Tunisia Interior Minister on Human Trafficking to Syria

Yesterday, we relayed – via Arabic sources – that Tunisia’s Interior Minster Lotfi Ben Jeddo is speaking out quite publicly about the threat jihadists pose to his country. He is also speaking out in defense of preventing Tunisian women from leaving the country, saying that many of them are going to Syria, having sex with multiple jihadists and coming back pregnant.

Bin Jeddo: Trying to protect Tunisian women from Sexual jihad.

Bin Jeddo: Trying to protect Tunisian women from Sexual jihad.

In perhaps one of the most despicable forms of projection, critics of Bin Jeddo say he is violating the human rights of Tunisian men who go to Syria to fight the Assad regime on the front lines and Tunisian women who are passed around inside Jihadist camps in Syria. To any sane person, Jeddo is trying to protect his citizens from human rights abuses, not commit them.

In the article we cited previously, one Tunisian military expert puts the number of Tunisian fighters who are in Syria right now at more than 3500. Making this reality potentially much more problematic for Tunisia is that these fighters are likely being trained in Eastern Libya (Derna) under the supervision of Al-Qaeda “brother” Abdel Hakim Belhaj.

It’s important to note that the ideology of the Syrian rebels and the acolytes of Belhaj includes disgust for nationalism so the very real potential exists that once Tunisian fighters are done in Syria, they could return to Tunisia as enemies of their own country. When it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood, the idea of national borders is despised.

Bin Jeddo’s concerns about Tunisian men and women traveling outside his country are multi-pronged. The Tunis Times reports that he is doing his level best to break up a human trafficking operation. He’s actually being impugned for these efforts by human rights groups. Such “human rights groups” represent another in a long line of misnomers these days. Bin Jeddo spoke at his national assembly on these subjects recently and the video is below.


Wouldn’t you love to know what Senator John McCain thinks of this? Perhaps he can send his new pro-Syrian rebel employee – Elizabeth O’Bagy – on a fact-finding mission.


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