We Shall be Respected (Only if we Fight)

“We shall be Respected Exactly in Proportion to the Firmness and Strength of our Opposition.” – Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams: Didn't mince words in the face of evil.

Samuel Adams: Didn’t mince words in the face of evil.

By Keith Davies

Primarily, Samuel Adams took the Boston Tea Party to the Colonial public. At every turn, it was Adams who proposed the most “radical” positions and declarations of freedom and complaints against the British Crown for its infringement on the Colonists rights.

The British Colonial governor of Massachusetts Thomas Hutchinson and his Lt Governor Andrew Oliver (1773), who tried to abridge the rights of the Massachusetts colonists, were described by Samuel Adams as “Evil Men,” and accused them of “annihilating” the “rights and liberties of the English colonies”.

While a few talk show hosts in America may use some of this same language and rhetoric to describe Obama and some other leading Democrats, not one Republican – including Ted Cruz – has ever been so bold as to use these descriptors when describing the opposition, despite it being more than warranted. The unconstitutional and dictatorial powers this president has taken upon himself, with virtually no push back, not even from the Tea Party Caucus in the House or Senate should be proof enough.

In a poll taken last week, only 41% of Democrats are satisfied with the way the country is being governed, down from 77% last year. The disastrous healthcare rollout, which all conservatives and many Independents warned about, is upon us, and will continue to be regressive (not progressive) to our healthcare system.

It is vital that our leading Tea Party congressional caucus members step up the opposition with stronger language as the public becomes angrier with such bad policy, incompetence and a continued push to undermine the freedoms handed down to us by the sacrifices of Samuel Adams, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and many others, who we as a country owe a debt none of us can repay. One way we can show our appreciation and respect for what they did is to live as free men and stand for freedom the same way these founding patriots did. We need to drive home the breach of our liberty with the strongest of rhetoric, rhetoric that beats the lies of the opposition with the brute force of truth.

Alan Grayson: An Evil and Wicked man (just a fact).

Alan Grayson: An Evil and Wicked man (just a fact).

While our language needs to be stronger and more virile, it also needs to be professional, accurate and qualified with facts. Our adversaries have no problem describing the modern Tea Party as racist. In fact, one Democratic congressman by the name of Alan Grayson used a burning cross as the “T” in Tea Party to liken the group to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Lost on Grayson – no doubt, intentionally – and more important, ignored by conservative leaders is that the KKK was an arm of the Democratic Party. Gryason’s ad warranted identifying him as being far closer to the KKK than those he accuses.

Instead of ignoring it or simply denouncing it, Republican leaders should point out that it’s more accurate to call Grayson out for engaging in projection through libel, that it is his party which more closely matches this description.

Alan Grayson Ad: An act of  Projection.

Alan Grayson Ad: An act of Projection.

The bullying that comes with libel and slander does not warrant silence; it warrants a vociferous and bombastic response. That response can’t just come from the voices within the Tea Party; it must come from leaders. Cruz has tapped into this but must go further and other leaders must join him.

It is time to start using words like “evil”, “wicked”, and “usurpations” from we, the loyal opposition for one simple reason; they fit.

Our conservative leaders must start making it personal.

It is time. Adams once said:

“Our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty.”

Our religious liberty has been attacked, by the passing of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Which leader from the opposition is willing to be outraged enough to take up the mantle and attack the outrageousness of the infringements to the first amendment? It is an insult to our founders that we not act with the same vigor our founders used to defend their freedom. The very essence of our country is religious freedom; the first colonists came to the American continent for this very reason.

Not only did our dictatorial president rewrite the (ACA) with illegal waivers and favors, but our Supreme Court under the not-so-esteemed Chief Justice Roberts also rewrote the ACA by making it a tax in order to declare it constitutional. Roberts accepted the Government’s argument in court but the Government stated the opposite argument in the public forum. Why do the people who represent the opposition not stand? Why are not the religious leaders squeakier wheels? Why are the Bishops and Senior Pastors not marching with their flocks to Washington by the millions? Why do we as a nation continue to have our intelligence insulted by corrupt politicians who make laws that undermine our freedom and an opposition (to include some in the Republican Party) that acts like Benedict Arnold at worst and toothless lions at best?

When will our Tea Party Congressional leaders publicly invoke our founders as an example and an analogy at every turn to expose how We The People have lost our freedoms, that we are not just mad but mad as hell and we’ve had enough.

Samuel Adams knew the way forward. When will we find a political leader who can set the tone of outrage to start the reestablishment of our rights and freedoms?

Ted Cruz has set out in the right direction but if Samuel Adams were here, he’d likely say something like, “keep coming”.

For those who still don’t get it, perhaps a metaphor might help (this type of crying should not be confused with the John Boehner type of crying):


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