Today’s Barrack Show: New front in Benghazi

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Is there a new front opening up relative to the Benghazi stonewall? Fox reporter James Rosen picked up on the work of a House Armed Services committee that has zeroed in on a press release dated 9/10/12, one day prior to the Benghazi attacks. The release was issued by the office of the Press Secretary (Jay Carney). When Rosen questioned Carney about this, Carney bristled and was obviously uncomfortable with this new line of questioning.

Well, Obamacare continues to be in the news. In particular, Health and Human Services (HHS) Director Kathleen Sebelius is claiming to be unavailable for a Congressional hearing this week. Why? Because she has a “conflict”. One of those conflicts appears to be a gala for deceased Senator Ted Kennedy, which is scheduled to take place on the evening before the hearing.

Despite the Obamacare website costing an obscene $634 Million, it doesn’t work. This serves as the perfect microcosm for why government has no business being in the healthcare business. The private sector could have designed the website for about $1 Million and it would have worked!

Also, Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) has referred to the Tea Party as “Domestic enemies”. Never mind the fact that in 2009, Cohen was registered with the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) caucus. There was a time in recent American history when socialism was considered antithetical to the values of American culture.

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