stripped of their scientific and theological sophisms, essentially taught the same thing. Darwin’s teachings are wrapped with secular explanations, while Luther taught through theological terminology. Regardless of these differences, their teachings can be summed up in one line: man is a slave to his animalism and  therefore he is destined to it and cannot be free. Luther taught that man was a slave to his sin nature, and could not be liberated; Darwin taught that man was a slave to his animal nature, and could not be free. Both men advocated and encouraged for the enslavement of self to animal impulses. Whether you call it Lutheranism or predestination, or Darwinism, the end is the same: embrace bondage, embrace slavery, and while you’re at it, be sure to enslave the whole world, to destruction, to death, to chaos.

The history of German thought, from the gnostics, to Luther, to Hegel, and to one who he would later influence, Nietzsche, the prophet of the German tyranny of the First World War, and then for the Nazis. It is no wonder then, that the Nazis — being amongst the greatest haters of humanity — praised Luther’s war against the priesthood — and thus — in hating the physical nature of Catholic dogma, they hated humanity itself. Alfred Rosenberg, the head ideologue of Nazi ideology, wrote:

“the greatness of Luther’s deed does not consist in merely founding a church, but is much more important than the introduction of a division between two versions of faith. However much Luther may still have been deeply embedded in the middle ages, his deed signifies the great revolution in the history of Europe after the penetration of Roman Christianity. Luther denied the priesthood as a power in itself, that is, denied the right of justification by a caste of men who claimed to be in closer relationship with the godhead than others, and who on the basis of alleged knowledge of god presumed they possessed better insight concerning god’s plans for salvation and conditions in heaven. As a result, Martin Luther hindered the further advance of that magical monstrosity [the Catholic Church].”

It all fulfills Wisdom 2:

“So our life will pass away like the traces of a cloud, and will be dispersed like a mist pursued by the sun’s rays and overpowered by its heat. For our lifetime is the passing of a shadow; and our dying cannot be deferred because it is fixed with a seal; and no one returns. Come, therefore, let us enjoy the good things that are here, and make use of creation with youthful zest. Let us have our fill of costly wine and perfumes, and let no springtime blossom pass us by; let us crown ourselves with rosebuds before they wither. Let no meadow be free from our wantonness; everywhere let us leave tokens of our merriment, for this is our portion, and this our lot.”

The violent and fanatic advancement of Luther’s “Slave Will” doctrine is an obvious outcome of his theology, since the bottom line of Luther’s doctrine is the rejection of free-will. He rejected the corporate responsibility that Christ and His Church is one, that they worked in a corporate fashion where through Christ the Christian ‘works out his salvation’. Luther neglected this human participation in man’s salvation. He rejected the human element in salvation which only means that man, like in Islam, is a slave. Luther in his devotion for his rejection of free-will wrote:

“To me, the defense of this truth [predestination] is a matter of supreme and eternal importance. I am convinced that life itself should be set at stake in order to preserve it. It must stand though the whole world be involved thereby in strife and tumult, nay, even fall into ruins.”

So many are the imbeciles. It took the imbeciles of this world thousands of years to unravel the cosmos: “as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand upon the sea shore” (Genesis 22:17) they did not know that the number of stars does in fact correspond to the grains of sands on the shore with so many stars.

Wisdom 2, one of the most amazing prophecies in the Bible. It not only predicted Christ’s Passion being condemned for claiming to be “the Son of God” but it sums up the battle in the latter days with the sons of God being liquidated by the sons of the devil.

It is only when we understand the richness and the wealth of Scripture in its plural, multi-faceted, multi-layered meanings revealing that when God speaks, He covers the whole history of His suffering for our sins and the history of His people’s suffering from the sins of others.

How evolutionary theorists, eugenists, Muslims and Nazis will come about to destroy the Church in the ends of days is now clear. The Passion of Christ and His suffering at the foot of the Cross resembles the end and the resurrection, not just of Christ, but of His Body, the saints when the ‘bulls of Bashan’ of ancient Syria surround them to annihilate them. But few pay close attention to link all this to Wisdom 2.

Therefore, the multiple facets of reviewing prophecy is key and without this key there erupts so many disagreements. 

So that when John writes of “seven mountains” which are “seven kingdoms” and “ten horns”, we find multiple interpretations, none of which completely fit perfectly unless we understand, there are multiple fulfillments which includes the Ottoman Turks.

Wisdom is so amazingly prophetic. Not only does Wisdom prophesy the coming of evolution, but it predicts what the others, the prior schismatics had proclaimed regarding the origin of life.

Ernst Haeckel was deeply influenced by the German religious teacher, Friedrich Daniel Schleiermacher. In 1799 book, On Religion, Schleiermacher taught that true religion was forged deeply into the human heart, and that all rites and dogmas were merely poor expressions of this true religion. Influenced by Protestantism, Haeckel erected a bridge between Luther’s revolt against the Catholic Church, and Darwin’s revolt against the Christian teaching of Creation.

Protestantism would influence evolutionism, Ernst Haeckel (bottom left), a German evolutionist, was instrumental in influencing the Young Turks (bottom right) on Darwinism. The Young Turks, influenced by Darwinism, would carry out the Armenian Genocide

In October of 1882, just months after Darwin’s death, Haeckel gave a speech in Eisenach in which he expressed his adulation for Darwin, paralleling him with Luther, who in his words:

“with a mighty hand tore asunder the web of lies by the world-dominating Papacy, so in our day, Charles Darwin, with comparable over-powering might, has destroyed the ruling, error-doctrines of the mystical creation dogma and through his reform of development theory has elevated the whole sensibility, thought, and will of mankind onto a higher plane.”

Friedrich Daniel Schleiermacher

Haeckel said that it was in Italy where he finally came to the realization of the distinct nature of the German and Northern European race (now mostly Protestant), from the Southern European peoples (mostly Catholic, Orthodox). Southern Europe is where the ‘ships of Chittim [Mediterranean]’ come from and they fight ‘the little horn’ (Antichrist). Is it any wonder why God forewarned of the enemy from the north? (Daniel 11:44, Isaiah 14:13, Zechariah 2:6, Zechariah 6:8, Jeremiah 1:14, Jeremiah 46:20, Ezekiel 38:15, Joel 2:20)

In an 1859 letter, writing from Messina, he explained how staying in Italy “stirred up and cultivated” more than anything a “heightened inner love for our incomparable German fatherland.” He wrote how anytime he visited Italy, no matter how beautiful its nature and scenery, he felt compelled to express his reverence for Germany. “It has to be heard over all of Italy and Sicily,” he wrote, “in the majestic environment of Naples, as well as on the glorious plains of Palermo, among the quarries of Syracuse, as well as on the peak of Aetna: Deutschland, Deutschland uber alles, uber alles in der Welt! — Ich bin ein Deutscher, will ein Deutscher sein! [Germany, Germany above all, above everything in the world! I am a German, I will be a German!]’ This superiority of Germany over Italy was really a continuation of what was advocated for by Luther in his mission to sever Germany from Catholic Christendom and the universal Church.

Haeckel travelled through Italy with his friend, the German poet Hermann Allmers, who concluded that Darwin had fulfilled the promise of higher German thought, and that Darwinism was the expression of triumph over the Catholic Church. While the two were in Sorrento, they came across a Norwegian traveller. “The common bond,” Haeckel wrote, “of our German racial nature quickly allowed us to become acquainted with him and we were overjoyed to hear so well expressed… the noble and great ideas of the free German spirit.” He referred to other Germans that they met as “sons of the north” and of the “same great national race.” In another note he wrote: “This experience strengthened anew in me my belief that there exists in our common German nation a healthy embryo which is capable of evolution and it is only because of this that one may hope for a healthy surge in social relations.” (See Daniel Gasman, Scientific Origins of National Socialism, p. 3)

Haeckel esteemed Darwinism and evolutionism as the final stage of the German struggle — starting from Luther — against the Catholic Church. “What the Wartburg was for Martin Luther,” wrote Haeckel, “what Weimar was for the greatest heroes of German literature, Jena will remain in the future; a mighty fortress of free thought, free scholarship, free teaching — a mighty fortress of reason!” (See Daniel Gasman, Scientific Origins of National Socialism, p. 17)

The beliefs of Haeckel would impact all of Western Europe, but it would also find significant influence in the souls of violently anti-Christian, Masonic, Islamic elites: The Young Turks.

In 1908, the Turkish secret society, the Committee of Union and Progress, or the Young Turkey Party, commenced a revolution against the Sultan, Abdul Hamid II. The Sultan eventually abdicated his throne and gave it to his brother. But, by 1913, the Young Turks officially took over the empire.

Sultan Abdul Hamid II

Unlike the Sultan, the Young Turks held on to secularism, and believed that through modernization, the Ottoman Empire would be able to stop European expansion into Turkish territory. (See Fromkin, Europe’s Last Summer, ch. 10,  pp. 68-69)

In 1871, Germany became an officially unified nation, and soon after its successful unification, Germany formed an alliance with the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman elites — statesmen, students, officers and bureaucrats — were the ones who had formed the alliance between Germany and the Ottoman Empire. They had lived in Germany where they studied medicine, military science and engineering, and took a strong interest in German philosophy and ideology. One aspect of German thought that the Ottomans dug into enthusiastically, especially after 1909, was the ideology of the racial nation, the “blood and soil” religion (See Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 3, p. 50) that would be enacted in Nazi Germany.

The Ottomans learned this ideology through the teachings of both Haeckel and Herbert Spencer, the one who actually termed the phrase, “survival of the fittest.” Haeckel, alongside his fellow German Darwinists, Max Weber and Paul Von Lilienfeld, applied Social Darwinism to economics, praising the principle of economic competition as the force behind Social Darwinism. From this ideology, militarism and the extinction of those considered as “weaker, primitive races”, was justified in the Social Darwinist construct. This eugenist ideology seeped into Ottoman thought, and greatly inspired the annihilation of the Armenians, alongside the Greek and Assyrian Christians. (See Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 3, pp. 50-51)

Martin Luther (upper far left corner), influenced Ernst Haeckel (top middle), and alongside Herbert Spencer (top right), Max Weber (bottom far left) and Paul Von Lilienfeld (middle bottom), their work would influence the Young Turks who would go on to exterminate the Armenians

The Ottomans, just like the Identitarians of our day, looked to Japan as a prime example of a racially and religiously unified nation. The Ottomans were ashamed that their own empire was too religiously and ethnically diverse, being filled with Christians of Armenian, Greek and Assyrian descent. The Sultan, Abdulhamid II, himself lamented this, and coveted the nation of Japan. The Sultan wrote in 1917:

“I do not know how appropriate it is to compare Ottoman lands to Japan, to expect success from this Sultan similar to that of the Emperor! Japan is a country of islands, tucked away on one side of the Pacific Ocean; it is a great society, ethnically integrated, uni-religious, uni-national. If there is any region in the world that it does not resemble, it is our wretched country. How could I have reconciled the Kurd and the Armenian, the Greek and the Turk, the Arab and the Bulgar? … Never at any time did Mikado Hatsuhito [sic] come up against such obstacles and never did Japan confront such difficulties.” (See Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 5, p. 126) 

It was this desire for an ethnocentric, religiously unified and nationalist state, that resonated into the minds of the Young Turks. Though the Sultan believed in this, he did not completely enact it, but it was done by the Young Turks. When the Japanese defeated the Russians in the Russo-Japanese War, and when they conquered China, the Turks saw this as proof of the superiority of the Asian race over the European race. As one article written in 1904, and published on the Young Turk magazine, Sura-yi Ummet, expressed this view:

“Some Europeans and some Ottomans who imitate what they see without understanding, consider us a race in the lower part of the racial hierarchy. Let us say it in plain Turkish: they regard the Turks as second class human beings. Japanese people, being of the stock of the yellow race, are annihilating the slander against nature with the progress in their country and with their cannons and rifles in Manchuria.” (Quoted by Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 5, p. 136) 

The Japanese slaughter of the Russians and the Chinese, were viewed as a sign of racial superiority, by the Ottomans. The popular perspective of neo-Nazis and ultra-nationalists is that Japan is a great example of a homogeneous society, one worthy of emulation. This perspective was as well adopted by the Young Turks. The Young Turk magazine, Turk, praised the “homogeneous” society and the fanatic nationalism of Japan:

“…in all [its] natural disposition and knowledge a homogeneous people that from end to end is touched by the same sentiments, pursues the same hopes. They love the homeland, with zeal fall victim for the sake of the homeland, in an instant they sacrifice lives for honor and dignity, lives that they sincerely loved and appreciated. They never fear death.” (Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 5, p. 139)

The fascination with Japan and its nationalism by the Ottoman Empire will be, I believe, continuing into the future, and will help motivate and facilitate an Ottoman, German and Japanese alliance. The Young Turks revered the Japanese for their barbarism (giving them the title, with pride, of “barbarians”), their callousness while conducting massacres, and also for the love of patriotism. In the Sura-yi Ummet it reads a praise to the Japanese:

“Behold the work of these barbarians … they whose civilization, achieved in half a century, has become superior to European civilization which has fallen into decay; they who do not have to reproach massacres, who do not have to gag any mouths out of which a liberal word came, who do not have to exile or suppress patriots, who do not have to dynamite any human beings under the pretext that their skin was dark and that it constituted a happy pastime!” (Quoted by Worringer, ch. 5, p. 142) 

The Ottoman military officer, Pertev Bey, praised the Japanese soldiers, and wrote in awe of how they went “one by one, like a machine, emotionless, heartless, spiritless, voiceless” to defend Japan with “patriotic affection”. This talk of patriotism, alongside a reverence for Japan, went in hand in hand with the Ottoman belief in the superiority of the Turanian race. This glorification of the Japanese as a race, overlapped and interconnected with Ottoman universalist religion.

Armenian beheadings (left); mass beheadings done by Japanese soldiers in China (right). The brutality and cruelty of the Japanese was admired by the Ottomans.

The Young Turk magazine, Ictihad, praised the Emperor of Japan and even saw the rise of Japan as an awakener of both Muslims and Hindus as well:

“The land of the Rising Sun [Japan] is today neck and neck with foremost nations of the world, intellectually, technologically, scientifically, productively, commercially, agriculturally, politically, socially, militarily … yes, Japan’s rise made the awakening of the East a consequence. In the liberating motion of this [Japanese] ascension are awakened the dormant passions of the Muslim, the Hindu, the Brahmin, the Confucian. …The miraculous transformation Japan showed, from an oppressive feudalism into an elevated and rather progressive constitutional monarchy, is a development owing to His excellency the late Emperor.” (See Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 6, p. 167, brackets mine

In wanting to be like Japan, the Young Turks desired a homogeneous society, one free of Christians who refused to integrate to the Ottoman society and conform to the Ottomanist ideology. For the Young Turks, to be a Christian, one was likely to also be a Greek, Armenian, or Arab, in short, they were not Turks and thus were a threat to the utopian vision of a racially and religiously homogeneous society. The Young Turks even began replacing the Arab officials within the government, with Turks. This measure was done on ethnic lines. (See Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 6, pp. 178-179)

As the historian, Renee Worringer, points out, the Young Turks’ “affinity with Europe and their increasingly exclusive possession of Ottoman political power caused them to be profoundly attracted to racialized concepts of nationhood that would set them apart from others in the Ottoman Empire. This tendency was reflected in their particular view of a Japanese as a racially distinct and homogeneous nation, and their embrace of this attitude appeared frequently in the Ottoman Turkish literature of the period.” (Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 7, p. 185)  

In order to create a homogeneous society, the empire needed to be purged of Christians and therefore fulfilling Wisdom 2. Since the Christians either Armenians, Greeks or Semites, to be a Christian was to be deemed as being amongst the non-Turk and thus, inferior, races. The genocide of the Armenian Christians, and the Christians of Smyrna and other lands, was done under the fixation on a unified Ottoman Empire, without non-Ottomans, or those who would bring disunity to the empire. (See Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 7, p. 196)

This violent fixation on unity, on racial and religious lines, was inspired by the view of a “homogeneous” Japan. The Ottoman magazine, Volkan, headed by the Bektashi sufist, Kibrisli Hafiz Dervis Vahdeti, expressed this inspiration from Japan as such:

“Come heroes! Let us unite! Let us assume the strength of character of early Islam, let us be a noble people like the Japanese, who love their governments, their Mikados [emperors], who sacrifice their lives along the way. …Postponing even for a moment what I said will and does cause the homeland to break into pieces.” (See Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 7, p. 175, brackets mine) 

Kibrisli Hafiz Dervis Vahdeti

Christians were seen as causes of the homeland breaking “into pieces,” and so thus, were exterminated. This envisioning of a unified empire, was inspired by Islam — from the desire for Islamic unity, or the unity of the Umma —, Japanese nationalist ideology, and German nationalism. Yusuf Akcura, a major ideologue for the Young Turks, wrote that “the German interpretation of nationality — one that assumed ethnicity as the basis of nationality … is closer to reality,” and went so far as to put pan-Ottomanism as above pan-Islamism. (See Worringer, Ottomans Imagining Japan, ch. 7, p. 189) 

Yusuf Akcura

The Armenian Genocide was influenced by the theistic evolution of Islam, and the ethnocentric ideologies of Germany and Japan. In summary, Protestant thought would influence Darwinism, and Darwinism would eventually influence the first holocaust of the 20th century, the Genocide done by the Ottoman Empire, and the later Holocaust done by the fatherland of Protestantism — Germany.

The anti-Jewish hatred of Nazi Germany was sown into the German soul by Martin Luther. Luther once expressed his violent fantasy against the Jews as such:

“Were I able, I would knock him [the Jew] down and stab him in my anger. It is lawful according to both the human and the divine law, to kill a robber; then it is even more permissible to slay a blasphemer” (Detailed references given in Grisar, Luther, vol. v, p. 413, in Weiner, Luther, p. 73) 

He also said, “We ought to take revenge on the Jews and kill them”, and he lamented:

“it is our own fault that we have not annihilated the Jews but placidly let them stay where they are in spite of all their murders, their curses, blasphemies, lies, violations, and that we even protect their schools, their dwellings, their persons and property.” (In Weiner, Luther, p. 74) 

What Luther wanted

Today we speak of the Ottomans and how they first devised the idea of huddling victims in a train cart, but hundreds of years before the Ottomans and the Nazis carried out their genocides, Martin Luther introduced the idea of forcing all of the Jews into concentration camps and work camps. He pushed for this imposition in his anti-Jewish code:

“Pack them all under one roof or stable, like the gypsies, that they may know that they are not lords and masters in our land as they boast. …Deprive them of the right to move about the country. … Hand the strong young Jews of both sexes flail, axe, mattock, spade, distaff, and spindle; and make them work for their bread in the sweat of their brow, like all the children of Adam. Confiscate their property and drive them out of the country.” (W53, 525 abridged, in Weiner, Luther, p. 75) 

The German Nazis would follow the words of Luther, with their Darwinist ideology, in the Holocaust. German scholars, contemporary to Luther, were repulsed by Luther’s violent envisioning. For example, Heinrich Bullinger of Zurich wrote: “Everyone must be astonished at the hard and presumptuous spirit of the man (Luther). The opinion of posterity will be that Luther was not only a man, but a man ruled by criminal passions.” (See Weiner, Luther, p. 76) 

Heinrich Bullinger of Zurich

Martin Luther was the patriarch of German nationalism. He appointed himself as the mouthpiece for the German race, saying:

“I am the prophet of the Germans, for such is the haughty title I must henceforth assume.” (Weiner, Martin Luther: Hitler’s Spiritual Ancestor, ch. 2, p. 26)

Luther moreover declared:

“As I am the prophet of the Germans, I will act as a faithful teacher and warn my staunch Germans of the danger in which they stand.”

Luther also said:

“I have been born for my beloved Germans, for them will I die!”

For Luther, the Germans were the Herrenvolk,, or “the best nation” just as the Quran said of Muslims as “the best nation” (Q 3:110) “The Germans are conspicuous for their nobility of character,” said Luther, “their constancy, an fidelity.” In another pompous and antichrist statement, Luther said:

“If God is concerned for the interests of His son, He will watch over me; my cause is the cause of Jesus Christ. If God careth not for the glory of Christ, He will endanger His own and will have to bear the shame.” (Quoted in Wiener, Martin Luther: Hitler’s Spiritual Ancestor, ch. 2, p. 26) 

If the Germans were so enthusiastic about a man like Luther, then it should have been no surprise that they accepted Adolf Hitler as their leader. Or in the words of Wiener:

“A nation which found it easy to accept a character like Luther as Christ, could not find it difficult to accept a man like Hitler as Messiah.” (Wiener, Martin Luther: Hitler’s Spiritual Ancestor, ch. 2, p. 27) 

And that is exactly what happened. The Germans were looking for really the fulfillment of Luther’s envisioning of an absolutist leader — a fuehrer —  for Germany. Luther once said:

“Germany is like a beautiful horse that has everything it needs. But it needs a horseman. In the same way as a good horse runs occasionally astray without a good horseman who governs it, so Germany has enough strength and people, but it lacks a good leader.”

Hitler was seen as the grand emulator of Luther. Karl Litzmann, a German general in the First World War who later joined the Nazi Party, definitely saw Hitler in this light. “Hitler,” he said in 1933, “is the greatest German, who can only be compared to Luther.” (See Weiner, Luther, p. 88

In light of Wisdom 2, this inquest on the connections between Darwinism, Protestantism and Islam, the First World War is of the utmost of significance for it was here where the Ottomans were bruised and it is here where they will re-arise to crucify the saints.

So Wisdom 2, reveals this conflict — amongst the most horrific ones experienced by mankind — Islam (which Wisdom predicted), Darwinism (which Wisdom exposed) and Protestantism (that did away with Wisdom), converged together to war against the true faith of Christianity.

So when observing the problems of our present day, and how they presage the rise of another bloody conflict, one realizes somewhere along the road of inquiry, that the First World War parallels our own coming Tribulation Period, and thus is a prerequisite for us to learn about it. In the words of historian George Kennan: “all the lines of inquiry, it seems to me, lead back to it.”

In the heart of Germany’s vision of supremacy, one will find Luther’s name engrained. Adolf Deissman, who was amongst Germany’s leading Protestant theologians during the First World War, unequivocally placed Luther as an inseparable pillar holding up German militarism. In 1914, Deissman wrote down the points of ideology which German Protestants had to follow. It was entitled: “The War and Religion” and in it he proclaimed the diabolical equation of Christianity with German supremacy. He wrote:

“The war has steeled our religion … We Germans can’t believe in anything else but a German God.” (Quoted by Weiner, Luther, p. 90) 

Adolf Deissman

Deissman also said:

“Our present religion is natural and German, and we preach a German God! A German, a national God!” (Ibid) 

By Making God German, what Lutheran ideology did was bring back the German people to its pre-Christian religion, when the Germans worshipped their own Germanic gods. By doing this under the guise of Christianity, it made it easier for people to return to paganism, without the trouble of appearing rebellious. Jesus Christ all of a sudden became a German, as we read in Deissman: “Only in a German cloak can the real Christ breath.” (As quoted by Weiner, Luther, p. 100)

This type of teaching went directly in line with the “back to roots” paganism that so grew in 20th century Germany. From nationalist religion, comes the idea that the race is above the Faith, and in this, do men put their own pride above mankind, and war against humanity itself. Hence why Protestant Germany had no problem in absorbing Social-Darwinism. Even in the words of the Protestant theologian, Deissman, do we find the Darwinist sentiment of “might makes right,” for he said:

“I am proud to preach the religion of might and what our enemies call barbarism.” (As quoted by Weiner, Luther, p. 100)

Protestants claim that there is no animosity to destroy the Universal Church. Fact is, it is all about destroying the Universal Church and is why throughout history these have suffered no martyrdoms in any mass exterminations that fits Psalm 22 or Wisdom 2 for these are of the lot of the persecutors, not the persecuted. 

And in this eleven thousand words essay which we at carefully analyzed a multifaceted prophecy giving solid clues no one has ever considered. The coming global war on Christianity includes Muslims and Evolutionists pinpointing the common modern accusations leveled against the Christians. Wisdom 2 even uses rhetoric that is patently modern. The mocking language adds more phrases than what was told to Christ at His crucifixion. It adds the reasons from the evolutionists perspective as to why they massacre the remnants of the Universal Church, that is, that the Christian denies their theory; both atheistic and theistic evolution insisting we are not created “by mere chance,” but are created in the “image of God” and by “the Son of God” Who suffered similar consequence: death and then Resurrection. To obtain such a glorious resurrection then one must follow Christ’s command:

Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life, and I will raise them up at the last day. 55 For my flesh is real food and my blood is real drink. 56 Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in them. (John 6:55-56)

For Christ clearly indicates “He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in them” (John 6:53–56). All who are able to partake and insist on rejecting this, or treat this holy matter as metaphor (as without substance) are ousted from the Kingdom for they reject the authority and the ability of God to fulfill His mystery. Therefore, these do not deserve a resurrection. Christ clearly stated that He will only abide in the one who partake of His Body and only then He will “raise them up at the last day.” This is no metaphor. One cannot have the Holy Spirit or claim that their inner belief system stems from a “divine spark” without this which was ordained through His Universal Church. Christ calls upon your souls: “Come to Me all you labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest”.

“He boasts that he hath the knowledge of God, and calls Himself the son of God” (Wisdom 2:13).

This verse is the most amazing prophecy about Christ’s first coming, but it has been dropped by so many who claim Christianity. Yet when confronted with this prophecy, many who call themselves Christian will mock at the Book of Wisdom denying that God inspired it. But this denial in itself fulfills this prophecy making these of the camp of the mockers.

Barabbas: Crucifixion, Ending by vincentyeo