Mursi’s wife (Huma’s Mama’s colleague) Leads Protests

As if you needed another reason why the Barack Obama administration and its emissaries – John McCain and Lindsey Graham – want Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood leaders released. As we reported last year, the mother-in-law of New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner is a close colleague of Mohammed Mursi’s wife. Both women were discovered to be two of 63 leaders with the Muslim Sisterhood.

Mursi's Wife: Sisterhood Queen put in motion

Mursi’s Wife: Sisterhood Queen put in motion

It’s now being reported that the former first lady of Egypt is being called out to rally protesters in support of her husband.

Via Fox / AP:

The wife of Egypt’s ousted president Mohammed Morsi has addressed thousands of his supporters at a protest camp in Cairo, where she vowed: “He is coming back, God willing.”

Naglaa Mahmoud made her first appearance Thursday since the July 3 military coup, which followed mass rallies demanding her husband’s removal from office. He’s been held incommunicado since then.

Speaking on a makeshift stage, she delivered what she described as “good news,” saying, “We are victorious” and Egypt “is Islamic.”

It’s probably a safe bet that this move by Mahmoud, which occurred after a disastrous trip by McCain and Graham, carries with it a tinge of desperation. That Mahmoud would come out now is likely akin to a chess move by someone who likes to attack with pieces other than the queen. Bringing the queen out only happens when those other pieces are no longer available.

If McCain and Graham had done what the Brotherhood hoped they would, Mahmoud’s appearance may not have been necessary.

The Belfast Telegraph reported:

Wearing a flowing veil that covered most of her body, Ms Mahmoud spoke to the crowds gathered at a sit-in at Rabaah al-Adawiya mosque in Cairo’s Nasr City suburb.

She recited a verse from the Quran before delivering what she described as “good news,” saying Egypt “is Islamic”.

She told the crowd “we are victorious” and said the protesters would overcome.

One year ago today, Barack Obama went out of his way to defend Huma Abedin at the White House Iftar dinner when her familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood were brought to the public’s attention via five congressmen (who shamelessly received no real support):


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