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VIDEO: Godless Mob In Baltimore Attacks Church And Burns It Down. Baltimore Is Going Straight To Hell And Christian Persecution Is Already In America

By Walid and Theodore Shoebat Baltimore seems like Syria or Iraq and rioters acting as a separatist society. One is reminded by the ISIS thugs controlling the streets as firefighters were called to the three-alarm fire engulfing the building at Gay and Federal streets, across the city from riots that broke out. The new senior center […]

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‘I LOVE MY COUNTRY AND I lOVE MY CHARMED CITY’ – Black Veteran STANDS UP against Baltimore rioters!

A Vietnam Vet identifying himself as Robert Valentine is standing up in Baltimore and telling kids to stop rioting and “get their butts” home. He gave a stirring interview on CNN, after which Anderson Cooper called him a “hero.” See below: Damn straight! We need more like him. SOURCES The Right Scoop

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The Baltimore Riots Are All Pre-Planed Anti-White Cop Haters Ushering In The Era Of Lawlessness In America

By Theodore and Walid Shoebat If you think that lawlessness is only restricted to Syria and Iraq think again as you watch Baltimore burn. We obtained the most crucial scenes to prove that this is not about “Black Lives Matter”, but simply that “White Lives, Especially Cops, Do Not Matter”. Evil always presents the reverse […]

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President Barack Hussein Obama Exposed By His Own Brother. Find Out Which Side You Should Believe.

By Walid Shoebat An interview came out by Director Joel Gilbert with Malik Obama, Barack Obama’s half brother supposedly revealing all sorts of laundry on President Obama of abandoning his Muslim family in Kenya and adding that Malik now also suspects that his half brother Barack could be illegitimate, which the question then becomes: who to believe, the […]

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The Alarming Threat By ISIS To The King of Jordan (Prophecy In The News)

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Most ignore that the father of ISIS is neither Iraqi or Syrian, but Jordanian of the Beni Hassan tribe whom Abu Musab al-Zarqawi belonged to and who  is considered today as the “spiritual father” of ISIS, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq until his death in 2006. And today, […]

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Turkey Betrays Russia By Building Military Alliance With Ukraine (Prophecy In The News)

By Walid Shoebat  We have maintained that Russia’s relationship with Turkey will eventually erode (Daniel 11:44) and this week the news received by Russia is that Turkey is already betraying her by going to bed with Ukraine. “Turkey and its littoral Black Sea neighbor, Ukraine, are striving to build a strategic industrial alliance that could include cooperation […]

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