‘They Are Trying To Drive All Christians Out Of India’ Hindu Terrorists Force Catholic School Closed As Catholic Bishop Warns Of Coming Persecution Of Christians

A Catholic Bishop has been speaking out after their school was closed by the government and the students forcibly transferred to a state run school at the instigation of Hindu nationalists according to a recent report:

A Catholic bishop in India is accusing the local government of trying to ‘harass Catholics’ after it closed a church-run local hostel, moving the boys to a state-run boarding school.

The Guna district council in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh closed the project, which has run since 1997, amid accusations the school was trying to convert the boys to Christianity.

Madhya Pradesh is one of seven states in India to pass anti-conversion laws and has been run by the ruling Hindu-nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) since 2003, which has has strong links to the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a militant Hindu nationalist organisation.

Father Siljo Kidangan admitted there had been an administration error in the property filing but said the government was using that as an excuse to disband the Christian charity.

‘We have been offering hostel facilities for students from poor families who study in a nearby government school. Among them brilliant students were picked up admitted to good schools for better education,’ Kidangan told Matters India. ‘But now the administration under mounting pressure from the right-wing Hindu groups, sealed the hostel and shifted the boys on the ground that our land record missed a signature from the district collector.’

Bishop Anthony Chirayath of the Syro-Malabar Diocese of Sagar said the hostel closing was another example of ‘harassment and persecution of the minorities’ in India.

He told the Catholic website Crux: ‘This is only persecution of the minorities, the groups want to chase away Catholics from the area, additionally they want to close down the hostel. The police investigated the allegations that 200 people were converted, and the police have concluded that the conversion allegations are completely false.

‘Secondly, the hostel land belongs to us. All the hostel documents are valid and legal and this too has been verified by the police after investigations.'(source)

The persecution of Christians is a major issue worldwide, especially in Muslim nations. However, it has become a particular problem in India, where the persecution of Christians at the hand of Hindus, known as “Saffron Terrorists” for the color of their robes, have been spreading like a fire. To make matters worse, the Indian government is backing these attacks and refusing to investigate them in the same way that Muslim majority nations frequently do not investigate crimes against Christians.

A group of “saffron terrorists’

The persecution is just the public face of a greater issue, which as we have mentioned is that of Indian Nationalism. This nationalism is more accurately called Aryan nationalism, since Hinduism is not even native to India, but was imposed on the people of India thousands of years ago when they were conquered by Aryan invaders from Persia. Everything about Hinduism from its caste system to its religious rituals and even its basic structure is a foreign concept meant to elevate the conquerors and oppress the conquered through creating a unique form of ethnonationalism in which the worship of the Hindu gods and even the nature of being an Indian itself is tied to the genetics and geography of India. It was one of the first mass and successful attempts at translating tribalism into a nationalized religion.

Now there is nothing wrong with being proud of one’s people, heritage, or nation. However, the Bible states clearly that all men are made in the image and likeness of God. While we have our real differences, we are also one in Christ by our very nature. Ethnonationalism distorts this concept because when taken to its philosophical end, it results in the deification of the individual, his race, and his homeland. If other people do this, then when problems naturally happen between different groups, the division is not just between two people, but it devolves into a fight over morality and absolute truth where the one with more force in battle becomes the arbiter of moral truth. This is what the infamous 19th century book Might Makes Right points out, as the text itself elevates the struggle between individuals as a struggle to determine right and wrong as well as good and evil by the one who is most powerful in battle.

This concept should sound familiar, because it is a direct link to Original Sin. The sin in the Garden of Eden was when man rejected God and thought that he could become the arbiter of good and evil, and since he cannot do this because he is a mere creation, it poisoned his seed and enslaved him to such an extent that God Himself had to come in Christ to free us from this evil. While God commands man to judge right and wrong, he is to judge it solely in the context of divine revelation, and in no way is he to actually make himself the arbiter of truth because God is Truth.

Today it is very common to hear many Christians saying that in light of the many problems in “The West,” they need to ally with neopagans. However, this is completely wrong for the above reason and for the same reason is why the Church has always fought so aggressively against paganism. For no matter what the form that the paganism takes, all forms are philosophically a direct link to the sin of Eden and lead to the same miserable end. Likewise, it is also the same reason that paganism has been a continual aggressor against the Church, because through its connection to the sin of Eden it is nothing more than a remanifestation of original sin and rebellion against divine truth.

We have warned that in the words of the Saffron Terrorists themselves, they are actively plotting to erase all traces of Christianity from India within ten years and replace it with what they call the “Hindutva Bharat,” or their concept of a “pure Hindu” nation- one that is “pure” culturally, religiously, and genetically:

The Catholic Association of Goa said in a press note that Saraswati was attempting to create fear among religious minorities such as Christians and Muslims. Some “fringe elements are indulging in creating a hostile atmosphere,” the association said.

Certain conventions and meetings such as this “are deliberately held in Goa to disturb the peace of the state and promote disharmony, enmity, hatred or ill-will between communities,” the association said.

Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco, a Goa legislator called for the state government to initiate legal action against the organizers of the conclave, and to arrest Saraswati for inciting violence and speaking out against the values of equality, secularism and socialism enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Father Eremito Rebelo, parish priest of Our Lady of Snows, told ucanews.com that the government’s silence “is shocking, considering that blatantly provocative and anti-minority statements were made.”

Strategically, leading Hindu organizations, including the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (world Hindu council) and the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, the political wing of Hindu groups, have distanced themselves from the Goa conclave, describing it as a meeting between smaller and regional groups.

The conclave, which concluded June 17, was the sixth annual program to be held in Goa.

The resolutions passed at the meeting included the declaration of India as a Hindu Rashtra (nation) by 2023, a ban on cattle slaughter, and the declaration of the cow as the national animal. (source, source)

What we are seeing here is the formulation of plans for a mass murder of all Indian Christians, regardless of their ethnicity in the same way that Germany and Japan both did during the Second World War.

This is not about a school or a mere conflict between groups. This is symbolic of a larger problem that is preparing to explode.



  • filomena seiffert

    All UN and USA had to do is impose sanctions on India’s government and it is a legitimate reason.

  • Indian Christian Crusader

    When a Bishop makes a statement as such, it must be taken very seriously by Roman Catholics around the world. There are a lot naysayers, when it comes to India, I am telling you, they are preparing the ground for full scale extermination of Christians. The aggressive Hindu nationalists number in their 30 to 50 million or even up to 100 million people or more. The remaining Hindus are just passive with “chalega” (anything goes) attitude. The vast majority of so called passive “secular” Hindus won’t do anything to lift a finger to protect minorities when the volcano erupts. Hindu nationalists are only waiting for a major world war or event that can neutralize the big powers like America, Russia, before they unleash blood shed on Indian Christians.

    In this country everyone asks for a bribe under the table. Court cases last for 10 to 20 years, don’t expect any justice here. All words of democracy, secularism in paper only. I don’t trust anyone. Not even our own so called church leaders. Come Jesus soon.

    • Andrew Bieszad

      Can you message me on Facebook? I have a question I would like to ask you. -Andrew

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        Will do, and then let you know here, that I have messaged you. I keep my identity protected, as I often face threats from Hindu extremists.

        • Andrew Bieszad

          Thanks. I appreciate it. -Andrew

    • Brick

      brother ICC, I am concerned. will you be safe if the situation gets worth?

      • Indian Christian Crusader

        Thank you for your love and support. By God’s grace I have permanent residency visa for a western country. I lived few years in that western country. Wise investments and decisions made in younger years i suppose.. For business reasons I often travel to Asia, so I decided to come back to India for sometime and live here. I can go back to that western nation any time. However, if God calls me to die as a martyr, I shall die as a martyr in India resisting the THUGGERY AND SAVAGERY of Hindu extremists. If My father suffered all his life, this son too is willing to take up that suffering. I will leave it into God’s hands. If I return back to the west, then I will continue to support the Indian Christians in India and tell their story to the world. I have received many death threats from Hindu nationalists, as I continue to expose their evils. I am much more confrontational with them, perhaps because of my rajput heritage LOL, they used to be a warrior class. So, I am a crusader now against wickedness.

  • Julie LaBrecque

    “…was when man rejected God and thought that he could become the arbiter of good and evil, and since he cannot do this because he is a mere creation…”
    This statement rings loud and clear, now more than ever before – it is called moral relativism – ‘Christians’ are infected with it and there is NO talking them out of it.
    I am still elated about the release of Fr. Tom – a true miracle from God!

    • Kamau41

      Great point, Julie. Moral Relativism has most definitely poisoned the minds/souls of so many, especially over the last two decades. Jesse Remero just recently wrote a brief piece about it. See below, along with the attached article: