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Muslim Man Overtakes Innocent Christian Man And Throws Him Into An Oven Where He Cooks Until His Flesh Roasts

A Christian man in Pakistan, named Sunni Masih, was seized by a Muslim mob and thrown into an oven where he was cooked and roasted. Miraculously, Sunny survived, but not without horrific severe burns. Our organization, Rescue Christians, had him hospitalized and we are supporting him, thanks to your most generous donations. Here is a […]

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“Halal in the Family,” a totally unfunny web TV ‘comedy’ show about anti-Muslim bias in America

By BI: As the world knows, Muslims have no sense of humor about themselves (i.e., Charlie Hebdo) or pretty much anything else (laughing is frowned upon in Islam), but they think they can make Americans laugh by creating a program about anti-Muslim hatred. Good luck with that. NBC  “Borrowing” the title from the long-running American smash […]

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UK: Foaming-at-the-mouth Muslim father found guilty of assaulting and racially abusing teacher at Catholic school who banned Muslim students from having beards

By BI: Outraged Islamofascist Mohammad Liaqat assaulted head teacher and vented his rage at white teachers at Mt. Carmel Roman Catholic School staff after two Muslim students were barred from attending lessons for refusing to shave off their beards. Yes, this begs the question: Why are Muslim students allowed to attend Catholic school in the UK […]

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AN ENGLISH SIX-YEAR-OLD TRANSGENDER CHILD In Preparation For The Coming Pedophilia, Sodom And Gomorrah

By Walid Shoebat The other day we wrote “And for the LGBT apologists to argue that their agenda has nothing to do with Pedophilia, all one has to do is examine history, homosexuality has always lead to instituting pedophilia.” And now the BBC seems to be in on the program, encouraging even a six year old […]

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After Iran’s Nuclear Deal, Antichrist Turkey Is Now Preparing For A ‘Peace Deal’ WITH ISRAEL

Turkey, and while the U.S. makes a nuclear deals with Iran, Erdogan is attempting to make deals with both, Iran, to expand his alliance, and Israel, for a false peace deal. Turkey is honed in on Israel luring her into a peace deal, now more than ever. To eliminate my ‘special prophetic effects’, I just posted the article […]

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Are ‘Preparing for war’ While The Middle East Fears The Rise Of Two Major Regional Superpowers: Iran and Turkey

By Walid Shoebat Reading the papers this monday reveal a Middle East living in fear. Times of Israel warns of rumors of wars: “Iran’s Revolutionary Guards “are preparing for war” in the event that negotiations to turn Thursday’s framework nuclear agreement into a binding deal by June 30 collapse, an Israeli TV report said Sunday night, citing […]

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