CAIR Florida attempts Espionage Jihad; Epic Fail

If you have not heard of Dr. Jonathan Matusitz, we’d like to introduce you to him. He is a professor at the University of Central Florida and is from Belgium; he is also an Islamophobe (according to groups like CAIR). It would appear that CAIR’s Florida office (CAIR-FL), whose Executive Director is a guy named Hassan Shibly, has failed miserably at espionage Jihad.

Before we get to what CAIR did, how about a taste of why Matusitz may have gotten under the group’s skin? Here is a video posted to the CAIR website this past June, in which the professor wields the sword of truth (h/t BNI):

Ok, that leads us to someone named Samantha Bowden, the Community and Outreach Director for CAIR-FL. On October 1st, Bowden decided to attend one of Matusitz’s classes surreptitiously by sitting in the back of the room; she is not a student of the class. Matusitz relayed what happened, via Family Security Matters:

“On October 1st, 2013, in my 12:00 p.m.-1:15 p.m. class (Communication Building, room 111). As I started teaching my class, I noticed that a female stranger was sitting at the back of the classroom. That person never asked me if she could enter my class and sit in the back of the classroom.

When I approached her, that person introduced herself as Samantha. Because Samantha is not one of my students, I asked her to leave. In the beginning, she was insisting to stay in my class. I had to ask her a few times before she finally left.

CAIR's Samantha Bowden: Now you see the hijab, now you don't.

CAIR’s Samantha Bowden: Now you see the hijab, now you don’t.

A few minutes after she left, I recognized that “Samantha.” Her full name is Samantha Bowden, Communication and Outreach Director of CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (see website below). She is based in Tampa. She is not a UCF student and never was a UCF student.

Now, a question looms large: Why is a high-profile CAIR representative stalking me in one of my classes? Indeed, Samantha Bowden entered my class without asking me and without obtaining any authorization.

Samantha’s presence and observation of my class on October 1st, 2013 were violations of Florida Statutes. I felt threatened by her actions. So, I filed a report with the UCF Police Department.”

The problem for Bowden – and potentially for Shibly – is illegal activity. One day after Bowden attempted to attend Matusitz’s class, she engaged the UCF’s Muslim Students Association (MSA) and was confronted while doing so.

Incidentally, Bowden was also a leader with Occupy Wall Street’s (OWS) Occupy Tampa, who apparently liked to see what Marxist Cornel West had to say about any Obama decision or policy before deciding for herself. If Cornel agreed, it was apparently ok for Bowden to agree. She’s also a huge Van Jones fan.

Here’s the encounter with Bowden one day after her failed attempt at espionage jihad:


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