Antichrist Has Just Passed This New Law: Mothers Must Quickly Produce Children To Advance An Islamic Empire

By Walid Shoebat

Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey is offering deals and incentives to all who could be fast  breeders to have babies for the cause of Allah. And the rewards to all who comply? Pure Gold. The program is meant to increase Muslim population and now women are encouraged through special grants to minimize their work and dedicate their life to produce children as fast as possible. 

Erdogan’s gold offer to couples who produce offspring for his great Ottoman dream was a subject of discussion on several Turkish and Arabic media like Al-Sabah and Yeni Safak which stated that “Erdogan established new law granting gold for newborns in Turkey which has now become an established policy.”

The policy mimics The Motherhood Cult where Nazi Germany on the 12th of August (the birthday of Hitler’s mother) fertile mothers were awarded the Honour Cross of the German Mother (bronze for more than four children, silver for more than six, gold for more than eight). Prolific mothers were honoured the same as front line troops in which the Nazi wartime slogan says it all, “I have donated a child to the Führer.”


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Similarly, according to the new law, the Turkish government will grant a quarter ounce of gold for the first child and half an ounce of gold for the second and a whole ounce of gold for the third and so on. The more you breed the more gold you can accumulate as “part of the AKP’s vision for women in the New Turkey”.

And like the Third Reich, this New Turkey is shaping up as a New Reich and similar to Hitler’s August 12th policy, it has become custom now that The Turkish Fatwa House visits every hospital and pass rewards of gold to all children born on the Night of Vision, the holiest day in Islam.


Safak stated that: “The AKP, which has been in power for more than ten years, with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in charge for most of them has its roots in Islam, and [Erdogan] wants to make Turkey more Islamic.”

In other words, Erdogan’s Ottoman aspirations includes him emulating Islam’s savior, the Mahdi who is predicted to give profusely to the masses:

“In those years my community will enjoy a time of happiness such as they have never experienced before.  Heaven will send rain upon them in torrents, the earth will not withhold any of its plants, and wealth will be available to all.  A man will stand and say, “Give to me Mahdi!” and he will say, “Take.” (1)

The expected economical boost for the second quarter is Erdogan’s attempt to reverse the AKP’s losses in potential votes where many media outlets are discussing the decline in public support for the AKP Party which is now treated as a crime and the promotion of producing children for Erdogan’s dream is rewarded with additional financial incentives besides gold, which will encourage couples to marry young and women to produce at least three children at a young age.

Erdogan is even offering the most eye-catching incentive, an offer to fund a dowry account in addition to  the pledge of gold coins.

For instance, when a couple has a baby, they will be able to open a bank account for their offspring. The government said it will add 15% to the account’s balance when the child reaches the age of marriage.


The prime minister also declared that working women will be allowed to work for 4 hours a day on a full salary for at least a year after birth, and will be guaranteed employment.

The unusual measure means that women who produce three children successively will be receiving a full salary for half a day’s work for 3 to 4 years.

University students are also targeted for this new campaign. If they marry, they will no longer have to pay back their student loans and all hostel accommodations for married students will be paid by government.

Erdogan’s dishonor for “the desire of women” has sparked outrage in the country, with women organizations, labour unions and employer associations denouncing the package.

Women organizations claim the goal behind the campaign is to keep women at home, remove them from economic and social life and allow them just to bear children, charged Zülfikar Doğan, a commentator on Al Monitor.

During a visit to the Service for Youth and Education Foundation of Turkey in July, Erdoğan told the girls:

“Don’t delay your marriage. Decide quickly and marry while you are studying or immediately after graduation — the minute you find your destiny [kismet]. Don’t be too selective. If you are, you won’t achieve it.”

Commentators have also accused the government of producing a polished election package, ahead of the upcoming presidential election in August.


(1) At-Tabarani, Related by Abu Hurayra, as quoted by ‘Izzat and ‘Arif, p. 9