Israeli PM Netanyahu Makes Panicked Visit To Russia And Begs For Help From Putin

It has come out in Russian media that two weeks ago, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a surprise visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin while Putin was on vacation.

A very senior Israeli intelligence delegation, a week ago, visited Washington. Then, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu broke into President Putin’s summer holiday to meet him in Sochi, where, according to a senior Israeli government official (as cited in the Jerusalem Post), Netanyahu threatened to bomb the Presidential Palace in Damascus, and to disrupt and nullify the Astana cease-fire process, should Iran continue to “extend its reach in Syria.”

Russia’s Pravda wrote, “according to eyewitnesses of the open part of the talks, the Israeli prime minister was too emotional and at times even close to panic. He described a picture of the apocalypse to the Russian president that the world may see, if no efforts are taken to contain Iran, which, as Netanyahu believes, is determined to destroy Israel.”

So, what is going on here? Whether or not Pravda’s quote is fully accurate (though the description was confirmed by senior Israeli commentators), what is absolutely clear (from Israeli sources) is that both in Washington and at Sochi, the Israeli officials were heard out, but got nothing. Israel stands alone. Indeed, it is reported that Netanyahu was seeking “guarantees” about the future Iranian role in Syria, rather than “asking for the moon” of an Iranian exit. But how could Washington or Moscow realistically give Israel such guarantees?

Belatedly, Israel has understood that it backed the wrong side in Syria – and it has lost. It is not really in a position to demand anything. It will not get an American enforced buffer zone beyond the Golan armistice line, nor will the Iraqi-Syrian border be closed, or somehow “supervised” on Israel’s behalf.

Of course, the Syrian aspect is important, but to focus only on that, would be to “miss the forest for the trees.” The 2006 war by Israel to destroy Hizbullah (egged on by the U.S., Saudi Arabia – and even a few Lebanese) was a failure. Symbolically, for the first time in the Middle East, a technologically sophisticated, and lavishly armed, Western nation-state simply failed. What made the failure all the more striking (and painful) was that a Western state was not just bested militarily, it had lost also the electronic and human intelligence war, too — both spheres in which the West thought their primacy unassailable.

The Fallout from Failure
Israel’s unexpected failure was deeply feared in the West, and in the Gulf too. A small, armed (revolutionary) movement had stood up to Israel – against overwhelming odds – and prevailed: it had stood its ground. This precedent was widely perceived to be a potential regional “game changer.” The feudal Gulf autocracies sensed in Hizbullah’s achievement the latent danger to their own rule from such armed resistance.

The reaction was immediate. Hizbullah was quarantined — as best the full sanctioning powers of America could manage. And the war in Syria started to be mooted as the “corrective strategy” to the 2006 failure (as early as 2007) — though it was only with the events following 2011 that the “corrective strategy” came to implemented, à outrance.

Against Hizbullah, Israel had thrown its full military force (though Israelis always say, now, that they could have done more). And against Syria, the U.S., Europe, the Gulf States (and Israel in the background) have thrown the kitchen sink: jihadists, al-Qaeda, ISIS (yes), weapons, bribes, sanctions and the most overwhelming information war yet witnessed. Yet Syria – with indisputable help from its allies – seems about to prevail: it has stood its ground, against almost unbelievable odds.

Just to be clear: if 2006 marked a key point of inflection, Syria’s “standing its ground” represents a historic turning of much greater magnitude. It should be understood that Saudi Arabia’s (and Britain’s and America’s) tool of fired-up, radical Sunnism has been routed. And with it, the Gulf States, but particularly Saudi Arabia are damaged. The latter has relied on the force of Wahabbism since the first foundation of the kingdom: but Wahabbism in Lebanon, Syria and Iraq has been roundly defeated and discredited (even for most Sunni Muslims). It may well be defeated in Yemen too. This defeat will change the face of Sunni Islam.

Already, we see the Gulf Cooperation Council, which originally was founded in 1981 by six Gulf tribal leaders for the sole purpose of preserving their hereditary tribal rule in the Peninsula, now warring with each other, in what is likely to be a protracted and bitter internal fight. The “Arab system,” the prolongation of the old Ottoman structures by the complaisant post-World War I victors, Britain and France, seems to be out of its 2013 “remission” (bolstered by the coup in Egypt), and to have resumed its long-term decline.

Netayahu’s “near panic” (if that is indeed what occurred) may well be a reflection of this seismic shift taking place in the region. Israel has long backed the losing side – and now finds itself “alone” and fearing for its near proxies (the Jordanians and the Kurds). The “new” corrective strategy from Tel Aviv, it appears, is to focus on winning Iraq away from Iran, and embedding it into the Israel-U.S.-Saudi alliance.

If so, Israel and Saudi Arabia are probably too late into the game, and are likely underestimating the visceral hatred engendered among so many Iraqis of all segments of society for the murderous actions of ISIS. Not many believe the improbable (Western) narrative that ISIS suddenly emerged armed, and fully financed, as a result of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s alleged “sectarianism”: No, as rule-of-thumb, behind each such well-breached movement – stands a state.

Daniel Levy has written a compelling piece to argue that Israelis generally would not subscribe to what I have written above, but rather: “Netanyahu’s lengthy term in office, multiple electoral successes, and ability to hold together a governing coalition … [is based on] him having a message that resonates with a broader public. It is a sales pitch that Netanyahu … [has] ‘brought the state of Israel to the best situation in its history, a rising global force … the state of Israel is diplomatically flourishing.’ Netanyahu had beaten back what he had called the ‘fake-news claim’ that without a deal with the Palestinians ‘Israel will be isolated, weakened and abandoned’ facing a ‘diplomatic tsunami.’

“Difficult though it is for his political detractors to acknowledge, Netanyahu’s claim resonates with the public because it reflects something that is real, and that has shifted the center of gravity of Israeli politics further and further to the right. It is a claim that, if correct and replicable over time, will leave a legacy that lasts well beyond Netanyahu’s premiership and any indictment he might face.

“Netanyahu’s assertion is that he is not merely buying time in Israel’s conflict with the Palestinians to improve the terms of an eventual and inevitable compromise. Netanyahu is laying claim to something different — the possibility of ultimate victory, the permanent and definitive defeat of the Palestinians, their national and collective goals.

“In over a decade as prime minister, Netanyahu has consistently and unequivocally rejected any plans or practical steps that even begin to address Palestinian aspirations. Netanyahu is all about perpetuating and exacerbating the conflict, not about managing it, let alone resolving it…[The] message is clear: there will be no Palestinian state because the West Bank and East Jerusalem are simply Greater Israel.”

The key point now is that the region has just made a seismic shift into the “not to be” camp. Is there much that America can do about that? Israel very much is alone with only a weakened Saudi Arabia at its side, and there are clear limits to what Saudi Arabia can do.

The U.S. calling on Arab states to engage more with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi seems somehow inadequate. Iran is not looking for war with Israel (as a number of Israeli analysts have acknowledged); but, too, the Syrian President has made clear that his government intends to recover “all Syria” – and all Syria includes the occupied Golan Heights. And this week, Hassan Nasrallah called on the Lebanese government “to devise a plan and take a sovereign decision to liberate the Shebaa Farms and the Kfarshouba Hills” from Israel.

A number Israeli commentators already are saying that the “writing is on the wall” – and that it would be better for Israel to cede territory unilaterally, rather than risk the loss of hundreds of lives of Israeli servicemen in a futile attempt to retain it. That, though, seems hardly congruent with the Israeli Prime Minister’s “not an inch, will we yield” character and recent statements. (source)

This assessment of the situation is directly related to what we have been talking about at for a long time, which is the collapse of Saudi Arabia and the rise of a new Ottoman Turkey.

Last century, Turkey was called the “sick man of Europe,” describing how the Ottoman Empire was in a veritable “dead man walking” whose death was inevitable at the next major crisis. which came in the form of World War I. Saudi Arabia is today the “sick man of the Middle East,” and likewise is at this point attempting to hold out collapse as long as possible due to rebellion from its own people and the hatred its neighbors have for her. Unlike the Ottoman Empire, Saudi Arabia does not have its own army in any practical sense. Her army has been for the last century the Americans, and this is because Saudi Arabia sells cheap oil to the USA while the USA sells cheap food to the Saudis. The Americans get to live and grow beyond average means, and the Saudis get to feed their people to keep them complaisent.

However, as we have been documenting, Saudi Arabia today is much like France of the 17th century. The ruling class does not care about its people at all, and their extravagant and open flouting of all the tenets of Islam fuels the rage of the commoners, many of whom are very poor and forced to abide by strict tenets of Islamic law or face severe punishments. Saudi Arabia’s historical enemy going back to pre-Islamic times, Iran, is growing in power and has cultivated deep economic and friendly political ties with all of Saudi Arabia’s neighbors in Bahrain, Qatar, the UAE, Syria, Jordan, and even her other historical nemesis, Turkey. While not a major world power, Iran is a regional power who if not liked, at least has the respect of many of her neighbors and beneficial economic ties with them. The cooperation between Iran and Turkey in light of the situation with Saudi Arabia and the calls for a resurrection of Ottoman civilization as expressed by Erdogan is the sign of an Islamic uprising that historically takes place every few centuries throughout the Muslim world and at this point is overdue for another one. As long as Turkey shows respect to the Shiites, which they have shown they will so far, the Aryo-Ottoman union poses a grave threat to Saudi Arabia.

The situation of the USA in this conflict, while appearing to be negative, is actually not as bad as one would think. It is well known that America is the proverbial “crack whore” who walks the alleys of the Middle East- she will go with anybody so long as she can get her fix of cheap oil. Turkey and Iran surely know this, and in spite of America’s militaristic talk towards Iran, they are not going to attack Iran so long as the Iranians are being backed by Russia and now are allied with another current (albeit tenuous) American ally in Turkey and most importantly, through Turkey’s close historical ally in Germany. This likewise explains the situation with ISIS in Syria and how both the USA and Turkey were supporting ISIS- ultimately, America is going to ally with whoever guarantees her access to oil at a good price, and she does not care who dies or what is destroyed in the process.

Israel is a historical US ally, and as has been pointed out has been very influential in the formation of US policy in the Middle East. They are also allied to Saudi Arabia, and as many have pointed out, the Israelis openly admit they helped to fund ISIS and all of the horrors they committed in Iraq and Syria for the same policy goals as part of the same geopolitical conflict with the Russian and other regional powers.

The problem that Israel now has is that the conflict in Syria is basically at an end. The US backed forces of ISIS are essentially defeated because the goal of destabilizing the Middle East to cause the manufactured “refugee crisis” to lead to the rise of nationalism has been accomplished. Turkey has emerged stronger than ever and closer to her German ally, which as we have documented both are using the manufactured “crisis” to bolster their own political and social positions. Russia has come out as Syria’s ally and is now viewed as a stronger power in the region, and while they are enemies of Turkey they are not going to interfere in Iran’s affairs because they do not want or need a conflict with Iran and Turkey at the same time. The USA, while having spent a considerable amount of money, simply will just reallocate its resources in the region, restructure its alliances, and continue about as it has before.

The real losers here are Saudi Arabia and Israel. Saudi Arabia is in decline and simply at a point of trying to hold off death, while Israel is now more isolated than ever. Unlike the Americans, there is no place for Israel to retreat to. If anything, as the article has mentioned, by he alliances and support of what were immoral and illegal conflicts in the region that have failed to garner the desired results, Israel is now forced into a position of weakness and is trying to seek out a strong power that it can ally with. Iran and Syria are out of the question, due to the Israeli government’s push for war against them, and as the article notes, the Syrians and Iranians are going to extract as many concessions as are legally possible from the Israelis. Any alliance with the Turks will be dangerous because it could reduce Israel to being an Ottoman vassal. Egypt is weak and not an option.

The only other major ally is the Russians, which while Israel has a long relationship with them due to many Jews having come from Russia to Israel, still Israel’s support of US policies and attacks against Russian interests as a part of the geopolitical struggle put the nation into another position of weakness. Netanyahu is not stupid, and he has every reason to be very concerned because not only is Israel surrounded by her neighbors who have never liked her, but through her alliances and decisions she has agitated them to anger and isolated herself from her allies or her allies have abandoned her.

As we have been pointing out, there is a third world war in the making right now based on the alliances of World War II and those which have existed for centuries. The idea of a pan-Eurasianism, based on a Turco-Teutonic alliance between the Aryan nations of Germany and Iran with the Turkic nations of Turkey and Japan, is once again becoming popular as shown through the rise of ethnonationalism and the manufactured “crises” in the West and abroad with the purpose of manipulating popular opinion to support militarization and economic expansionism. The alliances erected after the Second World War to keep “stability” in the world are dissolving, and the conflict that barring a miracle will happen are in reality long-standing wounds just reopened and reinfected once again.

While Israel is an 8-million strong nation with an advanced technological base and nuclear weapons, and a history of fighting and winning against her neighbors, Turkey is 80 million strong with the largest army in the region that is already powerful and only becoming more powerful, and they are currently in possession of and producing nuclear weapons who has become uncomfortably close to her neighbors. Likewise, as the article notes, Israel is viewed in many ways as an “imperialist” nation by her neighbors, and Israel is also viewed as being very “decadent” and immoral such as with her support of the largest LGBT parade in the Middle East and in the world.

This is Israel today. It is very pro-LGBT, and in addition to the fact that the LGBT is a sin worthy of death and that cries out to heaven for vengeance (as the Bible itself notes as one of four of such sins), this will be used as fuel by her Muslim neighbors to drive policy decisions against her.

For exactly four hundred years, from 1517 to 1917, the Ottomans conquered and ruled Jerusalem and the territory of what is today Israel. The British, while often talked about in terms of modern history, only had Jerusalem for a mere 30 years. Israel as a nation is just about to turn 70. The time that Israel has existed as a nation and in combination with its control under the British is scarcely 20% of the history of that region for the past five centuries.

As we have mentioned many times, people have very long memories. As Turkey is attempting to revive its old empire, make no mistake that they see those lands as part of their former territory and are already thinking about taking it back under their rule. Iran is of no threat to them, since the holy sites of Shiite Islam are primarily in Iraq and Iran. Iran would have no problem with Turkey seeking to become, as it was for centuries, the “custodian” of Islamic sacred sites in Israel (such as the Al-Aqsa mosque) and certainly as well as the cities of Medina and Mecca in Saudi Arabia. And America will still be in the region, doing what is always does, looking for its next hit of cheap crude oil.

Given Russia’s long history of conflict with Turkey, it would only make sense for Israel to seek out an ally with the Russians, in order to keep Turkey at bay.

This entire situation is not about Palestinian territories, Hizballah, or even Iran in any long-term sense. This is about the resurrection of the Ottoman Empire.

Pay attention to the news, because the next few years are going to be very interesting, especially for Israel and Saudi Arabia.




  • David G

    Excellent job Andrew! I hope that this article brings more people to and that they can begin to learn from Walid, Ted, and you. I truly believe that Erdogan is going to revive the Ottoman Empire while the rest of the world naps. By the time the western nations wake up, it will be too late. Keep up the good work!

  • filomena seiffert

    Israel is irrational, a criminal and a thief. Their leader’s chief is belzebu

    • Higlac

      I truly hope that you’re not out to hate the entire nation of Israel and the Jewish people. We as Christians owe them the duty of protection and love. Remember: they are the ONLY real outpost of Western civilisation in the entire Middle East, and ONLY THEY have been generally kind in there compared to what dar al-Islam is doing!!!!

      • Gloria Patri

        Israel is responsible for some truly evil things going on in the world. They are acting as Jesus called them, synagogue of Satan. I am not one who is in the ranks of Christians who feel we put Israel on a pedestal, or that they are held to a different standard than the rest of us. They need Christ, and for the most part they reject him. But as Paul told us, they have been blinded for our sake. And he also warned us not to be arrogant about being grafted in where they were natural branches. We do own them our protection as you said, but we shouldn’t be blind to their crimes either.

      • filomena seiffert

        The only Jews I love is Jesus and his mother. Those people calling themselves Jews are Khazarians. I do not know what kindness you find on them, ISIS which they support is kind to anyone? robing Arabes from their homes is kindness? lets be honest, just as God wants us to be.

        • Higlac

          GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!!!!

          Dear Ms. Seiffert:

          You now positively appal me by being an anti-Semite!!!!

          Don’t you care about how much those Jews who you so ABUSE as “Khazarians” have done of GOOD for Mankind in pretty well ALL major fields (art, music, science, medicine, even philosophy, much as I disdain that last field as being an invention that all too often seeks to usurp the prerogatives of religion)??? Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin (anti-polio vaccines)? Albert Einstein (who was a star physicist and helpful in the development of nuclear science)? Richard Wurmbrand (who converted to Lutheran Christianity and was very nearly martyred by first the Nazis and then the Communists – the latter imprisoned him twice, for a total of 14 years and even tried to murder him after he was finally in exile in the West – he helped awake the West to the capital EVIL of Marxism!!!)? Composers like Mendelssohn, Offenbach, Mahler, Zemlinsky, Schönberg, Copland, Gershwin? Painters like Gustav Klimt? Conductors like Szell, Solti, Kertész, Bernstein? Even the doctor and ex-abortionist Bernard Nathanson was able to repent of his sin and do what he could to make reparations – and converted to Catholicism!!

          You have got to go to there you’ll learn why you simply CAN’T – repeat, CAN’T disdain the entire Jewish people!!!!

          Furthermore, your preferring the Arabs (virtually all outside of Lebanon are our ultra-bitter enemies the MOSLEMS!!!!), who haven’t – extremely sad to say – contributed all that much either to world knowledge or to our understanding of God and who in large part migrated (if I err not) to the Holy Land AFTER the Jews started to resettle it around 1880 following the lead of the Kibbutzim and of people like Theodor Herzl) shocks me BIG-TIME I fully recognise that all Mankind’s deeds from all races, tribes, nations, peoples, &c. are inferior to what God Himself Wants; however, He Has Made VERY PLAIN that His Hand IS with the Jews. I’m so glad to see how worthy Arabs like Walid Shoebat and Taysir Abu Sa’ada could renounce Islam AND become real friends with Jews, GOD BE PRAISED (and I’m a Gentile just as much as you!!)

          I must humbly AND urgently implore you, Ms. Seiffert, to R–E–P–E–N–T NO racism is EVER any good!!!

          • Gloria Patri

            The more recent crimes of Israel are ISIS which they used and gave medical care to. We elwill never forget how they butcher people, many Christians. The games the US has played in the Middle East has been on behalf of Israel and they have caused terrible death and destruction. if supporting ISIS and staging chemical weapons strike to frame Assad Ian’t a crime I don’t know what is. The proof is there.

            They have been promoters are many immoral activities in the world. I have read it is in hope to keep other countries destabilized. Esspecialy the US. All that said I love the apostles, prophets, Marry and of course Christ. I am thankful for them, but they are blind by their rejection of God so they are not good leaders. They are a brood of vipers, and we can’t be ignorant about that.

          • filomena seiffert

            Dear Mr. Higlac,
            The Jews have a demon as prime minister and they like it they reelect him over and over again. Do not forget the second commandment: love your brother as yourself, meaning all humanity. Do not forget that Jesus said Sodom and Gomorrah would find more leniency than the Jews who saw Him and did not believe. They still not believing, still waiting for the Messiah. I do not hate them but the evil they are doing to humankind. They lost right to that land when the Romans leveled the temple to the ground. The land was taken by them with more blood shed when they assassinated the whole village killing man woman and children which they still do by bombing Syria. They live to fight, we see how the temple was desecrated many times by the people they fought and lost. Even the war II, Germany had won and then the rich Jews went to Churchill and promised him to get USA involved in exchange for Palestinian land. The devilish thing is that England did not own a grain of sand in Palestine and yet compromised with the Jews, this betrayal was the cause of Hitler get enraged with Jews and started decimating them. The conclusion is the Jews were responsible for the genocide of their brothers and sisters. I do not care what progress they brought humanity,they are everywhere on the planet, they did their obligation in exchange for usury. They oppressed woman in the past, as much as the Muslim do today. Woman had rights even to the property of the husband if he died. Jesus had to ask John to care for His mother for she would not have a stone to lay her head. The reason the widows were supposed to get from sons because of total poverty, probably had to live on the streets, homeless. A nurse co worker who had worked in the Jewish nursing home said they were very demanding, impossible to please. Nurses did not stay there long. If it is to be racist to be against evil then, I am racist.

          • Higlac

            You truly have a number of FALSEHOODS in what you just posted!!!!!

            To begin with, Germany NEVER, ever, ever, ever won World War II!!!!! Yes, she came close, but FD Roosevelt was watching the whole situation with a sympathetic eye in 1940-1941. That was the time when he and the British signed “Lend-Lease”, which helped strengthen the British forces at the time they most desperately needed it.

            Further, Winston Churchill had already in May 1940 – as soon as he took power – made his pledge about fighting the Nazis wherever they happened to be (‘on the beaches, . This most certainly had positively ZERO to do with ANY – repeat, ANY – Jewish machinations!!!!

            To boot, have you forgotten Pearl Harbour??? THAT was the event that brought the USA into World War II: first that dastardly Japanese attack (fortunately the American carriers were not present – they in the end turned out to be more important than the battleships!!!!), followed immediately afterwards by the Germans and Italians declaring war!!!

            [To be continued – let this be a start…]

          • filomena seiffert

            I guess we have different knowledge the real reason USA entered the war. For sure Germany had the victory Churchill was about to capitulate and German was going to offer him peace without taking any of his territories, without any penalty. Te aggrement was signed in France without Germany knowledge

          • Higlac

            Again you’re totally WRONG!!!! Churchill was at NO – repeat, NO – point “about to capitulate”. FAR from it – he made it extremely clear otherwise; furthermore, it was at this very time that he had the United Kingdom to transfer almost all of its treasury to Canada (the city of Montréal in fact). This way, had the UK been conquered, its government would continue the war from Canada!!!

          • Kelly Ann

            Canada was a target anyway, hitler wanted this nation for her wealth of rich land and natural resources, he even went so far as to approach Rosevelt in the earliest stages of the war, in allying up with him to take her. why do you think Churchill n Rosevelt decided to set up a US airbase in Stephenville NFLD, hitler looked to be succeeding in his conquering quest. And seeing that hitler stabbed Stalin in the back Rosevelt knew this man wasn’t to be trusted. Rosevelt knew he couldn’t allow hitler take Canada having his regime so close to the US was unaccptable , hitler was already sinking merchant ships in the gulf of St Laurence to take control of Canada’s major trade port into Montreal from Europe, and NFLd was used as a stage front to push hitler back with his Uboats, we have one uboat sitting at the bottom of Stevenville harbour today full of explosives they won’t touch, worried it will explode and take out the town and they are still cleaning up the mines placed by the nazis on the Grand Banks to sink ships, Canada was also used as a port during the war to send over much needed supplies to Europe such as apples, potatoes, grain, flour and military supplies along with soldiers. The Canadian farmers were in full military mode gaining many volunteers to harvest crops For overseas, the Canadian youth spend their summers workiing on the farms. Which then the goods crossed the Atlantic from St Johns harbour to Newport was a high gamble, many merchant ships were sunk and needed British navy escorts. We had mine sweepers everywhere offshore The caribou was use to transfer goods n soldiers from north Sidney to port aux basque, She when down by a uboat torpedo in the gulf of St Laurance. Many American soldiers were aboard of her, they used her to transport soldiers coming up through main, along with Canadian military coming across the country via train and Canadian civilians. Once they landed they were taken via by train to stevenville and St Johns. If you visit St Johns today on the eastern front the giant guns are still there at the barracks along the coastline to sink nazi ships n down planes. That little stretch of the strait between Nova Scotia n NFLD was a hot bed during the war, the nazis were hitting it hard becasue it is the main shortest route into the gulf via Montreal trade route, many people are not aware that the war front had come to North America. But Rosevelt and Churchill knew, and I guess that’s what counted the most. And also may I add the Crown Jewels were transported with the king and Queen to Canada as well. Hitler’s plan was to take Britain then Canada. I guess when your invaded it’s too your advantage having common wealth countries loyal to the crown.

          • Higlac

            Let me put it this way to you, dear Ms. Seiffert:

            IF Britain had capitulated, the USSR very possibly might have done the same when Hitler struck her on 1941/06/22 with the start of Operation Barbarossa; and most certainly the USA would NOT have had as much incentive to enter the entire World War II. I hesitate to imagine such an ultra-GROTESQUE scenario, but this I know:
            1) it was the UK’s uncompromisingly-hostile stance against the Nazis that helped Stáljin (super-MONSTER that he was!!!!!) to recover himself and lead the fight against Germany – and it was just as extra-helpful when Japan didn’t attack the USSR at that time from the east. That allowed him to transfer all those Red-Army divisions deployed in the Eastern theatre to fight the Germans and thus stop them from conquering and occupying both Moscow and St. Petersburg (then Ljéñingrad);
            2) this same stance plus the UK’s being unconquered was PIVOTALLY VITAL in the Americans – in addition to the contributions from Canada, South Africa, India (not yet partitioned into India + Pakistan and then also Bangladesh), Australia and New Zealand plus the smaller colonies – thus having a base from which to invade Continental Europe on two fronts:
            (a) after chasing the Germans and Italians out of Africa in May 1943, the Allies invaded Italy starting first with the big island of Sicilia (Sicily) on 1943/07/09 and then followed with the attacks upon the mainland (Calabria on 1943/09/03, Taranto and Salerno on 1943/09/09). From then on that “soft underbelly of the Axis” (as Winston Churchill put it) was a perennial headache for the Germans, who fought tooth and claw even without the support of the Italians, who had surrendered in the south to the Allies. Nevertheless, the Nazis delayed the Allies from liberating Rome until 1944/06/04 (2 days before D-Day) and from reaching Bologna (with the help of Italian partisans, who fought valiantly for the Allies) until 1945/04/21 – at which point the last German resistance crumbled like dust.
            (b) we all know about the invasion of 5 Norman beaches in northern France on 1944/06/06 (D-Day). This invasion was to prove the culminating blow to the Nazis once and forever – but it (as well as all the other invasions) were made possible by the sheer concentration of American plus British resources in the UK, especially southern England.

            I realise that my main posting is VERY long, but hopefully you’ll soon have a chance to drill through it…

          • Kelly Ann

            With all respect higlac, it was the American sanctions on cutting of the oil supplies to the Japanese that forced them to attack, they used what oil reserves they had to do this. If you deny a hungry mouth it will bit back somehow.

          • Higlac

            Good point!!!

            I was planning to include it as part of my big reply above: yes, yours truly was – and is – completely aware of it.

          • filomena seiffert

            I do not prefer Arabs or anybody else, all I want is to be just and fair. Are you Jew?

          • Higlac

            Am I a Jew? No; however, I know all too well that they ARE, have always been and always WILL BE special to God Almighty!!! They truly have suffered more than massively (they truly have paid a whole lot more than double for their rejection of Our Lord!!!!); however, He NEVER Declared that He’ll Take the Kingdom away from them in so far as I know.

            You MUST remember to differentiate between when the Bible (especially in the Gospel of St. John) speaks of the Jews as a people as opposed to when the Jews are MERELY the Sanhedrin (the chief-priests, scribes and other ecclesiastical / legal authorities). Most certainly Jesus NEVER Condemned the entire Jewish people – He Empathised with those who lamented His Condemnation as He Walked the Via Dolorosa. (St. Luke 23:28-31)

            Most certainly the Jewish people are every bit as much in need of Christ and His Divine Salvation as anybody else; however, this doesn’t mean that we can wish absolutely ANY evil against them. This includes indifference to the fate of their modern-day State of Israel: it’s the only place on Earth where they can truly feel safe. They – and we – know all too well that fundamentally their lives are UNSAFE everywhere else, and the Nazis demonstrated that all too conclusively during 1933-1945!!! Paraphrasing Jevgéñiy Jevtushjénko: “I’m not a Jew, but I feel their suffering, hardships and fright just as much as if I were one of them.”

          • Kelly Ann

            To be quite honest with you, God had intended for the Jews to govern the church, but they rejected it. Which is why Our Lord wept outside the city. They were given the gift to govern to do this and do it well but they decided to use this gift to work agianst Our Lords kingdom.

            Never forget Our Lord was butchered there and the worlds greatest heresies developed in that region. If you read the Talmud you would see how they hate you as a Christian. I assure you they don’t speak so kindly of you as a Christian. Your a heathen gentile. You defence of them is quite zealous. The church has always left them alone knowing that they are Our Lords people and that one day God will reel them in. This we know and give them respect because of it.

            Concerning Christians persecuting them, well they were the first to do so, which is why the apostles all agreed to send the Lords mother away with St John because they wanted to kill her as well. And she herself was a Jew. St Stephen was a Jew and all the first converts were mostly Jews. St Paul a zealous Jew hunted them day n night before Our Lord converted him.
            The Gentiles wanted Our Lord to come with them becasue they knew that the Jews wanted to kill him, they witnessed it first hand on the streets where he walked.
            Never forget that God gave Moses the law to preserve and prepare them for Our Lord to decend on the earth and complete the new covenant with man, Lord Jesus gave the divine truth n grace of God, which is far superior.

            The Muslims are committed to exterminating everyone who don’t accept their ideology, Jews just happen to be on the top of the list, we are second then everyone else. Bottom line is all of us. If Israel was occupied by Buddhist or anyone else other than Muslims, the situation would be the same.

          • Higlac

            I know well that Talmudic Jews loathe and disdain pretty well everybody who’s not like them, thus mirroring the Moslems – though with nothing resembling the latter’s genocidal intensity and ambition!!!

            Again, I must point out to you, however, that it’s NOT the whole Jewish people that killed Our Lord by ANY means!!! It was the Sanhedrin and its stooges that are responsible; however, to hold the entire Jewish people as culpable is CRIMINAL (unless you believe in everybody being tainted by the actions of a few).

          • Kelly Ann

            The sandehrin swayed the mob into calling for his death, and as they told Pilot let his blood be on our hands and our children. As you quoted in St Johns Gospel that salvation is of the Jews , yes Our Lord came down among the Jews being born a Jew from his beloved mother who was a Jew. This is why Almighty God gave them the law through Moses so that he could prepare them for the coming of salvation in Christ. but he didn’t say salvation is for the Jews, as he then goes on to say ” but the hour is coming, and now is when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth.

            These true worshippers are certainly not Jews in their state of spiritual blindness. They are the converts from all regions of the globe, and this includes converted Jews to Christians.

            I’ve listened to what the popes have had to say in the past about the Jews, they did not view them as you do my friend, they rather give you pause to think.

            All we can do for the Jews is pray for them as we are bound to do in our catholic duty. Same goes for the Muslims, and all unbelievers.

          • Higlac

            I can wonder what those earlier popes would have said and preached if they were to be confronted with the reality of the modern-day State of Israel) – that seems to have changed the mindset a bit. [Also, please bear in mind how VITAL Pope Pius XII, one of my heroes, was to the salvation of hundreds of thousands of Jews during the Nazi and Fascist persecutions.]

            As to what the Sanhedrin told Pontius Pilate (proper surname Pilatus) about Christ’s Blood being on their hands and those of their children: do you honestly believe that this kind of guilt MUST descend from generation to generation ad infinitum?? Isn’t it bad enough that we all are accursed by The Original Sin??? Besides, if this is how things have to be, I could see absolute mayhem erupting all over the world in the form of clan warfare (which indeed used to be a terrible plague for millennia and which isn’t completely dead)!!!!!

            [Here I have an extremely-painful matter which shows the MOST PROFOUND evil of my super-wicked heart: when I was extremely-bitterly hurt by “CHURCH”-PEOPLE over 12¼ years ago, led by the “minister” and the sodomite “organist” of the day, I had fantasies of killing both of those two miscreants – and forcing the “minister” to behold ALL his children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren (if applicable) and siblings plus ALL THEIR progeny (though not their spouses) being slaughtered such that the blood would spatter from their slit throats right upon his eyes before he ideally would be BURNED ALIVE at the stake over a slow fire!!!! Thank God Almighty that I did all I could to combat those ultra-monstrous thoughts (though at one point I did read up on Claymore mines, which could be used to blow up that sodomite’s car as he was passing by) – nowadays they’re very rare UNLESS I actually remember those sordid events. [Just even an instant’s look at that “minister”‘s two letters is enough to set me off and make me feel really SICK. I’ve tried MANY times to pray for their salvation and for the grace to forgive them, but this task has been defeating me virtually all the time!!!!] Either way, that good-for-nothing “minister” died 7 years ago from cancer, which – as far as I’m concerned – serves him right: I truly can wish him to rot in Purgatory all the way to the Last Judgement!!!!! However, to wish him to go into the Lake of Fire – the REAL Hell – would trespass on God’s Prerogatives so I can’t do so… Meanwhile, unless he abjectly repents and publicly confesses to ALL his evils, the “organist” can fall ill with AIDS and other venereal-diseases – and then suffer the same consequences after death as that “minister”!!]

            In any case, the Jews are every bit as much our neighbours as anybody else of the heathens: if a natural disaster were to strike them, would it be right for us to let them starve, thirst or suffer from exposure???? I just CAN’T see as righteous the idea of us turning our backs upon – and being indifferent to – them in ANY way whatsoever, let alone persecuting them (like what was done in all sorts of pogroms all over Europe ever since AD 310, when Constantine converted to Christianity – frequently incited by kings and nobles who were indebted to them and wanted in that way to erase their debts). [With Moslems, who have CHOSEN by dint of their ideology to be our SWORN ENEMIES, I feel differently: as long as they’re not totally THROWN OUT OF THE WEST (down to the last man, woman and child regardless of age, ethnic-origin, colour, &c.) and back into their dar al-Islam (ideally together with their Nazi and Communist allies), I simply can’t sleep totally soundly, especially in a city.

          • Kelly Ann

            We are not turning our backs on the Jews, that’s not what I’m implying at all, we are to pray for their conversion so they can obtain salvation, not applaud their damnation of being stiffed necked as the Good God described them. (Gods words not mine) and do you honestly think Bibi cares about all those Christians that ISIS is beheading ? Nope they are filthy heathens in his eyes, and he’s one of Gods chosen ones? .( let’s suppose that Bibi is one of Gods chosen ones to aid in the chaistisment of the Christians, much like Obama n the Saudis etc….now it makes sense. The realm of the secular is quite Godless.) the Jews are still waiting for their temporial divine messiah a war king, not the spiritual divine Emmanuel who already came.

            It was the jews themselves who said let it be on us and our children, is Scripture in err ? Has it changed since then if so where can I find this important document? Where did God announce such a thing?

            The pope did what he could to save their temporial lives in always the great hope to bring them into the yoke of Our Lords mantle to be save eternally, unlike Pope John XXIII! Who turned a blind eye to the catholic slaughter taking place in Russia where over 20 million Catholics n orthodoxs perished beginnng with Stalin, but no one clamours about that nor do that say a word about all the millions of Catholics n protestants who perished during the great wars, are theirs lives of lesser value than the Jews because they are not Jewish? Or the Chinese people’s or Koreans or the Japanese peoples, etc….. ? God forbid we only have one race of humans that are worthy of protection n recognition. There is only one group that are recognized in heaven and that is the ones who worship God in spirit and truth regardless of their nationality.

            His new covenant is for all of mankind. Our Lord clearly stated that the true worshippers will worship God in spirit n truth, are the jews today the true worshippers? And they deserve to be place upon a pedastool as God chosen people? That time has passed us by, you see the mosaic law holds in the natural but not the spirit as this was to prepare the people for the coming of God in the flesh, in the divine plan to unite God and his people in spirit, as Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world.

            Regarding war n clan fighting we have bigger guns today n kill more people with such devices, the fighting hasn’t t stopped , as a matter of fact during the reign of Pope JPII, the world saw over 50 wars, that part of history has not changed rather it has worsened. And it won’t stop until the kingship of Christ is fully established on the earth, but today the leaders have grown more godless, and as long as we maintain on this path it will continue to flourish with even bigger guns.

            I’m sorry for your suffering and the unjustly treatment you received, I assure you I’ve seen this terrible action in my own home perish, young boys being abused in such horrible ways by priest. It’s was awful, many left the church because of it, myself included, we blamed the church for it which was wrong, it wasn’t the church but those men in the clergy betraying the church. Still an outrage.

            when such horrible treatment comes upon us I alway think about what Our Lord endured and he fully understands what we go through. When we seek vengeance we don’t seek it in spirit but in the flesh, it’s only natural to want to do harm to those that harm you, but with Gods good grace we can overcome it. The church is very sick right now, and we all clamour for justice, it’s our hope in waiting that God will put things right in his own time.

          • Higlac

            Ms. “Kelly Ann”:

            There are a few things in that above reply of yours that need to be dissected as follows:

            >We are not turning our backs on the Jews, that’s not what I’m implying at all, we are to pray for their conversion so they can obtain salvation, not applaud their damnation of being stiffed necked as the Good God described them. (Gods words not mine) and do you honestly think Bibi cares about all those Christians that ISIS is beheading ? Nope they are filthy heathens in his eyes, and he’s one of Gods chosen ones? .( let’s suppose that Bibi is one of Gods chosen ones to aid in the chastisement of the Christians, much like Obama n the Saudis etc….now it makes sense. The realm of the secular is quite Godless.) the Jews are still waiting for their temporal divine messiah a war king, not the spiritual divine Emmanuel who already came.

            First, on what basis can you claim that Netanyahu doesn’t case about the Christians ISIS is beheading??? ISIS – a body cooperating with Al-Qaeda – was OBAMA’s creation!!!

            Second, the Bible prophesies the Second Coming of Christ as being indeed in the guise of a “war king” (just as you put it) -perhaps that’s why the Jews have relatively recently (within these last 70 years or less) been ignoring Isaiah 53 in their synagogues, because they can’t take in its contradicting the rest of the Messianic message. However, they didn’t use to do this…

            >It was the jews themselves who said let it be on us and our children, is Scripture in err ? Has it changed since then if so where can I find this important document? Where did God announce such a thing?

            Again: I say that it was NOT all of the Jews – or even all of the Sanhedrin – that said that statement (we can be sure that Saints Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathæa didn’t do anything of the sort – and, if I recall correctly, they were members of the Sanhedrin!!!) about all of them and their children being responsible.

            In any case, if you believe that if the majority of the representatives of a people or nation can calumniate an ENTIRE nation and peoplein God’s Eyes FOREVER, then please tell me: WHY does God Tell Jeremiah (31, especially verses 29 and 30) Ezekiel (18, particularly verse 2) that this is NOT the case in His Eyes?!??? He Makes it extremely clear that He WON’T Hold somebody else’s sin or sins against a given person – only those of the particular person!!! THIS is the error I perceive in your thinking: that in other words the entire Jewish people, short of their converting en masse to Christianity, have to bear the guilt of what the Sanhedrin of that specific day did to Our Lord FOREVER. THIS is what I feel compelled to protest – if I’m wrong, please give me the Scriptural evidence to demonstrate my error!!!!

            By your same logic I would be compelled to hate entire church-denominations and congregations for the wrongs they do to various people (in my case, the “minister” and “organist” got the Church Board to permanently bar me from using their church’s pipe-organ for any reason and in essence making me unwelcome on their property, PERIOD – that’s how severely this shame has affected me)!!! IS THAT FAIR – to hate absolutely EVERYBODY in that church???? [Especially after they had demonstrable proof over 18 whole years that I didn’t deserve such an exemplarily-cruel punishment – which enough of them still insist upon inflicting upon me??? It’s enough reason for me to distrust and shun most human beings for the rest of my life; but to actually wish ALL of them to die and go to Hell – or to wish the whole town to be destroyed????? That’s most eminently UNREASONABLE and most emphatically ANTI-CHRISTIAN – and that’s what I can NEVER accept!!!!! Thus, why on earth should the Jews be treated any differently??? Just because those particular ones sinned against Christ Himself??? That flies in the face of His Love and Expressed Being – and we humans are NEVER supposed to work evil under any circumstances!!! Even if it be for His Glory, it still remains EVIL!!!]

            >The pope did what he could to save their temporal lives in always the great hope to bring them into the yoke of Our Lords mantle to be save eternally, unlike Pope John XXIII! Who turned a blind eye to the catholic slaughter taking place in Russia where over 20 million Catholics n orthodoxs perished beginning with Stalin, but no one clamours about that nor do that say a word about all the millions of Catholics n protestants who perished during the great wars, are theirs lives of lesser value than the Jews because they are not Jewish? Or the Chinese people’s or Koreans or the Japanese peoples, etc….. ? God forbid we only have one race of humans that are worthy of protection n recognition. There is only one group that are recognized in heaven and that is the ones who worship God in spirit and truth regardless of their nationality.

            Granted relative to Pius XII: however, he in any case was committed to saving Jews’ lives REGARDLESS of whether they would convert to Christ or not. Of course he – like any good Christian – would hope and pray for their conversion; however, I’m certain that he wasn’t out to play tricks with them in any way whatsoever!!!!

            As to John XXIII and his ignoring the Communists’ murdering of who actually were a total of 42 to 45 million Christians (including Orthodox, Protestants and Romanists – they hated and always will hate Christianity, PERIOD!!!!) in the USSR during 1917-1991: it’s pretty well known that he was a Marxist – just like the current Antipope Francis who’s shaping up to be the Antichrist’s false “prophet”. EVIL indeed was the day that Giuseppe Roncalli became Pope John XXIII – it should have been Giuseppe Siri, who was designated to become Gregory XVII but was prevented by the secret-Marxist cardinals plus the Mafia…

            Most certainly I’m NOT out to suggest that Chinese, Africans, Koreans or other people are inferior in the slightest to the Jews – we ALL are sinners “in the hands of An Angry God” (as Jonathan Edwards put it)!!! However, who should have the ancestral right to the Holy Land other than the Jews, whose claim thereto is verified both historically and in terms of their ancestors!?!??

          • Kelly Ann

            Regarding bibi did you not read the article ? He goes and visits a injured Isis fighter in a hostipal which he supported under Obamas regime. Yet he did express regret on doing that.

            And in catholic belief, we don’t hate anyone, but if we know our faith we can recognise error when we see it.

            Regarding pope Francis and his outrageous dialogue n ministry one wonders if such a thing is true. The doctrine of Francis is quite divorced from the church teachings.

            Yes Pope Pius was a good pope. The propoganda put out about him was outrages. And he did the best he could in a very difficult situation. I never said he was playing tricks on anyone.

            By my same logic you would be compelled to hate? Are you serious ? What hate are you referring to, error ? You can’t love the truth n Accept error at the same time. praying for the conversion of poor sinners is not a form of hate. Where the reason in that, I’m not talking about the person I’m talking about the errors. Ther is a difference here. Somehow you’ve misunderstood my meaning.

            What I don’t agree with concerning your view of the Jews who reject Christ crucified is that you put forward the impression that place them on a pedastool as a group higher than everyone else. We only follow those Blessed Jews who accepted Our Lord, without them we would not have the faith. Aka the apostles.

            All of your other points don’t apply to this particular point.

            Regarding the slaughter of Christians I mentioned the number given during the reign of John XXIII which he ignored, and yes he was excumminicated by Pope Pius XII, as one of those who supported the communist unions in Europe at the time particularly in Venice where he served as archbishop. So my question is how can a excommunicate become a pope? There was no pope to undo the charge of punishment as this punishment under cannon law restricts jurisdiction . The church has been in a mess for a long time, so I’m learning. and Francis is a new tipping point. As pope Benedict pointed out in his expression stating the condition of the church, she has taken on so much water that the church is about to capsize. The faith is being compromised. And there lies the danger without the faith there is no salvation. Or as St Paul stated “without the faith you cannot please God.”

          • Kelly Ann

            It was the mob along with the Sanhedrin who cried it out, right in front of God himself.
            I’m simply referring to it.

            Past popes saw them in error, and blind you can read about it in their many statements. n pope Pius did not fully bring about the salvation of the Jews, yes he saved many from temporal loss of life, but they didn’t not all come into the yoke of the church, merely used the catholic identity as a Christian Cover to escape hitler, as pope Pius had struck a diplomatic deal with hitler to protect German Catholics and Catholics Abroad in Europe.

          • Higlac

            Since a fourth paragraph has run afoul of the automatic censoring mechanisms of this Website, just please let me respond without the offending piece of “bloviation” so my main point in response to you, Ms. “Kelly Ann”, will be available.

            I can wonder what those earlier popes would have said and preached if they were to be confronted with the reality of the modern-day State of Israel) – that seems to have changed the mindset a bit. [Also, please bear in mind how VITAL Pope Pius XII, one of my heroes, was to the salvation of hundreds of thousands of Jews during the Nazi and Fascist persecutions.]

            As to what the Sanhedrin told Pontius Pilate (proper surname Pilatus in the original Latin) about Christ’s Blood being on their hands and those of their children: do you honestly believe that this kind of guilt MUST descend from generation to generation, rendering them liable to all sorts of persecutions ad infinitum?? Isn’t it bad enough that we all are accursed by The Original Sin??? Besides, if this is how things have to be, I could see absolute mayhem erupting all over the world in the form of clan warfare (which indeed used to be a terrible plague for millennia and which isn’t completely dead)!!!!!

            In any case, the Jews are every bit as much our neighbours as anybody else of the heathens: if a natural disaster were to strike them, would it be right for us to let them starve, thirst or suffer from exposure???? I just CAN’T see as righteous the idea of us turning our backs upon – and being indifferent to – them in ANY way whatsoever, let alone persecuting them (like what was done in all sorts of pogroms all over Europe ever since AD 310, when Constantine converted to Christianity – frequently incited by kings and nobles who were indebted to them and wanted in that way to erase their debts). [With Moslems, who have CHOSEN by dint of their ideology to be our SWORN ENEMIES every last single step of the way at every possible picosecond of time, I feel differently: as long as they’re not totally THROWN OUT OF THE WEST (down to the last man, woman and child regardless of age, ethnic-origin, skin-colour, &c.) and back into their dar al-Islam (ideally together with all their Nazi and Communist allies, their brethren in totalitarianism), I simply can’t sleep totally soundly, especially were I to live in a city – which, thank God, I don’t!!!]

            [To the moderators: in my previous long-posting awaiting review, I’ll ask you to delete everything in it other than my personal problem – and if you think it’s better for it not to be posted at all, I’ll understand.]

      • Phedo Pile

        We don’t owe those zionist fascists jack shit.

        • Higlac

          Without the Jews, there would be NO SALVATION OFFERED!!!

          Note Jesus’ Own Words from the Gospel of Saint John (chapter 4): 22 You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews. 23 But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. 24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

          Also, when you read Romans, chapter 8 through 11, it’s VERY CLEAR that God NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER REJECTED the Jews – or Ancient Israel, for that matter. The latter may have disappeared from historical knowledge; however, a few tiny remnants of those other 11 tribes have been found in India and Ethiopia, and the modern-day State of Israel has been working most diligently to locate and welcome them back just as God Granted the Jews to come back to Israeli soil as “on eagles wings”, even if totally penniless and destitute from Arab countries as Mr. William Bates says below, fulfilling the prophecy of that Israel would return to her ancient lands “in the last days”.

          To boot, those “Zionist Fascists” are our neighbours every bit as much as anybody else – and look at how much the Jews have done of good for EVERYBODY, notably since the founding of the modern-day state of Israel.

          Ergo, you are a LIAR!!!! I most strongly urge you to REPENT.

  • OrthodoxChristianAmerican


    • Стефан Евгений

      What did bibi expect? he has been bombing the Syrian army for years now. Russia ain’t happy.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        Yes, these double games are going to lead Israel into terrible danger someday. Just as before in ancient times, with the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah playing off the gentile powers of Egypt against Babylon or Assyria.

        • Стефан Евгений

          I heard jokes on Russian TV that Israel is ISIS’s air-force. the head choppers get the best Israeli health care.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            More than a joke; video exists of PM Netanyahu visiting Jihadi fighters in a hospital in Northern Israel. I understand why they thought this idea up, doesn’t make it a good one. Sinful mankind…

          • Стефан Евгений

            Israel. has neocons just like the US. Neocon is another name for Trotskyite.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Yes, literally descendants of Trotsky and his gang of God-fighting Bolsheviks.

          • DeusLoVult

            Please refrain from using such an execrable source as “Veteran’s Today”. They are an absurd, anti-semitic, and conspiratorial website which has the credibility of an Islamic humanitarian aid organization.

          • Стефан Евгений

            So you think they are wrong in this instance?

          • DeusLoVult

            D*mn wrong. They’re full of sh*t. I have no love for neocons, but to state that we are slaves of Israel is retarded. Neocons are not Communists. They’re warmongering scum, but they’re not Communists.

    • DeusLoVult

      Wishful thinking. Greece is lost. You can scratch them off the list immediately. Half of them are N*zis and the entire country has sunk into an economic abyyss.

      Serbia’s economic situation isn’t a whole lot better and neither is Russia’s. (Although, neither of them have ever had a strong economy)

      Israel is surrounded by nations that hate her. She can’t do anything. And certainly not without backlash from the UN.

      • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

        Hey DLV, good to cross swords with you my friend, lol:-)

        1. Greece isn’t ”lost”, the countryside is full of actual “Romaioi” that will put matters to rights someday.

        2. Serbia will be alright too, and the conditions of her economy are such that she will actually be better off for not having been fully integrated into the EU.

        3. Russia will have a strong economy going her own way from the West.

        4. Israel’s case, as with the others, is hopeless without God.

        • DeusLoVult

          I just figured you could use the practice. 😉

          You sound quite confident. I do not believe that attitude is the proper reaction to the current state of any of the 4 countries mentioned, nor their probable future. As it stands, none of them (with the possible exception of Israel…not that it helps her much) are projected to see economic prosperity.

          Russia isn’t going to get anywhere by ignoring the West.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican


            Without going too much into the economics of the matter, the West is tied economically to the Petrodollar, and many countries are poised to soon drop the Dollar as the world’s de facto reserve currency.

            The West is in the process of imploding, ending in resource wars and socio-economic collapse. Russia, by making arrangements with the BRICS and SCO countries, is poised to have a great future ahead of it.

            If war doesn’t come first.

          • DeusLoVult

            If the West goes to war, Russia will be sucked into it. But we have a more significant problem arising. Turkey. Turkey has succeeded in removing almost all of the major obstacles that prevent her from becoming a world power once more. No one is in a position to challenge her due to either economic inadequacy or political impediments. Worst of all though, I do not believe much of the world yet sees this as a threat.

            And, I would beg to differ on Russia’s “great future”.

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            Russia is an Anvil that has outworn many hammers, and blessed by God with millions of saints. Her destiny remains a great one, which is also why she is continually attacked. Turkey? Of course i’m concerned.

          • filomena seiffert

            What USA is going to do when it looses the taxes it receives from the whole world through the Dollar? probably will implode like the Roman empire did

          • OrthodoxChristianAmerican

            The Roman Empire still exists, is the ‘restrainer’, for Antichrist has not yet come.

          • Gloria Patri

            Concerning Russia’s economy going forward. The headlines these days are whoever is top in AI will be economic king. This is looking to be China. Russia and China are allies, Russia and China are also working on a new financial standard with gold. They look like they will be doing better than the west in years to come.

          • DeusLoVult

            Sorry, but that’s speculation. Russia and China have serious problems, especially with demographics.


          • Gloria Patri

            Good article. I can see they do have many problems. Data is suppose to be the currency of the future, if that is true, China is ahead of the game. I would consider that article half true because Russia is planning for a future where China will be a superpower and they also have their gas pipe line if they can get it built despite the west trying to stop them. The west has issues as serious if not more serious than Russia.

          • DeusLoVult

            They have the same problems as us, (except for the demographic issues) but they are not nearly as well equipped to deal with them.

            China’s demographic issues are far more serious than even Russia. They are not looking at a bright future.



            There is no future without people.

            Relying on a gas pipeline won’t save them. But, of course, I really believe all of this is somewhat irrelevant at the moment. We’re likely to have a major war long before age has time to kill all those millions.

          • filomena seiffert

            I have to remind you is not Russia ignoring the west rather it is the excruciating bulling the west does to her specially USA

  • lewjac3

    Israel has been isolated from the beginning, nothing new.

  • Gloria Patri

    Thank you for the article Andrew. It brings more clarity to what Israel has been doing these past few years. It keeps becoming clearer that Israel and the USA were behind ISIS just as stated here years ago. For those who didn’t believe it, they can see now it was true. What a terrible thing to unleash on the world! I wonder what Russia will do? It will be interesting to see.

    • Higlac

      If I’ve understood Mr. Walid Shoebat correctly (and so far his track record is extremely good indeed!!), it would seem that it’s Russia that will eventually turn against and upon Turkey – and which will happen just before true Divine Intervention and Retribution land upon the Turks.

      • Gloria Patri

        Thank you for clearing that up. Yes, Walid has an impressive track record. If that is what he said then it’s most likely the way to play out.

  • bubba

    you make it very clear andrew. good article!

  • DeusLoVult

    The Euro is truly a disaster. I invite you to elaborate further on Ireland, if you wouldn’t mind. I am not as familiar with their situation.

  • James Peterson

    The writer misses a key point. Saudi Arabia is no longer the swing producer. Because of fracking technology, America has become the swing producer. We, because of technology, trump the vast pools of cheap oil found in Saudi Arabia, and the gulf. The correlation of forces have swung, at least quantitatively, in America’s direction. It remains now, to be a question of character.
    Putin’s alliance with Syria saved Europe and the Russian federation, as well as China, and finally, the world. The war was fought over whether the Saudis/qataris would build a gas pipeline from Qatar through Syria, turkey and the Balkans to feed Europe with a second and less expensive source of natural gas. The plan was to drive the Russians out of the European market by undercutting their natural gas price, bankrupting them, and driving them from the world stage of power politics and world military power. Once accomplished, all of Europe would then fall, as would Russia and her asiatic neighbors, to radical Islam. China would then be next, and then the world. Russia’s fight in Syria was an existential one. She knew that, so did we. Her success in Syria has braked radical islam’s expansion, at least, temporarily. As it turns out, we have all been gifted by a most unlikely and unexpected epic hero, Vladimir Putin.

    • filomena seiffert

      God is helping Russia,this is the reason Putin is the head of the nation. A reasonable and intelligent man, wise we can say. Russia will be the voice who will bring the west back to its Christian civilization.

  • Kelly Ann

    When the church if filled.

  • Higlac

    Please remember that God Doesn’t EVER WANT the death of a sinner, but that he may instead repent and LIVE!!!!

    • Kelly Ann

      Are you familiar with the little Arab Saint of Palestine ? She was a most Holy young lady. I found her story very interesting, I wonder if Mr Shoebat has ever read about her. I learned about her in a sermon.

      • Higlac

        No, I know positively NOTHING about her – mea culpa.

        • Kelly Ann

          No fault realized in her.

    • Kelly Ann

      the Jews rejecting Our Lord and are blinded because God removed his grace until such a time when He will bring them back into the fold, but until such a time they are become our enemies is for our sake.
      Which is why we are bound to always pray for them, not praise them up, there is a difference, as worthless flattery does nothing to benefit their salvation, but prayer for their salvation without pride or boasting is most acceptable.

      And that is my last hateful comment on the Jews.

      • Higlac

        Ms. Kelly Ann:

        I see that you’re out to blatantly IGNORE &/or, worse, contradict what I have been trying to postulate all along:
        1) The Jews deserve and NEED their ancestral homeland of Israel (especially in the face of other peoples persecuting them);
        2) That their Sanhedrin ordered Our Lord to be Tortured and Crucified does NOT give us Christians the right to dominate and hurt them as we please.

        Regarding point #2: if you, Kelly Ann, are out to imply that because of what the bulk of their religious authorities did two millennia (2,000 years) ago, they ALL are accursed and consequently deserve to be the prey of whoever wants to persecute them as he pleases – and be dependent upon their survival upon those same others who could at any moment choose to become Hitlers or Stáljins, without their having ANY refuge in this world where they can go (this is point #1): that’s a classic case of ethnic discrimination!!! It even could qualify as a form of racism. Either way, you then contradict Galatians 3:28 and Colossians 3:11 – unless you happen to believe that whoever is not in Christ is automatically of a lower grade and then that the Jews deserve to be especially debased because of what some of their ancestors did 2,000 years ago.

        You then are committing the sin of IDOLATRY as follows: you’re exalting Christians, with all their human faults, ABOVE all other peoples – which is NOT what God Had in mind. Granted that those of us who’re in Him and of Him INDEED ARE of a special class after our terrestrial deaths &/or the end of this age where people govern themselves WITHOUT His DIRECT Authority (whichever comes first): we still are NOT – repeat, NOT – entitled to thus do what we want or covet as we please with others!!! Remember the Second Great Commandment to love thy neighbour as thyself?? It is one thing to discriminate between Christians and heathens OK; but quite another to add discrimination on the basis of skin-colour, race, ethnicity, creed within a religion, &c.

        It also means that you’re mixing different political systems together (Western democracy vs. a sort of feudalism) – another thing which Our Lord Does NOT really Want us to do: You cannot serve two masters, as per St. Luke 16:13. If we are to live in a non-Christian world and not be accused of forcing our ways upon non-Christians in any way whatsoever, we have to keep away from this world and its blandishments plus its responsibilities more than we find ourselves compelled to be in it by dint of occupation, family plus social relationships, &c. We however CAN’T FORCE our ways upon others as those will then see US Christians as their enemies and push back or worse!!! Isn’t this what we’re called to be: in this world but NOT OF IT???

        This means – among other things – that we can’t attack or denigrate any specific people in this world. Koreans have their homeland, Chinese, Western-Europeans, Americans, Africans, Russians, Polynesians, Latin-Americans, &c. – so why not the Jews, who have been treated even worse than their compatriots in homelessness the Gypsies yet who DO identify (unlike the latter) with an ancestral homeland??? This is NOT – repeat, NOT – putting them upon a pedestal: it simply is letting them have their own place of refuge. Nothing more or less – what’s so wrong about that???

  • Higlac

    At the bare minimum, Vladímir Vladimírovich Pútin is nominally a Christian. It seems that in fact it’s more than just nominal, though the Russian Orthodox Church has its own issues – just like the rest of Christianity.

  • Higlac

    That’s a LIE!!!! In Christ there is neither Jew nor Greek. Furthermore, St. Paul in Romans makes it extremely clear that Our Lord Has NEVER Rejected the Jews.

    Whoever thinks that the Jews are no longer God’s People and deserve to be punished by human beings is most emphatically WRONG!!!!!

  • Higlac

    You need to study St. Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, especially chapters 8 through 11. In there God Makes it extremely clear through this Apostle that God Has NEVER, EVER, EVER Rejected His People – though many of them are blinded. We Gentiles are thus brought in to take the places of those who rejected Him in their blindness.

    [Besides, don’t forget the other lost tribes of Ancient Israel which have disappeared without trace for the most part (aside from a very few and small colonies that have been found in places like India and Ethiopia that claim to be remnants thereof) won’t be neglected either!!!]

    Thus, the Jews are AT LEAST a subset of the Israel of God – and don’t forget some of those who may profess rejection or at least not talk about it may still be SECRET FOLLOWERS (ever heard of Messianic Jews??). We can’t reject them, EVER!!!!

    • Kelly Ann

      You know what I found very interesting in the book of Maccabees is that the Spartans are Jews, judas I think his name was, was leader of the jews at that time n wrote a constitution of alligence to the Spartans telling them that they were brothers belonging to one of the tribes, but he didn’t say which one.

      • Higlac

        Can you please provide me with the references?? Thanks in advance!

        • Kelly Ann

          When I get back home to my bible I’ll post you the location of them.

        • Kelly Ann

          1 machabees , ch 12. Letter to Spartans from Jonathan.

  • Higlac

    Eh, “Lyn”:

    First, let me most humbly and gratefully thank you for your kind words and defence of what I’ve been trying to say. Alas, Ms. Seiffert’s error is by no means merely hers: please see what “Kelly Ann” has unleashed upon me.

    Second, regarding what World War II was all about: it’s impossible to compress it all into anything short of an entire book. All I could tackle was what Ms. Seiffert erroneously brought up – and thank God Almighty that the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland NEVER gave up the struggle against Hitler!!!!!

    If I’m wrong and she’s right, please show me how I’m wrong; however, if I’m in the right, perhaps you can help me relative to that debate with “Kelly Ann”. It’s so desperately TIRING to have to push back against an attitude which, if unchecked, can lead to the MANY centuries of anti-Semitism that have plagued this entire planet with its poison…

  • Higlac

    Dear Lyn:

    I’ve repeatedly tried absolutely EVERYTHING I possibly could to forgive those two wretches – I simply find it quite impossible – especially as the harm they’ve done me has never been remedied and most likely never will in my lifetime!!! A “church” where my heart lies on account of its pipe organ (the largest and best by far in the area for 100 km. radius – where I had privileges for almost 18 years) had its Church-Board OFFICIALLY BAN me for what’s now almost 148 months thanks to those two BLACKGUARDS, with enough of the Board-members still unwilling to hear any evidence or pleas from my relatives to the contrary, let alone talk to me. I dare not EVER contact them – they made it plain they don’t even want to know of me, like I’m some dangerous criminal who’s not even mentally competent to know why he’s being so punished – they refused to tell me ANYTHING about what I’m guilty of, just saying their decision was “FINAL”.

    The now-dead “minister” was a control-freak who wanted everything to be “his way or the highway” – who didn’t care when I had reasons to go against what he said and who didn’t even want to listen to what I had to say (and, worse yet, I couldn’t always articulate things properly), who would shut me up instead and turn his back upon me!!!!! He must have been some military-type who saw his congregation and its members as subjects to be COMMANDED (even if he didn’t put it that way!!!) and, when provoked by the other guy – a militant sodomite and a liar who gulled me into bad situations and who was out from the beginning (I now realise – MUCH TOO LATE – that I should have had nothing to do with him) – did what he could to HUMILIATE me as brutally as he could in such a way that I in consequence wish to shun virtually ALL SOCIETY. When shamed like that, I find it difficult even to appear outside of the house where I live – no enjoyment in walking or taking in fresh air. It’s a mental effort for me to practice even on my piano, let alone debase myself to go to a church whose organ is a BIG come-down compared to what I used to have. Were it not for my dog, I’ve felt enough times that I could do myself in. ALL the humans in my life (and they’re mercifully few) would grieve but still successfully move on, and this EVIL world can then forget that I ever existed.

    Poverty also at these times hurts – were I rich enough to afford to get an equivalent organ installed in some place I could trust never to evict me (in fact, it’s small enough that it would fit into “my” house), this wouldn’t hurt me one-tenth as much: I’d be able to then enjoy life even while remembering that it is transient and that it’s NOT to be truly treasured on account of Mankind’s Wickedness. Alas, I’m dirt-poor, subsisting in part on my brother’s kindness – and he too is no multi-millionaire.

    Enough times I feel – and have often said to myself – F— LIFE – LONG LIVE DEATH!!!!! I truly dread that I’m doomed to Purgatory and thence the Lake of Fire (after the Last Judgement) – how CAN somebody this embittered EVER be found worthy of Christ, Who Said “I’ve Come that these may have life, and have it abundantly”???? Mind you, I most categorically REFUSE to contemplate harming anybody or anything else than myself: I truly don’t want to be an evildoer in any way whatsoever. However, this life is a burden without me having access to that organ… It’s as if God WANTS to Hurt me. It’s VERY hard for me not to be angry at Him – yet I know all too well that I can’t protest against Him Who Can Hurl me into Hell (Gehenna – the Lake of Fire).

  • Higlac

    AMEN, dear “Lyn” – and many, many thanks for your prayers: I truly and most desperately need and thus welcome them with all my heart!!!

    In point of fact, the book of (Saint, according to Eastern Orthodoxy) Job has been and IS very much on my mind. Yes, over these nearly-55 years of my existence on this earth (especially thanks to my societal handicaps – whose reasons didn’t get properly diagnosed until February 1995 – I therefore became pretty “bookish”), I’ve read the Bible quite a bit. I’ll be the first to admit that I ought to read it – and notably this part – a whole lot more; however, in return I do find myself ruminating over what I have read not a little bit.

    Please pray that God Will Grant me the actual forgiveness in my heart: I truly DO want to forgive them – for His Sake as well as mine. I neither need nor want this absolutely-TERRIBLE burden – a burden with which most certainly Satan has been punishing me, with an abnormally-wide range of feeling of emotions inside of myself as well as of the kind of agony that just plagues me every last instant of my life unless a powerful distraction comes along (that and sleep are my only real anodynes – thank God that I’ve known better than to ever experiment with tobacco, alcohol or hard-drugs!!!). [And the worst part of it is that I can come across as unfeeling relative to others – I’ve often been assailed as an egotist and “uncaring” when that’s not the case – my narcissism seems to be something that I have to perpetually fight harder than enough others find necessary…]

    No less, I apologise (as truly I’m aware of this unhappy habit) for my over-long sentences and excessive loquacity.