WATCH INCREDIBLE AMAZING FOOTAGE Of A MASSIVE BLAST From Yesterday’s Attack Which Seems Like A Nuclear Explosion

By Walid Shoebat

It was claimed that warplanes from the Saudi-led coalition pounded a weapons depot on the edge of Yemen’s capital Sanaa Monday (a day before a humanitarian cease-fire which was scheduled today on Tuesday) when low and behold, the massive blast is claimed by Yemen to be an explosion of another kind.

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The blast was so massive that the explosion seemed as if it was a nuclear bomb which was able to include some incredible footage, first the closest filming which makes it impossible for the filmmaker to have survived (start 00:48):

How the footage was obtained after the blast remains a mystery, but Yemeni TV did announce the filmmaker as a “martyr” adding that the blast needs an investigation by experts to confirm that Saudi Arabia did not use unconventional weapons. Other distant footage reveal the mushroom cloud:

But this was not the only surprise from the blast that lit the skies over the Noqom mountain (ironically Noqom means vengance), on Sanaa’s northeastern edge. Besides shaking the entire city collapsing homes, the blast caused a massive number of rockets which started firing indiscriminately on all sides as ‘rockets gone wild’ flying and hitting residential areas and starting fires:

Yemeni TV claimed that Saudi Arabia used unconventional warfare and shares footage to show the type of explosion that was witnessed as unusual due to the massive sway of mountain and debris prior to the explosion of the weapons cache:

The latest airstrike followed the release by the Shiite rebels of video and photos of the purported wreck of a Moroccan F-16 that they claim to have shot down over the northern province of Saada near the Saudi border.

Whatever it was it seems as a warning to force Houthis in Yemen as the U.S. forced Japan of what is next if the Houthis do not surrender their cause.

Several TV interviews came out of Sanaa that calls for vengeance and that Israel would never do such horrific attacks complaining that Saudi efforts should focus on liberating Jerusalem instead while many vowed that Al-Saud will soon pay.

“I will give my life” one woman says in this video “[King] Salman, I pray that hell will eat him up” while another calls Al-Saud as “Jews” referring to the common accusations that Al-Saud come from hebrew roots adding “soon I will get better and I will revenge from these Jews [Al-Saud], these dogs”:

From dozens of testimonies and interviews, we could not find a single message that is void of “vengeance on Al-Saud Al-Yahud” (Al-Saud The Jews). In one news broadcast the corespondent in the end of the clip with anger style speech accuses Al-Saud of using unconventional weapons and then ends with: “Indeed, it is rightous to say that martyrdom and jihad is legitimate now against Al-Saud …”:

So unusual for a news correspondent to announce Jihad! But welcome to the crazy Middle East. All this seems to get us closer to even more major showdowns in the future, that when Shiites unleash hell on Saudi Arabia for revenge, which ultimately will bring prophecy fulfillment which will cause Yemen (Teman) and Saudi Arabia (Dedan), both to be up in smokes (Ezekiel 25).

Except that the mushroom clouds will be much much bigger than this one.