Watch Trump Speaking Frankly As Did General Patton. He Rips Obama, Traitors, Lobbyists, Politicians And Environmentalists With Some Choice Words Calling Bergdahl A “Piece Of Garbage”

The possible GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump is eager to separate himself as wheat is separated from the chaff, especially from the political class and in Greenville South Carolina he spoke today frankly like a leader and as did General Patton, in a way the average American can understand calling out traitors as such and the lobbyists with not so savory words.


“Sadly politicians are all talk and no action. They’re not going to get you to the promise land – that I can tell you,” Trump said.

He vowed to maintain his independence. “I don’t give a s**t about lobbyists, Trump thundered, using some choice words to make his point in which the crowd gave him a standing ovation while on the Obama’s prisoner deal he said: “We got this piece of garbage named Bowe Bergdahl, who years ago we would have shot for treason.”

While some might call Trump a “blow hard,” proud Americans see in him not only the looks of General Patton, but his motto to “think big” and “be a winner” is definitely similar and is a signature where none of the other competitors can even come close.

Had Trump been a general in the military and with his win attitude he would have made a great military man.

Trump also took a moment to bash President Obama and his fast track trade bill that gives Obama authority over trade negotiations with other countries, which the Senate is set to debate this upcoming week.

“I respect China, but they are killing us because we have leaders that are incompetent. We have a president that either has bad wishes or is grossly incompetent and certainly can’t negotiate.”

Trump also took a moment to attack the mainstream media for biased reporting.

“I find many people in the political press to be great but many, many, many people are dishonest,” Trump said. “The political media – I think they have a lower rating than Congress, which is pretty hard to do.”

Trump on why climate change is not real said: “Tell Tom Brady, who had 12 feet of snow outside his house, about global warming.”

The man is definitely not politically correct and I think he is definitely running and have no doubt he will be great for America. While we all have one thing in common with Trump in that we are all sinners, but compared with hypocrites, liars, traitors  and cowards, I will choose Trump over politicians.

Americans bled fighting in wars while politicians who sold their souls to devils gave everything back to our enemies. While Trump can make a great general, he would do just fine as U.S. President. After all, his successes, his ability to get back on his feet after some failures and his lifetime endurance trumps anything that all  the current politicians (be they right or left) ever did.