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Now Protesters Insist That Christian Schools Must HIRE A Gay Teacher

By Theodore Shoebat You want to be anti-Russian style in their fight against the gay agenda? You want “loving the gay will conquer all”? Now gays are demanding Christian schools hire the sodomite mutants. Here, per the Daily Caller: “Students and alumni of a Catholic high school in Iowa held a rally on Wednesday afternoon […]

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Obama Transforms The White House Bathrooms To Cater To LGBT Mutants

By Theodore Shoebat Now mutants (they call them LGBT, whatever that means) have bathrooms in the White House per Obama’s orders in order to cater to confused folks who cannot tell if they have a hose, socket, or for some strange reason got rid of their hoses along with their brains. Obama brought change alright in calling evil […]

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Coptic Christian Tells The Story Of How Muslims Beheaded His Cousin In Front Of The Entire Family

By Theodore Shoebat If you think that beheading Christians is only done by ISIS think again. The prophetic Word of God predicted that Christians will be beheaded prior to Christ’s coming: “I saw thrones on which were seated those who had been given authority to judge. And I saw the souls of those who had been […]

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By Theodore Shoebat Homosexual orgies, and also a possible murder, have been discovered in the Vatican. This is just another proof of the satanic homosexual takeover of the Vatican. The Muslims conquered Constantinople, but the sodomites conquered Rome. According to a report on the story: The Vatican has been embroiled in two separate, highly embarrassing, […]

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Muslim Tells Christian Family: “I am going to kill your daughter.” He Shoots Her To Death And Then Says, “She is now with her God.”

By Theodore Shoebat Another horror story of Christian persecution has just recently come out. In the recent massacre in which Muslims slaughtered almost 150 Christians in Kenya, a Muslim jihadist called the family of one Christian girl. He told them, “I am going to kill your daughter.” The family heard with horror three gunshots go […]

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UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGANISTAN cancels screening of ‘American Sniper’ because it made members of Muslim Brotherhood front group “feel unsafe”

By BI: According to the College Fix, more than 300 MUSLIM students protested the decision to screen the film because it advanced “negative and misleading stereotypes” against Muslims. The online petition was started by a Hamas solidarity group called the ‘Students Allied for Freedom and Equality’ and the notorious al-Qaeda affiliated Muslim Brotherhood front group, ‘Muslim Students’ […]

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The Mufti Of Saudi Arabia Passes A Fatwa That A Muslim Can Cannibalize And Eat His Wife

By Walid Shoebat You heard it correctly. A Fatwa is shared on several prominent news media in the Middle East (here, here, here, here and here) and so many more, attributed to the Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, which allows a man to cannibalize and eat his wife. But “eating the wife” is only […]

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Persecution Of Christians Has Began In America As A Christian School Teacher Faces Punishment For Telling The Truth About Islam In One School In Good Old Texas

By Walid Shoebat A Houston-area high school teacher is facing punishment from his school district for handing out material in a class that warned about Islam: As Franklin Graham correctly revealed, that persecution of Christians is coming to America, the eight page document can be read here, it is factual and truthful: Christians should be outraged, […]

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Iran Sends Battleships To Yemen In Readiness For War With Saudi Arabia

Rumors of war comes out of Iran. The Times of Israel had this article on how close we are to war: “Move comes as Sunni coalition converges on Tehran-backed Shiite rebels who conquered much of the country. Iran dispatched a naval destroyer and another vessel Wednesday to waters near Yemen, ratcheting up tensions with Saudi Arabia, […]

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Turkey’s Candidates Reviving The Image Of The Beast

By Walid Shoebat Imagine you wake up one day and the U.S. presidential candidates are seriously dressed up looking like Puritans because their clothing had to revive an ancient image that reflects their mindset and belief in a religious order of the early colonists. What would you think? It is obvious today that modern western attire has […]

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HOUSTON: Designated Terrorist Group CAIR demands the firing of a teacher who presented the truth about Islam to the class

By BI: The Houston office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) today called on officials at Foster High School in Richmond, Texas, to take appropriate disciplinary action against a teacher who allegedly passed out virulently anti-Muslim (but accurate) materials in class. CAIR-Houston said the material seems to have been taken from an anti-Muslim site on […]

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JERUSALEM: Muslims are desecrating the Temple Mount with filth, garbage, and old toilet seats

By BI: These are the same Muslims who throw rocks and verbally harass Jews and Christians who try to visit the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism, and a phony holy site in Islam. But don’t blame the Muslim savages, Israel should have destroyed the al-Aqsa mosque illegally built on the Temple Mount on Jewish land […]

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Obama, In His Easter Sermon, Attacks Christians After Muslims Slaughter 147 Christians (He Hates Christianity And Loves Islam)

By Theodore Shoebat Obama, in his Easter sermon, capitalized on the moment to attack Christians (yet again). Yet, after Muslims in Kenya slaughtered 147 Christians, Obama never mentioned that the attackers were Muslims, as he himself said: Words cannot adequately condemn the terrorist atrocities that took place at Garissa University College, where innocent men and […]

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