Trump Administration Deports Christian Man Back To Islamic Indonesia Where Muslims Want To Actually Persecute And Kill Christians

Arino Massie, Christian man who was deported back to Indonesia

By Theodore Shoebat

The Trump administration has deported a Christian man back to Islamic Indonesia where Muslims actually want to persecute Christians. From what I have read, this man has committed no crimes. I hope we can surpass our “USA! USA! USA!” mob mentality, and understand that not everyone deserves deportation. Here is the report:

The tweet from U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. (D-N.J. 6th District) brought the news that supporters of the four Christian Indonesian nationals had dreaded — one of the men has been deported.

“Tragic update to this story: Arino Massie,1 of 4 men detained, is currently on plane to Indonesia. The other 3 men remain at the Detention Center,” Pallone tweeted Thursday afternoon.

Seth Kaper-Dale, pastor of the Reformed Church of Highland Park and Green Party gubernatorial candidate, said Massie’s stay of removal was denied leading to immediate deportation attempts.

“His attorney got a call at 10 a.m. that his stay of removal was denied. He called me from an airplane at 11:30 a.m., already on a plane at JFK. Apparently he was taken in the wee hours of Thursday from his room but wasn’t allowed to call anyone until he was on the plane,” Kaper-Dale said in a statement.

“He has a layover in Japan. I want the President of the U.S. to show that he is concerned about U.S. citizen kids, and that he is concerned about persecuted people,” he said.

Pallone’s tweet about the deportation was posted 10 days after Massie, Saul Timisela, Rovani Wangko and Oldy Manolo, ethnic Chinese Christians, were detained May 8 by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Pallone had also tweeted that he sent staff to a rally at the Detention Center in Elizabeth fighting Arino’s deportation. He thanked those who spoke out against the action.

“These refugees have suffered enough, they shouldn’t be collateral damage of #Trump administration’s extreme & discriminatory policies on imm,” Pallone also tweeted.

Kaper-Dale called for the Keep Families Together rally at 625 Evans Ave., outside the Elizabeth Detention Center, on Thursday to call out ICE Field Office Director John Tsoukaris for being cruel and the Trump administration for being “the hate crime administration.”

“Massie along with the three other men in discussion, are in particular risk if deported because they lived  in sanctuary for one year, the last time ICE decided to prioritize their removal. They are most likely on a targeted list in Indonesia for highlighting the human rights violations and minority religious/ethnic abuses that led to their initial escape,” Kaper-Dale said.

He said the four men have been acknowledged by ICE to be “exemplary community members” who would be in “horrific” danger if deported to Indonesia where religious persecution is brutal and far-reaching.

Kaper-Dale asked for support in getting Congress to reintroduce the Indonesia Refugee Family Protection Act. Last week, a representative from Pallone’s office said discussions are underway about reintroducing the Indonesian Family Refugee Protection Act, which previously did not pass.

“Deporting these individuals is not only detrimental to them, but also to the families they will leave behind and the communities they have helped build,” he said in the letter.

He added that Indonesia has a record of persecuting religious minorities for practicing their beliefs. He noted that Mayor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama of Jakarta, the first Christian governor in decades, was arrested May 9 and accused of blasphemy.

“Many worry that the blasphemy law used against Purnama and growing religious intolerance will continue to endanger religious minorities in Indonesia,” Pallone said.


  • FlyingDutchman

    Trump made a good show with pastor abedin maybe he should nake some actual work of this one. He s now the one pulling the strings #letmypeoplego or whatsover wont work an open invitation and a one way plane ticket would….

  • DeusLoVult

    ““These refugees have suffered enough, they shouldn’t be collateral damage of #Trump administration’s extreme & discriminatory policies on imm,” Pallone also tweeted.”

    The fact that they think Trump is racist and that they’re calling it a hate crime has me somewhat less sympathetic.

  • ace

    I wonder if these people didn’t receive good counsel. Seriously, the documents submitted were very general regarding persecution, and were dated as well. Furthermore, they probably should have sought counsel from conservative immigration attorneys and didn’t know any better. We like to think justice is blind, but lawyers practicing immigration law are overwhelmingly liberal. Still, being Christian may well have made them a target of resentful liberals in the immigration service seeking to punish the current administration. Furthermore, there are Christians with good papers who have been going back and forth from Indonesia without much fanfare, but someone returning after not having lived there for years, would likely be targeted. A very sad story.

  • Coombes,

    Thank you for your updates and for your defense of Indonesians.

    I was meant to ask you why when I review Indonesian facebooks they are littered with pro-Islamist Jihadi material and support for Islamists. Would you like to go through a few?

    Every time I search an Indonesian name and go through the facebooks its terrifying.

    Maybe I am just blind? A little Islamophobic?

    Who knows. But perhaps you are the healing we’ve been looking for. An ointment to our paranoia.

    But mind if I asked; do you not owe me a rebuttal for the last discussion over Catholic Prophecy?

    Watch how you will say “been too busy”.

    However, a peek at your comments reveals much much belaboring with American Thinker.

    You seem to have forgotten to keep your promise.

    • Coombes Larry

      A host of things…

      I have not forgotten the promise at all. But, as I say, it will require something like a 30 page document!! You asked me to be thorough and when I go into debate I go all out to prove the case. It’s a jo that can not be done part way.

      I would have to deal with your initial assumptions, cover objections to Catholic Prophecy, provide proper citations and explanations and then use predictive power to match world events. It’s not that it can’t be done but it will be done properly lest I am accused of not covering the case properly. I was accused of not offering vitiations at the time I did! En masse! But they were to other posters and you may not have seen the them… I do not know but it means I have to quote and quote and quote! It’s a totally different project to commenting on the fly on a couple of blogs.

      It will be a small ***book***. I really am working 7 days a week!! It’s exam season and I run a private tutiion business. The mothers drop their kids off at the gate with no notice at all for revision class prior to their exams. My wife and I can barely stand! As it, explaining the Ahok situation has taken 8 pages for me to explain to people in the old country what has really been happening here!

      Bear in mind that I type in 10 minute gaps in between classes! In fact, I have to go and get prepared for class right now and I will be typing a bit more later.

      Exam season goes right through from February until July and the parents EXPECT you to be on call as a tutor. I really am too busy for a book. But, give me time, let me get kids through their exams, and I will email you a book in PDF format (produced by Libreoffice on Mint Linux KDE edition!)

      Will answer your questions later. Gotta buy finger food to eat during classes. My classes go on until 10:00 to 19:15 local time… absolutely no breaks! Extra revision classes tomorrow! I can post some comments on the situation on Indonesia and I can email you my explanation of what is really going on if you like. Give me chance on the book. The mothers here don’t. They are merciless when it comes to exams!

      • Julie LaBrecque

        ‘Predictive power’ ???

        • Coombes Larry

          Yes – see my reply to Walid.

          More revision classes pouring in with the National exams taking place next week. No time for any more now.

        • Coombes Larry

          Oh sorry, I understand your question now.

          To briefly explain… any working hypothesis can be falsified by making predictions. If the predictions do not come to pass then it suggests that the hypothesis is flawed. If an event happens as predicted – or at least close enough – then the hypothesis is confirmed.

          Obviously there are degree of testing but generally, if a hypothesis is wrong then it’s predictions will not match. See Communism. The predictive power of Communism is zero.

          In regards to Shoebat, I contend that his analysis is good for the Middle East and Europe but certain key assumptions means he goes wrong when dealing with the Far East. I intend to show in my book, and it will be a book, where Shoebat’s predictions fail and where predictions I have made using a different set of assumptions have come to pass… one of the key ones being the kick back against the Islamists that I predicted after the Ahok trial… which kicked off as I was typing that very prediction here!

          By matching predictions we can test assumptions.

      • No problem I will give you till 2023 to fulfill your promise.

        • Coombes Larry

          Typing up further response to your questions… as students do exercises. The book will come!! But I have to get past exam season!

        • Coombes Larry

          I plan by Christmas. It all depends on what happens Post-July.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    Rest in peace, English language. Explain the beheading of the Christian school girls in Poso island few years ago..LARRY. I know that in Indonesia there are two types of Christians, ones who are real born again and get the persecution, and the other are the fake ones, carnal ones, clubbing ones. I have encountered both of them during my travels in Asia as a businessman. Jesus said, HIS PEOPLE WILL BE PERSECUTED IN EVERY NATION, that includes Indonesia. Either Jesus lied or you lie Larry. Of course, fake apostate Christians won’t face persecution. Real ones, like these school girls were killed. You are right though, it is not the “Government official policy” to kill Christians, as Indonesia by law follows Pancacila (5 principles) and recognizes Christianity as one of the official religions. The problem is there are many nasty Muslims WITHIN Indonesian system and the public. And wherever there are “devout Muslims”, there will be trouble.


    • Julie LaBrecque

      What’s his agenda? A double agent?

    • Coombes Larry

      Yeeesssss…. see my last post and the vast numbers of links to what is happening in Indonesia right now.

      There has been a counter revolution. Just sayin.

      • Coombes Larry

        hang on. Can’t see that post. It may be awaiting moderation due to length and/or numbers of links.

  • obfuscation100

    Not sure Trump has much control over the bureaucracy. He doesn’t even have control over the corrupt staff in the WHouse… Obama had 8 years to set up for the sandbagging of his successor. The permanent bureaucracy is a brood of vipers.

    This should be a good reason to support more firings by Trump.

  • Linda

    And Mary did the will of the Father perfectly, unlike you and me, who so often desire our own will over the Father’s will.

    Jesus wasn’t dissing His own mother. He was pointing out that seeking God’s will above all things, and acting in God’s will at all times is the mark of the true believer.

    Mary was the first Christian-the first believer in the Messiah. She is our most perfect role model in how to love Jesus.

  • I hear you Larry,

    “You will get your book, in PDF format with anime pictures. 🙂 But you have to give me proper *quality* time to do the job properly”

    I did give you till 2023. You have ample time.

    I hear what you say here. I understand.

    But I also see a country like Egypt where they thwarted the Muslim Brotherhood.

    But what I fear is outside interference. However, Indonesia is far away and one cannot compare it with Egypt.

    I hear you. You are after all on the ground while we see things from a dumb screen.