Archive | April 20, 2015

A New Crusade Must Be Declared Against Islam, And Christendom Must Rise Again To Have The Cross Crush The Crescent

By Theodore Shoebat A new crusade must be declared against Islam, and Christendom must arise to stab to death the crescent with the sword of the Holy Cross. I did an entire video on this: The New Crusade will not be some secular war, but a Holy War. God did not choose certain nations for […]

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“Kill The Christians”: Random act of Journalism by the BBC, Every one Who Cares should watch, then act!

Posted By Keith Davies, Executive Director Rescue Christians Last Week the BBC showed a one hour documentary that accurately portrayed the plight of Christianity in the Middle East. The usual bias against Israel is shown but is a minor part of the documentary, the issue the documenary refers to the safety of Christians in “Ancient […]

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AMAZING: Franklin Graham Says “This Is War” “Take These [Muslim] Terrorists And Kill Them” And “We Need To Completely STOP Muslim Immigration”

By Walid and Thedore Shoebat Franklin Graham was amazing in this video and didn’t mince any words today with Fox News host Gretchen Carlson on the 30 Christians from Ethiopia that were slaughtered this weekend. Muslims get mad who cares says Graham. “Halt all immigration from Muslim countries” and so what if they are not […]

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Military Showdown Between The U.S. And Iran As US Aircraft Carrier Blockades Iranian Ships Destined For Yemen

A U.S. aircraft carrier has been dispatched to waters off Yemen to join other American ships prepared to block any Iranian shipments to the Houthi rebels fighting in Yemen. Watch the latest video at The U.S. Navy has been beefing up its presence in the Gulf of Aden and the southern Arabian Sea amid […]

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Why Women Are KEY To Unlocking Biblical Prophecies And Pinpointing Who The Antichrist Is

By Walid Shoebat When 20-year-old Özgecan Aslan was stabbed and beaten to death after trying to fight off a man bent on raping her on a minibus, Turkey’s president called violence against women the country’s “bleeding wound”. Sounds righteous, right? But two months after her murder, under Erdoğan’s rule, groups that have campaigned for years […]

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Whoever Hates The Cross Of Christ, Hates Justice

By Theodore Shoebat Christ is the greatest enemy against tyranny, because He was most hated by tyranny. But in the end He took the victory, and destroyed the works of the devil. All demonic ideologies bring tyranny, they are all the works of the devil and they hate justice, and yet they all are subdued […]

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PAKISTANI MUSLIM “honor” kills wife by setting her on fire because she left the house without his permission

By BI: In just the latest Muslim “honor” killing, Muhammad Siddique was arrested along with his father for immolating his 25-year old wife Shabana Bibi after she went to visit her sister on Friday without asking him, police reported on Sunday. RT  Upon her return Siddique got enraged and he and his father beat her, said her brother […]

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