Homeland Security Adviser makes case FOR Islamophobia

If stealth jihadists are open to ‘dialogue’, we’d like to introduce a new term into the discussion. It’s called IsLamOGIC (Is-LOMB-o’-jik). It is a term that is synonymous with illogic but more narrowly focused to refer to the knots Muslim Brotherhood apologists, sympathizers, apparatchiks, and members twist themselves into when arguing their case.

Is-L-am-OGIC: a rationale used by those who defend Islam that is inherently contradictory when empirical evidence is introduced into the debate. Example: those who say Islam is not a religion of peace should be beheaded. The premise (Islam is a religion of peace) is destroyed by the actions of its practitioners who completely fail to see the inherent contradiction.

Elibiary: Obama's Homeland Security adviser.

Elibiary: Obama’s Homeland Security adviser.

This leads us to a Homeland Security adviser to the Obama administration. His name is Mohamed Elibiary and he is also a Muslim Brotherhood apologist who runs interference for the group at every turn. His ties to Hamas sympathizers are indisputable as well. He is now attempting to pin the Islamophobe label to Coptic Christians who have been suffering grave persecution at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

No, seriously.

Via John Rossomando at IPT:

Major Coptic leaders are condemning Mohamed Elibiary, an Obama administration Homeland Security adviser, for suggesting that Copts who raise awareness of anti-Christian violence in Egypt promote “Islamophobic” bigotry.

Elibiary sent out a series of tweets that Coptic leaders found offensive last month. The tweets appeared to chastise the Coptic community for lobbying on behalf of their relatives in Egypt. He targeted them because they had aligned themselves with conservative groups that he called “Islamophobic.” {emphasis ours}

As we point out in The Case FOR Islamophobia, a “phobia” is an irrational fear, not a rational one. By accusing the Copts of having an irrational fear (Islamophobia) in the face of persecution and constant threats, Elibiary is using IsLamOGIC.

Rossamando also makes an interesting find relative to Elibiary’s twitter account. The Homeland Security adviser endorses the R4BIA movement on twitter, again via IPT:

R4BIA takes its name from Cairo’s Rabia ad-Alawiya Square, where hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood protesters were killed in armed clashes with Egyptian security forces in August.

Folks, it wasn’t just “protesters” who were killed at Rabia ad-Alawiya Square; we’re talking about hardcore Islamists and terrorists. The list of Muslim Brotherhood leaders who were arrested at the Rabia ad-Alawiya mosque is quite interesting, Safwat Hijazy and Mohammed El-Beltagy among them. Hijazy was arrested this past August. Check out this campaign speech by Hijazy for Mohammed Mursi on May 1, 2012, in which he calls for an Islamic Caliphate with Jerusalem as the capital:

Be sure to read the entire piece by Rossomando.


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