Senior Iranian Defense Minister Threatening To Obliterate Saudi Arabia And Is Working On Gaining Nukes From North Korea Even Threatening to Destroy Mecca

By Walid Shoebat

Everyone was worried about North Korea’s nuclear missiles hitting the United States when this whole time there is more concern that North Korea are giving these missiles to Iran to nuke Saudi Arabia and now Iran just made a direct threat that they will obliterate Saudi Arabia. Here watch and listen:

Iran is likely to gain nuclear missiles from North Korea or even others.

We have been declaring it for decades that Arabia, not Rome, not New York is what will be bombed to oblivion. North Korea will not bomb New York. Relax people.

“Iran will hit back at most of Saudi Arabia with the exception of Islam’s holiest places if the kingdom does anything ‘ignorant,'” Tehran’s defense minister was quoted as saying Sunday after a Saudi prince threatened to move the “battle” to Iran.

“If the Saudis do anything ignorant, we will leave no area untouched except Mecca and Medina,” Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan was quoted by the semi-official Tasnimnews agency as saying.

“They think they can do something because they have an air force,” he added.

Dehghan is correct.

While Iranian forces are no match technologically for Riyadh’s lavishly equipped military, Iran’s air force is mostly comprised of obsolete airframes, Tehran can use what equipment and troops it does have in clever ways to offset that advantage.

Iran has a host of missiles at its disposal including the liquid-fueled Emad, which has a 1,000-mile range. It also has the Shahab family of ballistic missiles. The latest variant, the developmental Shabab-4, could have a range as great as 2,400 miles.

But the most capable Iranian missiles are the solid-fuel, two-stage road-mobile Sejjil series ballistic missiles—which are very difficult to hunt down. They also have very quick reaction times.

“The Sejjil 3 would reportedly have three stages, a maximum range of 4,000 km, and a launch weight of 38,000 kg,” according to the Claremont & George C. Marshall Institute’s Missile Threat project.

But the claim that Iran does not intend to hit the holy cities of Mecca and Medina is simply political ploy as not to upset the Muslim world until it declares Karbalah as the holiest place.

Just take last year as an example, the Iranian backed Houthis confirmed a launch of a Burkan-1 ballistic missile into Saudi Arabia that targeted King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, the kingdom’s busiest airport. However, the coalition forces revealed it was heading towards Mecca as Reuters also confirmed:

The US has sold more than 19,000 smart bombs to Saudi Arabia. What is missing for Saudi Arabia is the GBU-28 or the GBU-43 MOAB, which can penetrate underground fortifications (60 feet of concrete).

So Saudi Arabia is unlikely to deal with Iran’s missiles or nuclear facility.

Take the Iranian Fordo facility for example. It would be a difficult endeavor and Arabia must ensure that the bombs would be able to drill through both the side of the mountain and the facility’s hardened shell before detonating, the task might still be completed, but not without possibilities of failure. The problem is that while the BLU-109 are powerful weapons, it’s not certain that they are actually powerful enough to blast through the thick layers of earth and concrete surrounding Natanz and (especially) Fordo. A strike with these weapons might destroy the facilities; but then again, it might not. The BLU-109, for instance, is rated to penetrate around six feet of concrete — but Natanz facility (30-plus feet of earth) it might need several hits to complete a drill process. A 2006 study of the problem by researchers at MIT’s Security Studies Program argued for example, that taking out Natanz with BLU-113s is possible, but only in a large-scale strike involving 80+ warheads to drill into the facilities. It is no wonder why Saudi Arabia purchased 1,500 of these drill puppies.

The only problem is that if Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States decide to take on such a mission is that failure would create a Pearl Harbor effect in which Iran could retaliate and nuke Saudi Arabia when it gains its nukes.

But when it comes to Mecca’s destruction, realization is finally sinking in as countless articles from Egypt to Saudi Arabia are publishing headlines saying that Iran is gradually diverting their pilgrims from visiting Mecca and encouraging them to visit Karbala in Iraq instead.

One headline sums it up: “The Alternative To Hajj: Muslims To Arafat And Iranians To Karbala. Does Iran Seek A Sectarian Divide To Replace Mecca?”

Iranians even opted to visit Arafa in Karbala, Iraq, instead of Arafa in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Iran’s religious authority has even completely boycotted the Hajj last year.

Saudi Arabian paper Ukaz notices the shift:

“The Hajj is successfully completed when the pilgrims get to Mina to throw the stones [at the devil] … pilgrims flocked from all over the world except from Iran which preferred to do the Hajj this year in Karbala, Iraq”. has been speaking of the coming shift for years now and realization is at hand.

Why the shift? Because the Bible says so. The harlot desert is finally abandoned and is burned by her own lovers.

The noose is tightening on Al-Sa’ud when it rummaged to salvage its Sunni Alliance to save itself especially after Turkey and Pakistan abandoned the coalition. To Shia, Karbala supersedes Mecca. In the Shiite faith, there was a feud between the two cities. When Mecca felt haughty and arrogant that Allah warns her, he will toss the Ka’ba in hellfire and will utterly destroy her (1).

But where did the Shia extract such an idea of destroying Arabia?

The answer is simple: the devil knows biblical prophecies much better than the average joe in Sunday school who attempts to put the prophetic puzzle together to conclude that Rome is what was intended for destruction.

If in doubt about Iran destroying Arabia in the Bible, just look up “Elam” (Iran) in Isaiah 21 (we made it simple for you, just click here and try to refute) and even Isaiah 14:23 promised that Arabia will get “the broom of destruction” (nuclear) where “the Arab will no longer pitch his tent there” (Isaiah 13:20). We were the only ones correct that Israel will not hit Iran’s nuclear facilities and that Iran will gain a nuclear missiles so expect it shortly.

Keep in mind that if Rome is what Apocalypse had in mind, scripture clearly declared that the ones who destroy it are also considered God’s enemies in the Bible. It is not because God loves the Kaaba, but because He promised that the harlot is destroyed by her own children:

For God hath given into their hearts to do that which pleaseth him: that they give their kingdom to the beast, till the words of God be fulfilled. (Revelation 17:17)

Can anyone explain this by attributing the verses to Rome? Impossible. God says that He will make it happen to even induce the beast to destroy his own city (the harlot city).

For centuries anti-Rome interpreters insisted that they too hated the harlot (in their case it was Rome) and will rejoice at her destruction. This will make the very anti-Rome interpreters as pro-beast since the beast also wants the destruction of the harlot city. So by this these become of the seed of satan. Catholics never showed an interest in destroying either Rome or Mecca.

How could these be setting themselves up for a surprise? While the true seed (true Christians) stems from Christ (Isaiah 53) “he [Messiah] will see his seed [offspring] and prolong his days” (Isaiah 53:10) but in addition, such seed must also stem from the seed of the woman “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (Revelation 12:14,17)

These kept the “commandments of God” and not just had ‘faith alone’ void of obedience in following the commandments and the sacraments established by Christ. Christ made that clear “if you love Me you must obey My commandments”. (John 14:15)

Faith in scripture is not just the mental exercise, but is a physical process as well “Do you see that by works a man is justified; and not by faith only?” (James 2:24) This verse, Mary, the Eucharist would instantly unsettle many who claim to have the Holy Spirit. But so do these issues unsettle the demons who have the unholy spirit.  There is no unholy who do not perceive themselves as housing the holy.

Yet for centuries, volumes and volumes of writ on Rome, all of them avoiding not just Isaiah 21 and a multitude of other verses, but that these declare themselves as enemies of the woman. You cannot appease the King while you tick off the Queen and expect to get away with it.

Calling Mary the Queen Mother will instantly gain me the reaction “Mary was nothing more than a vessel.”

These think of Mary exactly as a Muslim Jihadi martyr would think of his mother. Allah ordained she simply be the vessel to produce martyrs. Was Mary’s purpose to only produce a sacrificial martyr?

But how is this type of thinking even possible in the West? It would be more logical to have this type of thinking in the Muslim Middle East. I have never seen something more offensive than to tell a mother that all she is, is just a vessel.

In fact, this is what the Quran teaches about women: “Nisaukum hirthon lakum” (2:223) which means “your women are your plow field” they simply are “the vessel” that carries the fetus that belongs to the father. They even insist that Joseph plowed Mary. This too is Muslim thinking regarding women:

“Your women are your fields, so go into your fields whichever way you like .” (Quran 2:223)

Not even the Muslims make such an issue like this about Mary.

They can’t see that throughout history we had millions of women who remained virgin (nuns). But Mary Whom Joseph betrothed her to protect her life? Allah forbid. To these Mary had to have been plowed by Joseph which such an idea only emerged in the 19th century forward.

This mentality is one of the reasons I left Islam and I finally removed my American mother from my Muslim father. I could not take it watching that type of mentality and abuse towards women. Horrible.

Lord have mercy.

In the meanwhile, Daniel’s prophecy is recurring; Belshazzar, which means Bel Save the King, holds a last great feast at which he sees a hand writing on a wall with the Aramaic words mene, mene, tekel, upharsin, which Daniel interprets as a judgment from God foretelling the fall of Babylon by the hand of Persia (Iran). Belshazzar as vice-regent in Babylon during the absence of Nabonidus lost Babylon. Nabonidus left the capital for the desert oasis of Tayma in Arabia early in his reign. In the meantime, his son Belshazzar ruled from Babylon. Nabonidus’ would visit Arabia for his personal preference for Sîn (Allah) is clear. He had elevated Arabia’s deity over the other idols which upset Persia. Today, Persia is elevating its Karbala over the Black Stone and the warning call has been set again; Cyrus is coming for the second Babylon, Arabia while Bel will fail in saving the king and ends up bowing to Christ “Bel [the crescent god] is broken, Nebo [Nabonidus] is destroyed: their idols are put upon beasts and cattle, your burdens of heavy weight even unto weariness” (Isaiah 46:1). This idol was the crescent moon which King Messiah destroys “And Gideon arose and killed Zebah and Zalmunna, and he took the crescent ornaments that were on the necks of their camels” that this time He stomps through the woman Mary (Apocalypse 11-12).



(1) This, in accordance to one very popular Shiite belief which utterly terrifies and angers Saudi Arabia:

Once the land of Ka’bah declared proudly, ‘Which land is like me? Allah has made His House on me. People from all parts of the earth come to pay homage to me. I have been made sacrosanct (haram) and sacred by Allah.’ On hearing this Allah, revealed, ‘Be silent! Wait a little (before you say anything further). By My Might and My Honour, the excellence and distinction I have granted to the land of Karbala is more than what I have given you. Compared to Karbala, your position is like a needle head sized drop in front of the sea. If the dust of Karbala had not been there, I would never have bestowed this honour upon you. If the one resting in Karbala (Imam Husain (a.s.)) had not been there, I would neither have created you nor the House over which you are so haughty. Wait, adopt humility and modesty and don’t be arrogant and boastful. Don’t try to prevail over Karbala in importance (as that is not possible). Else I will be displeased with you and throw you in Hell.’ (Kaamil al-Ziarat, p.267, tradition 13, narrating from Imam Ja’far al-Al-Sadiq also see here)

  • Darren Neufeldt

    Interesting that this seems to be moving faster and faster, truly the End of Days draws near. With all that is going on to try to stop these two countries from having Nukes, I can only think that God is delaying the appointed time in order that as many that can be saved will be saved. Once that happens all hope in this World will be lost IMO.

  • This proves we are getting closer to the final battle but there is still time.

    Meanwhile, Erdogan is angry with Israel for a bill proposing to ban the black speech of Islam call to prayer in the morning.

    He also is scolding Trump for seriously considering moving the embassy to Jerusalem.

    It sounds as if he is trying to drum up more Muslim support worldwide in bid to prepare for an invasion of 200 million man army.

    • AnthonyM

      It’s a good idea to ban the amplified ‘call to prayer’. They should simply send out tweets or text messages to their followers. But the call is not about notification so much as domination of the culture.

      Like your LOTR reference on black speech,aka the Dark Tongue of Mordor.

      • One tower to rule them all and in darkness bind them.

        • Kelly Ann

          Hummm , let’s see the EU, UN , NATO, Freemasons , Zionist elite globalist , mohammedeans , evil policitians n secular Godless governments. Yup looks like the little hobbits got their hands full again.

          • The Hobbits shaped the fate of everyone, didn’t they?

          • Kelly Ann

            Yeah they did in the movie little unimportant people like us little folk in a world gone mad. I like the version of Dies Irae in the trilogy very fitting song for a movie based on the book of revelations.

        • AnthonyM

          Sadly, so true.

          • The diabolical towers of Mecca has ruled many. Happily though we know God’s purpose will soon take place when that wretched place become destroyed and heavens will exult over its destruction.

          • Kelly Ann

            Hey did you happen to notice in the movie Sargons all seeing eyeball in the tower was held in a shape like crescent ? Just like the tower Babel in mecca. i invisioned watching that tower coming down in Mecca just like that one in the movie, all it will take is one little missile sent from Iran spearheaded Right on its ugly crescent.

          • I never noticed it until someone posted a photograph comparing the two towers. It was startling. Made me wonder if Tolkien was onto something.

          • Kelly Ann

            Tolkien was very well studied in church history n spoke many languages with Latin being his favourite. so maybe he took the lessons in history to get the details to his fabled book

      • Kelly Ann

        It would be even better if it was wiped of the face of the planet, but I just don’t have enough mr clean to go around. But the Mother of God does so I’ll just have to wait for her while I clutch my scrub bucket.

        • AnthonyM


      • Steven

        Funny you should mention that, because in the scene where Gandalf recites the black speech, several of those standing around get a head-ache.

        Kinda similar to those having to listen to the Islamic prayer. It’s irritating and I wouldn’t blame those wanting to ban it. You really do get a headache after listening to that raucous.

    • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday vowed that his government would work with the Palestinian people to guard against the “Judiazation of Jerusalem,” according to Channel 2.

      Erdogan made the comments to Palestinian Authority Rami Hamdella while the PA official was on an official visit to Ankara.

      • This is why he collaborates with the people who forsook the covenant. Daniel 11 all fits. Like a glove.

        • It’s incredible to see the pinpoint accuracy Daniel has and calibrated with the right interpretation, that is a Eastern mindset.

  • lewjac3

    I wish the the tough talking persians would either put up or shut up.

  • Methusalem

    I think the Saudis already have the nukes from Pakistan. Iran might probably get them, either from North Korea or India. Iran vs. Saudi Arabia; Pakistan vs India — two billion folks gone all at once. I wonder what the world would look like the day after?!

  • Doc

    QUOTING: ” They even insist that Joseph plowed Mary”


    I nearly spit sparkling water all over my keyboard laughing at that one.

    I will say this: I have seen a life-sized poster of “Our Lady of Guadalupe” and it is as plain as day that she is standing on a crescent moon.

    • They are mad Doc. But its difficult to see all the madness until we understand it all. Then we look at the mirror and ask ourselves, how could we believe all the crap they told us.

      • Doc

        I don’t want to bore you with my life story, but my careful study of Mormonism over the years led me to conclude that “if the Mormons are a cult, could they ALL be cults?”

        I have had too many family members who converted to Mormonism, and clearly they preach a Jesus that is not the true Messiah. As time went by I began to watch all these evangelical/Protestant denominations popping up like weeds, and I had to ask myself, “In what way are they different from the Mormons? Both profess that somehow the ‘true’ gospel was corrupted, and that their teachings somehow “restored” the true church.” As you’ve said in your threads, “then that means Satan prevailed against the one true church if in fact it had to be ‘restored’.”

        Suddenly these “weeds” seemed to be in need of weed killer.

        Add to that the proclivity of these evangelicals to prophecy and “hear a Word from the Lord” as if they have their souls tuned to a divine radio station and are picking up direct broadcasts from God. Didn’t God say, “My thoughts are not your thoughts?”

        Strange how most of the TV and radio preacher “prophecies” turn out to be nothing more than lies. Still think you’re hearing from God, now, Mr. TV Preacher? This led me to think the books they write are nothing but trash. How can one believe their writings they claim to be inspired when their “prophecies” are clearly not?

        I profess to hear from the Holy Spirit, too, but it’s in the form of reassurance, not a revelation for the ages. It’s usually in answer to prayer. I have never had a word from the Lord out of the blue that wasn’t related to a personal concern.

        No “weed” church will I be starting.

        Then one day I read “God’s War on Terror” and it all made sense. Hal Lindsey, Rick Joyner, et al, are nothing but false prophets raking in huge sums of money while shoveling (ahem) feces.

        I still have my issues with Roman cahtolicism, but I lean Eastern Orhodox.

        What I was taught in a Southern Baptist church dies hard, however.

        I will claim all day long to be “born again” because I had a dramatic and authentic conversion experience.

        But I see the Eucharist and the wine as true food and drink as well.

        • Darren Neufeldt

          Couldn’t agree more Doc, except it was Evangelical for me and it’s brainwashing is taking some time and digging for the truth that has been helping me to fight it. I too like the Orthodox aspect however I decided on Catholicism as the one to stick with (personal reasons).

          Walid may not be a “Prophet” so to speak, but he has certainly been lead by the Holy Spirit to lead those of us that want to know more than just the motions of the Mass.

          Forgive the two “leads” I get confused as to which should be led and lead.

        • ezekiel22

          You are not alone in many aspects. You are correct the Southern Baptist parts die hard but that is a good thing. I have no doubts about my salvation at all as my faith is not in any but Jesus. You see I believe that all the gifts of The Spirit are alive and well today. For me to say otherwise would be to deny what I have witnessed. When I was younger that would have you all but excommunicated.
          When it comes to TV preachers I doubt the greater majority of them to be anything but cons and a lot of people use them as a crutch for not going to church to grow in Christ which is bad. I would not want to be in their shoes. I found it funny that you mentioned Hal Lindsey. I was talking to a friend of mine about him pointing out that I think he is all show and no go. I used to like him back when. Mega churches I think are a disaster! You can do your “duty” and still remain totally anonymous. They do make money though.
          In closing I am sure that we are in the Last Days or at least the chapter before. The Church of Christ will be separated from the others with no pure denomination or sect. We are human after all and there are many aspects of Christ and His mission for all of us that are fulfilled by the different denominations. BTW Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses are cults in that they reject the Nicene Creed. The Mormons though recently have been not so loud about ALL the teachings of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. I suggest if you want to learn more about them look up Walter Martin.

          • Doc

            I was listening to a radio show on the internet the other day, and the speaker was giving all the reasons why the Fatima vision was demonic.

            After listening to the show, I read the statement of beliefs they profess, and believing in the Holy Spirit as a person was not one of their beliefs.


            Denying the Trinity is a sure sign you are not of the true church.

          • ezekiel22

            So pray tell what is your point/accusation? All of the cults deny the deity of Christ, The Resurrection, atonement for ALL sins.

          • Doc

            Just that you have to be watchful.

        • You shall know them by their fruit Doc.

          You squeeze the fruit. You squeeze the olive. What do you get?

          You get food. The olive gives you light and health.

          But what if you crushed the olives and what comes out is money and fame?

          This is where I was going Doc. Creating wealth was not what I had in mind. Creating fame is something I hated. I hated people lining up to get an autograph. I hated meeting the TV big wigs. I wanted to meet people who were starving for truth and had lots of patience and love digging wells.

          I realized that my life was not what Christ was all about. I wanted to crush an olive and get oil instead of puss.

          I saw divorce rampant. I used to ask every pastor about their divorce rate in their church.

          Something was wrong.

          That form of Christianity says this: I want to sin in the name of Jesus.

          So long they tag the name ‘Jesus’ or ‘God is good’ then its all good.

          I hated everyone who said ‘God told me’ with a passion.

          I hated all these who claimed they had a special gifts when I can tell they are just full of it.

          These were not filled with Holy Spirit. These were filled with unholy Shiite.

          Everyone was graduating the same day they entered and they are all now doctors.

          I could not find a few sane people.

          I’d get off the plane and go home and just hibernate.

          All I saw was limousines for Jesus.

          How can I get rid of my sin nature. This is all I wanted.

          I wanted not to sin. I wanted to be filled with love for God and everything and everyone He loved. I wanted to do what God wanted. Be his donkey.

          I consumed the Eucharist and it was all over.

          I cannot explain anything else on what happened afterwards.

          I was healed.

          All I can say is that I was blind and now I see.

          • Doc

            Interesting. So apparently you experienced a supernatural change after consuming the Eucharist? This is the evidence that it has supernatural power and that the truth follows it.

            As for the so-called “prosperity gospel”, I was watching one of the religious TV shows and the guest was a preacher from Africa. He was absolutely flabbergasted at what Americans believe, and he was trying to set the record straight. (The host looked very uncomfortable at this point). The preacher from Africa stated it very succinctly: if the “prosperity gospel” were valid then there would be no poor, persecuted Christians in Africa.

            Game. Set. Match.

          • GAFCON has a series on refuting the prosperity gospel heresy.

            Worth a read.

  • This adds everything as to why she is the “Ark of your might” in Psalm 132. Great point. We even use the word in the Arabic Jabbara which is Gebirah in Hebrew: mighty.

  • Raph Sebastian

    Although being adequately well versed in Sunni and Wahabbi islam, this is the first time I have read about documentary proof of the Shiite belief of destroying Mecca and replacing it with Karbala.

    Is there a Hashemite belief that seeks to destroy Mecca? After all the Hashemites were guardians of Mecca until the Sauds turned up.

    The Alawite being Shiite leaning would mean they seek to see Karbala as the house of allah rather than Mecca as well?

    • “Is there a Hashemite belief that seeks to destroy Mecca? ”

      No,just a prediction from Muhammad that it will be destroyed.

      “The Alawite being Shiite leaning would mean they seek to see Karbala as the house of allah rather than Mecca as well?”

      Yes. In general Shiites want Karbala they hate the Umayyads for killing the grandsons of Muhammad.

      • Raph Sebastian

        Thank you Bro Walid, the dynamics of the islamic sects and their blood rivalries and vows of vengeance make a little more sense now.

  • bubba

    great article again walid. i always ponder the timelines and wonder whats next. glad to have to help guide my thoughts. thanks!

    • Thanks bubba. The best is not to ponder timelines since no one can establish them.

  • You simply moved from the tares section to the wheat section.

  • In simple terms Believer I was on the Tares section where there was no Wheat and I was simply moved to the Wheat section and now I consume Wheat.

  • Doc

    Yes, Walid drops little bits of manna all through the comment section.

  • Kelly Ann

    Back in the early days of the Protestant reform , these strange Lutheran characters described Our Lady as Gods moll.

  • racarrera

    It’s a shame someone has to win, but if I had to choose, I’d rather root for the perverted Iran over the sadistic Saudis. In the end, however, both bring monstrous evil.

  • Kelly Ann

    When you die you will find out.