Trucker calls for America’s ‘Egypt Moment’ on Live TV

“General” Ernest Lee, a trucker and leader in the ‘Big Rig’ rally that is designed to shutdown Washington, DC this weekend by flooding the beltway with truckers, appeared on Megyn Kelly’s new program to talk about the goals of the ride. Without hesitation, Lee – two times – insisted that America needs an “Egypt moment”, an obvious reference to what caused the ouster of that country’s Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Mursi, on July 3rd.

Ernest Lee: America needs an 'Egypt-type moment'.

Ernest Lee: America needs an ‘Egypt-type moment’.

As politicians have been debating whether the removal of Mursi was a coup, it needs to be pointed out that all the people of that country did was peaceably assemble in world record numbers. That’s still part of the constitution that is protected.

The website that Lee gave out at the beginning of his interview – – has been down until recently and directs visitors to a facebook page. There’s also a facebook page for the event at 1000milemarch. An assortment of videos posted by Lee can be seen here.

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