Archive | April 3, 2015

Iran’s President: Thanks For Lifting Up The Sanctions. Now Our Nuclear Program Will Continue FOREVER

Power Line had an article exposing the president of Iran’s media and its president Hassan Rouhani: “Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani went on state-run television today to explain the deal that has been reached (in principle, at least) to the Iranian people. FARS News describes the speech: Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani underlined on Friday that all the UN […]

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MUSLIM AFFIRMATIVE ACTION?: God help NYC if the FDNY is forced to hire a 5-ft tall, 105-lb Muslim woman who insists on wearing a bag on her head

By BI: This 18-year-old wants to be the FDNY’s first female Muslim firefighter. As a New Yorker, this is absolutely the last thing you’d ever want to see if your building was on fire and you needed rescuing. Ahlam Ahmed is a petite eighteen-year-old of Yemeni descent stands five feet tall, weighs just 105 pounds, and is […]

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