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Islamo-pandering politicians are happy to turn Maine into a sharia-compliant state

By BI: Maine legislative committee’s rejection of a proposed ban on Islamic sharia law must have the tens of thousands of Somali Muslim refugees, that the Obama Regime has been dumping into cities like Lewiston, Maine, doing a happy dance. Bangor Daily News  A legislative committee voted 8-2 Thursday to reject a bill that attempted to […]

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Prominent Egyptian researcher says: “There are more than 50 million Muslims living in Europe with 80% of them unemployed and living on welfare benefits”

By BI: Not to mention, they are also using illegal and criminal methods to scam the European governments out of extra welfare benefits for multiple wives to which they are not entitled. Muslim commentator speaks out about the humanitarian crisis Mohammedans are causing in Europe. They not only fail to integrate into European society, but their Islamic […]

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Italian Government Tells Turkey Off, Defends Pope Francis Against Turkey, And Tells Turkey To Respect Italian Values

By Theodore Shoebat The Italian government defended Pope Francis against Turkey in the wake of Turkey getting aggressive on account of the Pope’s exposing of the Armenian Genocide. Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi, told Turkey to respect the values of Italy, as we read in one report: Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has criticized […]

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NEW AND IMPROVED AND NOW UNCENSORED! The Islamic State’s (ISIS) quickie beheading

By BI: Sawing off the head from behind the neck instead of starting with the throat seems to get the job done quickly and more efficiently than ever before, as the crowd of appreciative onlookers shouts and cheers. See the latest uncensored video from ISIS: CLICK SCREEN BELOW TWICE TO PLAY VIDEO

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Muslim Pirates Attack Sicilian Fishermen And Steal Their Boat, The Sicilians Get So Enraged That They Overpower The Muslims And Retake Their Ship

By Theodore Shoebat Muslim pirates from Libya attacked and stole a boat from the Sicilian fishermen. After they took control of the boat, the pirates left and kept one gunman posted to control the Sicilians. Luckily the Sicilians got so enraged that they counterattacked the pirates, overpowered the guard and courageously retook the boat. The […]

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Muslims Detonate Car Bomb In Front Of American Building, And Kill Three People

By Theodore Shoebat Muslims detonated a car bomb in front of the US consulate in the Iraqi city of Arbil and killed three people. As we read in one report: A car bomb killed three people on Friday outside the US consulate in Arbil, the capital of Iraq’s Kurdistan region that is allied with Washington […]

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By Theodore Shoebat Muslims in the Pakistani city of Lahore entered a Christian school and opened fire on the Christian students, injuring one student and wounding two security guards who put their lives on the line to save the students and subdue the attackers. All of this violence taking place in Pakistan is only an […]

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Egyptian Government Arrests Muslim Who Worked For The Obama Administration And Sentences Him To Life In Prison

The Egyptian government arrested a Muslim who worked in the Obama administration as Hillary Clinton’s advisor, named Gehad El-Haddad, and sentenced him to life imprisonment. El-Haddad worked for Muhammad Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood dictator who ruled Egypt with sharia tyranny before General al-Sisi took power. Prior to working for the Mursi regime, El-Haddad worked for […]

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