Iranian Warships Headed To Yemen Threatened To Fire C-802 Anti-Ship Misseles

By Walid Shoebat
Yesterday reported the seriousness of an Iranian destroyer headed to Yemen. Today, this same Iranian destroyer, Alborz, locked its missile systems on an invading vessel in the Gulf of Aden after a high-speed boat left Yemen’s coasts and rushed to attack it. This is indeed and as we stated a trigger happy mission aimed at stopping the blockade set by Saudi Arabia on Yemen and wants to send a message that neither Obama or Saudi Arabia can stop Iranian hegemony over the seas.
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The Iranian destroyer’s missile systems locked on the target after an invading high-speed boat appeared on the monitor screens of the radar systems in Alborz operations room.

According to reports, the invading vessel changed course and returned to the coast after the Iranian destroyer warned it would target the vessel in seconds. Jahan News did a recent segment from the Alborz off Yemen in which they made sure to get a shot of the C-802 anti ship missiles.

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“If the terrorists ignored our warning, they would be killed with the first bullets of Alborz,” Commodore Hassan Maqsoudlou, the captain of Alborz destroyer, said.

This is a clear challenge, as we reported yesterday: “Last time Iran tried to send an Iranian plane to land in Sana’a airport under the guise of “humanitarian aid” to Yemen, Saudi Arabia responded by bombing the airport in Sanaa to prevent it from landing just to make a point that Iran cannot ignore Saudi warnings that a blockade on Yemen is enforced. Now this is happening all over again at a much larger scale and a more dangerous posture. Iran’s latest attempt is sending a humanitarian ship The Shahed cargo ship as a flotilla to break the Saudi-enforced blockade, which departed Iran on Monday and is currently in the Gulf of Aden.”

Iran’s mimic of the Gaza aid Flotilla, which caused world attention in Israel in 2010, and this new Iranian flotilla is loaded with civilian foreign activists onboard and any retaliation is meant to increase civilian casualty.

But the cyber rattling by Iran and its posture is something to note. “We [Iran] will cut off the hand that touches it,” “I clearly announce that the self-restraint of the Islamic Republic of Iran has its limits,”  “this will ignite the flames of war,” and “they will start a fire which they cannot put out” …

Iranian officials are making a strong point which the U.S. called “provocative actions,” saying it was tracking the Iranian warships.

The Iranians speak with such pride as if the United States and Europe fears it:

Commodore Hassan Maqsoudlou, the captain of Alborz destroyer, said that the Iranian Naval forces are prepared at any moment to defend the Islamic Iran’s interests.

“In a last such case, the US and French warships and military aircraft changed their direction in the Gulf of Aden on Saturday night after being warned by an Iranian flotilla to keep distant.

The US and French reconnaissance planes, helicopters and warships approached the Iranian warships in a provocative move, ignoring the internationally set 5-mile standard distance from Iran’s 34th fleet of warships deployed in the Gulf of Aden on Saturday night.

The vessels and aircraft then received a warning from Alborz destroyer, apologized and rapidly changed direction.

Earlier this month, the Iranian flotilla of warships repelled pirates’ attacks against a foreign cargo ship whose requests for help were ignored by the US, French and Saudi-led coalition members’ naval fleets deployed in the Gulf of Aden.

Late last month, Commodore Tajeddini dismissed Pentagon and US media reports that his warships were made to change their route in the Gulf of Aden after receiving warnings from the US navy ships present in the region.

“The news report by the foreign media that we have changed our route after the US fleet’s arrival is only a media ballyhoo,” Tajeddini said.

“We have had communications with many naval units since we entered the Gulf of Aden, but no country has ever dared to warn the Iranian Navy,” he added.

Also late in April, Sayyari rejected media reports that Iran had been shooed away from the Gulf of Aden by the American warships, and stressed Tehran’s firm decision to continue deployment in the waterway to protect the country’s cargo ships from pirate attacks …

He also stressed that Iran would never allow anyone to inspect its ships and vessels.

We are present in this region and provide security coverage for our ships since, anyway, it is the route for the voyage of our ships,” he said.

 Iran sounds like a story we all know:

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The only difference is that Iran is the rooster that lost the fight against the Saudi rooster in Yemen while the eagle has a lousy master who always says “stand down”.