ISIS Massacred 2,154 People By Burning, Beheading And Shooting

By Walid Shoebat

ISIS has just published on its Twitter photos the execution of ten Iraqis in North Baghdad saying they were spies and while many noticed they changed the fatigues of prisoners from orange to blue what is more noteworthy is that out of the total executed by ISIS half of them belongs to one clan: Alshaitat, a prominent Sunni tribe according to “The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights” and the total of such executions we are all getting used to seeing is 2,154 in Syria besides this one in Iraq. The observatory was able to document the 2154 people executed by ISIS in Syria alone since the middle of last year up to April 2015.

The Observatory pointed out that executions “were by shooting, beheading, burning or stoning.” These operations were carried out in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor (east), Raqqa (north), Hasaka (northeast), Aleppo (north), Homs and Hama (center).

Alshaitat clan belongs to what is termed as Sahawat. One of the executed is Musa Al-Muhammadi, a leader in Sahawat:


Sahawat literally means “awakening”, which is who ISIS dislikes the most and accuses them of being formed by Americans. The term “Sahawat” brought itself to the forefront when ISIS did not recognize borders to Damascus expanded; the organizations that are against it formed what is now called as Sahawat or “Sahwaji” for the members.

The jest of it all is that Islam in its purist form is anti-tribal since all Muslims are one tribe (nation). So many proud tribes resisted ISIS and worked with the U.S. prior to Obama’s pullout. Now they are accused of standing by the “filthy crusaders” and are butchered by ISIS.



Iraq’s Awakening Councils, drawn from among the country’s Sunni Muslims, have been seen as a key factor in reducing terrorism across the country since 2006. But since the U.S. pullout ISIS has captured almost all the cities and towns it did not already hold in Anbar province, a vast area in western Iraq that makes up a quarter of the country. It has captured Hit, Kubaisa and Ramadi, the provincial capital, which it had long fought for. Other cities, towns and bases on or close to the Euphrates River west of Baghdad fell in a few days, often after little resistance by the Iraqi Army which showed itself to be as dysfunctional as in the past, even when backed by US air strikes.

And so, the Sahawat are viewed as traitors by ISIS and are randomly executed in public squares to force people to think twice before working for the Americans.

Out of all who were executed, 126 were members of ISIS who attempted to escape.
As brutal is ISIS is, the number one contender in executions hardly gets the same coverage as ISIS. Boko Haram, the vicious jihadist group carrying out attacks in northern Nigeria and neighboring countries, hasn’t received the media and diplomatic attention that al-Qaeda and ISIS get, yet it is estimated that they executed tens of thousands … and counting, all as a result of Obama’s foreign policies which comes to one conclusion: voting for the wrong man can reap dire consequences, especially since ISIS is also promissing to come to America. What we do in life registers in eternity, including something as simple as voting. So next time you vote, vote wisely since lives are at stake.