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Survivor of Garissa massacre in Kenya “If you Hesitate you are shot”

Report by France 24 (English Channel) 240 now confirmed murdered by Al Shabab terrorists. The death toll from Islam continues to mount, but we probably have seen nothing what we expect to come. Rescue Christians are partnering with people who now training Christians to defend themselves from the terrorists, be apart of the effort donate […]

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Italy Says That It Will Use Military Action To Attack The Islamic Persecution Of Christians

By Theodore Shoebat The Italian government has affirmed military action against the Islamic persecution of Christians, and that such action is inevitable. I did a whole video on this: According to the report: Military action is inevitable in the fight against terrorism and more should be done to tackle religious persecution, Italy’s foreign minister said. […]

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Man Protects British Soldiers From Islamic Terrorists, Muslims Now Want To Kill Him, The British Backstab Him By Denying Him Entry Into The UK

By Theodore Shoebat A man in Afghanistan, who protected British soldiers in Afghanistan, is being denied entry into the UK. The same British government has brought in multitudes of Muslims into its country, and yet they cannot bring in this man? Quite disturbing. According to the report: A 25-year-old Afghan interpreter who protected the lives […]

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Turkey And Iran Just Agreed To Play The Peace Brokers (Get Ready For The Seven Year False Peace Treaty)

By Walid Shoebat The two regional powers, Turkey and Iran just met today to announce it is ‘peace in our times’ and a great era for ‘deals’. Yesterday the news said that Turkey and Saudi Arabia allied against Iran regarding Yemen. We said that tomorrow Turkey will ally with Iran against Saudi Arabia. Today is […]

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Christians Sing In A Hymn: “Muslims don’t want peace … they are destroying people’s lives …You Muslims you bring Sharia law just to oppress Christians,” Muslims Then Get Angry And Slaughter The Christians

By Theodore Shoebat Christians in Nigeria sung a Christian hymn in which they attacked Boko Haram and Islam. In the song they sung: “Muslims don’t want peace … they are destroying people’s lives… We Nigeria, we Christian Nigeria, we have come together now, we understand this is2a religious war … They burnt our churches! …You […]

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After Boko Haram Has Killed So Many Christians, The Christians Are Now Killing Muslims In Nigeria For All Of The Persecutions They Cause

By Theodore Shoebat After Boko Haram has slaughtered so many thousands of Christians, some Christians have now erupted into a violent rampage against Muslims in Nigeria. According to one report: The oldest scars were smooth and dark, diagonal stripes across the right side of Ismail Ahmed’s back, beneath an open sore. The fresher wounds were […]

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