Evidence that could send Egypt’s Mursi to the Gallows

What would evidence that Mursi was colluding with al-Qaeda during his tenure as president of Egypt reveal about Barack Obama’s support for Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood regime?

By Walid Shoebat and Ben Barrack

Authors’ Note: The ensuing report constitutes Addendum N of Ironclad: Egypt Involved in Benghazi Attacks.

His name is Dr. Abdel Reheem Ali and he is widely regarded as the most reputable source for all things Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Ali is also credited with revealing what could be extremely explosive evidence to be used in the upcoming trials of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Egypt, to include former President Mohammed Mursi. That evidence reportedly includes recordings of phone conversations between Mursi and al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Abdel Reheem Ali: Recordings of Mursi colluding with al-Qaeda leader.

Abdel Reheem Ali: Recordings of Mursi colluding with al-Qaeda leader.

Though what follows below should be considered a stand alone piece, some context may be added by reading Addendum M to our “Ironclad” Report. This addendum is about the familial relationship between Rifa’a El-Tahtawi, Mursi’s former chief of staff, and al-Qaeda’s number one, Ayman al-Zawahiri; these two men are first cousins.

We must emphasize that while we have neither come into possession of these recordings nor heard them, we felt it warranted to report on this news because of the veracity of the source(s) that have done so already. Another reason is how the detailed descriptions of the contents of the recordings comport with other news that has been reported during Mursi’s tenure as president.

Via Al-Bawabh News (translation):

Al-Bawabth News obtained recordings that took place between ex-president Mursi and Ayman al-Zawahiri. The details of the recordings ensured that Mursi would not arrest Jihadists or Takfirists during his tenure and to ensure that they continue their activity with absolute freedom.

In addition, the agreement included opening military camps to train jihadists in Sinai.

Formidable sources in private settings revealed the nature of the communication between the two sides. First, the release of Mohammed al-Zawahiri, the brother of the al-Qaeda leader through the intervention from Rifa’a Tahtawi, Mursi’s chief of staff. To also ensure the freedom of movement and preventing them from being watched. {emphasis ours}

As we reported previously via Al-Nahar, when Tahtawi was asked about his relationship with his cousin, Ayman al-Zawahiri, he is said to have had no comment. If the reports about these recordings are correct, Tahtawi was very involved in the release of Mohammed Zawahiri from prison. This is significant not just because the two men are first cousins but because Tahtawi was an arm of Mursi.

Recorded evidence that these two men collaborated to prevent a Military coup?

Recorded evidence that these two men collaborated to prevent a Military coup?

Consider that Mohammed al-Zawahiri was released from prison in early 2011 in an amnesty arrangement. Just days later, Egyptian police re-arrested him. About one year later, al-Zawahiri was acquitted without explanation.

Again, via Al-Bawabh News, here is an account of a recorded phone conversation around the time Mursi is said to have visited with Ayman al-Zawahiri in a Pakistani hotel at a time when Mursi was already President (translated):

Mursi provided al-Qaeda with four training camps in the Sinai. Another phone call was initiated by Mursi before he visited Pakistan. He was supposed to visit with al-Zawahiri at a hotel in Pakistan but met with an al-Qaeda broker instead. After the meeting, Mursi spoke with Ayman al-Zawahiri for 43 seconds. When he returned from Pakistan, he gave presidential pardons to dangerous jihadists despite security warnings. The list included twenty individuals dangerous to national security in which the Muslim Brotherhood provided $50 MIllion to al-Qaeda to aid and abet the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Mursi in Pakistan: Received honorary doctorate and met with Al-Qaeda.

Mursi in Pakistan: Received honorary doctorate and met with Al-Qaeda.

The release of prisoners was a common occurrence under Mursi’s reign. When Mursi was still president, Al Akhbar reported, via FPM:

“Morsi summons 3,000 jihadis from Afghanistan, Chechnya, Bosnia, Somalia and Iran to be an Islamic army to strike the police and army forces (in Egypt)…

…back in August, days after Morsi assumed Egypt’s presidency, he released jihadi convicts from the nation’s two most notorious terrorist organizations, Islamic Jihad and the Islamic Group—including several held under tight security and on death row for committing especially heinous acts of terror in Egypt.

Despite all of this evidence being available to the Obama administration, it continued to send military aid to the Mursi regime.

Evidence suggests these Egyptian protesters are right.

Evidence suggests these Egyptian protesters are right.

During his alleged trip to Pakistan to meet with Ayman al-Zawahiri, Mursi allegedly discussed the logistics of having al-Zawahiri smuggled into Egypt.

Al-Bawabh reports further on the alleged collaboration between Mursi and al-Qaeda’s number one leader:

One month after Mursi took the presidency, he had a conversation with al-Zawahiri that lasted 2:56 concerning support for the jihadists and al-Qaeda supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Al-Zawahiri congratulated Mursi…

…There were six phone calls between Mursi and al-Zawahiri.

Why was Mursi working so hard to release terrorists into Egypt? Was it simply out of the kindness of his heart?


Mursi’s alleged interest in releasing al-Qaeda terrorists involved his desire for protection from any potential military coup designed to have him removed. Tahtawi’s deputy, Assad El Sheikha, reportedly witnessed one of these explosive phone calls.

Again, via Al-Bawabh:

In return (for releasing these terrorists), Mursi expected al-Qaeda to ensure his continuation; the group was on orders to light up the Sinai before he was removed. Assad El Sheikha supervised the first telephone communications in the presence of Tahtawi with the international Muslim Brotherhood in which they gifted $50 Million as a “love payment” to al-Qaeda via Zawahiri. {emphasis ours}

Mursi allowed al-Qaeda to form jihadist groups in Sinai while al-Qaeda agreed to protect Mursi from being removed by military. This would mean the creation of terror cells inside Egypt to protect the Botherhood. To this day, Egyptian security forces continue operations against terror groups in the Sinai. This reality, coupled with the claims made by sources who’ve allegedly had access to phone recordings between Mursi and al-Zawahiri bolster the case.

Al-Akhbar has also reported on this story and claims to have spoken with a highly placed and trusted source. Much of what Al-Akhbar reports is also revealed by Al-Bawabh but there are some additional claims as well… and they involve Libya (think Benghazi):

Zawahiri asked to support and train camps in Sinai and also to ensure the support of the Brotherhood and implement the movement on the Libyan borders. Mursi worked with al-Qaeda to open up the Libyan borders. {emphasis ours}

In light of these claims, consider EXHIBITS A and B in our “Ironclad” Report as well as all of the work we’ve done on the Jamal Network (Addendum E, Addendum H, and EXHIBIT AF). EXHIBIT A consists of a cell phone video at Benghazi, during the attack on 9/11/12, in which armed gunmen can be heard shouting that they were sent by Mursi. EXHIBIT B is a Libyan Intelligence document that names Mursi as being involved in Benghazi. As for the Jamal Network, which was founded by Muhammad Jamal Abdo Al Kashif, it is widely regarded to have operated terrorist training camps near the Egyptian / Libyan border.

Within a day of Mursi’s removal from office on July 3, 2013, Mohammad al-Zawahiri called for al-Qaeda’s supporters to back Mursi. In al-Qaeda terms, this means fighting and terrorist attacks. Soon thereafter, Tahtawi and his deputy Assad El Sheikha, were arrested.

When viewed through the lens of such a reality, it’s much easier to see why the Egyptian people turned out in world record numbers earlier this year to demand Mursi’s removal.

In essence, what Mursi allegedly did while president was seek to create a Barbarian National Security Force, which should not be confused with a Civilian National Security Force, something Obama pledged to create while on the campaign trail prior to his 2008 election:


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