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    Anyone can see Israel wants to take Syria’s land. It was said by Jew who wrote a book about the intentions of Israel, even the six days war Israel promote through lies and false flags. The other reason is the NWO wants to reduce the world population by all means, abortion, birth control, disease and most effective, war. It has planed decades ago. We are living truly under the beast power, all to prepare for the rule of the antichrist.

  • Brick

    Great video Ted, especially on the suspicion of Evangelical supporting Israel regardless what happened (my own interpretation). I think not just Evangelicals, but also Pentecostals or those who believed that whoever blessed Abraham (and his descendants) will be blessed and whoever cursed Abraham (and his descendants) will be cursed often fall into this mentality – that often we (as I am an Evangelical background, so I must include myself) blindly supports Israel regardless its actions. But, I think one thing we Evangelicals should be aware is that even God does not always support Israel, He sometimes even fights them (and sometimes fights for them). So, what the people of Israel can say is that sometimes God is antisemitic if they want to play manipulative game. But if the people of Israel are honest, they will remember that when God fights them, it is because they do not follow His Commandments, precepts, teachings, or legalise them. And when God fights for them, it is because they humbled themselves before Him and cry out to Him. I remember a story in the Bible that the King of Egypt (or Aram?) said to king Josiah that he did not want to fight Judah, but when Judah insisted on fighting king Josiah was killed, and went the last good king of Judah. Then comes are wickedness, death, captivity, and all the bad things. Is this a history repeat itself? Assad does not want to fight Israel, but Israel insisted on fighting, which eventually will bring to the result of Turkey devours Syria and swallow up Israel before it moves down south to eat up Egypt. Or, in a more like situation as I suspect from the habits of Israel/Judah from the Bible, Turkey will make a pact/deal with Israel which Israel will think it got a good deal of fortune while slowly found out it had turned to Assyria to fight Egypt, then turned Egypt to fight Assyria, then turned Babylonia to fight Assyria, and eventually are carried off before they cry out to God to help them…

    • Israel has made many unholy alliance in the the ancient times and today it’s nothing new as they have an unholy alliance with Egypt and Saudi Arabia. That will not end well for Israel.

      CUFI is led by Hagee who isn’t always the brightest blub in the room. They never will critique Israel for being a faggot capital of the world.

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  • susan

    Excellent video Ted. I posted further down an article which looks into the times when Iran was our friend. The CFR has never been the friend of mankind.