Five Christians Make A Video Mocking ISIS, And The Egyptian Government Arrests Them For “Blasphemy.”

By Theodore Shoebat

Five Christians in Egypt made a video mocking ISIS, and what does the Egyptian government do? They arrested the five Christians because they mocked Islam in the video, and so they should be punished for “blasphemy.” The Christians are young, and their teacher also found himself in police custody. During his apprehension, a Muslim mob threw stones at the homes of the youths, calling for them to be arrested. Mina Thabet, a Coptic activist, said:

We have five Coptic Christian children charged with blasphemy and insulting Islam… We still have other open cases where Christians are charged with inciting violence as if they were the perpetrators, but where they were [actually] the victims.

Todd Daniels, the Middle East regional manager for International Christian Concern, also said:

The case of the five arrested in Minya and charged with blasphemy represents yet another case of how Egypt continues to bend to the weight of extremist ideology… A video – not even shared publicly – that mocked ISIS, a group that openly beheaded twenty Egyptian citizens, has already put these five in prison and may lead to lengthy prison sentences. Despite progress in terms of rhetoric from [Egyptian] President [Abdel Fattah el-Sisi], Egypt has pervasive persecution that continues to occur not only on the societal level but also in the judiciary.

What is beyond me is how criticizing Islam could ever be deemed as “blasphemy.” The only true blasphemy is that which is against Christianity, the true Faith of Jesus Christ. If anything, in this situation, the only blasphemy is Islam — it is truly a blasphemy for it says that our Lord is not divine, and that the Crucifixion was a lie. If anyone should be brought to trial for blasphemy its all of the promoters and advancers of Islam, the indoctrinates who spread this wicked deception. And you know what the Law of God — the true Law above all other laws, says of blasphemers? “And whoever blasphemes the name of the Lord shall surely be put to death.” (Leviticus 24:16)