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Syria is no longer a functional state. It is an utter war zone where Islamists have been slaughtering Christians. Assad is no longer in power and has practically been overthrown

By Theodore Shoebat Syria is no longer a functional state. It has become an utter war zone where Christians have been slaughtered, and where now multiple governments are making their presence to pursue their own interests. All of this signifies that Assad is no longer in power. This is the subject of my video: CHRISTIANS […]

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Mexican Illegal immigrants will never take over America. There is no such thing as “anchor babies.”

By Theodore Shoebat Mexican illegal immigrants will never take over America. I did a whole video on this. There is no such thing as “anchor babies.” This is the subject of my latest video: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The Great World War That Is To Come. Click […]

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Under SS command, ethnic Germans—members of a Selbstchutz (“Self-Defense”) unit—executed Piotr Sosnowski, a priest, in the Tuchola forest on October 27, 1939. 
SOURCE: US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Message To Israel: To use the term “Polish death camps” is no different than saying “Armenian death camps” when speaking about the Armenian Genocide that was committed by the Ottoman Empire

By Theodore Shoebat To use the term “Polish death camps,” as many officials in Israel insist, is like saying “Armenian death camps” when speaking of the Armenian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire. This is the subject of my latest video: Christianity Is At War, This Is Why We Must Prepare Our Souls For The […]

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Planned Parenthood CEO Declares ‘Christians Should Be Forced To Perform Abortions Because Morality Is A Form Of Discrimination’

Outgoing Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, under whose tenure was exposed a massive criminal trafficking ring of body parts from murdered babies, said that Christians should be forced to perform abortions because having morals and religious freedom is a form of discrimination: Cecile Richards is making plenty sure to go out from her role as […]

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Homosexual Writer Complains ‘American Healthcare Is A Failure Because I Got Really Sick From Parasites And Had To Take Antibiotics After I Ate Feces From Another Man’s Rectum And Then After I Got Better I Did It Again And Got The Same Disease’

People have accused of being “too graphic” when describing the LGBT and the practices they engage in. But the fact is that if one supports the LGBT, then one by default supports the practices because it is by these practices that the LGBT defines themselves and are all acknowledged and accepted in LGBT circles. […]

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Muslim Man Abandons Islam For Christ, In Response His Wife And Seven Children Leave Him, His Parents Disown Him, And Now Muslims Are Hunting To Kill Him

Munabi Abdullah gave up everything after he put his faith in Christ. A former Muslim, the day he told his wife that he accepted Jesus as his savior she abandoned him and took their seven children, his parents cursed his name and disowned him, and now Muslims are hunting to kill him according to a […]

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Muslim Gang Attacks Christians In Church While At Services, Egyptian Court Exonerates All Of Them For “Good Behavior” And Fines The Church

Nineteen Muslims attacked a church just before Christmas 2017, ransacking the building and beating the Christians in the middle of services. Their sentences were just handed down, and all of them have been released, exonerated from all crimes if they have “good behavior” and instead gives a fine to the church: An Egyptian court gave […]

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Another Bombshell: Judge Overseeing Michael Flynn Case Was Removed Because He Was a WITNESS in the FISA Court Memo issue.

Keith Davies Political Correspondent Again Joe DiGenova former federal prosecutor knocks it out of the park in Radio interview on WMAL (Washington DC area talk radio station). Joe DiGenova exposes the fact that Judge Rudolph Contreras was forcibly removed from presiding over the Michael Flynn case concerning his lying to the FBI, when it was […]

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the memo


Posted by Keith Davies Polictical Correspondent. FISA MEMO already released to public by NSA on January 23rd 2018 but in complex form. Let us break it down here Dr William Binney who is advisor to President Trump and former technical director of the NSA who retired in 2001 after acting as a whistle-blower against the […]

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