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A Message To All Muslim Terrorists: Jesus Christ Is Returning As A Warrior King, And He Will Destroy All Of You And Obliterate Islam

By Theodore Shoebat Here is a message, from the Nation of the Cross, to all Islamic terrorists: Christ is returning as a warrior king and He will destroy all of you and obliterate Islam: TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CHRIST’S WARFARE AGAINST EVIL, CLICK HERE TO GET OUR NEW 2-DISK DVD SPECIAL ON CHRISTIAN MILITANCY

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Muslims Are Causing Havoc And Destruction In Eastern Europe For The Cause Of The Antichrist And The Revival Of The Ottoman Empire

By Theodore Shoebat In the Christian nation of Macedonia, forty Muslim Albanians surrounded a police station located in the village of Gosince, seized police officers, tied them up and severely beat them. The Muslim terrorists were members of the KLA, or the Kosovo Liberation Army, a jihadist and anti-Christian terrorist group that seeks to make […]

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MIAMI Police Union head slams Muslim Assistant Chief for refusing to put her hand over her heart for the Pledge of Allegiance

By BI: The head of the city’s police union is accusing the assistant chief of police, Anita Najiy, a Muslim, of lacking respect for the United States, and he’s circulating a video he says should lead to disciplinary action against her. Miami New Times Fraternal Order of Police President Javier Ortiz was in the front row at […]

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If you live in certain areas of London, this is what you wake up to everyday at 5AM and are forced to listen to five times a day, everyday

By BI: Didn’t England used to be a Christian nation? This is what happens when people keep electing political enablers who support rampant Muslim immigration and a generous welfare system. Unless the British wake up and vote for patriots like Paul Weston of LibertyGB, England will become an Islamic State in about 30 years. Or less. […]

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Muslims Are Beginning To See The Light Of Christ As Massive Number Of Christians Erupt In Ethiopia To Honor Christ In Support Of Their Christian Martyrs

By Walid Shoebat The massacre committed by ISIS Muslims who slaughtered Ethiopian Christians in Libya, caused a wave of anger amongst Christians and also Muslims who called for justice. It was very moving to watch the Ethiopia scene with the massive numbers who erupted in solidarity with the families of the Christian martyrs who gave their lives for the […]

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President Obama’s Family Visits Mecca To Share What They Termed “The Pure Image Of Our Great Muslim Religion”

By Walid Shoebat (Shoebat Exclusive) Sarah Omar Obama, the grand mother of the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama has turned diplomat and is trying to raise attention throughout Middle Eastern media about what she termed “the great religion of Islam”. She was seen weeping when she visited an exhibit called “Peace Be Upon You […]

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Indian Government Fines Christian Man 20,000 Rupees For Preaching The Gospel Of Jesus Christ To Muslims

By Theodore Shoebat The Indian government fined a Christian man named “Vijay,” for preaching the Gospel to Muslims. The devils of Hinduism and Islam unite to war against Christianity, for “if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” (Mark 3:24) As we read from the report from Voice of the Martyrs: While […]

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Hindus Take Two Christian Pastors, Punch Them, Kick Them And Fracture Their Ribs As They Drag Their Bodies For A Quarter Of A Mile

By Theodore Shoebat Hindus in India seized two Christian pastors, named Arul and Omkar, punched and kicked them and fractured their ribs, and dragged them for a quarter of a mile to the police station where they were wrongfully charged for “forcing conversions,” a common accusation that Hindus make against Christians. Here is a photo […]

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Pope Francis Makes This Declaration On Christians Who Are Killed By Muslims: “It makes no difference whether the victims are Catholic, Copt, Orthodox or Protestant… Their blood is one and the same in their confession of Christ!”

By Theodore Shoebat After the Muslims slaughtered thirty Ethiopian Christians, Pope Francis sent a letter to the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Tewahedo Orthodox Church (to which the thirty Christians belonged), Abuna Matthias, declaring: With great distress and sadness I learn of the further shocking violence perpetrated against innocent Christians in Lybia. I know that Your […]

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Over A 100,000 Christians Rally Together To Express Their Rage Against The Islamic Slaughter Of The Thirty Ethiopian Christians, Crying Out: “We want revenge for our sons blood”

By Theodore Shoebat Over a 100,000 people in the Christian majority country of Ethiopia rallied together today to express their rage against ISIS’ killing of the thirty Ethiopian Christians. They cried out with all of their enthusiasm, pushing for the Ethiopian government to avenge the blood of the martyrs, crying out: We want revenge for […]

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DISGUSTING! U.S. Army FORCES ROTC cadets to wear red high heels to support the feminazi “rape” agenda

By BI: Army ROTC cadets are complaining on message boards that they were pressured to walk in high heels on Monday for an Arizona State University campus event designed to raise awareness of sexual violence against women. (Because this is so much more important than learning how to kill Muslim terrorists?) Washington Times  The Army openly encouraged participating in April’s […]

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