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Watch The Amazing 30 Brave Christians Slaughtered Telling The Muslims To Go To Hell And Refusing To Bow To The False God Allah

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Walid and Theodore Shoebat So why did the Muslims of ISIS behead 30 Ethiopian Christians whose lineage is said to go all the way back to Philip the Apostle? From the video (see 3:26) we translated the words of ISIS spokesperson, his name is Anas Al-Nashwan (code name Abu Malik Al-Tamimi) of Saudi […]

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Young Christian Boy Gets Cooked Alive By A Muslim, And Is Burned To Death

Sunny Masih, a young Christian boy who was cooked alive by his Muslim slaveowner in Pakistan, just died. We were helping this man to come back to health, but the burns on his body were do severe that he was beyond help. Heaven has just gained a new citizen Our Pakistani contact made this statement […]

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Christian Street Preachers Go In Front Of Mosque, Rip Up The Koran, And Say “This Book Is Filled With Ridiculous Lies!”

By Theodore Shoebat Street preachers in Arizona went in front of a mosque and began to rip the Koran and cry out that “This Book Is Filled With Ridiculous Lies!” Here is a video from the local news: Here is the fully video: According to one report: A Valley street preacher is causing some problems […]

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NEW VIDEO JUST DISCOVERED REVEALS: ISIS Takes Thirty Innocent Christians And Beheads And Slaughters All Of Them

SHOEBAT EXCLUSIVE By Theodore Shoebat A new video just discovered reveals ISIS taking thirty innocent Ethiopian Christians, and beheading them and slaughtering them with guns in the nation of Libya. According to some reports, they beheaded 15 Christians by beheading and slaughtered another 15 with guns. In The video the ISIS terrorist affirms that they […]

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OHIO: Massive backlash causes public school to cancel Muslim headbag (hijab) day, better known as the “Covered Girl Challenge”

By BI: In yet another Muslim Brotherhood supremacist-sponsored event aimed at “celebrating diversity,”  an Ohio high school planned what it called “A Covered Girl Challenge” where female students were to have spent the day wearing a Muslim headbag (hijab). I guess male students don’t get to “celebrate diversity” as they were not invited to participate. Biz […]

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