Jerusalem belongs to Israel. There is no West and East Jerusalem. Jerusalem is Jerusalem – the capital of Israel, and the Muslims there are the illegal occupiers

By BI: The village of Nabi Samwil is surrounded by Israeli neighborhoods and a national park which makes it impossible for Muslims to expand and build. The Muslim residents are closely monitored by Israel in order to protect the Jews from more Muslim attacks.


Because they are on the Israeli side of the wall in Jerusalem, they must pass through Israeli military checkpoints to get to Ramallah and are restricted as to which products they can bring back into Israel. They are only allowed in when an Israeli liaison gives them permission  Because of this, they consider their life a tragedy, especially as more and more Jews move into the area. Imagine that, more and more Jews moving into the Israeli capital of Israel – Jerusalem. (Here’s an idea, cupcake, go move to Gaza or one of the other 56 Muslim majority nations if you don’t like it)