How Hollywood, The Sports Industry, Stand Up Comedy And Major Media Entertainment Is Being Used To Promote Eugenics And Mass Genocide

By Theodore Shoebat

Joe Rogan and Sarah Silverman, and many other celebrities, are part of an agenda to desensitize and normalize genocide and eugenics

How does Hollywood, the sports industry, stand up comedy and mass media entertainment, promote eugenics and genocide? Find out now by watching my latest video:

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  • One reason why I stopped watching UFC was how it always showed a Roman gladiator before entering the arena. I realized after watching a second pay-per-view fight how I was actually supporting an Antichrist system that is feeding people on blood lust.

    It won’t be long before stuff portrayed in “Running Man” and “The Hunger Game” become reality and they will put captured Christians into those “arena” for sports. It would be pagan Rome all over again.

    • By the way, Theo, I think you look better with some facial hairs. It was unnerving to see your clean shaven face.

      • He got tired of looking scruffy and so he went back to baby face.

        • Ratliff

          No one’s taken your young buck to task for mocking the Indian accent?

          • Ratliff,

            You pop up every now and then that we are beginning to believe that the Rapture has multiple fulfillments.

            We all wonder when will be the final millennium when you remain here on earth for a thousand years with us where you rapture no more.

          • Ratliff

            I enjoy all the insights and advantages of your website without feeling I need to write a dissertation every time you cough, my friend. Rest assured, I lurk…

            I don’t think anyone really thinks I’ll be getting “caught up.”

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          I gave Ted such a hard time about his lampshade, I would never fault him on his mustache.

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        He was beginning to look like the unmade bed that sometimes was visible in the background, lol.

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          You are venturing into lampshade territory. Leave the man alone. ;o)

    • Richard Dalessandro

      UFC was only good when it first came out style vs style no weight classes. It’s sicking now to me also.

      • That’s what my friend told me. It was supposed to be about that, to prove which style was the best, but I can’t watch it anymore. It’s the same with WWF. Used to be pretty decent but today it is vulgar.

        • Richard Dalessandro

          Yes the Gracie’s had a competition in Brazil way before UFC came out,It was when Helio was alot younger. When UFC (created by the Gracie’s) came out the Gracie’s wanted to show the world how their style was superior by showing the world smaller people could beat bigger and stronger people by using BJJ. That why they chose Royce the younger brother, 160 lbs which looked very unimpressive.
          I hate what the sport has become big time and was once training for it myself.

          I believe everyone should lift or do something to be active. Plus learn some boxing, wrestling, BJJ,etc..For fun and if their life is in danger.

          • Richard Dalessandro

            Wrestling for sure since God himself wrestled with Jacob

          • I have often entertained the idea of learning BJJ myself but my time constraint doesn’t allow me to.

          • Richard Dalessandro

            Front,side,rear,guilletein chokes plus an arm bar is all you really need and try learning them standing too. The arm bar would turn into a wrestling move called the Russian arm bar. You don’t want to go to the ground if you can help it if someone tries something because there might be more than one.
            Boxing is a good base to have learning basic combos. Hitting the heavy bag is good but you got to spar. Throw in spike elbow a side elbow low kick and front kick from Myui thai. Wrestling learn how to do a double leg, defend someone doing a double leg usually with a cross punch,knee, or sprall plus learn how to throw.
            If you learn these basics and build you will have all around protection minus a dog or weapon. I’d start with boxing learning offense and counter punching if I was you.

    • Стефан Евгений

      What is UFC brat? a fried chicken place :-))

      • Ultimate Fighting Champion.

      • Raph Sebastian

        Hahah… Ultimate Fried Chicken…

    • filomena seiffert

      It is not worth to disrupt your interior peace by watching the filthy junk they show on TV and theater. I gave up watching them in 2011. I had stopped watching most of it, was only watching the biggest looser then I saw lots of evil in some participants and it was disgusting, so I stopped for good. So far I do not miss it, I feel free for more prayer, gardening and give more attention to the dog.

    • Julie LaBrecque

      Perish the thought…but I’m afraid you’re right..

      • One of the highest grossing movies of the past decade is the “Saw” series where people were placed into sadistic games of torture.

        Ever wonder why our young adults, including adults with emotional maturity of a toddler, do property damage, going so far to murder police in cold blood? The “Purge” which pushed the agenda of culling the population.

        Recently I watched a movie “Kingsmen: The Secret Service” which is about a philanthropist agenda to cull the world population by having them fight and kill each other. Only those who were wealthy and powerful figures were spared. Of course it was thwarted by an agent who was promised by a “Swedish princess” that if he saved the world, she would allow him to sodomize her. I was deeply disturbed by the entire movie.

        It’s no wonder the Shoebat have been warning us about the rise of eugenics because that’s the goal – the rid the world of “undesirable” through a culling plan, and they would align and ally with murderous Muslims to do so.

        Hollywood is helping brainwash our people and so are universities, more like an indoctrination center. We Christians are becoming like candles instead of bright lighthouse.

    • Kamau41

      As we can see, the conditions are set for the return of paganism. The world is rapidly changing and it won’t be very long before we see all of this come into reality.

    • DeusLoVult

      I’ve seen many UFC fights, but I don’t remember the gladiator….interesting. I don’t like the ‘martial sports’ anyhow. They used to really pummel each other in boxing and MMA. Now, they only care about putting on a show. Which actually quite is similar to the gladiator arenas of Rome, as you say….

      • The broadcast typically starts with an opening scene of a Roman gladiator kneeling and gathering dirt into his hands before getting his sword and entering the arena with lights.

        • DeusLoVult

          I used to just record them and skip all the crap at the beginning, going straight to the fight. That’s probably why I’ve never seen it.

          • Grandmere

            So there really is a difference between men and women! I would watch the crap at the beginning and skip the fight. lol

    • Laura
      • Richard Dalessandro

        It was only a matter of time. Kids and adults see hunger games etc…. And think that will be so cool to be in something like that since I now know how to survive since watching it and I’ll be the mighty winner and everyone will worship me. Pride surely goes before the fall.

  • Richard Dalessandro

    Good video. Interesting how you talked about working out and how people talk about the Zen and meditation of it which leads to me talking with my aunt today… She has been doing yoga since 2000 and once I went to do it with her, I was cocky since I was going to a state military college running 5 miles a day plus hundreds of push-ups etc… I got my butt kicked but I couldn’t shake the crazy instructor and her husband making it into some yinyang eatlovepray BS. My aunt got very dark spirituality through the years. She told me today when she left that woman’s place last year that the woman was personally upset because to her my aunt was losing her spirituality, luckily my aunt has been going to church lately and hopefully I can get her to come to mass. Well she told this woman God isn’t there at her studio and all she wanted is to feel her muscles get a good burn… It’s a huge step for her to say that because of where she was and I’ll help her take more steps

  • Kamau41

    Another blockbusting video really detailing how Eugenics-Social Darwinism-Paganism is being heavily promoted thru sports, comedy and entertainment industry. So many who label themselves as ‘conservatives’ or even ‘Christian’ while talking so much about CAIR(Council for American Islamic Relations), but hardly ever mention anything about FAIR(Federation for American Immigration Reform). You have uncovered so much of what is actually going on and have opened up our eyes to so much more to help us to grasp the fact that Eugenics policies are deceptively being pushed under the disguise of Anti-Immigration Reform. Very frightening stuff.

    I do remember that interview you did with Bas Rutten a couple of years back and it’s very sad to see that he is now on the broad road that will lead to destruction. All a sign that the masses of today has become desensitized to evil, which will lead to eventual genocide. The stage has been set for decades…What you said is more true today than ever; “It’s not about the devil you already know, but the devil you don’t know.”

    As always, keep up the excellent work, Ted!

    • Kevin Nicholson

      “Eugenics policies” are murder in plain sight:
      Number of Abortions – Abortion Counters

      • Kamau41

        Indeed!! It’s horrific by far…The link you shared reflects that fact.

  • Sorry, but it is becoming clearer by the day the Church is ill-prepared to endure to the end during the “last days.”

  • Ceirwyn

    Ugh, do people still watch much tv anymore? Why? It’s mostly trash.

    • I cut cable a long time ago, but Netflix and Amazon Prime are just as bad.

      I have been watching a BBC series, “Father Brown” a Catholic priest who does sleuthing on the side, which, for 90% of the time are very decent. It’s the annoying 10% of the time, they have to throw in scenes that are completely unnecessary. It’s downright frustrating.

      • Grace Ziem

        I enjoy PureFlix for interest and Christian values. Some are Catholic focused, but many of the church scenes show clerics with collars and feature a crucifix. Good movies do help us get away from this troubling world briefly. Good stuff on creation science also. Blessings.

      • Grandmere

        Same with “Call The Midwife”. They recently introduced two lesbian characters, then abruptly moved one to Australia. I think it was due to audience pushback.

        • It’s really irritating. At this point, I might as well jettison TV and order all the Fathers of the Church books so I can study how they interpreted the Scriptures.

          • Kamau41

            Totally agree with you indeed! There is so much to learn about the Church Fathers, we can spend a lifetime reading about them and how the correctly interpret the Holy Scriptures. Truly love it.

          • The theology of the Church Fathers are as deep as the ocean.

          • Kamau41

            So true. Daily, I’m literally consuming much about the Church Fathers and regularly listen to Immaculate Heart Radio/EWTN.

    • Kamau41

      I hardly ever. There is so much garbage on tv these days, it’s waaaaay too toxic for my mind to handle.

  • susan

    Dang. No wonder they want to legalize marijuana. There’s no funny in their comedy.

  • :-))

  • Raph Sebastian

    Hindu superbabies? Indeed the destruction of human life…they will have to decide which people of which caste they will have to eradicate. Will they decide that all dark skinned (Dravidians) individuals will be culled? Will the Aryans and the Brahmins (the Highest caste in Hinduism) decide who to kill? So will there be a Hollywierd like movie scenario of the “Purge” carried out?

    Southern Indian women and men are obsessed with fair skin, they even have skin products that promise fair skin when applied. These products have no worthwhile results to mention but people continue to buy them in India and in countries where the darker skinned South Indians live.

  • “walid why do you ignore my messages, ”

    Because I do not have time to talk to people I do not even know. You claim to be a direct disciple of Jesus in your last message which I find rather strange.

  • Grandmere

    You came here after Ted got a lampshade. He’s a red blooded bachelor. He got the lampshade to shut me up!

  • Grace Ziem

    We are sorry if you have difficulty with focus, please don’t blame the “background”.

  • The Scriptures and Early Church Fathers all taught in the last days, the Church will experience fiery trials to the point the point of almost being extinct.

    The martyrdom of the Coptics inspired me to fully reject any pre-trib rapture theory.

    • Grandmere

      I think the tribulation will be the final straw that causes most protestants to completely fall away. They will realize the “rapture” was false and they will blame God instead of blaming their teachers. For the devil, it is a perfect setup.

      • That is the conclusion I reached as well. It’s heartbreaking but that’s precisely what Jesus warned.

        • Kamau41

          He did indeed!!

      • Kamau41

        That’s precisely how I see it too. We already see the setup in place.