Chinese Government Arrests Christians For Having Bible Studies, Dissects Them, Rips Out Their Organs And Uses Them For Surgeries

By Theodore Shoebat

The Chinese government is arresting Christians for having house Bible studies, and placing them in the Falun Gong, where their blood is tested for organ transplants, and where they are dissected and their organs taken to be used for surgeries. Former Canadian MP, David Kilgour, conducted an investigation of Chinese hospitals and this was the description as to what information was revealed:

Investigators made many calls to hospitals, detention centres and other facilities across China claiming to be relatives of patients needing transplants and asking if they had organs of Falun Gong for sale. We obtained on tape and then transcribed and translated admissions that a number of facilities trafficking in the Falun Gong organs provided.

• Falun Gong prisoners, who later got out of China, testified that they were systematically blood-tested and organ-examined while in forced-labour camps across the country. This could not have been for their health since they were regularly tortured, but it is necessary for organ transplants and for building a bank of live “donors”.

• In a few cases, family members of Falun Gong practitioners were able to see mutilated corpses of their loved ones between death and cremation. Organs had been removed.

• We interviewed the ex-wife of a surgeon from Sujiatun in Shenyang City, Liaoning. The surgeon told her that he had removed corneas from 2,000 Falun Gong prisoners between 2001 and 2003. He made it clear to her that none of these sources survived because different surgeons removed other organs and their bodies were then burned.

According to Ethan Gutmann, the “best estimate” is that the organs of 65,000 people, including House Christians, Muslims and Tibetans, have been harvested. This is absolutely demonic and shows what evils come about from atheist regimes. But, we cannot lose hope (and I assure you, the Chinese Christians themselves have not lost hope) for China. Let us not forget, that the Roman Empire horrifically conducted its worst persecution of Christians right before it became Christian in the 4th century. And so, although there are persecutions, there are tens of millions of Christians in China, making a difference and heavily influencing the Chinese society, and God willing, they will bring China into the fold of Christendom.