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WHY DO CAMELS WEEP? Unlike most Muslims, camels have feelings and souls

By BI: IN THE MUSLIM WORLD, camels weep from the inhumane torture and suffering of barbaric Islamic Halal Slaughter. (GRAPHIC: Viewer Discretion Advised) IN THE NON-MUSLIM WORLD, camels are loved and respected as God’s creatures, who weep for a variety of reasons, including sadness and joy, which their human caretakers honor. (Suitable for viewing by […]

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To Obama Regarding The White House Correspondents’ Dinner: Your Lies Are Not Funny So Go To Hell

Obama, It was funnier to watch your grandmother riding her wheelchair in Mecca with a bunch of rag heads than having to watch you joke about Michelle Bachmann and how you prayed five times a day during your comic speech at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Look at you in that photo. You fit right in. May […]

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LEAKED VIDEO: Satan Worshippers, Who Hate Christ, Take Christian Man, Place Him On A Giant Cross, Nail His Body To The Cross, Crucify Him, And As He Screams In Agony, They Burn Him Alive

By Theodore Shoebat Satan worshippers in the Ukraine, who hate Christ, seized a Christian man, put him on a giant cross, nailed him onto the cross, crucified him, and as he was screaming in agony, they burned him alive. Here is the video: The victim was pro-Russia, and he was killed by anti-Russian devil worshippers […]

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