Deval ‘Dhimmi’ Patrick teams up with Tsarnaevs’ Mosque

After the Boston Marathon bombing last April 15th, it was learned that the Tsarnaev brothers who carried out the bombings, had attended the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center mosque (ISBCC). More red flags were raised upon looking into the background of the mosque; it is run by the Muslim American Society (MAS), a Muslim Brotherhood group, and was founded by Abdurahman Alamoudi, who is serving a 23 year prison sentence for terrorism.

Governor Patrick: Doubling down on Dhimmitude.

Governor Patrick: Doubling down on Dhimmitude.

In the days after last year’s bombings, it was learned that Patrick had some disturbing connections to the ISBCC, dating back to 2010. One would think he would either distance himself from that mosque or call more attention to it for having duped him. Well, just six months later, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D) has teamed up with the ISBCC to deliver a video message, wishing all Muslims a “blessed Eid”.

Back in 2010, Americans for Peace and Tolerance released a video detailing a grade school field trip to the ISBCC. A mother of one of the children from Wellesley Middle School’s 6th grade served as a chaperone and took her video camera. In this video, shot three years before the Boston bombings, inside the same mosque attended by the Tsarnaev brothers, these young children can be seen being made to bow and pray inside the mosque (Patrick can be seen in one of the still shots shown in the video, from a separate visit):

While criticism of Patrick is certainly warranted, it should not be reserved exclusively for him. Two months after the Boston bombings, Rep. Louie Gohmert grilled FBI Director Robert Mueller – who had been nominated one week prior to 9/11/01 by President George W. Bush – about the ISBCC. Shockingly, the head of the Department of Justice’s law enforcement arm told Gohmert that he DID NOT KNOW the ISBCC was founded by Alamoudi, a man arrested in 2003 on Mueller’s watch:

A look at the president who nominated Mueller – George W. Bush – might help explain the inexplicable behavior and ignorance of Mueller. During his eight years in office, Bush made at least three trips to the Islamic Center of Washington, D.C. (ICWDC), to include one on 9/17/01 with Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of a Muslim Brotherhood front group standing at his side. During a visit in 2002, Bush essentially did what Patrick did at the ISBCC this week – to celebrate Eid:

Those inclined to give Bush a pass because so much has been learned since 9/11/01 miss two important points. First, the Bush administration had access to far more information then than is available publicly today. They could have chosen the right experts to pursue the right strategy; they did not and America is suffering the consequences. Second, Bush visited the ICWDC as late as 2007, for the 50-year re-dedication ceremony, just three years prior to Patrick’s visit to the ISBCC, and was introduced by Abdullah M. Khouj. Khouj, the head of the mosque, has been a leader with the Muslim World League (MWL), which was founded in 1962 by Saudi Arabia to help spread Islam around the globe. The MWL is responsible for laying the groundwork in the U.S. that has allowed groups like the MAS to be founded.

Here is Bush at the ICWDC in 2007, which includes his being introduced by Khouj:

While Patrick deserves criticism and accountability, there are others higher up the political food chain who deserve more. As we’ve suggested, one of the reasons Bush’s closest adviser – Karl Rove – has decided to become so influential in the media and through a powerful PAC may have to do with a desire to protect Bush’s legacy.

There are many reasons why the Republican establishment – personified by Rove – doesn’t embrace the conservative wing of the party – personified by people like Gohmert – but one of those reasons could include what the conservative wing would reveal about prior administrations, if they came to power.

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