Did Obama’s Cousin Musa admit to aiding Al-Shabaab?

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

In the wake of the terrorist attack at the Westgate mall in Kenya, a joint committee has been formed within the Kenyan parliament to gather evidence and investigate. The committee is reportedly comprised of members from the National Security and Defense Commissions. The growing unease with Somalis in Kenya is getting attention as well. Al-Shabaab – the group thought to be behind the attack – is based in Somalia.

Musa Obama and Mama Sarah Obama (via Alwatan)

Musa Obama and Mama Sarah Obama (via Alwatan)

Last year, we posted a three-part video of a 2011 interview Al-Jazeera conducted with Musa Ismail Obama, the cousin of Barack Obama. In that video, Musa admitted to providing aid to the Dadaab refugee camp in northeastern Kenya.

Asman Kamama, the chairman of the Commission for National Security on the joint committee, is calling for the closure of the Dadaab camp, via Eurasia Review today:

…in the country , there is growing distrust of the Somali community – which has now reached an estimated two million people – concentrated in Nairobi , in the district of Eastleigh also known as ‘Little Mogadishu‘. “The situation has turned against the Somalis” writes ‘The Standard’, which says: “you know how the police calls us? ATMs (cash dispensers) because the only way to get them off our backs is to slip them a bribe. According to them, we are nothing more than cash dispensers”.

Kamama has asked the government to close the Dadaab refugee camp in the north of the country , on the border with Somalia , accusing it of having become “a den of terrorists.” {emphasis ours}

During his interview with Al-Jazeera, Musa talked about his efforts in providing aid to the Somalis in general and to the Dadaab refugee camp in particular. In the relevant exchange (excerpted in the video below), Musa shows photos of himself delivering food to the camp. After showing the audience a few of the photos, the interviewer clarifies with Musa that the aid came courtesy of the Mama Sarah Benevolence (Mama Sarah Obama Foundation). Something else of note then happens.

The interviewer wants to know if Musa has sought further assistance from American organizations and even asked if Musa has solicited his cousin, Barack Obama. Musa is a bit uncomfortable with the question, at which point the interviewer points to it all being humanitarian aid and no one should have a problem with that. Musa hedges a bit and says that requests for support had been sent to “many” different groups, some of whom had responded and some had not.

You will notice that Walid’s translation is transcribed to read “Adab”. This was an error in the translation and Musa can clearly be heard saying “Dadaab”.

In a 2012 video report by Kenya Citizen TV, claims that Dadaab has been infiltrated by al-Shabaab are given voice. In a report by the Center For Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) from 2012, there are more details of al-Shabaab members and sympathizers infiltrating Dadaab:

Since the Kenyan incursion into southern Somalia last October, security conditions in Dadaab have deteriorated to a critical level. Al Shabaab appears to have infiltrated the complex and may be using the camps as a platform to extend its operations to other parts of Kenya. As a result, kidnappings and assaults have become more common, and ominously, improvised explosive device (IED) attacks have also begun to appear with some regularity along the roads within the complex. Bombings and killings have increased in frequency. {emphasis ours}

Those inclined to give Musa the benefit of the doubt relative to his providing aid to the Dadaab refugee camps run into a bit of a problem. Musa visited Umm al-Qura University in Saudi Arabia with his uncle (and Barack’s) Sayyid Obama. This is one of the most virulently wahhabist schools in existence. As Theodore reported, al-Shabaab itself credits its own growth to Somali youths being recruited to attend Umm al-Qura. Sending Kenyan students to these schools is the business of the Obamas in Kenya.

Musa Obama and Sayyid Obama at Umm al-Qura University.

Musa Obama and Sayyid Obama at Umm al-Qura University.

Al Watan, a Saudi newspaper, also cited by Ekhbaryat, reports that Mama Sarah Obama (Barack’s step-grandmother) is very active in converting Christians to Islam:

One of Obama’s cousins – Feisal Amboya – who converted to Islam at the urging of his grandmother (Mama Sarah) specializes in Da’wa (prosthelytizing) to non-Muslims, inviting them to Islam and that he learned much from her and thanked Allah for being able to perform the Hajj. Mama Sarah stated, “When I go back to my town (Kogelo, Kenya), I will tell them about Islam and its power.”

Mama Sarah and uncle Sayyid insisted that they are prohibited from entering into discussions about the policies of the president (Barack Obama) and they refuse to answer any questions unless it involves the Hajj. The Saudi paper reported that Mama Sarah is not prohibited from answering but must use “Islamic diplomacy”.

As for “Islamic diplomacy”, we interpret that to mean Taqiyya or Muruna.

Al Watan continues:

The taboos Mama Sarah was not permitted to discuss without using diplomacy are “(Obama’s) policies regarding the Arab world and its Islamic destiny, his speech in Cairo in 2009 and the U.S. Government’s policy toward Israel”

Of course, when you include the work of Barack Obama’s older half-brother (Malik Obama) with the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), which is an arm of the Sudanese government, led by mass murderer Omar Al-Bashir, a more disturbing picture emerges.

The role of at least four Obama family members in Kenya includes spreading fundamentalist Islam, to include a brand of wahhabist Islam sanctioned by Al-Shabaab.

Barack and Malik Obama in the Oval Office.

Barack and Malik Obama in the Oval Office.


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