Wacko Bird John McCain goes after Louie Gohmert

The ever-civil Senator John McCain, who called Ted Cruz a “Wacko bird”, has now accused another fellow Republican of being devoid of intelligence. Last week, at the Values Voter Summit, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) rightfully ripped Senator John McCain for the latter’s support of Syrian rebels and al-Qaeda. McCain, who refuses to attack Democrats but has no problem whatsoever with attacking his own Party, accused Gohmert of having “no intelligence” when asked about the charge levied by the Congressman from Texas by NBC’s Brian Williams.

McCain: Says Gohmert has "no intelligence".

McCain: Says Gohmert has “no intelligence”.

Right after accusing Gohmert of having “no intelligence”, McCain says, “I intend to maintain civility”.

What a wackobird!

The problem for McCain is that he is indeed treading on treacherous ground and has been coming precariously close to crossing the line into traitor country. It’s not just about one or two instances either. It’s about a “long train of abuses and usurpations,” to quote a certain document.

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Here is the clip from last week that Williams asked McCain to respond to. Again, h/t MediaIte:


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