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The Muslim Empire Of The Antichrist Are Now Promoting An Empire Of Queers Perfectly Suited For The LGBT

By Walid Shoebat Dunya Al-Watan, a Middle Eastern newspaper had the strangest headline: “Men Belly Dancers At Night Clubs In Turkey To Revive Ottoman Heritage”. The article was showing how a revival of an Ottoman Empire in Turkey brought with it all the deviancies of Ottoman history including men, as the more preferred performer, for doing the Belly Dancing […]

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While Iran Rejoices Its Nuclear Victory Its Militants Just Announced: “The Time To Liberate Mecca And Medina Is SOON”

By Walid Shoebat  “The time to liberate Mecca and Medina is soon” says Ansar Hezbollah  adding “and that the world will see the rise of Shiite state in the land of revelation”. While such threats are made, Turkey is further aligning itself with Iran divorcing Saudi Arabia. Israel feels threatened and the time is set […]

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MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Obama manages to condemn the Islamic terrorist attack on Christians at a university in Kenya without ever mentioning the words “Muslims” or “Christians”

By BI: Not only does he avoid any mention of the fact that 150 Christians students were slaughtered by al-Shabaab Islamic terrorists because they were Christians, he vows to stand with the Kenyan government that he campaigned against in 2008 in order to get his al-Qaeda linked cousin, Raila Odinga, into office there. Below is […]

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UNBELIEVABLE DOG STORY and why you’ll never see it in the Muslim world

By BI: To the shock and surprise of family and mourners as well as the funeral director, several stray dogs showed up at the funeral of a woman who used to feed them in the streets. Margarita Suarez spent much of her time tending to stray animals close to her home in Mexico. UK Mirror  These […]

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9 out of 10 of the most dangerous countries on earth are MUSLIM

By BI: IntelCenter, a Washington-based company working for intelligence agencies, Country Threat Index (CTI) examines the volume of terrorist and rebel alerts, messaging traffic, videos, photos, incidents and the number of people killed and injured in a country over the past month and runs it through an algorithm to assign the country its CTI. Tribune The CTI is […]

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IDAHO Republican Party chairman, Doyle Beck, under fire for sending out shockingly honest anti-Islam email blast that has Muslim heads exploding

By BI: Bonneville County Republican Central Committee Chairman Doyle Beck (photo below) did not write the email blast – entitled “Islam in Idaho” –but felt that its message was so timely and important that it should be sent out to all Idaho Republicans. Idaho Statesman Bonneville County Republican Central Committee Chairman Doyle Beck did not write […]

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